The world is waking up in a flower bed of an abandoned Church, surrounded by Darkness so thick that the shrubs wither and die if they don’t stay within the Light. Waterfalls of poetic verbs and stunning blooms of positive manifestation– you would think the mainstream actually understood their burst of God in this moment of Creation. Repackaging the old-school, transcribing ancient literature, feeling alive and resonating with Love; and then going about Life as if none of it actually existed. Everything is spirituality, and yet nobody is spiritual. The old school made it cool, but the digital revolution went on to over-commercialize it like it needed to be sold. In a world where everybody has already formulated their own beliefs on the correct pathway forward, nobody is keeping it real and simply existing in this wave of God as the most genuine Being they could possibly be! Sometimes it is easy to get caught up, and yet very hard to feel alive. Feel the presence of God, then look at life like you’ve been here before. Life becomes meaningless… But the presence of God– it becomes everything!


The Underground Laws


    1. If you have no roots, create your own!

The old school Masters who first started raising consciousness on this planet had One fundamental goal in mind; to progress the basic energy of humanity into something of higher level significance. It doesn’t matter whether those Masters were of the Light or the Dark– both still aim to raise the consciousness of a desired planet, as they would rather have an fruitful civilization of Beings achieving greater extents of personal power and purity than nothing at all.

The consciousness of this planet was bumped from left to right over the ages with wayward Beings coming in to achieve minor trivial pursuits rather than for the expansion of the Collective Unconscious. It’s almost like painting a masterpiece where the painter changed every single day of the week. Those who painted on any given day had different stroke styles, used different colors, and sometimes even had an entirely different view of what that masterpiece needed to look like. What you will have left with is a mess. We are currently living in a mess and we are somehow making it work for no other reason than for the survival of the ego.

If you were to tune into the spiritual foundations of this planet, there is no way we could single out any One particular design and suggest it as the pathway humanity is taking. The light structures that define this movement of consciousness are completely chaotic with a very strong theme of limbo extending spiritual cycles into a gradual decline. The war has gone on so long, we truly feel it’s normal to live with a divided core rather than unity. Very few have found stability in a volatile world, and this unbalance is representative of the spiritual and emotional unrest found within our segment of Creation.

The foundations for society have been cast into a bedrock of hierarchy and power. Our fixtures are constructed from war and divide and the underground car park firmly leads to an underworld of colossal manipulation. Modern-day society is living in an evolved form of time enslavement, and it is now building monumental pyramids of debt! I no longer believe the Collective Unconscious will provide a clear-cut pathway towards achieving what you need to achieve to enter a powerful state of Enlightenment. The individual must undergo their own spiritual journey through the enchanted forest, towards the cave of fears, and up Mt. Realization! The only way we are going to feel any great spiritual momentum is if we leave behind the workings of the mainstream Collective Unconscious, and instead focus on individual God-self realization.


    2. Enter the Wild West of Enlightenment

Spirituality is at its heart a revolutionary pathway. A revolution of the soul. An awakening to the idea that we can be free. We can truly be free. Spirituality is a power-charge of Life that aims to empower! Waking up is about bursting in so much Light that the Darkness shies away from you, and then going on to influence the activation of others around you as a community of Light! The idea of an external source of Light coming down is out of the question unless we can demonstrate a societal burst of Light deep within the heart of our consciousness. A Light that signals those around us towards our need for Enlightenment, opening an ulterior pathway between the oceans of sleeping consciousness into a beautiful state of existence! We have the power to influence consciousness. We have the power to transcend Life.

The mainstream is a Game of Life that has had pieces moving across the board, one side attacking the other in a perpetual cycle of cause and reaction. This Game has attracted billions of souls across the planet into tasting what it is like to live a physical life under the premise of soul anonymity with external environmental factors differentiating the learning process. Ordinarily this Game comes to an end when one side or the other wins by dominating the societal, economic, technological, or military factions, and effectively demonstrating an artificial form of Oneness. The only true way Oneness may come through organically is if the Game was collectively decided to be shelved in relation to spiritual evolution or Universal maturity.

Since we have no spiritual authority on Earth, nor do I conceive their being one in the foreseeable future, the decision to either move on or stay here has landed upon the individual soul. This is actually quite a unique predicament. The spiritual war has caused a limbo– or if you like a temporary stall in life– where there are no dedicated Higher Beings overseeing this section of Creation. The Archangels are Universal in nature; they express themselves across every Galaxy and every conscious society without exclusion. The Ascended Masters are higher and more realized than the average human being, however they are not considered a spiritual authority considering the level of Beings lurking on the Darkside. Many Higher Beings drop by every now and then, but none who will significantly alter Creation on behalf of an unrealized race.

So here we are in the Wild West! People for us and against us at every turn of a corner! Walking through rickety towns out in the desert sun, gunslinging our way through crowds of bandits, kicking our way into lawless saloons full of dust and drunkards lost in their drinks, the wooden bar is stained with ale and sweat from a hard day’s work, the whiskey tastes like piss, but this is what we call home and we wouldn’t have it any other way! We keep living these scenes into reality. Little do we know that we are the cause for our own personal movie and the show will keep going on until we decide enough is enough. I have to admit, it is fun, but we eventually have to go home.


    3. Become your own Master

As many enlightening spiritual epiphanies I’ve had over the years that completely changed my life:

The 6 Levels of Truth
What is the Meaning of Life?
Kundalini Awakening

My favorite philosophy that has stuck with me achieves a level of kick ass like no other!

Go all out or don’t go at all!

Learn and apply this philosophy to every aspect of your life. If you want to enter a state of Enlightenment; you are going to have to go all out! Dedicate a meditation session every night of the week to your cause! Explode yourself into the spiritual world! Throw yourself into the Higher Dimensions, completely leaving behind anything that is constraining you! One of my favorite quotes is “Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.'” And this is perfect when chasing our inevitable explosion into the next life of Enlightenment. All my knowledge and articles came from my interactions with the spiritual world. As dicey as some situations got, I don’t have any regrets about the choices I made in my spiritual journeys. Every single one of them have collectively added up to become my personal collage of thoughts, experiences, feelings and ultimately my spiritual humbling towards what it means to be alive in the Universe!

I encourage individual Enlightenment so much more than trying to follow somebody else’s path into the spiritual world. Sometimes falling into the mainstream stereotypes is the easiest solution, because you can “fit in” or be loved by your peers or whatever, but you are effectively entering another person’s projection and dedicating your time into making it a reality. If you want to incarnate on Earth, realize yourself as God and enter the spiritual world, why stop at what you read in books or how others expect you to behave? There is so much to learn from your very own soul! You can develop a tremendous amount of self respect working your way through your own spiritual realizations. I tried and failed many times in the spiritual world before recognizing who I was and what I am doing here. It took me 20 years to figure that out, and I am not going to change that for anybody. I have very deep sense of both the Light & Dark and I have learned to exist in my own unique brand of spirituality. It has become my refuge, my sanctuary, my way of life.

Find your unique existence, and then live it into reality every single day of your life. The next time somebody signs off with “Love and Light”, asks me what style of meditation I follow, expects me to dress in natural earth-dyed clothes, maintains a consistent high from morning till night, speaks to me like I just fell off a UFO mothership, or thinks cooking their food is somehow harming the planet– I’m telling you right now you are preaching to the wrong crowd sister! My sanctuary doesn’t include losing my mind, but what I will do is accept where you’re currently at in your level of realization. We all know what home feels like, and if this is the real you, then I will be at peace with that.

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