That moment you realize you’re a ghost in the afterlife: “WTF!?”. Your body has become a white formless light in a world as white and as dreamlike as you are. People walk straight through you, they don’t even recognize you’re there. The buildings and roadways are a deserted energy matrix, where the simple act of being present takes an enormous amount of will. You feel lighter and airy like the wind blowing through the corridors of life. Passed over loved ones beckon you to move up into the Light. You reluctantly ascend upwards away from everything you had become attached to. Beautiful streams of golden existences create cities of peace and relaxation. You don’t feel hungry or any physical urges; you are free to roam wherever you please. Your soul family is there, loving and accepting of you, they guide you through the beautiful complexity of the afterlife. Sometimes you go back to the physical world to see how your loved ones are doing. You send them more love and tell them “Everything is going to be Ok”. The physical world feels heavy, so you come back to the loving existence of Unconditional Love in the higher planes. As the cycles continue to revolve, you eventually start to crave existence in the physical world once more. The draw to fall in love with your soul mate all over again, the taste of a big juicy hamburger, physical infatuation with that of a progressing soul. You want to become something more significant than what your soul is currently achieving. You want to embrace higher consciousness. Life beckons you to go back. You decide to continue your journey by reincarnating again. You enter the world clueless of your passing, and you begin your journey of 1,001 miles. Life and Death are in perfect balance. It is only our perceptions that keep changing; flowing in and out of physical reality as Destiny permits.

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  1. Anita Dugan-Moore
    Anita Dugan-Moore says:

    I am curious, after reading your book…is this a pull one may feel to come back to this existence, or a choice they make to cycle back? I feel that with some souls I have felt that they stay on this plane waiting for something that they expect to come along. Whereas…I feel, I know….there is much more beyond if they choose to move forward.


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