Your soul is part of an incredibly complex energy matrix in an ever evolving system of embodiment called reincarnation. Conventionally we are taught that our soul incarnates down here in order to experience life and learn its lessons. These lessons collectively form part of what is called your realization process– or the attainment of knowledge enough where you do not distinguish your body from that of the Universe. Reincarnation goes far beyond Earth, and the deeper you look into it the more lifetimes you will start re-experiencing in whole other systems and dimensions.
Planetary life aids our realization process by allowing the Collective Unconscious– the consciousness that connects all living things on a subconscious level– to facilitate group learning as a society rather than just focusing on the individual as a stand-alone complex. What this means is that ascension is far more rapidly achieved as a group of learning souls on Earth than it is to go about it alone.
To add another beautiful layer of complexity; we don’t just incarnate here a couple of times, most souls experience upwards of 200-600 lifetimes on Earth as part of the learning package. This is made possible through an almost ‘layering’ of lives where your next lifetime can be born before you actually die in this one. This process is called fragmentation and it is very common for souls to be living multiple lifetimes in the same time and age on various parts of the planet together.
Your most significant lifetimes are the ones where you achieve the most realization. These are the lifetimes your soul concentrates all its energy into achieving enlightenment. In these significant lifetimes you are opened up to true Universal freedom.
There are trillions of enlightened souls connecting to one other, and they all have the same message; Oneness like your life depends on it.

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  1. Nada Makhubu
    Nada Makhubu says:

    Sufian, thank you for the wonderful work you do and the information you share.

    Just two questions on the issue of fragmentation:

    1) When will one know that all the fragmented parts have come together to form the whole again…?

    2) Does it ever happen that one of the fragments gets stuck (earth bound), in a particular lifetime – if so.. how is this resolved??


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