Humanity as it currently exists is moving through a process called Ascension. Ascension is nothing new, it is not somehow unique to planet Earth, nor is it the first time this planet has ever seen such an energetic shift in the past. Ascension is as natural as the Sun rising in the morning or the Moon setting at night. Once we accept the nature of Ascension, everything else may fall into place. Unfortunately not many people understand the true nature of Ascension, and there are also those who seek to abuse such a fear of the unknown for Dark agendas. I would like to set the record straight, I understand Ascension as I have been through a conscious Ascension into the 4th Dimension in the past. Some may ask how this is possible, and the only answer I can give you is that my previous Ascension was not upon this planet. This planet is retracing a process that has been set out for it before it ever conceptualized as a physical Being, in fact it looks and feels exactly the same the last time I experienced such an Ascension. I may be able to offer some insight from my past experiences, if I do so, I will however have to cut through some of the Hollywood fears currently restraining people from accepting what is happening behind the scenes.

What is Ascension?

Ascension is the process whereby our energetic structures and DNA sequences are externally activated and increased in Dimensional nature so that we may express a more pure form of living. With every Ascension we do indeed become more pure, our DNA starts expressing a more complete essence of life, and we begin to place more importance upon the spiritual world rather than the physical constructs that we have convinced ourselves are real. The Ascension into the 4th Dimension will not render our physical bodies useless, we will still live within a physical world and continue our realization process within these constructs.

What changes is the significance we place upon certain ideals, therefore changing the nature of our realization process. If the current 3rd Dimension was to be roughly calculated into a ratio of 80:20 in relation to physicality to spirituality, then the 4th Dimension would be roughly calculated into a ratio of 20:80 in relation to physicality to spirituality. This small flip in consciousness may seem insignificant however the results impact people’s lives more than they can expect. If our views change, the significance we place upon certain ideals, a lessening impact of materiality, and a focus on that which makes us feel more alive; the dynamics of the human complex will never be the same again. This surge will be accepted by some, rejected by others, and more commonly misunderstood as something worthy of being feared. With every Ascension we become slightly more free in the way we are able to express ourselves. Some may call it revolutionary, I like to think of it as Life’s restrictions slowly loosening its grasp.

The Ascension into the 5th Dimension is where physicality is completely rendered useless and a 100% spiritual construct is adopted for everyday life. Under such circumstances, 5th Dimensional planets can very rarely be seen from the 3rd Dimension due to this completely spiritual foundation. It’s vibratory rate must act to either mirror or exist even higher than its inhabitants, or they would render the planet useless. The 5th Dimension is the highest point for which true negativity can progress; meaning nothing is going anywhere for all those people who still need their model concept of reality as justification for why Ascensions occur. Ascension is not a polarity cleansing system, it is a process of rebirth into a higher form of existence.

Ascensions should also never really be classified into just one movement of Dimension, as multiple Dimensions of lifeforms exist in multiple Dimensional existences even here on Earth. Though we may be 3rd Dimensional, there are 2nd Dimensional plants and animals, and 1st Dimensional minerals existing all around us. It is impossible for a 3rd Dimensional to live here without 1st and 2nd Dimensionals first creating a foundation. It can also be said that we are moving into a 4th/5th Dimensional construct as some of the more particularly advanced souls are already expressing 5th Dimensional qualities. The upcoming Ascension will allow a much more in-depth ability to delve further into the 5th Dimension, so therefore it was deemed appropriate to call it the 4th/5th Dimensional Ascension.

Forgive me if I have lost anyone, I am just going to continue fully thinking that everybody can keep up with my spiritual talk. Ignorance is bliss… one day somebody will find meaning in my mental musings.

Why do Ascensions occur?

In the same way that our cells are programmed to die at fixed points in time throughout our life, the soul within our planet has taken upon a predetermined existence of living to Ascend at various points in the future. A 7th Dimensional Being who acts as the soul of a planet only moves through the process of 4 Ascensions before it progresses out of Creation; into the 2nd Dimension, into the 3rd Dimension, into the 4th Dimension, and finally into the 5th Dimension. 6th Dimensional Beings do not need a planetary existence and therefore such an Ascension for a planet is useless.

Ascension is a necessary process in order to keep the consciousness of the Beings living on any designated planet the ability to advance the nature of their realization process either more efficiently or just as efficiently as the previous Universal cycle. Individual Ascensions occur when a soul is advanced enough to realize their God-self well before the masses. Collective Ascension is an almost forced process that advances the masses of souls whether they want to or not. In saying this, most our souls have already been through a tremendous amount of learning in order to be prepared for exactly such a shift in our energies. As I previously stated, Ascension is not new, it is not foreign, it is natural, and our construct of multiple incarnations on Earth has been leaning towards this moment ever since we first got here.

Many souls have also specifically incarnated on Earth to be here for this Ascension. Most have nearly completed their learning on other 3rd Dimensional planets and have decided to quicken their advancement by coming to Earth’s ripening Ascension starting at the end of 2012. It is because of this factor that I find Earth such a complex mess of Beings, there are so many entrants from various places that we might as well just call ourselves ‘human beings’ since we are all stuck down here together.

How long does it take to Ascend?

It can be said that some of us have been preparing for Ascension for thousands of years, however in order to give you are more definite and relevant period of time, our current Ascension will go for approximately 7-11 years from December 21st 2012. Meaning the finalization of our Ascension process will extend to approximately year 2019. That’s right everybody, you have 7 years to get with the program or get the hell out. Better start strapping ourselves in because the roller-coaster ride is only just clonking its way up to the top.

What are some common misunderstandings surrounding Ascension?

There is so much negativity out there it’s not even funny. I can’t believe how wild some of these ideas are, worse still are all the New Age philosophers who actually believe in those stories. I don’t know how these people call themselves psychics! Better start shoveling away.

    1) The Earth is going to Rapture and separate into two completely different worlds; those who Ascend and those who get left behind!

This one seems to be the current New Age norm. Nobody is going anywhere. There isn’t going to be a 2nd Earth existing on top of the ‘old Earth’ in the 4th Dimension that only those who are allowed in are able to ‘survive’. The next person who tells me that everybody who remains on the Earth in the 3rd Dimension will exist in a Hell-like atmosphere, while all the 4th Dimensional ascenders enjoy utter peace and happiness on ‘another Earth’, I’m going to slap them in the face and tell them to wake up. Where do these people even come up with this stuff? How exactly was Gaia meant to split her soul into 2 and exist separately as a Hellish planet and a Heavenly planet at the exact same time? Gaia already houses multiple Dimensions of existences from the 1st-3rd, why won’t she be able to continue doing this in the future? More importantly, there is Nothing wrong with the 3rd Dimension, it is a legitimate existence where learning is still nurtured. Those who are not Ascending will either be staying or relocating to another 3rd Dimensional planet where they won’t be completely outperformed by all the new 4th Dimensionals. I implore you to slap somebody in the face if they tell you the Earth will be splitting into 2, don’t worry the karma will be on the house for that one.


    2) Ascension is the reason why earthquakes and volcanoes are erupting more frequently

This one isn’t exactly true in the way most New Age philosophers are thinking. It’s quite a tricky little subject for me to explain however I will do my best. In order to understand natural disasters I will have to further explain a very complex notion often termed a Chaotic Node.

If your firstly visualize those massive twirling white cyclones on the weather channel, originating at sea and moving towards a particular country, then you can visualize the basic construct for what a Chaotic Node is trying to achieve. However instead of a physical cyclone heading to a particular country, a Chaotic Node targets souls who exist in the same frequency. Meaning that a million people can be suddenly hit by a Chaotic Node, who are located everywhere on the planet, and are only found to be in common with each other through their current level of consciousness. If you can visualize white strings on a violin, these strings would represent everybody on our planet in a particular frequency of consciousness. A Chaotic Node strums a particular string of consciousness, rather than a set physical country or location.

When a Chaotic Node hits, it acts like a washing machine; it fills up our lives with water and twirls us around until the dirt from the stains have been removed. Eventually the water drains and relief is felt. However the Chaotic Node then repeats this cleansing process over and over again until we demonstrate a level of consciousness more pure and detached from physical reality. When it is finished with us, it moves on to the next string of consciousness. It is impossible to stop a Chaotic Node, and no Higher Being will help you prevent one either. It is a deeply personal process that only you can find your way out. People suddenly become hit with financial problems, tax department, legal issues, relationships fall apart, divorces, health problems, you name it and it will happen within an instant. The Chaotic Node is beautiful in a way, an organized deconstruction process targeting people based on their level of consciousness, it is very unique in the way that it personalizes itself to every individual person.

The reason Chaotic Nodes occur is to cleanse us before our Ascension. The concentration of these Chaotic Nodes are a result of the shortening time span we have until our Ascension is complete. If you have not been hit by a Chaotic Node in the past couple of years, are not currently experiencing a Chaotic Node, or don’t experience a Chaotic Node within the next 7 years, then there is a very good chance your consciousness will not be Ascending.

For more information please see my article Chaotic Nodes.

In order to understand the increased nature of natural disasters, it was necessary to understand the increased nature of Chaotic Nodes. Whenever we ground our negative energy into the Earth, whether that be consciously or subconsciously, the soul of our planet (Gaia), has to deal with it in some way. Energy doesn’t just go nowhere. She is able to transmute some of our negative energy, however in the cases of mass desperation, war breaking out, etc, the concentration of negative energies becomes too great. Gaia releases this negative energy into certain parts of her body, which then causes a chain reaction into what we physically observe as natural disasters. Grounding our energy may seem the safe option, learning to balance ourselves is the Enlightened option. Grounding is an incomplete form of energy removal for Beings who are not realized enough to deal with their energies more efficiently.

In a way, the increased nature of those natural disasters over the past few years and also for the next 7 years can be indirectly attributed to our Ascension, however not exactly the way we were expected to believe from the movie 2012. They can be attributed to the concentration of negative energies that humanity is expressing. The Ascension itself is pure, no hatred and negativity introduced whatsoever.


    3) The worlds current problems will magically go away with Ascension

We are the cause to the current state the world exists within, it won’t just fix itself because we move through the process of Ascension. We will just be more conscious and capable of dealing with our problems when we exist within the 4th Dimension. Starvation, poverty, falling educational standards, and the governing elite plotting to become the alpha Beings of our Galaxy, are not a result of 3rd Dimensional energies. They are a result of individualized negativity finding itself worsening the problems due to non-realization. Negativity exists up until the 5th Dimension, it isn’t going anywhere, we will hopefully just be more conscious of it.

I would however like to explicitly draw attention to mutations and blocks within our DNA sequence. Our DNA will be naturally corrected through the process of Ascension, therefore we will attain a much more advanced capability of healing the current issues surrounding the planet. Please don’t be part of the group who believe the world will magically correct itself without our involvement. If you would like more information about the direction our DNA is heading, please read my article Evolution of DNA.

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