What would you do if you found out that you were not from Earth? Would you freak out? Would you even believe me? It could impact your life on such a grand scale that you would start contemplating the Universe on a completely different level. You are in for a shock!

96% of every single person who is alive today on planet Earth has spent time within the reincarnation system of another planet. What I am telling you is that only 4% of human beings actually come from here. Sure your body was born on Earth, but your soul has origins well into other Star systems. In order to be classified a true Earth Spirit, you would of had to ascend right through the 2nd Dimension (plants/animals/insects) and into the 3rd Dimension (human beings) here on planet Earth. Only 4% have actually done this. The other 96% spent the first part of the Universal Cycle (1st/2nd Dimensions) in the Universal learning environments of other planets. In other words, 96% of us are Starseeds.

What is a Starseed?

A Starseed is a soul that has spent some part of their conscious Universal Cycle in reincarnation systems external to that found on Earth. In time, just about every conscious Being in this Universe will become a Starseed if you are not classified as one already. A majority have roots going back to Sirius, Pleiades, Andromeda, and a particularly Dark few from Orion. Some people have even progressed into the 3rd Dimension on those other planets and have only come to Earth for the sole reason of Ascending into the 4th/5th Dimension. The biggest problem is that so few people can remember where they came from and it isn’t exactly “our” fault. Our DNA has holes in it. It is incomplete. A complete DNA sequence would allow us to remember previous lives by simply meditating upon them. This opens a much much more streamlined self-realization process and truly productive society that advances far quickly than what we are currently achieving. We are instead only receiving choppy bits and pieces of information that kind of feel like something we used to know; however nothing on the level that we can do anything productive with. Welcome to Earth.

What is an Earth Spirit?

An Earth Spirit is a soul who has reincarnated in the 2nd Dimension on Earth and is now living within a 3rd Dimensional body. Since Earth Spirits have been incarnating here for hundreds of thousands of years, they have a very close bond with Mother Earth (Gaia) for the simple reason that they have had enough time to develop this unique bond by living within her harmonious wildlife and nature constructs. I have personally witnessed this bond in true Earth Spirits time and time again. This powerful energetic connection allows them to feel the planet’s soul and understand the true nature of living a harmonious existence. Sometimes they can even remember or have very special connections to certain species of animals, due to incarnating as one of those species.

How can I tell if I am an Earth Spirit?

You are either connected to Gaia or you’re not. Earth Spirits are REALLY connected to Gaia. They respect Gaia so much that they become extremely inspired to protect her in any way they can. They do this because they can feel her existence as a part of themselves. They are One with her.

What should be happening on this planet is a powerful energetic connection between each and every individual and the soul of the planet we are living on. A planetary bond exists when the soul of the planet accepts the nature of its inhabitants as beneficial enough to support. If it doesn’t support us, it doesn’t connect with us. And Gaia is not connected to 96% of us! There also exist certain planets with Dark forms of consciousness who only like Dark inhabitants. Gaia is however polarized to the Light. The problem with all the Starseeds is that they are a mixed bag of consciousness– really out of tune with the naturally shifting energies of this planet. It is very hard to make a connection with a volatile soul who is here one moment and then gone in a flash!

Unfortunately, I fall into the 96%. I don’t have a really deep soul connection to Gaia. How can I tell? I’m not a hardcore environmentalist who would kill my self to save Mother Earth. Though I hate animal cruelty– I don’t hold up “save the penguins” signs nor am I chaining myself to trees. I Love Gaia as the incredibly powerful Being that allowed me to be here and serves as the Enlightened consciousness of this place, but my true soul ties lay elsewhere. I am a true Starseed. But do you know what? So are 96% of you. With this realization, we can now stop fishing around forums asking everybody if they are a Starseed like we are– there is a 96% chance they most likely are.


So you just figured out that you are not really from here. Old souls will suddenly understand why they feel so alienated, even though their core beliefs are that of Oneness and Universal connection. I have been incarnating here for 5000 years and it still doesn’t feel like home. Starseeds have a much harder time operating as a result of them not connecting with the soul of the planet and effectively being alienated by the developing society they came here to help. Normally a beautiful exchange of energies takes place that allows us access to Unconditional Love, while the soul of the planet gains beautiful inhabitants aligned with its goals– whether that be cycling Dark/Light energy back into the core like a tree converting carbon dioxide, or creating advanced civilizations to nurture God-self realization.

As a Starseed the most beneficial route is to achieve God-self realization so we can effectively rid the need to be Galactic exchange students any longer. We have powerful realizations as how the world should be unfolding around us, and yet the pathways humanity seems to be taking can frustrate the most enlightened amongst us. It is therefore pivotal that the individual focuses on their own Unconditional Love and grounds their spiritual ascension into the blossoming of awakening souls across the planet. It doesn’t matter where we come from, what’s important is that we are all going the same way.

One big happy inter-Galactic family

No matter which way you look at it, we were all created from the same Source. We haven’t met a lot of our family before, but that’s Ok because we will very likely come across them at some point of time in the future. There are some members of our family that are highly educated and harmonious, and there are other members who value drama. A dysfunctional family, but a family nonetheless.



Whether we are from Sirius, Andromeda, Pleiades, Drakonis, or the Moon– we as ancient souls stick together or fall apart a failed mission. We are enlightened. We are God. We are Unconditional Love and we are the Oneness of the Multiverse like our lives depended on it.

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  1. Jen Reilly
    Jen Reilly says:

    A very good post. Yet another piece of information that resonates Truth. I am almost finished reading “How to Meet an Archangel”. What a wonderful book! It has taken me over a year to get through because of my life’s journeys, but I have enjoyed it thoroughly. It completely resonates truth. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with the world.
    With love and light – Jen

    • Sufian Chaudhary
      Sufian Chaudhary says:

      Hi Jen, Thank you so much for your beautiful comment! I truly appreciate it! You are truly very kind and I am really glad my book World of Archangels has been helping you along your journey! Regards, Sufian

  2. Anita Dugan-Moore
    Anita Dugan-Moore says:

    I began embarking on my journey of enlightenment about two and a half years ago after discovering that a recurring dream I had dreamt my whole life was in fact a past life memory. The process of learning about my past lives has opened up so many doors for me and lead to a much better understanding of who I am and my purpose here; these things led me to reading your book, World of Archangels. Well, without becoming too verbose about it…so many things clicked into place for me as I read it. I never really understood why I would avoid people, particularly groups of people…until I understood that I am an empath and began to learn how to work with that in conjunction with being a healer. I happened to learn about both at the same time (talk about a bit overwhelming, but it did explain quite a bit.)

    This past weekend I purchased God Gifts and have just started listening to it. Thank you so very much for addressing visualization! While I find I can get to a point in meditation to receive messages from spirit, or even see portions of past lives, I have never really been able to control anything within a meditation. So thank you for addressing that and a simple thank you for doing what you do too.

  3. Ellen Drake
    Ellen Drake says:

    What a helpful article this was for me. Not because I am a Starseed but just the reverse of being part of the 4%. Both land and water often reveal their deep feelings to me. I own property elsewhere and bonded to the land easily. She lets me know when something is going awry there. As an empath, my inclination to heal goes toward Gaia. Land takes on the frequencies of the traumas of what has happened upon it. I feel those tones and am of service to clear them so that she can once again emit the tremendous joy, wisdom, and love present innately, unfettered. Having read the article, I already feel more gentleness toward Starseeds who are far away from their ancestral homes and who may rely at times more heavily on Gaia’s nurturance without having that deep bond formed over the past.

    Sufian, loving the beautiful updates to your website and ALL of your blog articles! I am also having very positive experiences with your MP3 meditations. I was able to add the Black Energy Balls meditation to my daily regime and wow! can I feel a big difference. Thank you!

    • Sufian Chaudhary
      Sufian Chaudhary says:

      Hi Ellen,

      Thank you so much for your beautiful comment and positive affirmation of my materials! It is so welcomed and it absolutely made my day today!

      A lot of humanity is comprised of starseeds from all around the Universe and many of whom are awakening to their true purpose on Earth. As a starseed myself I found it quite difficult connecting to Mother Earth when my soul felt it was in a completely alien environment to what I normally felt. As strange as it seems, I was battling myself more than the loving nurturing energy of Gaia. When I began to Love myself and accept my true nature, I learned how to then extend my Love towards Gaia and all living things. It was a very transformational process for me.

      Thank you so much for your beautiful words, and also thank you for buying my God Gifts Guided Meditations!

      Kind Regards,

      Sufian Chaudhary


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