“To resist and subdue Nature is to make for one’s self a personal and imperishable life, it is to break free from the vicissitudes of Life and Death.”

An immortal world; a world where there is no time, no benchmarks to age us, no unintentional destruction, no Suns to keep track of any single moment, nothing to differentiate a single second from another. A revolving world with no start and no end. Timelessness in an observed continuance of the soul. Beings floating in a sea of consciousness, unaware of any differences between themselves, only energetic equality. Existence in a state of pure ecstasy and Love for absolutely everything, so powerful and yet so humbling, the world has yet to feel Unconditional Love. We as God creatures have been there before, we are infinite, profoundly realized in every possible way; it is only a matter of time before we are back there again.


Immortal Beings in an immortal world


Immortality– some people call it the Holy Grail, others fantasy, but I like to call it the truth behind reality. We are Immortal Beings in a world structured to observe time. What we understand as Life and Death are nothing more than ascending and descending bodies of consciousness revolving through a system that was set up to initiate self-realization. I look at the world through a very different lens. I don’t see physicality, I barely even notice it, all I see One energy morphing around to capture our attention and imagination to continue its existence thereafter. If we stopped observing the physical world, we would transcend the need to be within it and we would cease to reincarnate any longer.

In the spiritual world there is no time, not even the observation of which, unless Beings from physical existences ask them to peer into their lives. They do not differentiate existence within itself, not unless they are observing the evolvement of consciousness. If consciousness is evolving then they are able to comprehend true movements within Creation. The 12 Dimensions of the Universe is a transcending thought-form aimed to initiate an internal shift within your body to detach you away from bench-marking your life based on linear time and into energetic moments of spiritual realization. We are going to keep reincarnating here, in just the same way that the Universe will keep cycling, until such a transcending movement of energy takes place. Until then, we keep spinning on our Ferris Wheel of Reincarnation like kids enthused with a childlike curiosity at the very thought of all the flashing lights and the great view to savor when you get to the top.

What is the true difference between one Being who believes in time and one who does not? One perceives the parameters of their lives as destined by the Sun rising in the morning or the Moon setting at night, while the other opens a doorway to start understanding the Universal body which they have come to live within. A small change in perception; a lifetime of difference to contemplate the irrelevant nature of Life other than for the nurturing of worthwhile emotions and states of existence of Love and powerful radiance of One Creation methodology.


The Light Structures that defined existence


Our DNA is everything wrong with human society. It is also everything right with defined existence itself. It is the reason reincarnation exists, it is the secret and heart behind spirituality. It defines who we are, how we think, what we look like, how we react to certain situations, where we go, what we do, even how we do it. Our Soul is contained within our DNA. Our Soul is not so much a general “white glow” within the human body than it is millions of white lights branching together within every single one of our cells– glowing in unison to light our bodies up as the true blend behind physicality and spirituality. When our DNA evolves into a higher state, our soul becomes a more realized Being within the Universe and it starts to glow brighter.

The methods of self realization have been experimented with over countless variations in billions of Universes. In order to script defined periods of accelerated growth, one of the most beneficial methods to sustain growth would be to break down the soul’s full life-cycle of realization into small concentrated efforts that initiates a different experience for every lifetime lived. We know it as reincarnation. It is an ancient light structure that effectively became incorporated into lower Dimensional existences for the sake of programmed cell death. From the moment we are born, our cells have already been programmed to die at some point in time. Every single decision we make, from our lifestyle choices to our methods of experiencing the full onsets of growth, can only reduce the maximum life of our cells. We can not, in any way, reprogram ourselves to live longer than our optimum point. Medicine and the advent of technology only serves to claim back years that we have already taken away. Cells die as a result of many external factors, one of the most significant being the oxidation of our DNA strands– causing them to eventually break apart. We look like white glows of energy with large white trails of smoke steaming off us. Our soul is consistently renewing itself. The point where we fail to rejuvenate more cells than those that are experiencing programmed cell death, is the point when our Soul will transcend physical Life and move into a higher vibratory state of living in a process known as Death.

In order for the individual to make sense in an immortal world, the external environment had to mirror this light structure in its full complexity. Suns, stars, planets and galaxies all have perceived lifespans, where each of these Beings must achieve realization to further their dimensional evolvement. The larger our body of consciousness, the longer in time we perceive such limitations of existence. Universal butterflies flying their way into Life through bursts of beauty and color, we may experience a whole world of learning within the definite nature of such an existence. Time was structured into the variables of self-realization to create an upward moving sea of consciousness that felt the need to keep moving forward rather than remain stagnant within the ethers of unrealized immortality. If we don’t understand the true value of time, immortality becomes meaningless to the point were it is reduced to everything short of normalized existence.


When we became the slaves of time

Around 5000 years ago a group of Beings far more intelligent and advanced decided to implement a system on Earth for the greater control of our consciousness. These Beings were greatly versed in the energetic laws of cosmic spiritual realizations and set forth to create a self-serving light structure that aimed to sustain a funnel of energy up towards where they could utilize it. These initial light structures were the product of an extremely advanced race of Beings who no longer sought to utilize such a lower-frequency dependency of harnessing energy. Though they were no longer experiencing Creation as we do, their vehicles housed the instructions for the operation of their energetic machines. The knowledge of such light structures remained intact. They were invaluable to those that found them as they had been tested and developed over hundreds of thousands of years. By the time they came to Earth, they were already well aware of what they were introducing.

These light structures are known as Pyramid Hierarchies, or what we have commonly come to know as an organizational hierarchies. Every major business, commercial endeavor and organization on Earth follows a hierarchy whether it is aware of it or not. It is so ingrained into our consciousness that it has become a commonly accepted principle within society. The organizational hierarchy allows for a group of employees/workers/followers to effectively spend their time in exchange for any said given resource. Here on Earth, we have a system of currency that used to be backed by gold, however now it’s just backed by perceptions of what we believe money is. We spend great chunks of our perceived time for perceived material benefits. We spend our time within the hierarchy to receive these physical benefits because just about every single organization on Earth accepts and agrees to trade in the perceived currency. We could therefore sustain life by working for money and trading it in a readily accessible economy. The real currency of this light structure and the base element of the hierarchy will always however be time.

A healthy economy is based on a few things, the first and foremost is a healthy supply and demand– or the movements of perceived values depending on where we stand in Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, and the second is the rate at which new opportunities for growth create new jobs and attract a steady movement of people towards becoming a productive member of that economy. So what we have is perceived value, and then the capitalization of that value. Though this is extremely simplified economics, it basically gives you a rough idea of the way markets work. If nobody valued their time, everybody would work for free and the idea of an economy wouldn’t exist. It takes us a definable period of time to study and even more time pursue advanced graduate courses. By the time we finish we have a certain egotistical need to place the value of our time as something worth capitalizing upon. We as human beings inherently understand we have limited time and we at some point mentally negotiate how much our time is worth by pursuing a specific career and then becoming an active participant.

It all starts with the perceived idea that our time is running out, and since we only have a limited amount of time, we should perceive greater self-value depending on how much time we invested into our lives. From a developing societal point of view, this is an extremely beneficial way to continue the advent of new technology and economical advancements. However from a spiritual point of view; we are all slaves to our own egotistical needs.


The Pyramid Hierarchy Light Structure


Immortal World 2


It kind of looks like the pyramids of Egypt that were built 5000 years ago. If you guessed this, then you would be exactly right as to who introduced this light structure into humanity’s consciousness. We have definable layers within the pyramid hierarchy. There is a set process for how you can work your way up to the top. There is a very big difference between those who are on the bottom and those who are at the top; perceived influence and power. To get to the top you will have to follow the rules of the hierarchy, which were set by the hierarchy and lived into existence by the hierarchy. The first rule of the hierarchy is that you are not allowed to talk about the hierarchy. The second rule of the hierarchy is that You Are Not Allowed to talk about the hierarchy. The third rule of the hierarchy is that if this your first time in the hierarchy, then You Must Fight– I mean observe as a passive consumer and keep everybody else happy!


The Oneness Light Structure


Immortal World 3


This circle represents the Oneness Light Structure. It is a circle because in true Oneness there is no distinction between anything– there is only God. The circle represents a great myriad of powerful spiritual truths from the revolving system of reincarnation, the cycling nature of the Universe, the birth and death of individual souls entering Creation from Unconditional Love. The funny thing is that when I was drawing this circle, I started to hear these two Higher Beings arguing up there somewhere. One of them said, “A spiral would be a more accurate symbolic reference because it portrays the movement of Dimensional evolvement back to Oneness”. Then another Higher Being chided in and said, “No I believe the boy is correct. A circle would be more accurate. Where are you actually going?” The first Higher Being kind of contemplated the question and responded, “… nowhere”, and the second Higher Being said “Exactly…”

So besides the fact that some random Higher Beings were reading my latest blog through my thoughts as I was writing this, the Oneness Light Structure is about equality amongst God-realized Beings who aim to unify existence throughout the Universe through Unconditional Love. In an immortal world, physical world concepts such as currency fall apart and the only true real commodity is knowledge for who you are and what you believe you are doing in this Universe. That kind of knowledge is really powerful– it drives realization through multiple systems of dimensional evolvement, and it also gives the users power over un-realized God-selves by creating perceived differences in energetic calibration as mirrors of God. In the Oneness Light Structure the “leaders”, or more God-realized Beings, open pathways for the less realized to learn and grow within till they also become God-realized Beings.

In a Pyramid Hierarchy light structure however, those who collect the most physical resources influence the movements of society in a self-deprecating cycle that only aims to further spread doubt and ignorance amongst those living within it. To say the least, I had a lot of problems with authority going through school. Those problems only expanded when I realized that nearly every other section of society had primary school teachers trying to control the mass movements of consciousness with little consequential discourse beyond whole sections of society failing. Consciousness is still plodding along nonetheless. Our lives were just streamed to undergo smaller steps of realization the further we delved into the paradigms of spiritual understanding. Back doors were opened up to spur the advent of individual Enlightenment in a world bound to collective consciousness. Just about everything Enlightenment does is break you away from the onsets of a normalized life to give you the tools to keep trekking through the jungles of consciousness no matter what you may find.


Returning to Immortality


If we are Immortal Beings in an Immortal World, then the only thing restraining us is our level of realization. We believe we are spiraling outwards, increasing our physical/social/mental/spiritual influence, where the higher perception would be to understand that we are God the whole time. We never leave, we never go anywhere, we are still One in the same Being from the beginning to the end. So if we are already there, then what’s stopping us? A perception of who we believe we are and what we believe we are doing in this Universe. Our Soul will continue within the system of reincarnation till it glows so brightly that it transcends the need for it. We need to undergo a logical unfolding of events in order for our lives to make sense to us. Illogical jumps only serve to enter or exit Creation. Individual Enlightenment only serves an individual purpose in a world bound to collectively unifying together in Oneness. True Immortality will come when the entire Light Structure that is defining our existence is transcended back to the plane of Oneness. Until that moment in time, all we have are defined perceptions and parameters of existence, whether they be on an individual or on a Universal level.

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