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My name is Sufian Chaudhary. I have been performing exorcisms and spirit extractions for over 7 years. I am the bestselling author of a book called, World of Archangels, that hit the #1 Bestseller lists in both Spirituality and Angels.

When I was 3 years old, I underwent an operation to remove my tonsils. Mid-operation I woke up screaming and the doctor administered more anesthetic to put me back under. The next morning as I opened my eyes in the hospital bedroom, I could see spirits walking through the walls passing across my bed. I was later told that my heart had stopped beating on the operating table. The door to the spiritual world was inevitably opened.

I was personally taught by Archangel Uriel to interact with the spiritual world and banish spirits when needed. I spent years performing psychic protections and releasing soul fragments from spiritual prisons before I learnt how to safely and effectively remove possessing entities. I developed a unique skill set that very few people on this planet could claim the same.


What is an exorcism?

An exorcism is effectively the removal of a possessing spirit whereby an exorcist or shaman removes the a dark or malicious entity that does not ordinarily want to leave. Exorcisms are also referred to as Spirit Extractions. Use of chants, prayers, powerful energetic techniques to open portals into the spirit world and sacred plant medicines are commonly used in exorcisms.

Exorcisms have been made popular by movies such as The Exorcism of Emily Rose and even pop-culture films such as Constantine. The Vatican formally describes protocols for priests to become initiated as an exorcist, whereas shamans around the world are trained directly by spirit. Christianity recognizes the threat of demonic influences, whereas shamanic beliefs view possessing dark spirits as the manifestation of karmic lessons for the soul.


Who needs an exorcism?

If you or a person you know is suffering from extreme fear, anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts, erratic behavior, constant nightmares, or hears multiple voices within their head– these may be signs that a dark entity is present.

If you live in a home where there has been volatile emotions, deaths, financial loss, legal problems, break-ups, divorces, or severe health issues– these may be signs that your home has attracted a dark entity and it is living within your house!


What did I do to attract this dark entity into my life?

Much of the time, when we go through major life traumas, we are imprinted with negative energies deep within our being. When these forms of traumas occur during your childhood, your body will naturally try to re-stage these traumas in order to release the heavy vibrations from your soul. In more specific cases, heavy vibrations may transfer across lifetimes by way of negative karma. You may be cleansing negative karma from past lives that need to be resolved before you may truly move on.

Dark entities become attracted to people who either harbor negative emotions towards themselves or others, or those who need to balance negative karma within their current lives.

There also exist what is known as dark subconscious manifestations, which are thought-forms that have grown into fully-fledged entities. These are created by people who have latent psychic gifts that have suffered extreme loss, fear, trauma, or abuse. With what start out as subconscious manifestations, or concentrations of negative energy, quickly take aboard a life of their own.


How are exorcisms performed?

An exorcism is performed by firstly clearing the house of any negative energy and removing any unwanted spirits that have taken residence within your home. The person in need of an exorcism is then cleansed of any negative energies by way of burning plant medicines and utilizing energy techniques. The exorcist then opens a portal into the spirit world and deports the entity to the other side. Often exorcisms go well beyond that of a singular entity. My experience with performing exorcisms is that demons and dark entities are part of a hierarchy of more powerful overlords and 5th dimensional entities farming human energy on a large scale. It is an exorcists role to not only discover these connections, but intimately remove every negative string attached to the host’s body. A plethora of ancestral prayers and psychic protections are then utilized to seal off any energetic vortexes that allowed the entity to come through.


How can I book you?

I currently perform exorcisms and spirit extractions in-person within Australia. I live on the Gold Coast, QLD, however I am able to travel to you. I utilize an array of specialized tools, including my own Holy Water, Black Copal from Colombia, Palo Santo, and Pacific Ocean Salt.

I am also able to perform spirit extractions remotely via video chat on Skype. Remote spirit extractions are perfect for people who live around the world who need an energetic clean-up. I am able to remove a host of entities that have not taken full control of the body.

Please see my Services Page for more information.


When you perform an exorcism, what does it look like to you?



How much do you charge?

I charge on a sliding scale for exorcisms and spirit extractions.

My price ranges from $333 – $666 for an exorcism or spirit extractions.

You may choose a price within that range, depending on your level or financial abundance and what you feel comfortable paying. If you would like me to travel to you, additional travel expenses and flight costs would have to be added to the base figure.

For all inquiries, please use my Contact Form.

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