Chaotic Nodes are a masterpiece of destruction, predetermined elements of chaos that strike down upon the unsuspecting souls within its pathway of de-materialization. There are very few sources who are able to teach the pathways of deconstruction as opposed to the commonly accepted pathways of construction. Our mass panic and fear of the unknown are a result of our lack of understanding that the pathway of deconstruction is a naturally occurring phenomenon. Chaotic Nodes are not weather abnormalities, they are energetic powerhouses designed to deconstruct that which is not truly important. Our attachments to the physical and material world perceive such systems as evil. They are not bad, they are not the result of negative entities, they are a part of our Ascension process.

Our level of consciousness is actually more structured than we are currently lead to believe. In fact there are millions of souls around the planet who share similar traits and pathways of learning. The lower down the level of consciousness, the more souls who can be attributed to those groups due to Earth mainly harboring a lower Dimensional inhabitant. The higher you go, the fewer the souls who reach such a point within any given lifetime on Earth. If each level can be attributed to a string, which when strung vibrates a certain frequency, we have a visualization as to what a Chaotic Node achieves. Chaotic Nodes do not target souls based of geographical location, race, gender, or any other form of physical observation, it targets groups based on their level of consciousness. There is a system implemented to create such mechanisms as Chaotic Nodes due to the Ascending nature of souls. Ascension means the attainment of purity, both the processes of construction and deconstruction will be utilized for the attainment of this purity.

In order to construct, one must firstly be deconstructed to allow a foundation to be built upon. If the foundation is wrong, the structures will eventually collapse. Chaotic Nodes are the process of deconstructing us, in order for the construction processes of Ascension to rebuild us more stronger and pure than what we previously achieved. Often this means the detachment from material possessions and unbalanced relationships, whatever is the cause your current limitations it will be dealt with swiftly.

Chaotic Nodes are very unique in the fact that they tailor themselves to the individual. No series of deconstruction is ever the same for 2 different people. Financial deconstruction is one of the most volatile, followed by relationships and then limiting belief systems. Businesses are going bankrupt, falling into liquidation, shares are losing value, people are losing their savings, financial models are failing, relationships are falling apart, married couples are getting divorced, people are no longer infatuated by the same type of people, people are un-grounding their religious beliefs, spending more time questioning the nature of their existence, losing faith, gaining more faith than ever before, the list goes on. One thing to look forward too is that a Chaotic Node very rarely concentrates on just one issue at a time, it cycles an entire symphony of destruction hitting from every conceivable direction.

When my Chaotic Node was strung, I soon released the slow deterioration of my life-force and the falling patterns of fixed attachments acting as if they never existed. I lost contact with many friends and I was left alone to battle my Chaotic Node. What you must realize is that there is no escape from a Chaotic Node, there is no relief until it lets off a little bit, then just when you think it’s over the deconstruction resumes. By the time it finishes you will be a different person; guaranteed. That is, if you survive until it finishes with you. Chaotic Nodes simulate the perfect climate for suicide or self-deconstruction. Death becomes more lighter an option than what a Chaotic Node is presenting. However once it passes, relief will ensue. Your world will be at peace, you will be representing something of a more pure and stronger substance. The change is always for the better, no matter how bad it looks from the eye of the storm.

Many seem to attribute ‘Ascension Symptoms’ to Chaotic Nodes, and they would not be far off. The concentration of Chaotic Nodes all hitting at the same time across multiple strings is a result of the upcoming Ascension. The swirl of deconstructive Chaotic Nodes are as natural as our Ascension. Both were planned well in advance before the human population ever step foot upon this planet. When we did, the systems were activated out of the planning stage. All that was left was our observation of time.

Chaotic Nodes are a very complex spiritual understanding and I expect few to realize the importance of their existence. Fewer still can sit still while such a system is wildly deconstructing their lives from every conceivable angle. In just the same way that a bell curve arches upwards until the optimum point of realization, our negativities and preconditions will be hammered until we realize their unimportance. I perceive life very differently from other people. Then again, so do those who can safely say they have survived their Chaotic Nodes.

Not to be the herald of bad news, but it is impossible to experience an Ascension without a prior deconstructive system paving its path. Those who have experienced such a system, currently experiencing such a system, or will feel such a system somewhere over the next 7 years will experience the true beauty of Ascension. If you are right now thinking ‘Oh my God I need to experience my Chaotic Node before the period of Ascension finalizes‘, it is not something you consciously want to experience, it is something you have to experience in order to grow.

I must also mention that negative entities have at their full discretion the ability to become attracted to those about to experience or are currently experiencing a Chaotic Node. On many occasions I have heard them accidentally tip me off about upcoming Chaotic Nodes that were about to strike either myself or somebody I knew. I urge all spiritual initiates to please exercise caution if trying to call upon the spirit world during a Chaotic Node. Not only will your volatile energies be attracting negative entities, but they will also be seeking mischievous pathways into your mental construct without you being consciously aware of what indeed you are wishing for.

My advice is to please help each other along the way, and talk about your issues with others in a similar circumstance. Bottling up a Chaotic Node is like suppressing anger, one day it will explode out in the most harmful of ways and you won’t be able to control yourself. Ground your energies into Gaia, though I may dislike this option for its foreseeable consequences, living to tell your tale is so much more important than worrying about where you are directing your energies. To those still yet to experience the finalization of their Chaotic Nodes, I wish you positivity and light, trust me its well worth the hassle.

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