Sufian Chaudhary is the author of the bestselling World of Archangels; How to Meet an Archangel. After a near death experience at 3 years old, Sufian was immersed into the spiritual world. He pushed his abilities aside and focused on completing University and became one of the youngest professionals in the second largest accounting firm in the world. At 24, his life was irreversibly changed when he was visited by Archangel Uriel. Sufian left the corporate world behind and was instructed to write a book that initiated a powerful spiritual awakening with Archangels and Ascended Masters through the soul’s enlightenment here on Earth.

After becoming an international bestseller on Amazon, World of Archangels inspired a growing demand for an even more immersive spiritual experience. God Gifts Guided Meditations were created to empower the soul through a step-by-step guide into healing towards Unconditional Love.

Sufian now dedicates his time sharing the teachings passed down to him from Archangel Uriel, coaching as well as healing those on the spiritual path by activating individuals to their fullest energetic potential.

World of Archangels Spiritual Book Archangel Uriel Sufian Chaudhary


World of Archangels is an enchanting book that teaches you How to Meet an Archangel in order to discover the meaning of your life and why you are currently experiencing the exact circumstances that have defined your life as you know it. Filled with stunning encounters with Archangels and exciting travels within the spiritual world, World of Archangels quickly became an international bestseller and absolute favorite amongst the spiritual community.


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