#1 Bestseller in Angels

#1 Bestseller in Spirituality

World of Archangels is a spiritual masterpiece designed by Archangel Uriel that retraces the
self-realization process that allows you to interact with some of the most influential beings in this Universe.

World of Archangels by Sufian Chaudhary


World of Archangels is an enchanting book that teaches you How to Meet an Archangel in order to discover the meaning of your life and why you are currently experiencing the exact circumstances that have defined your life as you know it. Filled with stunning encounters with Archangels and exciting travels within the spiritual world, World of Archangels quickly became an international bestseller and absolute favorite amongst the spiritual community.


My name is Sufian Chaudhary and my purpose in life is to orchestrate divine meetings between human beings and those that exist in higher dimensions.

I was initiated into the spiritual world by Archangel Uriel, Jesus Christ and Ascended Master St. Germain.
My spiritual awakening opened up thousands of ethereal interactions with everything from spirit guides to Creators of other Universes.
What resulted were powerful life-changing experiences that have given me access to ancient and forbidden knowledge that many in the spiritual world don’t even know exists.


    Immerse yourself in one of the most powerful realizations to ever acknowledge as a human being;
    “‘I AM’ GOD”.


    Empower your energetic body with warming Unconditional Love in a beautiful play of life and spirituality.


    Awaken your destiny to the vibrations of Love resonating deep within your soul in an aura of bliss.


Introducing the powerful Guided Audio Meditation course God Gifts! Journey through the Universe to the origins of Creation as I empower and guide you into a state of Unconditional Love through captivating audios.

Visualize beautiful environments, blossom your spirituality, raise your vibrations in harmony, create powerful psychic protections, achieve unbelievable purity within your mind and body, and surrender to the warming ecstasy of Unconditional Love.


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