dangers of ayahuasca

  Imagine a brew that could open the doorway to the spiritual world and allow you to experience the omnipresence of Source all in a single night? Ayahuasca has caught the attention of an entire generation, and in the past few years, has become so popular across the globe that an entire industry has seemingly […]

Near Death Experience

When I was three years old, I underwent a procedure to remove my tonsils. The next day, I could see translucent beings walking around the hospital bedroom. I later found out that my heart had stopped beating on the operating table and I was now capable of seeing the spirit world. When I turned 24, […]

Exorcisms Australia

  My name is Sufian Chaudhary. I have been performing exorcisms and spirit extractions for over 7 years. I am the bestselling author of a book called, World of Archangels, that hit the #1 Bestseller lists in both Spirituality and Angels. When I was 3 years old, I underwent an operation to remove my tonsils. […]

A powerful spirit once came to me and during our interaction, this quote was projected into my mind and I started laughing. “I don’t know why humans believe in straight lines.” I pointed at the walls and the floor and replied “Because straight lines are all around us.” However, the spirit wasn’t satisfied. It went […]

The Universe is revolving in an infinite loop, constantly ascending, growing and expanding. What if psychic power was the ability to see a pre-recorded loop? What if we could remember what happens as opposed to predict an undefined future. In a world where the past and the future are the same, feeling and understanding the […]

  We don’t have a human body. We are a consciousness of density. We are like the stars, planets and suns. We are our densest within our bones. Our life-Source is our blood, and our bone marrow creates new blood cells. Our organs are the next densest, with a concentration of energy acting as governing […]

  I was sitting in the porch with a golden stick of Palo Santo in my hand, wafting its divine smoke up into the air. The fluorescent light started flickering above me. The winds outside blew up against the house in a gigantic momentum of energy until the entire house creaked. I could hear the […]

This post first appeared as a Guest Post on Spiritual Wisdom Magazine. There is a revolutionary pathway for spirituality to manifest a powerful doorway that could change your life forever. It was only when I discovered the universe of the self, did I realize how life changing simply recognizing greater truths of our existence could […]

Sufian Chaudhary Spiritual Awakening Archangel Healing

  I have an ancient memory that stems millions of years into the future. I consciously remembered it after I became One with my Creator-self in Unconditional Love. Millions of years from now I will be traveling through the Universe with a Being that looks like a gigantic white wolf. We are bigger than galaxies, […]

  Walking through endless fields of light, feeling my way back to Creation. Love creating an ethereal learning environment; birthing my own Universe in my limitless expanse. Stand-alone patterns generating the simple complexity of self-perpetuating Love. Aeons pass. Universal Cycles come to fruition and separate again for the next pathway of learning to begin.   […]

  Lights will guide you home in the most colourful swirl of true beauty. The Sun, the Moon and Stars light the skies in the Heaven’s above; calling to us and magnetically drawing us upwards into the greater Universe. Wherever we are, we try to make it right. Whatever we are doing, we love to […]

  Imagine a world of infinite possibility. An endless sea of soft cream existence, warming and delicious for the soul. Childlike dreams and imagination manifesting into a whirlwind of desires. We are already here. We immersed ourselves in the physical world because there are a lot of souls who want to find their way back […]

  We enter into this Universe with a childlike curiosity exploring and discovering a new world. The Wheel keeps spinning and lifetimes flow in beautiful revolutions until we one day see ourselves in true beauty. Love flows from our hearts, light shines in the deepest souls of our eyes. We warm up to the loving […]