I have an ancient soul that remembers a great deal about achieving higher states through mutual orgasm with another. This article is based on a specific mediation and enlightening experience that anybody can achieve by simply following the steps and visualizing the necessary pathways of energy. Please read my article on Sacred Sexuality for more information about the theory behind the origins of the orgasm and for why it is so enlightening, before continuing on with my practical application described below.

Tantra focuses on the desired goal of prolonging an orgasm in order to prolong the feelings of incredible ecstasy. From my article on Sacred Sexuality I detailed that a continual state of ecstasy would allow our bodies to feel a small glimpse of what it means to exist in the fascinating highs of a Creator. From these origins I am now going to teach you how to achieve a more beneficial pathway to direct your sexual energies whilst having sex in order to promote highly powerful experiences from the moment of orgasm. With this knowledge itself, you are already beyond most teachings of commercialized forms of Tantra that solely focus on sexual relief and heightened pleasure.

My technique is based upon 3 fundamental parts that come together to form what is known as Ancient Egyptian Tantra: 1) Breathing, 2) Visualization, and 3) the Physical Orgasm. This technique becomes more powerful with every time you apply its teachings, and it may be wise to learn the basics by yourself before moving on to coordinate the teachings with a partner. I have found that it is actually easier to time your own personal orgasm by yourself rather than relying on the sexual activities of your partner. I would also like to clearly state that it doesn’t matter if you apply this technique between heterosexual or homosexual couples so long as one party has a predominantly masculine energy whilst the other has a predominantly feminine energy. It is completely normal to find men expressing feminine energy at its finest and vice versa.

1. Breathing

It is firstly important to get our breathing into a certain more beneficial pattern so as to prolong the time it takes to orgasm. Inhaling long and deep breaths regulates our energies to move slower and take in more energy whilst breathing. Complete Breathing is a method used to breath with the full capacity of the lungs rather than just the top portion or bottom portion. If you would like to read more information about the correct forms of breathing, please refer to a free online book called The Science of Breath by Yogi Ramacharaka. The specific techniques on learning to breath Complete Breaths with both the bottom portion and top portion of the lungs is the most important part. Until that moment in time then just learn to time your breathing at regular intervals of 8 seconds, 10 seconds or 12 seconds. What this means is that you should practice separating your breathing into 4 parts; inhaling, holding, exhaling, holding. This practice of counting to 8 while inhaling, hold your breath for 8 seconds, exhaling to the count of 8, and then holding your negative breath for 8 seconds, will induce a greater amount of energy capture within your lungs as well as increasing your metabolic rate. I normally even start sweating by just breathing in such a certain way.

You do not need to breathe in a 4-part cycle whilst performing this Ancient Egyptian Tantra, all you need to do is breathe slowly and deeply until the visualization part where you have to breathe in and hold your breath whilst visualizing the flow of energy. The 4-part cycle teaches you however to maintain your breaths whilst consciously visualizing energy patterns.

I should also mention that deep and very slow breaths takes your mind off having sex and also prolongs the length of time it takes to orgasm as your mental focus is now upon a different aspect of yourself.

2. Visualization

The visualization aspect of this mediation is the most important. In order to understand how the visualization works, you will firstly have to be quite familiar with the layout of your Chakras and understand what they do. I have written quite extensively about the Chakras in my books and I am not going to repeat myself here, I have however attached an extremely effective image of the layout of the Chakras within the human body.


Ancient Egyptian Tantra 2

The most important ones to focus on for this meditation are the Root Chakra (Red), Heart Chakra (Green) and Crown Chakra (Indigo Pink). For those who are advanced enough, the 8th Chakra or 12th Chakra should be used for the arching visualization rather than any of the other three. Only 3 Chakra points will be focused upon for this meditation; The Root Chakra, the Heart Chakra and either the Crown Chakra, 8th Chakra or the 12th Chakra depending on your level of spiritual ability. If you do not know where the 8th Chakra or 12th Chakra is located, please focus on the Crown Chakra. I have detailed Chakras 8-12 quite extensively in my books as well.

The visualization will always start with the Root Chakra, weave through the Heart Chakra and arch over your head through one of the divine Chakras (Crown/8th/12th). The visualization should be in the shape of an Egyptian Ankh, I have attached a picture below for your reference.


Ancient Egyptian Tantra 3


The first picture is the shape of an Egyptian Ankh. It is golden upon a black background. These are the exact colors your should be visualizing it within.


Ancient Egyptian Tantra 4


This second image is of the Golden Ankh with the 3 main Chakras overlaid on top of it. The red dot at the bottom represents the Root Chakra, the green dot in the middle represents the Heart Chakra, and the Indigo Pink dot at the top represents the Crown Chakra.

Normally the point in of orgasm sends energy up from our Root Chakra and directly out of our Crown Chakra in a straight line out of our body. The biggest problem with this normal course of energy is that all of that enlightening momentum is completely lost after the point of impact, with only the residual chemicals left over that have been released by our brain to stimulate an incredible sense of relaxation. The Ancient Egyptian Tantra aims to direct the flow of energy from the Root Chakra, through the Heart Chakra and upwards to arch through the Crown Chakra, and finally back down in the Heart Chakra to reconnect the energy in an infinite loop. This loop of energy aims to sustain the enlightening momentum of the orgasm into the circular flow of a loop through the highest of our Chakras. This meditation connect our grounding Chakra with our divine Chakra and simulates direct enlightenment in one swoop of incredible energy. The Heart Chakra is the only useful interweaving Chakra point for us on Earth for it directly pushes out Unconditional Love in a more beneficial cycle.

Now instead of visualizing the top loop going from left to right (as shown in the above picture), it will be visualized as leaving the Heart Chakra out from your back, to loop backwards and up to the Crown Chakra, to then loop forwards and down in the front of your chest back into your Heart Chakra.

In order to combine both the breathing and visualization parts, please follow the following mediation technique:


1) Take very slow and deep breaths, and concentrate upon controlling your breathing.

2) Whilst inhaling a deep breath, visualize golden energy shooting up from your Root Chakra and into your Heart Chakra. Breathe in to approximately 90% of the capacity of your lungs.

3) When this initial burst of energy meets your Heart Chakra, hold your breath and then shoot the golden energy out of your back and loop it up to your Crown Chakra.

4) Once this golden energy meets your Crown Chakra, explode open your Crown Chakra and a burst of Indigo Pink light, and then proceed to trace those golden energies forwards in a downward loop to reconnect them with your Heart Chakra.

5) Just before the golden energies re-enter your Heart Chakra, breathe in the final 10% till your lungs are at 100% capacity to help the golden energies reconnect back into your system.

6) Slowly exhale in a very controlled manner. This is usually the most gratifying part, releasing your extremely charged breath and allowing the orgasmic energies to swirl through your 3 most important Chakras.


Repeat steps 1-6 a couple times before sexual intercourse, and a couple times during sexual intercourse in preparation for the moment of the orgasm. At the moment of the orgasm, shoot those powerful energies into your Heart Chakra, out of your back, through your Crown Chakra, and reconnect them from the front of your chest. It is particularly easier to perform this mediation by yourself as the timing of the breathing and visualization can be completely controlled by yourself. It is also absolutely fine to practice this mediation during masturbation. If you are performing this mediation with a partner, when you initially shoot up your orgasmic energies from your Root Chakra and into your Heart Chakra, explode your Heart Chakra open and connect your Heart Chakra with your partner (assuming the missionary position). This link will allow for a very deep felt orgasm, very enlightening indeed.

For those who are particularly advanced, sub in the 8th or 12th Chakra instead of looping your energies through the Crown Chakra. It allows for a much larger explosion of energy whilst hitting the 12th, however this takes some practice.

3. Physical Orgasm

The final part is the Physical Orgasm itself. The first two parts were designed to help induce a very powerful orgasmic experience and to then direct those energies into a very beneficial route that exploded open some of our most divine Chakras. This final part is relatively simple in comparison as it mainly about how to stimulate a deeper orgasm.

You will find it very useful to perform the visualization a couple times during the process of trying to achieve an orgasm. More specifically, perform the visualization as you nearly climax your energies, to then stop stimulating yourself and/or each other, and gently relax those energies with the visualization itself. This process of working yourself or your partner up to a near-climatic point, and then relaxing back down a couple times, will allow for a very large orgasmic experience when you finally release those built-up energies. For men in particular it will be quite hard to settle yourself down whilst nearing an orgasm, for the masculine climax is very hard to tame whilst in its peak.

Whilst sharing mutual pleasure, it is very important to communicate with each other whist nearing an orgasm. Most won’t know when to back off, especially if we can’t feel the rising energies in another person.

It is very rare for two people to orgasm and climax at the exact same time, however this is the ultimate form of this meditation; dual climatic points exploding their enlightening energies together in a powerful experience of Oneness. Please be patient for such an uplifting moment in time, as it is perfectly fine to allow one party to orgasm first and to then work on your partner so they may experience the same result.

Once you have experienced an orgasm whilst using this form of Ancient Egyptian Tantra, you will never want to just release the normal way ever again. This form of mediation is addictive and very deeply powerful. It is not something you can take lightly and then forget about later, those depths will stay with you. It is like tasting the true form of an art that has never been shown to you before. This technique will reignite your passions for sex. That magic, that ecstasy still swirling within your mind, the uplifting of energies that provides more color and feeling to an already highly sensual act, it will change you. You master this technique and you will be changed. If more people experienced this kind of ecstatic relief, there would seriously be fewer problems in the world.

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