The Flower of Life design is an ancient collage of sacred geometric shapes that re-trace Creation from the first point of Light. Part of my deep spiritual realization took me to the origins of Creation and how conscious thought was first manifested into explosions of light.

The Flower of Life contains the complete sum of all the sacred geometry and ultimately the building blocks of life itself. This incredibly complex design has been found in ancient ruins and temples across the planet; Egypt, India, China, Mayan temples, you name it, the ancients were gifting incredible knowledge to all the civilizations on Earth.

What I find most extraordinary was how this design came into conscious reality. A group of powerful ancients once tried to find their way out of Creation and into the ecstatic presence of pure Unconditional Love. They saw this as their ultimate Ascension. They tried to rationally think their way out of Creation by utilising the building blocks of Creation itself. The flower of life was their failed attempt. The design was without flaw, it is perfect in every possible way, it’s just that you can’t think your way out of the Universe.

You have to feel it.

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