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The Channeling Chronicles PART I


One of the most memorable scenes for me within the Star Wars films was at the end of Episode III – Revenge of the Sith, when Yoda turns to Obi-Wan Kenobi and says:


Yoda: Master Kenobi, wait a moment. In your solitude on Tatooine, training I have for you.
Obi-Wan Kenobi: Training?
Yoda: An old friend has learned the path to immortality. One who has returned from the netherworld of the Force. Your old master.
Obi-Wan Kenobi: Qui-Gon?
Yoda: How to commune with him I will teach you.


This scene was so powerful for me because my own Master taught me how to commune with the other side for a very similar purpose. It is indeed possible for us to speak and interact with spirits, ghosts, Ascended Masters, Archangels, and all other manner of ethereal Beings. Archangel Uriel further taught me how to project my thoughts into the Higher Dimensions in great detail and effectively commune with any Higher Being I so wish. Within this post, the art of channeling I will teach you.


What is Channeling?

Channeling is the psychic ability to direct your thoughts upon an ethereal Being and consciously interact with that Being for a specific purpose. Firstly we must be able to pick up that there is in fact an ethereal Being present, and secondly commune with that ethereal Being through visions, thoughts, and telepathy. Channeling is not classified as such unless a conscious 2-way communication has taken place between yourself and an external Being. Simply calling out to something is not classified as channeling, nor is interacting with a Being without any interactions directed back towards you.


What can I commune with?

Spirit Guides, Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters, Gaia, passed over loved ones, fragments commonly found in hauntings, even your own Chakras. Anything conscious enough to be alive, is able to be communed with.


How do I channel ethereal Beings?

You must firstly unlearn what you have learned, dedicate your life towards achieving this goal, and become available to the ethereal world. Most people believe that channeling is a switch-on/switch-off ability, where you only get to deal with the ethereal world if and when you want to. The truth behind this matter is that when you turn on, there is no turning off. You can set up blocks and limit when you are to channel, you can even silence yourself out with the more advanced psychic protections, what you can’t do is suddenly fall of the radar and exist as you once were in the dark ethers like everybody else. The energetic body glows quite a powerful white when we undergo the process of self-realization, this glow attracts ethereal Beings like moths to a flame. To somehow want to ‘switch off’ would mean to demonstrate anti-Creationism methodology and move backwards within your process of self-realization.



Channeling ethereal Beings requires quite a bit of energetic work, and I have detailed extensive meditations for achieving a successful communication with a variety of ethereal Beings within my book World of Archangels. I believe it is important to explain the theory behind how channeling works in order for the spiritual initiate to understand what it is they are indeed achieving. If we understand how it works, rather than simply passing it off as only an ability ‘psychics’ possess, we can begin to understand how a regular person may also develop such a skill as well.

As Yoda explains in the above clip, “No! try not. Do, or do not… there is no try”. Channeling will be successful if the spiritual aspirant dedicates a portion of their life towards achieving it, and not stopping until such successful communication has taken place. To only go halfway, is to give up and not achieve anything productive. One must seek to achieve, or not bother venturing out in the first place. It will take some patience, however the incredible results will be well worth your troubles. Channeling has changed my life, and I do not say this lightly. When I started communing with my God Grandfather who passed away years beforehand, I suddenly realized the power of what I was achieving.

Please refer to my infographics below for simple visuals about how channeling works.

Channeling 2

In the first infographic I have created 2 circles; the blue one on top representing the Archangels, and the purple one down the bottom representing human beings. The reason for why I have separated the two types of Beings from each other, even though we all currently exist within Oneness, is because our consciousness currently sits within a Dimension significantly lower than what we would currently be achieving if we were to truly consciously express Oneness. We believe we are currently individualized, therefore we exist within a Dimension that allows such classifications. The Archangels exist within the 11th Dimension, human beings exist much lower within the 3rd/4th Dimension. For more information about our Dimensional construct, please read my article What is the Meaning of Life? The dotted line represents the difference between existing in a state of Oneness and that of an individualized Being who believes we are somehow separate from God.

Channeling 3

In my second infographic I have removed the Dimensional barrier and included two pieces of information that allow us to understand how we can bridge the gap in order to commune with an Archangel. Channeling works through the direct involvement of two parties, it is extremely difficult to channel ethereal beings in the 3rd Dimension whilst only one party is performing the necessary work. We as human beings exist near the bottom of the scale of vibrational frequency, Archangels exist near the top of the scale of vibrational frequency. Therefore we must learn how to increase our vibrational frequency through meditation, and at the same time an Archangel must temporarily lower their vibrational frequency through a process known as fragmentation. Both parties acting to take a conscious step towards each other in order to bridge the Dimensonal gap. Not one party calling out to nothing hoping for a result, both parties coming together in a united display of willingness to communicate.

Human beings are able to increase their vibrational frequency through conscious meditations that allow us to immerse ourselves within Unconditional Love and essentially vibrate our energies on a higher level. As Archangels have already achieved such an enlightening existence, they undergo a process known as fragmentation, where they essentially fragment an essence of themselves in order for that essence to “travel” to the designated lower Dimension in order to commune with the Being calling upon them. This system of fragmentation is exactly the same as what our Oversouls perform when we reincarnate on Earth.

Channeling 4

My third infographic demonstrates how communication is established once an overlay of energies is achieved. Through our vibrational raising, and the Archangels fragmentation, a meeting point in the middle is found and our respective energies then bond with each other in order for more detailed or vivid information to be transferred. Those who have trouble communicating, are those who have not effectively bonded with the Archangel. As Archangel Uriel is my Guardian Angel, I find it extremely easy to bond with his energy and share a conscious link of information. If this bonding does not occur, it is very likely your energies are rejecting the Archangels attempts at communicating with you, or you are just not meant to be achieving this level of experience within your current lifetime.


How do I know I have successfully channeled?

With Archangels and Higher Beings, it is much easier to establish a successful communication as they almost always speak in a voice not of your own, and express an incredibly profound amount of Unconditional Love whilst around you. When it comes to Spirit Guides and other ethereal Beings it becomes slightly more difficult as they are not able to express Unconditional Love towards another Being. They have not yet reached that level. Much of the time we are able to feel hot/cold sensations, goosbumps, tingling or shivers up our spine, we could hear voices either of our own or in another voice altogether, and more importantly are the feelings those Beings are expressing. Something positive will always feel positive and very light and peaceful. As long as those voices, feelings and emotions are being driven by the external Being, we can begin to narrow down that we are indeed communicating with something external to our own body. I have also delved quite deeply into clairvoyance where I am able to perceive imagery and visions as well as voices, and feelings. It is many times a combination of many factors that paints a story for successful communication. Just relying on one factor may or may not suggest a successful communication. However when something starts speaking to you in the middle of the night, there is very little that is going to persuade you that there is nothing really there. You will know a legitimate experience when you come across one.


Channeling | Channeling Darkness | Channeling Heaven

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