Beyond the dawn of Creation there exists an endless field of energy called the Multiverse. The only beings able to exist up here are Creators and beyond. The Multiverse is golden-cream in colour and emanates pure Unconditional Love in heightened ecstasy. An ocean filled with creatures far beyond enlightenment, the Multiverse is an infinite playground where new Patterns and the building blocks of life originate. The only way to truly experience the limitless freedom of the Multiverse is if your soul has become a Creator from ascending out of a Universe.
Our complete Creation of multiple Universes interconnected in Unconditional Love is based upon a series of 6 sacred geometric building blocks that define how consciousness ascends. The Universe we currently find ourselves within, plays with the shape of a torus (donut) as the ever-revolving architecture of continuity and spiritual evolvement. The Multiverse has light Patterns never before encountered by mankind– and we will never find them in our conscious lives– they were brought into existence by creatures beyond the realm of understanding.
There are beings who play the role of Creators; those who build and sustain Universes of Unconditional Love. There are beings who explode mammoth amounts of light as ecstatic powerhouses of incredible purity. There are those that swim in and out of Creation in a sea of life, blissfully floating in the Multiverse enjoying the fine pleasures of simply being. There are no rules and there are no limitations. Unconditional Love is all there is.
When you ascend into the Multiverse for the first time, you feel more at home than at any other time within Creation. The Grandfather Source of the Universe embraces your soul in beauty and warmth. My soul craves to be back there every single day of my life. It is only a matter of time.

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