Psychic potential is found within the Third-Eye Chakra. A lot of people ask me about prophetic dreaming or what really happens when you experience Déja vu. This is not the first time this Universe has cycled. In fact it continues to cycle indefinitely on top of each other in a masterpiece of Life and Death. We continue to play these roles here on Earth. Sometimes we have played these exact roles within a previous Universal cycle.

What happens when we experience Déja vu is that our subconscious mind is tuning into the ulterior Universal cycle of this exact moment and time and we are effectively re-experiencing Creation like we just watched the same movie twice over. When we experience prophetic dreaming, we are tuning into our “future” sometimes years before time manifests into physical reality.

I would like to leave you with one final thought. If the future has already happened, and are you experiencing Creation in the Now; Why bother keeping track of time when it does not truly exist?

Our expression is limitless.

Stop defining yourself by a human observation. The illusion runs deep. 

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