There are so many powerful spiritual workings in this image– it’s absolutely spectacular!

The golden spiral of energy above the Crown Chakra on top of the head represents the 11th Dimension, or a Galaxy, that every Being in this Universe on a Creator path will one day ascend through. The 11th Dimension is where the Archangels sit. They are indeed bigger than galaxies and far more universally connected in Oneness. If you were to tune into an Archangel, it’s like feeling the living breathing Universe pumping through your veins. One big family.

The golden ball of energy surrounding the meditating being represents your true aura when you become enlightened enough to start expressing Unconditional Love. There are many techniques my Grandmaster taught me to achieve such a profound energy field. Much of it stems from the 13th Chakra or the God Source. We are only taught here on Earth that there are 7 primary chakras. Well there are in fact 13 and the most powerful one sits directly within your chest behind your Heart Chakra. When your 13th Chakra opens it floods pure God Source into your Heart Chakra and explodes you into a ball of golden Unconditional Love– similar to this picture.

Also note the faint white Flower of Life design pinpointing the exact location of the 13th Chakra on the chest. My previous post The Flower of Life explained this sacred design and its unique symbology.

Most people have no idea how much power they have sitting under their hood. Much of the time the forgetting process during multiple streams of lifetimes desensitizes us to our own identity. We truly believe this world is real. The only thing separating us is our conscious realization as to why we believe we are here. You are not an insignificant droplet of rain– you are the Source!

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