We are connected in a matrix of life that essentially boils down to the level of consciousness you attain over your body of energy. Your consciousness continually grows and evolves on an inter-lifetime basis, the complete sum of your experiences acting as the backdrop for your subconscious mind. Your personality, psychological tendencies, analytical procedures, sexual infatuations, emotional needs, energy imprints, social interactions, even the way your brain interprets the world around you– is a result of your environmental conditioning.

Much of the time experiences from past lives setting off a domino reaction into the present. In such a way the world is actually predictable. A significantly higher consciousness can graph and project future models based on the collective history of any given society. Our only real discrepancy in our mind being the sheer processing power it would take to contemplate humanity and it’s complete living environment at any given second.

Trillions of code interacting with each other later, and you get a small drop in an ocean of consciousness so vast our minds are yet to contemplate a known “edge of the Universe”.

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