Is it true that if we were to strip away all of our physical attributes we would be nothing more than walking ghosts? We spend a lot of time with our personalities, so does our personality follow us into the afterlife?

It is almost a natural progression for humans to tailor their emotions and language in order to adapt to their surrounding environment. In fact it happens so often and so indiscreetly that a majority of the population have become accustomed to not only its sheer occurrence, but have also adopted its characteristics as part of everyday life.

Masks seem to act as a cover for our true personality. Certain masks are quite rare as they can change others’ perception; such as the Likeabilty mask, or the powerful Anger mask. Since we have the ability to ‘change’ our masks at will, can the same be said for our personality? It can only be answered by delving into the personality’s origin. Does our personality form on a physical level or is it embedded into something much deeper in our spiritual level? To shed light on these questions, would be to find the truth behind whether our physical bodies are in fact tailoring our personalities, for better or worse, or are our personalities a true product of our Soul.

We are all born with the unique ability to create and hide behind masks whenever we deem appropriate. Such masks are used in everyday behaviors and you may not even realize how deceitful you truly are. Sometimes our masks can be quite light and flexible, as if spun from pure white silk. We wear social masks to make others feel more comfortable, more welcome, laugh at our jokes, and perceive us to be more likable. Sometimes our masks can be quite solid with large adorning angel wings. The mask of Fatherdom carries your family when you have children, and you’re trying to create an aura of discipline and safety. Sometimes our masks can be constructed of pure gold in the style of ancient Kings of our long forgotten past. The business masks appear to us whilst running our empires, attending high profile meetings with other CEOs, Bankers, and Lawyers. And sometimes… we adorn battle masks out of Hell itself; dark and unforgiving, horrible like our worst nightmares with horns protruding in strange directions and the evil grin of the Devil Himself.

The world doesn’t like raw, unpolished Souls. It likes people to be refined, cultured, conservative, enjoyable and sometimes humorous. Think of our bodies as a filter that rejects socially inappropriate behavior. Our physical lives are driven by the complex psychological need ‘to be wanted’ and liked by others. Our bodies therefore adapt and mold our personalities to fulfill this psychological need. Over time our Souls learn from their mistakes and adopt those socially appropriate traits, this occurs over multiple lifetimes and experiences.

Whether being an extrovert with an incredible ego, or an introvert who is socially outcast; both are products of our external environment from the day we are born. That external environment includes; our physical looks and traits, our family’s wealth/status and acceptability to difference, friends and social schooling, and even the country we live in. Our bodies adapt with our external environment in the same way liquid evaporates when heated, leaving a more refined reduction.

Our Souls are but pure learned energy, like electricity for our moving puppets. Our personalities are in fact a complex web of social intricacies that have been molded by environmental factors on the physical plain. I do not believe we can change our personality that easily. It is possible for our personalities to change through extreme emotions, such as immeasurable anger, or worlds of love. But achieving such lasting emotions over a period of time, long enough to actually change your personality is very difficult. We therefore adopted the much more light-weight and adaptable masks.

But what happens when we start to reverse the cycle of filtration and the human body starts to adopt feelings and intuitive gestures as part of its character. The Soul is ever present and always trying to communicate with us by trying to bypass the filter. This true energy is very wise and may very well know our future. Psychics and those on a spiritual path therefore try to increase these intuitive feelings in order effectively read the future. The Body doesn’t like this and tries to give you its egotistical opinion by pushing out intuitive feelings. This is effectively known as the war between the Body and the Soul.

Since masks are but an invention of human understanding to our dark psychological background, the same technique is not utilized once we pass on. There is no ego in the afterlife, as that is a human emotion, and human emotions don’t carry through.
I have known some Souls to adorn their personalities when they come back down to Earth to pass on messages to the living. I only believe this to be the case as people’s personalities are a method of nostalgic identification.

The Law of the Universe states that nothing shall be created nor shall it be destroyed. So where is all this left-over personality energy going once we die?

Could it possibly be that our Souls are actually adopting our personalities and carrying them on into the afterlife?

I wonder if I will have a similar personality in my next life…

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