We live on a substructure of Light known as the Universe. For every main branch there exists sub-branches that continue to keep evolving and growing deep within the fabric of matter and time like tree roots spreading through the aeons in an ever revolving cycle of love and hate. Every living thing, every Universal Being, every essence of God is connected to one another through a soul lineage that stems back to the Original Seed. You could travel far and wide, invent the most capable technology, develop the most profound ego, however the connections still run deep within your soul. The very idea of an identity is made possible through the perception of separation. If we never perceived ourselves as being anything other than God, the Universe would simply not exist in the way that it does. The over-arching structure of manifested Unconditional Love connects all the substructures, and in-turn connects to every living thing in a life force of pure energy. If you were to close your eyes and recognize your Being as God, then your golden flow of life reverts back to the Source without there being a need to traverse a Universe of perceived separation.

An Archangel taught me this.

This is what it looked like.


We are the Oneness of every Universal Pattern in an organic structure of Light.

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