Spirituality is a constantly evolving pattern that keeps layering more all-encompassing truths on top of each other, until you come full circle back to the beginning. We start from Unconditional Love; a purely ecstatic existence of golden-cream energy absolutely limitless in every possibly way. We enter the Universe as basic energy and through environmental conditioning become more complex with every atom and molecule. Eventually bodies of energy start moving to the greater consciousness it exists upon. Simple life forms turn into extraordinary life forms; replicating, multiplying, adapting, evolving. There is a single code that turns a marionette into a developing soul– the ability to learn and self-actualize by recognizing itself as an identity. The birth of the ego is what takes a universal substance of architectural design into that of intellectual capacity enough to discover its meaning or purpose in life. The confines of ascending energy is established by self-imposed beliefs and environmental conditioning. To transcend one’s own environment is to go against the very essence of creation up until that point in time, it is to develop motivation enough to evolve into a new place of learning. This pattern repeats until the collective energy pushes against the very nature of being, as opposed to existing in the most heightened form of energy limitless in every possible way. Consciousness moves back into a state of Unconditional Love as the most prevalent and true form of existence– introducing the notion of ego death and the acceptance of a multi-universal life stream for the simple anchor of thought in the first place. Energy never moves out of Unconditional Love. The perception of an identity is the most effective motivational pattern for consciousness to flow through Creation– the non-belief of which sets you free.

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