Spiritual Dropout

Spiritual Dropout

  I like revolutionary psychologists because they study and understand the human mind and its environmental conditioning to act/behave the way it does. Something about Carl Jung is that his models started bordering upon the immensely spiritual, with concepts and paradigms such as the Collective Unconscious, Synchronicity, and Archetypes, that most people today still don’t […]

Evolution of DNA

evolution of DNA blog

  Our DNA is what defines us. It determines what we look like, our inherent personality traits, predispositions towards heading down particular pathways in life, all the way down to what psychic abilities we may possess. So important is the function of DNA in our lives and yet scientists have yet to map out 97% […]


Life Bazaar

Life Bazaar

  A doorway opened into a beautiful white stream of light, powerful and distracting. The beauty of this white light was beyond words; it stole your breath longer than the silent ecstatic bliss of eternal silence. Nothing could be heard but for the sweet melancholic lapse of trillions of souls making their way back to […]

Heaven’s Gatekeeper

Heaven's Gatekeeper

  This is the story of how I met Heaven’s Gatekeeper. If you have seen my youtube video then you will have heard that the front cover of my book World of Archangels is actually an illustration of one of the most powerful inter-life Gatekeepers known to mankind. It was of no coincidence that I […]

The Revolutionary

Revolutionary by Cold-Mountain from DeviantART.com

  We exist in a world that is bound by key players controlling the flow of consciousness in order to continue their personally beneficial constructs. Very few people have the power or the capacity to go against a system that has existed for thousands of years. Deep roots are very hard to unearth even for […]

Ancient Egyptian Tantra

The Birth of Consciousness - Enlightenment by lakandiwa from deviantART.com

  I have an ancient soul that remembers a great deal about achieving higher states through mutual orgasm with another. This article is based on a specific mediation and enlightening experience that anybody can achieve by simply following the steps and visualizing the necessary pathways of energy. Please read my article on Sacred Sexuality for […]


How to Detect Lies with Intuition

How to detect lies with intuition 2

  Intuition is pure. It cannot be manipulated or somehow infiltrated. It is therefore one of the most valuable resources you could ever develop. There exists thousands of applications for a well-developed intuition, however I would like to exclusively delve into how to intuit deceitful people trying to manipulate you. This particular skill is extremely […]


Dream Protection

Moonchilde Nebula by Mithgariel

  What if I told you that there was a way to protect yourself from ever having nightmares again? I initially started exploring the world of dreaming and delved quite heavily into trying in induce lucid dreams in order to interact with various Higher Beings. However what I found was an absolute mine field of […]

Sacred Sexuality

Amaryllis Belladonna by rasmus-art from deviantART.com 

  Sexuality is sacred for it mirrors the origin of Creation from an extremely enlightened perspective. To understand sexuality is to understand who you are within the Universe and accept the nature of your existence as a Creator-self. Sexuality is sacred for it also allows a pathway to be opened up through our physical vehicles […]

When Demons Dance

Trey Ratcliff Late Night in Old China

  Something extraordinary happened when I went out a couple nights ago. Never in my life have I ever seen what I am witnessing in this one nightclub on the Gold Coast. I have visited clubs around the world, seen awe inspiring performances by famous DJs, the hottest Gogo girls in tight miniskirts on raised […]

Channeling Darkness

Trey Ratcliff Fun with the Fisheye in Paris

Channeling | Channeling Darkness | Channeling Heaven   Sitting within the darkness waiting for a light to flutter. There is only cosmic energy around you. The dark ethers are a lonesome place; winds of consciousness flow through the empty space without resistance. You feel like nothing in particular, you act as your consciousness wills. Am […]