This planet is a living, breathing organism that is conscious of itself and has the ability to direct its actions based on this higher form of consciousness. This consciousness has been called many various names in the past, however I have come to know Mother Earth as Gaia. Gaia is a 7th Dimensional Being who exited the first Universal Cycle and re-entered Creation to house a multitude of 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Dimensional Beings. Gaia’s purpose to exist as a planet is a result of feeling the need to progress her consciousness by facilitating other Dimensional Beings in their process of self-realization. Without Gaia we would not have a planet to live on, without us Gaia would not have a reason to exist in the way she does. This mutual relationship is what we call Life, the Universe is our meeting point as developing Creator-selves.

Gaia was originally approached by a very powerful Angelic Being with long trails of sailing white energy. This initial meeting was to request of Gaia her time and energy to provide a physical environment that only later became known as Earth. In order to create a body suitable for inhabitation you must re-enter Creation into the 8th Dimension, after first exiting Creation once the final Ascension has been achieved from the 6th, and then descend into a special 7th Dimensional existence. 8th Dimensional Beings maintain their exteriors as Suns, and the descension into the 7th requires a very minute change of consciousness in order to exist as a planetary body. Fortunately this descension occurs over an extremely rapid time-frame with very little time left to fully express itself as a Sun. 8th Dimensional Beings maintain a high polarity of masculine energy in order to sustain the seeds of growth, while 7th Dimensional Beings maintain extremely feminine energy whilst nurturing lower Dimensionals (Mother Earth). There is very little difference between 7th and 8th Dimensional Beings other than the polarity of their energy that graphs the specific role in the Universe they are to perform.

The official definition that distinguishes a star from a planet is the following:

“A ‘planet’ is a celestial body that:
(a) is in orbit around the Sun,
(b) has sufficient mass for its self-gravity to overcome rigid body forces so that it assumes a hydrostatic equilibrium (nearly round) shape, and
(c) has cleared the neighborhood around its orbit.”

Online: International Astronomical Union, 2006,

With this official definition it can be understood that there is very little observable scientific difference between what we have come to know as stars and planets. With the core of Earth simulating the immense amount of heat exploding out like a star, the only perceivable difference could be a sustainable and inhabitable atmosphere. However there do exist large bodies of mass in space that do not fall into the above-mentioned definition of a planet and yet still maintain atmospheres suitable for inhabitation. Astronomers therefore based their decisions on the shape and behavior of those bodies in order to classify 7th and 8th Dimensional Beings. What I am trying to deduct is the fact that Gaia intentionally moved her physical exteriors out of the highly Enlightening secondary Universal Cycle in order to exist as a planetary body; a sacrifice that every single person on this planet should honor and respect. It is also part of our self-realization process to understand that sacrifices are made in order to accelerate the realization process for the society as a whole.

Gaia had to intentionally create such an inhabitable atmosphere for other Dimensional Beings to exist in a physical world with structured physical lives. This atmosphere was created by utilizing 1st Dimensional rocks and minerals, and 2nd Dimensional plants, in order to effectively create our environment. This system is based around an Earth-up philosophy; 1st Dimensional rocks and minerals had to be created in order to attract 2nd Dimensional Beings such as trees and plants. Without this attraction of 2nd Dimensional Beings, the atmosphere of Earth would not exist, the trees and plants have utilized carbon dioxide, water and light to effectively create oxygen. 3rd Dimensional Beings were attracted to Earth due to presence of the 1st and 2nd Dimensional Beings creating a sustainable atmosphere. Ascended Masters and other Higher Beings therefore allowed themselves a presence within this spectrum in order to teach the lower Dimensional Beings about the process of realization. The attraction literally starts from the Earth-up. Gaia created the first meeting point for other Dimensional Beings to exist within such a natural hierarchy.

As the conscious living soul of this planet, Gaia understands the full life spectrum of what it means to exist as part of her reincarnative cycle. Reincarnation is a contract system set up by Higher Beings so that lower Dimensional Beings may continue to exist upon a inhabitable body for successive lifetimes. As a reincarnative soul of Earth, we have access to Gaia who either subconsciously lays messages within the Collective Unconscious, or allows us to consciously attain an audience with her presence. Very few Beings on Earth originated or ascended out of the 2nd Dimension into the 3rd as human beings. Most of us would be considered to be housing ‘alien’ or ‘extra-terrestrial’ souls within human bodies. Quite a few are either from Pleiades, Sirius or Orion, and many more from star clusters unknown to mankind. It was therefore necessary for Gaia to set up such a conscious ability to seek audience with her or else risk floating her inhabitants in darkness too much of the time.

How to commune with Gaia

I was taught how to commune with Gaia as an extra-terrestrial soul; or somebody who did not originate from the 2nd Dimensional complex of this planet. I was not born with conscious links with Gaia like many of the Earthbound souls. The very few who have been born from the true Mother Nature and Ascended into humanity, maintain conscious links for life without question. Unfortunately for a great majority of us, these links are not present within us and have resulted in many acts of willful ignorance to the sustainability of this planet. There is a lot of chaos surrounding our planet right now, far greater than what the Earthbound souls can handle. It is why souls like mine have been called.

In the same way that I may commune with an Archangel through concentrated visualization, I am able to consciously commune with Gaia. And it is so important that I clearly get across the message that there is an extremely powerful Being within this planet and it can in fact be communed with. Many don’t seem to realize that most forms of Dimensional existence have bodies that are directed by the conscious will of its soul, and often release implicit messages to those who attune to it, but they also have a higher form of consciousness that directs their bodies in the first place. This higher form of consciousness is what we are able to commune with.


    1) Sit in lotus position and place fingers in the Enlightenment mudra.
    2) Visualize yourself walking within the thick jungles of the Amazon, smell the exotic freshness of all the fauna, hear the birds whistling high in the canopy, feel you are actually trekking deep in the jungle.
    3) Keep walking through the jungle until you come out into a small clearing that has many ancient ruins sprawled about the ground. I normally see old crumbling white columns and shattered stones. I believe this small clearing was once part of one of an ancient civilization.

Gaia 2

    4) Right in the middle of this small clearing there should be a white marble column, approximately waist-high, with a large white marble sphere on top of it. Walk up to this white marble sphere and place both of your hands on top of it. Close your eyes and activate this white marble sphere by pushing your energy into and waking it up.
    5) The white marble sphere should burst out a magnificent white light that will completely drown out your entire surroundings once activated. The immensely powerful white light will increase the frequency of your surroundings till everything is covered in a blinding white flash. Let this white light increase your personal vibrational frequency and transport you to Gaia.
    6) When the white light subsides, you will be floating above the Earth high in the atmosphere on the borderline of space. As you float here in the most peaceful state, there will be no sound, no movement, just blissful existence looking down upon the magnificence of Gaia.

Gaia 3

    7) When I commune with Gaia, I see the clouds forming a colossal face upon the Earth. Large clouds acting as eyes and a mouth, Gaia speaks to me as would an Archangel or any other Higher Being. The simplicity of a telepathic communication answering my quizzical thoughts as a 7th Dimensional Being who already knows the answers before I ask the questions. You may ask Gaia just about anything, just don’t ask her about natural disasters, even 7th Dimensional Beings have topics they don’t like discussing.


This powerful meditation allowed me to commune directly with Gaia time and time again when volatile ascending currents coursed through Earth. It is a very helpful and powerful method to not only ground yourself to the planetary soul but also open the doorway to consciously develop deep bonds with nature and a sustainable essence of Life.

A powerful and grounded bond between the greater planetary soul and the individual will forever be the most energetically sustainable pathway of living. Flowing the currents of Universal Love as we consciously develop in the Oneness of nature.

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