Our DNA is what defines us. It determines what we look like, our inherent personality traits, predispositions towards heading down particular pathways in life, all the way down to what psychic abilities we may possess. So important is the function of DNA in our lives and yet scientists have yet to map out 97% of what it contains, instead opting for easy escape goat explanations such as non-coding or ‘junk’ DNA. “Junk” … *sigh* no wonder why science has a massive chip on its shoulder.. I never progressed my knowledge upon science beyond that of high school, it never truly interested me past the basics until a group of ETs recently ‘dumped’ a whole lot of information into my mind about the advancement of the human DNA.

What is DNA?

Deoxyribonucleic acid, DNA are a set of codes found within the cells of every living thing. They are an instruction manual that code the way cells are to be replicated within the body via chromosomes found from the parent(s) genetic structure. Humans currently have what is known as double-helix DNA whereby paired bases are connected by a series of strands.

The original concept of DNA is not foreign however the composition that human beings currently possess is. The human DNA was manipulated from a series of primates into a more beneficial strain to act as workers for a more elite class of ETs who saw Earth as a large mineral deposit that needed to be mined. What they didn’t expect was the introduction of a series of other slightly enlightened ET DNA sequences to further manipulate the human DNA for their own purposes. The introduction of multiple DNA sequences lead to human beings expressing a greater level of consciousness than what was originally intended and a quarantine placed over the human civilization even though we did not possess complete DNA. We were forced to live with DNA that was far from complete and this explains the lack of any incredible gifts or extraordinary psychic powers that other intelligent lifeforms have at their disposal.

Within the human double-helix DNA structure there are many strands that are currently not activated. As a result a great majority of the human population is stuck in an incomplete form of existence. Approximately half of the human DNA structure remains in a state of limbo unless consciously activated. It is most definitely not easy to activate your own DNA and in my case currently seeking help from ‘external sources’. The reason for why you want to activate your full DNA spectrum can be found in the many advantages that comes with it; increased psychic abilities, greater strength, more intelligent processing ability, heightened ESP, clearer pathways to Enlightenment, etc.
So let’s go through the evolution of DNA from what we were currently constructed with hundreds of thousands of years ago into what we know as earth-bound human beings.


Tri-DNA is the evolved form of double-helix DNA whereby a third strand is introduced to now create connections with a whole new subset of possibilities. Tri-DNA can only be reached once the full spectrum of double-helix DNA has been activated. If I was to label the connections on a double-helix DNA A1, B1, C1, D1, etc, then I would then label the connections on a Tri-DNA A2, B2, C2, D2, etc. They provide an even more increased form of ability than what is possible in a double-helix structure. Please refer to the below image, minus the multitudes of circles, it is a spitting image of what Tri-DNA looks like.

Evolution of DNA Tri DNA



Quad-DNA is an even further enhancement that can only be reached once a Being has achieved full Tri-DNA activation. A fourth strand is introduced into the matrix to create the outline of a cube-like structure. To achieve Quad-DNA would be to achieve the highest form of activation within the first 7 Dimensions of our Universal cycle. Beings with Quad-DNA are far more superior and have much more heightened abilities than those with Tri-DNA. Though there could be a few Beings floating around with Tri-DNA, there is currently no human on Earth who has achieved Quad-DNA or has ever achieved Quad-DNA at this moment in time within any of the previous Universal cycles. I will not deny the fact that there may have been Enlightened Beings who have come to Earth from far more advanced societies which have indeed achieved Quad-DNA. If you can visualize the below image as being much longer with multiple horizontal strands connecting the vertical axis of the cube.


Evolution of DNA Quad DNA

As is stands we are only halfway through activating our double-helix DNA. The Ascension shifts over the years 2013-2023 will play a key role in activating more of our DNA and essentially ‘healing’ it back to full functioning mode. That is the beauty of Ascension; no matter how bad we screw up in the previous Dimension, the natural Ascension energies will fix all our inherent problems to ensure we enter the 4th Dimension with a clean slate.

Much of the non-coding or ‘junk’ DNA is actually just unactivated DNA. Unactivated DNA looks grey and sleep-like compared to activated DNA. It would be nearly impossible for modern day scientists to realize this fact unless they can be instructed by more advanced ETs who have achieved such a state within their DNA sequence. And this is where the problems lie, a great many species out there haven’t even achieved Tri-DNA let alone Quad-DNA. Unless you have the ability to understand the full sequencing of the patterns DNA takes, it will all remain but a mystery to those on the other side of the fence. The humanoid populations on other planets also fail to meet such criteria. Which brings me to an exceedingly interesting point; the existence of remote DNA activation ships. However this is another story for another day when people are more receptive of the fact that there are ‘visitors’ monitoring our progress.


I had to create my own image in order to show you what Octo-DNA looks like. It is essentially two Quad-DNA structures formed together, one sitting diagonally on top of the other to form 8 strands for bases to connect with each other. Octo-DNA is very rarely even achieved by the most Enlightened of societies and it can only be formed by firstly achieving a full Quad-DNA activation, and then repeating that spectrum on top of itself to form Octo-DNA. This star looking pattern is quite simply formed from 2 squares, with the dotted lines trying to create a 3rd Dimensional look.


Evolution of DNA Octo DNA

Octo-DNA is most often only achieved by those who have undergone realization enough to exist within the 12th Dimension. Archangels are the only spectrum of Beings I know of who have achieved such a feat. Here in the 3rd Dimension we are currently only sporting double-helix DNA, or 2 strands. The 12th Dimensionals have achieved 8 strands in a more complete star-like DNA sequence, which allows 4x the DNA capability than our double-helix. Quick math also calculates that the 3rd Dimension is also currently 1/4 of the way till we reach the 12th Dimension. To achieve Octo-DNA would be to achieve full Enlightenment, your learning would cease the need to exist other than for specific individualized roles within the Universe.

It can often be a very frustrating experience having to deal with outdated or obsolete technology for those of us who have experienced the full spectrum of activated double-helix DNA before in another life or possibly another planet. Human beings are currently riding a push bike, pedaling every single step of the way on half-inflated tires as naive as can be. Advanced Beings who have achieved even Quad-DNA are sitting on a Bullet train flying down their tracks at 300 km/hr without a care in the world. To think that humans are somehow superior or capable of commanding these Advanced Beings is just foolishness. We are like the stone-age primates who think we can take over the world just because we discovered how to create fire. And this also goes for the pitiful Reptilian strain that seems to be giving a few people psychic powers. If you blend two crap species together all you are going to get is a slightly more advanced crap species.

It would be amazing to witness more people consciously progressing the need to activate their DNA. Most are unaware of the role their DNA plays let alone the fact that we are all currently sporting half-complete sequences. The big step for humanity in the future would be to achieve Tri-DNA in a consciously beneficial way without the need for artificial manipulation. I sincerely hope this happens within the next 12 years or so with the naturally shifting energies of our Ascension into the 4th Dimension. Human Beings are not perfect, we are far from it, however it would be nice to think we could someday get there.

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