We have a soul within our human body. Our soul is an essence of God and therefore it can be referred to as a God-self. The reason for why I call it an essence of God is due to the fact that our extremely intelligent form of consciousness was birthed from the realm of Unconditional Love, and came into the Universe for the sole act of individualizing itself in hopes of becoming a Creator as well. The Universe allows many higher Dimensional souls to create environments for developing souls to realize who they are and what they are doing here. Our environment for necessary realization is called the physical plane or Earth. When we have undergone the necessary realization and learned the lessons for why we did indeed come here, our soul will move on to a higher form of Dimensional existence through a process known as Ascension. With this very basic premise I can know delve further into how exactly our soul undergoes its necessary realization.

Reincarnation is the process of a soul embodying a physical vehicle for the sole purpose of experiencing life in the physical plane. Our external environments molds our personalities, our tendencies, and psychological constructs, however a great majority of who we are also comes through our DNA. Our DNA is a combination of both our mother and father’s genetic material coming together to form a slightly new strain. This unique strain can either be profoundly beneficial to us, or extremely detrimental, depending on what strengths and weaknesses we possess. DNA also forms all of the instructions for what we are to look like, and how we act, and can be found within every cell of our body. Our environment is a composition of other Dimensional life forms; 2nd Dimensional plants and animals, 3rd Dimensional human beings, 4th/5th Dimensional Masters, 8th Dimensional Suns, etc. Therefore our DNA is a set of instructions that either promotes or hinders our interactions with other God-selves in the environment we know as reality.

With every life that we reincarnate, our soul does not remember previous incarnations for our memories are wiped completely clean. Our DNA is a product of two parents coming together, with no physical ties to other lifetimes. We build up new memories within our DNA with every experience in our environment. Cells within the human body retain a memory in order to regenerate and customize itself to our changing environment. This phenomena is so powerful that even recipients of heart transplants through donor programs in hospitals reportedly started feeling, craving, and remembering things that did not originate from their own bodies. They were in fact taking aboard memories of the organ donor. See Transplanted organs impart memories onto recipient. The author suggests it is a result of “Heart Energy” however this isn’t completely correct. Our Chakra energy in themselves do not retain memories beyond what that particular Chakra governs. In the case of the Heart Chakra, memories and feelings relating to Love for Self or Love for others, relationships, divorces, break-ups, etc. Though it may seem some of the patients were experiencing this phenomena, it was because the Heart and Root Chakras are some of the most volatile in the human body. It was more accurately the DNA contained within the transplanted organ that was retaining some of its most impacting memories.

Some memories however impact our bodies depending on the level of trauma it underwent during a particular experience. Scars are a result of injuries that have been afflicted upon the physical body, and therefore cause a physical mark to remain visible where we have in some way been impacted. Questions rise about why our bodies do not regenerate over scars, even though our bodies completely regenerates itself every 7 years. And the answer is simple, scars go further than the physical body itself, our cells retain memories of the incident within their DNA. The scar exists because the cells were artificially manipulated from the original structure it was growing, to then retain an icon for visible memory upon our skin. Memories of physical traumas maintain visible scars upon our body through our DNA. This observation links up our DNA with our consciousness and suggests that the human soul may very well exist within our DNA. This certainly explains why the human body looks like a sea of stars like the night sky from the spiritual plane.

However when we cosmetically remove scars, aka memory retaining cells, why don’t our bodies still recreate the original scarring tissue? Surely if our soul was housed within our DNA, once the memory retaining cells were removed, the afflicting memories would be removed too? To answer these questions I would like to take you to an anime series I became increasingly interested in a few years ago called Ghost in the Shell. This is one of my favorite anime as it tracks a futuristic society where people are able to undergo procedures to obtain full prosthetic bodies, build life-like artificial intelligence, and have a really hot lead role. In the second series, 2nd Gig, an idea was thrown around regarding war veterans undergoing cosmetic surgery to remove battle scars. Those who removed their scars would notice a significant reduction in the impact of their traumatic memories, and therefore cause a healing process to initiate beyond their post-traumatic stress. This concept is extremely interesting to me as it suggests that our soul wants to express purity, but our interactions with our physical environment cause impurities to exist within our lives. Our scars are retaining memories of physical afflictions, however to remove them was not to completely rid ourselves of our memories altogether, it was to reduce the impact of those memories. In other words our soul is therefore a combination of both an overriding consciousness that sits within our human body, and also within every single cell as part of our DNA. Our DNA drives our physical vehicle, our overriding consciousness experiences the realizations necessary for this particular lifetime.

Even more highly interesting to me is the fact that Ascension is the process of our consciousness increasing in vibrational frequency and existing as a more pure essence of God. It has long been noted that our Ascension process can be linked to the upgrading or evolving nature of our DNA. From my article Evolution of DNA, I take the reader into the future evolvements of our double-helix, into Tri-DNA, Quad-DNA, and finally Octo-DNA. Already scientists are discovering methods to manipulate DNA with concentrated light, or laser beams points at DNA molecules. See Laser Breakthrough Opens Door To DNA Manipulation. With every strand that becomes activated, the increased ability to express ourselves in purer ways becomes unlocked. The human body is heavily confined due to the un-realized nature of existence, therefore parameters were set in place to most effectively guide realization and unlock abilities based on a spiritually maturing process. Ascension nearly forces spiritual maturity within souls due to its volatile Chaotic Nodes. This particularly informative slide presentation provides numerous scientific evidence and sources upon how emotions can manipulate the structure of our DNA. Which also explains how and why our external environment forces our soul to adapt or take aboard impurities as a result of simply living in an environment that instigates an emotional response. Feeling Unconditional Love may very well just tip you into an Ascension. It is the reason for why the Masters keep promoting it as a necessity.

The soul may keep reincarnating here within different vehicles, in different sets of circumstances, and different objectives, until realization is achieved. Really our experiences on Earth can be defined by our interactions with other God-selves. Some may argue that we never left God, that we never somehow removed ourselves from the realm of Unconditional Love for we are still interacting with other individualized products of that Unconditional Love. And I completely agree with them. We didn’t go anywhere, we are still here within God’s body (the Universe) and we are each of his cells retaining memories, living scars for individualizing ourselves in the first place. The only way to cease the internal scarring is to achieve Oneness and effectively remove ourselves from the Universal body. Until that moment in time, we shall continue as living testaments of the impacting nature the Universe does to itself, time and time again. The soul is just a Universal Witness experiencing our body in a slightly different way. There is no cosmic surgery to somehow be performed, there is only genuine healing from within that will one day release itself back into the purest expression of Unconditional Love.

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