Something extraordinary happened when I went out a couple nights ago. Never in my life have I ever seen what I am witnessing in this one nightclub on the Gold Coast. I have visited clubs around the world, seen awe inspiring performances by famous DJs, the hottest Gogo girls in tight miniskirts on raised podiums, alcohol flowing through the place like a waterfall, and crowds absolutely lost in the music. But never a Demon dancing!

A new nightclub opened on the Gold Coast, Australia, called Club Liv. Right in the heart of the nightclub district of Surfers Paradise; a street notorious for the drunks, drugs, and damages charged the next day– a new upmarket venue decided to open its doors. Red carpets leading to the entrance, water fountains outside and a line stretching around the corner of the building; we knew we were about to enter Paradise. You enter the club up a neon-light staircase that lands you right next to the dance floor. The base is so heavy it’s beating your heart for you, the DJ is cradled up above the masses of people dancing in the night. Everybody is holding large glow sticks swinging them around in the air, creating a surreal buzz of light up against the the club’s infamous LED lined roof and walls; you almost feel like you just entered The Grid in Tron. A few cocktails later, you will truly believe you’re there.


When Demons Dance 1


The first time I walked into the place, it was a few months ago when it first opened up. A friend and I were sitting on a raised table right next to the dance floor. We decided to go check this new place out before the masses got there. We were casually chatting away when I suddenly felt these deep icy shivers crawling up the back of my spine. Just as my forehead started burning, I heard a voice from behind me, “What are you doing here?”

It was a very deep and darkened voice and as I turned around to see who it was, I was faced with the wall of the club. I was sitting with my back turned to the far wall of the dance floor and it was impossible for somebody to have been standing there. I briefly closed my eyes and tuned into the presence. Lo and behold a 7-8ft Demon was standing behind me.

The next thing he blurted out was, “Ha ha I’m just kidding. Welcome to the Club kid!” This magnificent Demon was for some reason prowling through the walls, silently watching the club’s nightly inhabitants.

It is extremely unusual for me to find this kind of creature lurking in a nightclub. I have seen dozens of negative spirits, hundreds of dark spiritual attachments and all manner of lost souls, but never a full-fledged Demon just hanging around. Something of this size and strength doesn’t just venture out to mingle with the local nightlife–especially here on Earth. These creatures were born warlords; blood was their wine and death was their art

Suddenly this beautiful blond bombshell in skin tight miniskirt, gorgeous face, and long platinum blond hair walked passed the table smiling at us. The Demon started laughing, his heavy voice distinctly amused, “It has been a pleasure seeing you in my club; however, it looks like the night’s entertainment just walked by.” and he starting walking off after her. She couldn’t have been the only reason he was here.



On the 21st of December 2012 I decided to go out with my best friend. I told him that there was nothing more I wanted to do than celebrate the End of the World with him by going out. He simply agreed, he wasn’t going to be in town much longer and he let me lead the way. We first went out for a coffee, then tried bar down the road, however it was absolutely pouring rain outside and the streets were empty. It wasn’t worth sticking around by ourselves. Before giving up, I told him that I visited this new club a few months ago and thought we should check it out. Perhaps people might be there.

The rain was thundering down upon us as ran across the street to Club Liv’s entrance. We rounded the corner and I couldn’t believe my eyes, the place still had a line outside! It was that busy even though everywhere else was dead. There were men walking around with umbrellas, escorting girls into the VIP line so they could get out of the rain. This place was either going to make or break our night. We entered the club and found ourselves back on The Grid.



The club was packed and we could barely even move. The Grid was alive and well even though the outside truly looked like the End of the World with all the severe thunderstorms. We managed to escape the outside world into this futuristic wonderland and we were now surrounded by gorgeous women. I had made the right decision.

We were dancing to the music in this out-of-the-world fantasia when I suddenly saw the Demon literally come out of nowhere and start dancing his way through the crowd. His body banging to the base, a full head above the crowd, laughing in his deep voice. He was truly enjoying himself! A Drakonian descendant, who looked like an off-shoot from the Royal Bloodline, having more fun than anybody else in the club. Simply amazing! I couldn’t help but smile, and the more it dawned on me I started laughing. My mind couldn’t comprehend what the thing was doing in here, especially a beast of that category. I decided to just roll with it. It was a matter of seconds before I followed him onto the dance floor with his infectious dancing.

The lights were flashing as time swirled us past more songs than I could keep track of. Bodies were heating up the dance floor, the DJ puppeteering all of us to his magical strings. For a brief second, I looked over at the Demon. His eyes were closed, his mind was already gone with the music. He was just soaking it all up into a pure state of mental ecstasy.

When Demons Dance 2

It was about 3:30AM before I finally found my way off. My friend was still grinding his way through a group of hot girls when I started thinking that this must have been the best End of the World celebration that could have ever happened. I was dancing in The Grid with my best friend and a Demonic Being. The world obviously hadn’t ended, if there is one thing I have learned; never believe in mass hype. It was the first time I truly just enjoyed the experience without a care in the world. My friend stumbled off the dance floor and shouted above the music, “THIS IS THE BEST NIGHT OF MY LIFE!!”, prompting us to just start laughing. The irony just flourishing by the infamous date that sparked the night into motion.

The night had swallowed us, the music had enlightened us, and our minds were still racing as we fell out onto the street. The rain had now stopped, leaving a soft, cool breeze in the air. The silence of the night was a stark contrast to our futuristic playground we had just come out of. I already knew this night was going to go down as legendary in my books.

Life is so much more interesting when you wake up to what is truly here. When demons dance the world opens a new doorway into the recognition of the soul.

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