It may be one of the most fundamental questions that every human being asks themselves at some point of time in their life. At first we may look towards our all-knowledgeable parents, who so happen to recount the story the century about working hard and eating our vegetables. Then then majority turns towards religion, whose magnificent scriptures tell us about Heaven and Hell and living a life based on a set of moral codes. The particularly adventurous find back-door alleyways into the the worlds of Eastern Mysticism and the Occult, and I must say that we can find some truly inspiring and highly interesting ideas along these paths. However most seem to be falling short of truly mapping out where our consciousness came from and what we are actually doing here. Thankfully I have managed to sum everything up into that of a single blog post, you have got to love it!

Before I continue I would just like to acknowledge Archangel Uriel who I actually channeled everything contained in this article, down to the incredibly fascinating finest details, rapidly through my mind in the space of about 5 minutes. Complex visions of the Universe thundered through as immensely powerful feelings and energy gave those visions more clarity and understanding than what could ever be achieved in a normal human dialogue. I am forever thankful, I may be one of the few who can truly understand and also feel why I am on this planet today.
12 Dimensions that make up our Universe
My story begins by consciously mapping out our Universe into 12 Dimensions. The Universe blends two extremely polar opposite concepts of existence and non-existence so developing Beings may understand who they are and where they are going– however never quite discover any form of finite end. An infinite array of life can be expressed within each of these Dimensions. The higher in Dimensional nature you progress, the more purity as to the original nature of your Being that you will achieve.

In order to understand the meaning of life we have to understand how the Universe is ascended through. The Universe can be called a Creator School, for our individualized consciousness is learning how to be a Creator within the 12 Dimensional Cycle. Every Dimension can be likened to the grades within schools from years 1-12. In order to pass a grade, we must learn the relevant lessons within our Dimension to effectively Ascend. For every Ascension we experience, we move up through the Dimensional evolvement cycle. We enter into the 1st Dimension as pure energy, and we exit out of the 11th Dimension into the 12th Dimension as Unconditional Love.

Please refer to the following graphic in order to more fully understand how our Universe can be broken down based on the level of realization those Beings have attained:


What is the Meaning of Life graph
1st Dimension
The 1st Dimension is entered by existing as a very basic form of Universal material such as mineral or rock. 1st Dimensional consciousness is not aware of what it is, or even whether or not it is alive, it simply exists within Creation as basic Universal substance.
2nd Dimension
The 2nd Dimension defines its consciousness in its ability to live within the physical world as moving presence, such as plants, animals, insects, trees, etc. The 2nd Dimension is where the dual concepts of sexuality are first introduced, and a great majority of life are ruled by the evolving consciousness of nature or Mother Earth.
3rd Dimension
The 3rd Dimension is where we currently exist; individualized beings who are now self-conscious and develop psychological tendencies based on environmental experiences. The 3rd Dimension allows for conscious choices to be made based on rational or emotional decisions within an extremely confined set of circumstances in order to promote the idea of the self or the ego as being a consciously ascending being in this Universe.
4th Dimension
The 4th Dimension is where we will be Ascending to over the years 2012-2019, as part of a pre-planned energetic jump in order to maintain our consciousness in an ever-evolving cycle. If the 3rd Dimension represents a ratio of 80:20 in relation to physicality to spirituality, the 4th Dimension represents a ratio of 20:80 in relation to physicality to spirituality. What changes is the importance we place over certain aspects of our lives, which in-turn changes our rational masculine thought, to that of divine femininity by feeling our way through the Universe.
5th Dimension
The 5th Dimension allows for an extremely pure existence that no longer requires physicality to define our way of life. This pure spiritual existence allows for a much more heightened nature of realization to take place and greater powers are expressed as a result of our greater energetic freedom. Ascended Masters such as those found in the Great White Brotherhood, are most commonly 5th Dimensional Beings who come to help humanity ascend on Earth.
6th Dimension
The 6th Dimension is entered by transcending the idea of living upon a planet in any definable form. They enter a higher energetic existence as a sea of energy that is able to sail through space, travel from planet to planet, and create powerful Light Structures for existence to blossom. Definable form is a choice where it’s only exercised in order to physically appear in dense areas of the Universe. Though I know of many 6th Dimensionals, the most famous in our solar system is Ashtar (The Commander of the Great White Brotherhood).
7th Dimension
The 7th Dimension is the first energetic explosion into the field of Unconditional Love, or a state of ultimate bliss with its heightened freedoms allowing for the ecstatic brilliance of God-self realization. The 7th Dimension formally ends the first Universal Cycle for a majority of the souls existing in this Universe. The only souls who progress onwards past the 7th Dimension are the ones who feel the need to undertake the much more advanced cycle into the 8th-12 Dimensions. The Universal Beings exit Creation whilst Ascending into the 7th Dimension, and then remain in the sea of Unconditional Love until they decide to repeat the cycle.
8th Dimension
The 8th Dimension marks the entrance to the secondary Universal Cycle. 8th Dimensional Beings have two pathways to choose from; they either keep progressing to the 12th Dimension, or they are able to enter an alternate existence as a 7th Dimensional planet. 8th Dimensional Beings come into Creation as Suns and exert masculine energy as the alpha Beings of their solar system. 8th Dimensional Beings who proceed onto the second path, exert feminine energy as nurturing planets for lower Dimensional existences to undergo their process of self-realization.
9th Dimension
The 9th Dimension is entered as dying Suns, whose resources become depleted and stop the process of nuclear fusion to produce heat. These Suns become Supernovas and represent the first entire Dimensional construct tailored to the negative pathway of learning. Supernovas burst out all their energy in a volatile state until their gravity forces them to internally implode and collapse inwards.
10th Dimension
The 10th Dimension is entered by a Supernova collapsing in on itself and turning into a black hole.  10th Dimensionals consume surrounding resources their entire life as the true representations of Free Radicals. The 10th Dimension represents the second entire Dimensional construct tailored to the negative pathway of learning.
11th Dimension
The 11th Dimension is entered by multiple black holes grouping together, collating their resources and effectively forming what is known as a Supermassive black hole (not the song by Muse; Supermassive black hole). A Supermassive black hole then starts pumping out its resources, that ignite into a quasar that then effectively lights up and powers an entire Galaxy into existence. Yes, the center of our Galaxy is indeed a black hole!
12th Dimension
The 12th Dimension mirrors the 7th Dimension in its state of Unconditional Love, the real difference being the level of mastery 12th Dimensionals have over their level of realization within the Universe. The 12th Dimension officially completes the secondary Universe Cycle back up in the energetic existence of pure ecstasy as a Being One with its Creator.

I could literally go on for hours talking about the Universe, I have so much knowledge about the various Dimensions that it was extremely difficult condensing it all down like this, I kept wanting to add so much more details. God I should seriously write a book about it, oh wait, I did, it’s called World of Archangels… AND ITS EPIC!!

What is the meaning of life?
We are currently here in order to achieve realization enough to effectively Ascend and progress into the next existence of living. Here in the 3rd Dimension we are learning how to embrace Love and take aboard a greater spiritual perspective of what life has to offer. We can achieve this through the process of reincarnation; whereby the human soul incarnates onto Earth with a human vehicle for the purposes of experiencing a limited physical environment. Without a human body, we could not sustain a presence within this physical environment.

Everybody is currently at a different level within their realization process, and therefore everybody has a slightly different individual meaning of life. For example one person could currently be incarnated just to learn how to control their emotions, another person could be here to learn how to be an effective leader, another person here to learn the art of patience, etc. Sometimes our lives are filled with multiple meanings and lessons that overlap one-another into a volatile up and downturn. What I am boiling down to is the fact that though our overall purpose is to achieve Creator-level realization, our current individual purpose changes with every incarnation we are born into.

Where does my soul come from?
It was absolutely necessary to firstly teach you about the Universal Dimensional cycle, so you may more fully understand where your soul has come from, and where it is indeed going. Many people on this planet did not Ascend out of the 1st Dimension into the 2nd and 3rd here on Earth. A majority of Earth’s inhabitants have Ascended through their prior Dimensions on other planets. How do I know this? Because I myself have undergone past-life regression methods in order to track my soul across multiple star systems. I have personally seen my prior Dimensional existences on other planets in systems very different to our own.

Our souls have entered into Creation from the field of Unconditional Love. Upon entering the 1st Dimension it was completely wiped of its memory. Where ever your soul spent the majority of its time in the 2nd Dimension, there is a good chance you Ascended into the 3rd Dimension there too. Many souls currently on Earth come from either Pleiades, Sirius, and Orion, as these are our closest star systems to planet Earth. What I am also saying is that a majority of the planet currently have ET souls within human bodies. Very few people can genuinely say their soul Ascended with this planet since the 1st/2nd Dimensions.

Where are we going?
Into the 4th/5th Dimension with the upcoming energetic Ascension over 2012-2019!

On a Universal level, we are undergoing the process of realization in order to become Creators. Some of our incarnated lives are spent here on Earth, and it is very likely our souls will be moving on to another system when its learning upon this particular planet has come to an end. I like to enjoy life wherever I am, for every time I move on to my new home, they present unique opportunities that I have still not forgotten even till today. Living life in the present will always be more fruitful than living in the future, there is a reason for why we are in this exact moment of time and it can only be discovered if our minds are here.

Upon entering the 12th Dimension as realized Creator selves, we will indeed be saying goodbye to the Universe as we know it. The 11th Dimension is the last Dimension still defined by the physical construct of this Universe. The 12th Dimension is a sea of Unconditional Love that no longer requires the limitations of a set life in some form of vehicle. I will indeed miss the Universe for it has been my home for a very long period of time. You can grow attached to the things which make you laugh and make you cry, I might just have to come back again just to strike up my nostalgic past.

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