Sexuality is sacred for it mirrors the origin of Creation from an extremely enlightened perspective. To understand sexuality is to understand who you are within the Universe and accept the nature of your existence as a Creator-self. Sexuality is sacred for it also allows a pathway to be opened up through our physical vehicles back towards the ecstasy of God. Sexuality has been harshly confined with the onset of religious norms and societal conditioning. Today sexuality is just a numbed down past-time and point of interest for relationships. Sexuality used to be an extremely spiritually enlightening process, an opportunity to mirror God, the introduction and continuation of powerful energies throughout your body. It is unfortunate that most believe sex is just about physical gratification, there is much more… so much more!

Our Creator originally existed within the 13th Dimension, which is the non-Dimension of Nothingness; a sea of potential that is able to be manipulated into any direction he liked. The origin of Creation commenced within the sea of Nothingness as an initial thought. A thought so powerful and complex that it encompassed an entire Universe of patterns into that of a single stream. This stream shot out from the Creator as a singular series of instructions to unfold into what we know as the Universe. This process mirrors the way men ejaculate sperm into the womb of a woman, containing their DNA; or instructions for the unfolding of their child. The male orgasm shoots waves of ecstasy throughout the body in an incredibly gratifying feeling of pure pleasure. The orgasm itself also plays a very important function of allowing us to feel what it means to exist as a Creator. Our Creator exists in a state of extremely heightened ecstasy without flaw in an infinite expression. It is an extremely addictive existence that is beautiful in every possible way. To experience an orgasm is to experience a very small portion of what it means to exist as a Creator.

The female orgasm is said to mirror the Universe itself; a unique expression nurturing the original instructions as well as allowing the initial thought to take aboard a life of its own. We are being given the necessary life-force whilst still within its womb, our spiritual birthing will be upon the day of our God-self realization. The female orgasm is more powerful than the male orgasm due to its ability to be prolonged past the initial ejaculation. The orgasm unites the energetic body and simulates such a heightened experience where our skin becomes a living breathing organ of sensitivity. When our senses become heightened with sexuality, the orgasm is felt on a much more powerful level. The female orgasm is also able to be repeated continuously, as well as overlaid on top of each other in multiples of incredible pleasure. This nature of continuation is very important, for if we were able to continue this experience of orgasm into a consistent event, we would enter a state of ecstasy and cease the need to feel anything else.

Sacred sexuality is a pathway to unite both masculine and feminine energies as a dual complex completing each other as One. Two halves in a Dual world, coming together and experiencing orgasm to further bond the energies and allow a small glimpse of what it means to still be connected to our Creator. Entering a state of trance and experiencing an orgasm is more powerful than if we were to remain completely conscious, as it opens a deeper subconscious connection to our energetic bodies and entire mind/body/spirit complex. Ecstasy over multiple spectrums of frequencies will always be more vivid and addictive than across any individual avenue.

It is not uncommon for people to have out-of-body experiences whilst having sex or even throughout the duration of the orgasm. Once such a powerful spiritual domain is embraced, we simulate a higher essence of living and open up multiple abilities within ourselves. It is not uncommon to utilize the natural flowing sexual energies experienced during an orgasm into a more beneficial route throughout the physical body. Such energetic manipulation allows the body to continue its state of ecstasy through pathways previously untouched. These methods are currently not taught within any conventional practice, even Tantra only offers a significantly watered down teaching as to what is to be truly experienced. That leaves very few options to willing initiates; enter the dominion of the underground sex cults, or somehow remember the ancient practices themselves. Fortunately for me I fell into the latter category and started remembering ancient Egyptian meditations to consciously direct the pathway the orgasm shalt take around my body. Please refer to my article Ancient Egyptian Tantra for the practical application of sacred sexuality teachings.

Sacred sexuality is seductive, it’s addictive and it can also be classified as a form of escape. We may forget everything else in our life whilst in the act of mutual pleasure. To concentrate on pleasure is much more attractive than concentrating on just about any other worldly event. It’s such a shame that femininity has been suppressed for thousands of years on-end.

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