Reincarnation looks like a giant white waterfall over Earth. Ethereal layers of multiple incarnating souls create for an almost lucid pouring of energy constantly crashing down to Earth from a higher dimension. So many souls are incarnating in bodies– from human beings, to plants and animals, all the way down to fragmented souls acting as collective consciousness for insects. There is a constant demand for new souls on an ascending planet. Some are here to witness humanity, others come to share their knowledge, but the great majority come here to learn through ever cycling learning curves. The moment in time when we no longer need earthly lifetimes for the purposes of our realization, is the climatic turning point of the soul when it ascends through a powerful enlightenment. Some masters define enlightenment as feeling ‘nothing’ or the non-act of not feeling any emotion other than continual balance. I however prescribe to the other end of the spectrum. I believe in Unconditional Love as a heightened state of existence in pure ecstasy. Whichever pathway you choose, your reincarnation process will guide you across the streams to the enlightened banks on the other side. If we could remember our past lives, Earth would be a very different place. We would accept others, we would be tolerant of differences, and we would believe in the collective Oneness of humanity. The world opens up when you believe there is anything more to this universe other than for a singular lifetime in a small burst of energy; like a butterfly playfully enjoying the summer winds.

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  1. James H Hughes
    James H Hughes says:

    This information is technically true. I ‘remember’ the moments leading up to my decision to take the lunge off the cliff, down the waterfall and in to my current incarnation. It is a physical waterfall. There are many ‘souls’ that stand on the edge and contemplate their next incarnation.
    Behind the waterfall is a beautiful shallow river that leads to mountains. Before the mountain is a huge city of stone.
    I don’t have memory of the city, or what occurs there. I do remember the last moments of my previous life. I was in uniform, running across a field of dry grass. Something (likely a bullet) hit me in the back of my head, and I fell to the grass.
    My next memory was tranquil. Standing in the river and knowing that I would once again be born to learn and experience life.
    The secret to forgetting past lives allows us to experience everything again for the first time. Deep memories surface as needed. Feelings, inclinations, desires are manifestations of these memories. They serve us here in this realm. On returning, we remember everything, everyone and know our place in the universe.
    It gives me comfort knowing that this is all part of the plan, and that I had free will and choice in my part of this plan. I will one day return to the river and contemplate my next existence while fondle remembering the love and experience I am living today.

    James Hughes


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