There are Beings in this Universe solely created for One purpose; to drive the definition of Bad Ass into its utmost glory. There are creatures so fearsome that they stare into the eyes of Demons and just see another opportunity to express the power of God every single second of their existence. There are factions within the Light who are specifically trained for the absolute worst ethereal wars this Universe has ever seen. They are God’s own solution to the cruel mercy of the Darkness; the breath of Light that leaves Galaxies polarized to the fury of Life itself with nothing more to go on besides the heart of Creation within our souls. Enter the Battle Angels.

As magnificent as they are, you will only ever see Battle Angels under two circumstances; you either find yourself within an immense ethereal war, or you are currently surrounded by Demons. The first time I truly ever met a Battle Angel I satisfied both of the aforementioned criteria outright. I didn’t know whether to feel pleased about finding Light within Creation, or seriously worried that my circumstances were attracting such a creature into my presence in the first place.

I was sitting within a beautiful cafe that would of made any royal palace look dull in comparison to its sheer richness of tapestry and stunning decor that even the Greek Gods would flush in jealousy at what mankind was creating for the simple enjoyment for the brew of coffee beans. As the barista jetted steam to fluff up the milk for my cappuccino, I was relaxing upon luxurious wooden chairs adorned by the fresh pastel colors of corals and vibrant fauna captured in exotic displays of materials creating my garden bed of cushions. Crystal clear waters outside the window were soaking up the nostalgia of the purple sunset and giving the entire room a deep auric glow of nostalgia. The waiters were dressed in elegant white shirts with black vests, holding up silver trays full of the white china that became part of our rich coffee experience. Men in black suits with bow-ties were leading women in long ballroom dresses in the intricate golden marble foyer serving as the entrance to the Garden of Eden I was currently lounging within. A pianist was off in his own world, time had slowed down, and the bed of soft color I was sitting upon was slowly drifting me into another world. I had been fighting for years, my mind exhausted at my own thoughts, my body tired with the reality of death every single night of the week. There were Demons walking around the corridors sprawled throughout my paradise; even the Garden of Eden had snakes. I could feel them talking in the background of my subconscious mind. Not even the fruits of God could capture my attention long enough for me to decide Life was worth noting.

The sun was slowly swallowed by the horizon, and I found myself sitting within the dark as the waiters scurried to turn on the ceiling lights. Aqua and soft blue glows started appearing in the forestry of finely carved vines and leaves growing upon the ceiling. A statuesque face was staring down upon me; the plaster of its face contrasted by the shadows this creature implanted upon the fine workmanship around it. The cool night had turned my once colorful paradise into a haunted forest against the stone corridors of women in white flowing dresses floating around like trailing ghosts deceived by the Earth to keep on living here. The black of the waiter’s vests now meant that I could only see their white sleeves flashing in the dark every single time they flew past me with a tray full of empty bones and cups. In an instant, I was deep within the confines of another world where its patrons preferred the taste of hard liquor and exotic cocktails to numb their senses to the magic of the night. The Demons were creeping closer and closer, they were now staring at me in the darkness. Their eyes fixated upon my mind; a doorway into the hybrid world of both the physical and the spiritual. I picked up my cup of coffee and took another sip at its warming sweetness. I always hated the bitterness of coffee and instead opted to drown it in sweetener until I was drinking a tiramisu dessert.

Suddenly a burst of energy started rippling through the walls. Reality became distorted by the sheer power of the Light making an entrance into our world. My vision was shrouded by the fog of the depths of the forest floor. That’s when I felt it come in. The presence caught the Demons off-guard and scared them back to the outer walls of my dark paradise. They were not allowed to come any closer. The Being walked around the back of my chair and through the couches like a phantom. I silently watched it making its way through the aristocratic crowd like a glowing masterpiece of Creation awakened. It stopped briefly to stare out the giant windows overlooking the oasis of palm trees with patrons trying to drink their fresh perspective back into reality or become lost in the dark. The next second the Being suddenly spread its wings in a powerful display of Angelic beauty. Then it kept walking until it came full circle directly beside me. It was staring directly into the heart of my soul.

I said to it “Who have you come for?”

The Angel’s eyes never left me when it said, “I have come for you…”

My body was prickling with energy, goosebumps were shivering along my skin. This thing was extremely powerful. I said, “You don’t look like a regular Angel”. A completely white suit of armor with a solid helmet made it look like some kind of Knight of God more so than a ball of purity and love that most Angels seemed to appear.

He never lifted his gaze as he said “I am a Battle Angel.”

A wave of energy had settled upon my body and was now vibrating me into a state of frenzy with extraordinary amounts of raw power trying to process back into a state of normalcy. My mind rushed with activity until I asked the question “Why have you come to me?”

The Battle Angel smiled as he said “I have come to represent the Light. I have come to act as a medium for the people you are currently scaring away with your ethereal wars.”

This Battle Angel was illuminating the entire room with a brilliance of Light more beautiful than anything I had seen. I became humbled and especially warmed by the fact that this Being simply walked into my presence at this exact moment of time, its loving energy was caressing me back into my garden of pastel corals and flowers. The aura this thing was emanating was so powerful that it was giving life to Creation like some kind of personal representative of God. I said to him, “What is your name?”

The Battle Angel responded, “I don’t have a name. To maintain a name would be to simply distinguish myself with the non-realization of the fact that we are not all indeed the same presence of God living in Creation interacting with ourselves.”

I started sipping my liquid tiramisu contemplating what the Battle Angel had to say. I had heard this same spiel from Grandmasters worthy of being Creators themselves. I was wondering how this Angel achieved such a high level of God-self realization. I settled on the fact that he was simply created this way. Only then did I notice that this Angel had long flowing streams of platinum-silver energy blanketing him. The last time I saw something like that, I was talking to– I put the coffee down and mentioned to him “Your trails of silver energy; they indicate that you have taken aboard aspects of Neutrality, which if I might say, is exceptionally rare for Angels. If you really don’t mind becoming friends with this hybrid Master; welcome to the Club.

The Battle Angel commented, “Not Bad. I think I’m going to thoroughly enjoy this”.

I leaned back in my chair staring deep into the heart of his soul. Thoroughly interesting indeed.

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