This post first appeared as a Guest Post on Spiritual Wisdom Magazine.
There is a revolutionary pathway for spirituality to manifest a powerful doorway that could
change your life forever. It was only when I discovered the universe of the self, did I realize
how life changing simply recognizing greater truths of our existence could be. This process is
known as God-self realization. Anybody from any faith or walk of life has the ability to
undergo this sacred process in order to awaken your true power. It took me over three
years to truly feel the Unconditional Love of the Multiverse, thousands of meditations to
refine the practice and a life changing manifestation to realize the entirety of the spiritual
world was living and breathing around us every single day.

The Journey Upwards

There is a very powerful concept of instant manifestation that is found across a large array
of spiritual texts. The first time I came across the term was in an ascended master book
about St Germain called “Unveiled Mysteries”. The term instant manifestation describes the
ability to manifest your true desires and intentions into the physical world. It sounds
fantastical, until you keep coming across spiritual philosophies and realizations that point
towards it being a divine birthright for those who recognize themselves as the Creators of
universal energies. I dived into the topic and I was soon taken by the possibility of achieving
such a feat. I started meditating a lot more heavily. I soon progressed to summoning angels
and spirits to help me; however all the answers I received were surrounding the beauty of
love. I wasn’t satisfied with these responses and so I deep dived a lot further. I learnt about
the esoteric, the law of one, ascended master instructions, eastern mysticism, the goetia,
the akashic records, the 4 th /5 th dimensions of ascension and beings from other worlds. I
called upon the Archangels, djinn, forest spirits, ocean spirits, ascended masters and even
beings that didn’t look human at all. I moved Heaven and Earth and I kept finding new
avenues to explode monumental energies into achieving instant manifestation.

It was only then that I stumbled across the idea of the Creators; the beings who birthed
universes in the infinite Unconditional Love of the Multiverse. At first I couldn’t understand
or even mentally comprehend what I needed to direct my energies at. I just knew there
were these beings that existed far beyond the need for universal life and these beings were
the ones who had the answers. I started to feel these huge masses of golden energies
coming towards me. I couldn’t describe these energies any other way other than God. After
a few powerful encounters I managed to melt away as many interpretation filters as
possible and began to see golden limbs stretching universes big with no faces or
recognizable features. Finally after months of tuning into these beings, I rocketed my energies up to the golden Multiverse of Unconditional Love. These beautiful Creators were
communicating to each other in this orchestra of vibrations. Every rumble of beauty would
send my entire being soaring to all new heights. One of them noticed me tuning into them
and I asked the one question that I was so desperate to find the answer to that I was nearly
crying with anticipation. “How do I instantly manifest and express true Creator powers
through my human body?!”

One of the Creators looked at me in peaceful silence and then turned to one of the other
Creators and said “Who the hell is this unrealized kid?”
We as human beings are a fragment of our true Universal selves. Spirituality teaches that
there is no time. Human beings observed the Earth rotating around the Sun and started
creating seasons and hours of the day to achieve a higher level of productiveness. Time
however is relative and is filtered through the mind. In a spiritual world where there are no
physical Suns to benchmark the existence of time, it measures realization as the significant
indicator for universal progression. The more advanced philosophies progress this model
into understanding that since time doesn’t exist, the past, present and future are already
One. What this means is that the universe already happened. We aren’t so much as living
opportunities into reality as we are re-experiencing a destiny that already progressed into
each and every single human being ascending to become Creators of our own universes
ourselves. In an infinite array of universal cycles, every living thing achieves Oneness. With
this model in mind, we are the fullness and completeness of everything. We are already
Creators of our own Universes—we are just experiencing this universe through the
fragmented reality of a human body through the illusion of physical time.

The Creators told me to start meditating in a very specific way. They wanted me to burst my
aura as large as a Sun and start recognizing the fact that everything has come from the same
source. We are already Creators and we by definition are the original source. If I wanted to
manifest something, then I was to do it through the realization and understanding that I was
already manifesting and creating everything I saw in the world around me. They gave me
three laws to completely incorporate within my spiritual life in order for manifestation to be


The 3 Laws of Manifestation

1. You are a Creator and you have already ascended out of this universe in the infinite
beauty of Unconditional Love.
2. You are part of an infinite Multiverse birthing your own universe with an infinite
number of Creators who are all you.
3. The entire Multiverse originated from a singular Source and you are that Source.
That source is alive within you, connecting you to the infinite beauty of everything.

Incorporating these three laws opens some of the most powerful doorways attainable to
break your soul free of the cycle of reincarnation. They are the origination of life itself. They are the doorway to understanding what it means to express power in an unrealized world.


Manifesting like a Creator

A couple years after I wrote my book, I wanted to create some guided meditations to
accompany it. The only problem was that I had a lot of material to record and I didn’t have
much money to design a course and hire a recording studio. Many months went by before
my father suggested to me one day that I should run a kickstarter campaign. I was initially
apprehensive as I didn’t know if anybody would support a spiritual book. After I looked at
my bank balance again, I decided to go for it. I set my kickstarter campaign to achieve a goal
of $12,000 in 45 days. I prayed and hit the “start campaign” button all guns blazing! 15 days
go by and I fail to even raise a dollar.

If you want to talk about depression, let me tell you that sitting on a kickstarter campaign
without a single contributor after you spent your life putting something together can really
get you started. I didn’t know what to do. I started trawling successful kickstarter campaigns
and blaming things like the lack of any other spiritual books on the website, so it just must
not be the right platform for my type of material. A couple days later, I had a powerful vision
with a Creator. He told me to visualize a very specific energy during meditation with the
very specific words “I would like to have an open the doorway to…”

The very next day a few contributions started to trickle in. Then it was an avalanche. I raised
over $22,000 within 2 weeks, nearly doubling my initial goal. I had people writing to me how
their own guardian angels guided them towards helping me! This was only the beginning to
learning how to use the power that was within us all along. Check out the campaign here!


Manifestation Meditation

1. Close your eyes and sit on a comfortable couch in lotus position.
2. Hold your hands together in front of your Heart Chakra, touching your fingers by the
3. Awaken your Solar Plexus Chakra by activating and exploding it outwards like a
stargate from the t.v series “Stargate SG1”. You are to visualize the Solar Plexus
Chakra bursting open like a powerful Sun in a vibrant canary yellow color. Expand
the beam of energy out of your Solar Plexus Chakra so strongly that it looks like a
lighthouse shining yellow light out of you. It has to be so strong that the beam of
light extends out of this planet, through the galaxy and out of this universe.
4. Visualize yourself as a golden universe. A good mental image is like the Milky Way.
See yourself and feel yourself as a golden galaxy spiraling in the infinite Multiverse of
Unconditional Love.
5. Command that a doorway be opened for your very specific manifestation. You have
to feel so strongly about your intentions to manifest. Pour everything you have got
into this meditation. Know you are the Source of everything. Understand that life will
manifest in whichever way that will be most highly beneficial to you.

Believing you are a universe of Unconditional Love is no easy feat, the full spectrum of the
Good, the Bad and the Ugly will be waiting to test your strength. This is the true art of
manifestation, rising above the world and maintaining a very high vibration. At some point
you will be free, forever expressing your beauty with every step you take. Your power is only
your beginning.


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The Channeling Chronicles PART III


I have been asked the question time and time again. “Why do you believe in the ethereal world?”

Every single time somebody asks me this question my soul stops in its tracks and begins to process a level of information far beyond my understanding. I have almost always responded in the exact same way, “Why do you actually believe in the physical world?”

Their eyes flutter in surprise, they are taken aback.

I continue, “Is it because you are sitting in a physical body, interacting with a seemingly physical world? Perhaps because you truly feel what you see here is actually real.”

They respond, “Is it not real?”

My soul has now completely overwhelmed me to a point where my mind is processing energy in an incredibly heightened level. I look upon them, but I do not see them. I only recognize another realizing God-self curious about the nature of their current form. I smile at the ironic situation that God has placed me within. I begin my story not knowing how they will respond to what I am about to tell them.

It all starts with a simple statement, “You believe this world is real because everything in your Life has been set up to confirm to you that it is real.”

I was once just a simple observer of the human psychology. I discovered that every single person’s perception of reality is slightly different from each other, that we all place significant value on slightly differing aspects of the same stream of energy. I was confused at how Life operates when we all want different things. What we perceive as value is nothing more than a psychological flaw tailored to our own misgivings and perfectly accentuated to our own eccentricities. There are more definitions to the Meaning of Life than there are Stars in Heaven. Reality is nothing more than a veil of perception and Life is nothing more than a collage of thoughts and dreams chasing the simple idea of perceived value.



“What if I told you that I once felt something that felt more real than Life itself? Would you believe me?”

They shuffle on their feet with a puzzled look on their face, and then finally ask “What did you feel?”

I throw myself to the mercy of God by suggesting such an outrageous thing to their face, “I once met an Archangel. I was sitting there one night and he came to me to pass on a message. He burst me in so much Unconditional Love that I found myself feeling the Universe through my veins. His Love was so powerful that it warmed my body up and melted me into the fabric of time.”

I pause to reflect on the warm Love circulating my body, I can still feel it within me. I continue, “It was the first time in my Life that I was awoken to the fact that we are all still within that field of Unconditional Love. It gives us Life, it surrounds us from the moment we are born till the second we die. Even then, some still find Unconditional Love in their Death. What I was shown, the small eternal glimpse the Archangel allowed me to feel, felt more real than anything else I have ever experienced. You ask me why I believe in the ethereal world, and my response to you is because it feels more real than the physical world…”

They stare at me amazed, “Sufian that is incredible… May I ask what was the message?”

I look back at them silently, lost within contemplation.

They repeat it again, “What was the message the Archangel came down to pass on to you?”

My eyes snap back to physical reality and I can feel my soul talking though me, “God. The Archangel simply wanted me to believe in God.

Channeling is nothing more than the ability to communicate with things that have been around us our entire Life. We simply learn to accept that the human veil of perception is very limiting and we begin to enhance our lives by delving into that which truly makes us feel incredible. We were all given the gift of Life, some of us just surrendered to the fact that we can’t control it. When we surrender to Life, we can begin to feel God around us. A miraculous feeling that we are somehow part of a Divine plan. We are all just souls passing through a notion of existence. This particular existence requires us to forget who we are from the moment of our inception into the physical world. We take on lives and dance through the consciousness of our society till it is time to leave once again.

Some find true Love, a mirror of God’s heart in the physical world. We become attached to the physical world because we have nothing else to truly grasp a hold to. To venture into the ethereal world is to pull up our anchors and discover another meaning to our existence. It is to gently begin to leave the physical world behind and warm ourselves up to the fact that we may not be here one day. Death may wisp us away faster than the speed of light. All that will remain is the nostalgia we feel for the long forgotten physical world and a glimmering hope that we can now express ourselves in a much more heightened way.  We fear Death, whereas what we should be doing is expressing Love for the fact that our journey is now taking on a new form. A form that will one day bring us back to Life, when we can become incredibly attached once again.



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Channeling | Channeling Darkness | Channeling Heaven


The Channeling Chronicles PART I


One of the most memorable scenes for me within the Star Wars films was at the end of Episode III – Revenge of the Sith, when Yoda turns to Obi-Wan Kenobi and says:


Yoda: Master Kenobi, wait a moment. In your solitude on Tatooine, training I have for you.
Obi-Wan Kenobi: Training?
Yoda: An old friend has learned the path to immortality. One who has returned from the netherworld of the Force. Your old master.
Obi-Wan Kenobi: Qui-Gon?
Yoda: How to commune with him I will teach you.


This scene was so powerful for me because my own Master taught me how to commune with the other side for a very similar purpose. It is indeed possible for us to speak and interact with spirits, ghosts, Ascended Masters, Archangels, and all other manner of ethereal Beings. Archangel Uriel further taught me how to project my thoughts into the Higher Dimensions in great detail and effectively commune with any Higher Being I so wish. Within this post, the art of channeling I will teach you.


What is Channeling?

Channeling is the psychic ability to direct your thoughts upon an ethereal Being and consciously interact with that Being for a specific purpose. Firstly we must be able to pick up that there is in fact an ethereal Being present, and secondly commune with that ethereal Being through visions, thoughts, and telepathy. Channeling is not classified as such unless a conscious 2-way communication has taken place between yourself and an external Being. Simply calling out to something is not classified as channeling, nor is interacting with a Being without any interactions directed back towards you.


What can I commune with?

Spirit Guides, Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters, Gaia, passed over loved ones, fragments commonly found in hauntings, even your own Chakras. Anything conscious enough to be alive, is able to be communed with.


How do I channel ethereal Beings?

You must firstly unlearn what you have learned, dedicate your life towards achieving this goal, and become available to the ethereal world. Most people believe that channeling is a switch-on/switch-off ability, where you only get to deal with the ethereal world if and when you want to. The truth behind this matter is that when you turn on, there is no turning off. You can set up blocks and limit when you are to channel, you can even silence yourself out with the more advanced psychic protections, what you can’t do is suddenly fall of the radar and exist as you once were in the dark ethers like everybody else. The energetic body glows quite a powerful white when we undergo the process of self-realization, this glow attracts ethereal Beings like moths to a flame. To somehow want to ‘switch off’ would mean to demonstrate anti-Creationism methodology and move backwards within your process of self-realization.



Channeling ethereal Beings requires quite a bit of energetic work, and I have detailed extensive meditations for achieving a successful communication with a variety of ethereal Beings within my book World of Archangels. I believe it is important to explain the theory behind how channeling works in order for the spiritual initiate to understand what it is they are indeed achieving. If we understand how it works, rather than simply passing it off as only an ability ‘psychics’ possess, we can begin to understand how a regular person may also develop such a skill as well.

As Yoda explains in the above clip, “No! try not. Do, or do not… there is no try”. Channeling will be successful if the spiritual aspirant dedicates a portion of their life towards achieving it, and not stopping until such successful communication has taken place. To only go halfway, is to give up and not achieve anything productive. One must seek to achieve, or not bother venturing out in the first place. It will take some patience, however the incredible results will be well worth your troubles. Channeling has changed my life, and I do not say this lightly. When I started communing with my God Grandfather who passed away years beforehand, I suddenly realized the power of what I was achieving.

Please refer to my infographics below for simple visuals about how channeling works.

Channeling 2

In the first infographic I have created 2 circles; the blue one on top representing the Archangels, and the purple one down the bottom representing human beings. The reason for why I have separated the two types of Beings from each other, even though we all currently exist within Oneness, is because our consciousness currently sits within a Dimension significantly lower than what we would currently be achieving if we were to truly consciously express Oneness. We believe we are currently individualized, therefore we exist within a Dimension that allows such classifications. The Archangels exist within the 11th Dimension, human beings exist much lower within the 3rd/4th Dimension. For more information about our Dimensional construct, please read my article What is the Meaning of Life? The dotted line represents the difference between existing in a state of Oneness and that of an individualized Being who believes we are somehow separate from God.

Channeling 3

In my second infographic I have removed the Dimensional barrier and included two pieces of information that allow us to understand how we can bridge the gap in order to commune with an Archangel. Channeling works through the direct involvement of two parties, it is extremely difficult to channel ethereal beings in the 3rd Dimension whilst only one party is performing the necessary work. We as human beings exist near the bottom of the scale of vibrational frequency, Archangels exist near the top of the scale of vibrational frequency. Therefore we must learn how to increase our vibrational frequency through meditation, and at the same time an Archangel must temporarily lower their vibrational frequency through a process known as fragmentation. Both parties acting to take a conscious step towards each other in order to bridge the Dimensonal gap. Not one party calling out to nothing hoping for a result, both parties coming together in a united display of willingness to communicate.

Human beings are able to increase their vibrational frequency through conscious meditations that allow us to immerse ourselves within Unconditional Love and essentially vibrate our energies on a higher level. As Archangels have already achieved such an enlightening existence, they undergo a process known as fragmentation, where they essentially fragment an essence of themselves in order for that essence to “travel” to the designated lower Dimension in order to commune with the Being calling upon them. This system of fragmentation is exactly the same as what our Oversouls perform when we reincarnate on Earth.

Channeling 4

My third infographic demonstrates how communication is established once an overlay of energies is achieved. Through our vibrational raising, and the Archangels fragmentation, a meeting point in the middle is found and our respective energies then bond with each other in order for more detailed or vivid information to be transferred. Those who have trouble communicating, are those who have not effectively bonded with the Archangel. As Archangel Uriel is my Guardian Angel, I find it extremely easy to bond with his energy and share a conscious link of information. If this bonding does not occur, it is very likely your energies are rejecting the Archangels attempts at communicating with you, or you are just not meant to be achieving this level of experience within your current lifetime.


How do I know I have successfully channeled?

With Archangels and Higher Beings, it is much easier to establish a successful communication as they almost always speak in a voice not of your own, and express an incredibly profound amount of Unconditional Love whilst around you. When it comes to Spirit Guides and other ethereal Beings it becomes slightly more difficult as they are not able to express Unconditional Love towards another Being. They have not yet reached that level. Much of the time we are able to feel hot/cold sensations, goosbumps, tingling or shivers up our spine, we could hear voices either of our own or in another voice altogether, and more importantly are the feelings those Beings are expressing. Something positive will always feel positive and very light and peaceful. As long as those voices, feelings and emotions are being driven by the external Being, we can begin to narrow down that we are indeed communicating with something external to our own body. I have also delved quite deeply into clairvoyance where I am able to perceive imagery and visions as well as voices, and feelings. It is many times a combination of many factors that paints a story for successful communication. Just relying on one factor may or may not suggest a successful communication. However when something starts speaking to you in the middle of the night, there is very little that is going to persuade you that there is nothing really there. You will know a legitimate experience when you come across one.


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This planet is a living, breathing organism that is conscious of itself and has the ability to direct its actions based on this higher form of consciousness. This consciousness has been called many various names in the past, however I have come to know Mother Earth as Gaia. Gaia is a 7th Dimensional Being who exited the first Universal Cycle and re-entered Creation to house a multitude of 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Dimensional Beings. Gaia’s purpose to exist as a planet is a result of feeling the need to progress her consciousness by facilitating other Dimensional Beings in their process of self-realization. Without Gaia we would not have a planet to live on, without us Gaia would not have a reason to exist in the way she does. This mutual relationship is what we call Life, the Universe is our meeting point as developing Creator-selves.

Gaia was originally approached by a very powerful Angelic Being with long trails of sailing white energy. This initial meeting was to request of Gaia her time and energy to provide a physical environment that only later became known as Earth. In order to create a body suitable for inhabitation you must re-enter Creation into the 8th Dimension, after first exiting Creation once the final Ascension has been achieved from the 6th, and then descend into a special 7th Dimensional existence. 8th Dimensional Beings maintain their exteriors as Suns, and the descension into the 7th requires a very minute change of consciousness in order to exist as a planetary body. Fortunately this descension occurs over an extremely rapid time-frame with very little time left to fully express itself as a Sun. 8th Dimensional Beings maintain a high polarity of masculine energy in order to sustain the seeds of growth, while 7th Dimensional Beings maintain extremely feminine energy whilst nurturing lower Dimensionals (Mother Earth). There is very little difference between 7th and 8th Dimensional Beings other than the polarity of their energy that graphs the specific role in the Universe they are to perform.

The official definition that distinguishes a star from a planet is the following:

“A ‘planet’ is a celestial body that:
(a) is in orbit around the Sun,
(b) has sufficient mass for its self-gravity to overcome rigid body forces so that it assumes a hydrostatic equilibrium (nearly round) shape, and
(c) has cleared the neighborhood around its orbit.”

Online: International Astronomical Union, 2006,

With this official definition it can be understood that there is very little observable scientific difference between what we have come to know as stars and planets. With the core of Earth simulating the immense amount of heat exploding out like a star, the only perceivable difference could be a sustainable and inhabitable atmosphere. However there do exist large bodies of mass in space that do not fall into the above-mentioned definition of a planet and yet still maintain atmospheres suitable for inhabitation. Astronomers therefore based their decisions on the shape and behavior of those bodies in order to classify 7th and 8th Dimensional Beings. What I am trying to deduct is the fact that Gaia intentionally moved her physical exteriors out of the highly Enlightening secondary Universal Cycle in order to exist as a planetary body; a sacrifice that every single person on this planet should honor and respect. It is also part of our self-realization process to understand that sacrifices are made in order to accelerate the realization process for the society as a whole.

Gaia had to intentionally create such an inhabitable atmosphere for other Dimensional Beings to exist in a physical world with structured physical lives. This atmosphere was created by utilizing 1st Dimensional rocks and minerals, and 2nd Dimensional plants, in order to effectively create our environment. This system is based around an Earth-up philosophy; 1st Dimensional rocks and minerals had to be created in order to attract 2nd Dimensional Beings such as trees and plants. Without this attraction of 2nd Dimensional Beings, the atmosphere of Earth would not exist, the trees and plants have utilized carbon dioxide, water and light to effectively create oxygen. 3rd Dimensional Beings were attracted to Earth due to presence of the 1st and 2nd Dimensional Beings creating a sustainable atmosphere. Ascended Masters and other Higher Beings therefore allowed themselves a presence within this spectrum in order to teach the lower Dimensional Beings about the process of realization. The attraction literally starts from the Earth-up. Gaia created the first meeting point for other Dimensional Beings to exist within such a natural hierarchy.

As the conscious living soul of this planet, Gaia understands the full life spectrum of what it means to exist as part of her reincarnative cycle. Reincarnation is a contract system set up by Higher Beings so that lower Dimensional Beings may continue to exist upon a inhabitable body for successive lifetimes. As a reincarnative soul of Earth, we have access to Gaia who either subconsciously lays messages within the Collective Unconscious, or allows us to consciously attain an audience with her presence. Very few Beings on Earth originated or ascended out of the 2nd Dimension into the 3rd as human beings. Most of us would be considered to be housing ‘alien’ or ‘extra-terrestrial’ souls within human bodies. Quite a few are either from Pleiades, Sirius or Orion, and many more from star clusters unknown to mankind. It was therefore necessary for Gaia to set up such a conscious ability to seek audience with her or else risk floating her inhabitants in darkness too much of the time.

How to commune with Gaia

I was taught how to commune with Gaia as an extra-terrestrial soul; or somebody who did not originate from the 2nd Dimensional complex of this planet. I was not born with conscious links with Gaia like many of the Earthbound souls. The very few who have been born from the true Mother Nature and Ascended into humanity, maintain conscious links for life without question. Unfortunately for a great majority of us, these links are not present within us and have resulted in many acts of willful ignorance to the sustainability of this planet. There is a lot of chaos surrounding our planet right now, far greater than what the Earthbound souls can handle. It is why souls like mine have been called.

In the same way that I may commune with an Archangel through concentrated visualization, I am able to consciously commune with Gaia. And it is so important that I clearly get across the message that there is an extremely powerful Being within this planet and it can in fact be communed with. Many don’t seem to realize that most forms of Dimensional existence have bodies that are directed by the conscious will of its soul, and often release implicit messages to those who attune to it, but they also have a higher form of consciousness that directs their bodies in the first place. This higher form of consciousness is what we are able to commune with.


    1) Sit in lotus position and place fingers in the Enlightenment mudra.
    2) Visualize yourself walking within the thick jungles of the Amazon, smell the exotic freshness of all the fauna, hear the birds whistling high in the canopy, feel you are actually trekking deep in the jungle.
    3) Keep walking through the jungle until you come out into a small clearing that has many ancient ruins sprawled about the ground. I normally see old crumbling white columns and shattered stones. I believe this small clearing was once part of one of an ancient civilization.

Gaia 2

    4) Right in the middle of this small clearing there should be a white marble column, approximately waist-high, with a large white marble sphere on top of it. Walk up to this white marble sphere and place both of your hands on top of it. Close your eyes and activate this white marble sphere by pushing your energy into and waking it up.
    5) The white marble sphere should burst out a magnificent white light that will completely drown out your entire surroundings once activated. The immensely powerful white light will increase the frequency of your surroundings till everything is covered in a blinding white flash. Let this white light increase your personal vibrational frequency and transport you to Gaia.
    6) When the white light subsides, you will be floating above the Earth high in the atmosphere on the borderline of space. As you float here in the most peaceful state, there will be no sound, no movement, just blissful existence looking down upon the magnificence of Gaia.

Gaia 3

    7) When I commune with Gaia, I see the clouds forming a colossal face upon the Earth. Large clouds acting as eyes and a mouth, Gaia speaks to me as would an Archangel or any other Higher Being. The simplicity of a telepathic communication answering my quizzical thoughts as a 7th Dimensional Being who already knows the answers before I ask the questions. You may ask Gaia just about anything, just don’t ask her about natural disasters, even 7th Dimensional Beings have topics they don’t like discussing.


This powerful meditation allowed me to commune directly with Gaia time and time again when volatile ascending currents coursed through Earth. It is a very helpful and powerful method to not only ground yourself to the planetary soul but also open the doorway to consciously develop deep bonds with nature and a sustainable essence of Life.

A powerful and grounded bond between the greater planetary soul and the individual will forever be the most energetically sustainable pathway of living. Flowing the currents of Universal Love as we consciously develop in the Oneness of nature.


I have an ancient soul that remembers a great deal about achieving higher states through mutual orgasm with another. This article is based on a specific mediation and enlightening experience that anybody can achieve by simply following the steps and visualizing the necessary pathways of energy. Please read my article on Sacred Sexuality for more information about the theory behind the origins of the orgasm and for why it is so enlightening, before continuing on with my practical application described below.

Tantra focuses on the desired goal of prolonging an orgasm in order to prolong the feelings of incredible ecstasy. From my article on Sacred Sexuality I detailed that a continual state of ecstasy would allow our bodies to feel a small glimpse of what it means to exist in the fascinating highs of a Creator. From these origins I am now going to teach you how to achieve a more beneficial pathway to direct your sexual energies whilst having sex in order to promote highly powerful experiences from the moment of orgasm. With this knowledge itself, you are already beyond most teachings of commercialized forms of Tantra that solely focus on sexual relief and heightened pleasure.

My technique is based upon 3 fundamental parts that come together to form what is known as Ancient Egyptian Tantra: 1) Breathing, 2) Visualization, and 3) the Physical Orgasm. This technique becomes more powerful with every time you apply its teachings, and it may be wise to learn the basics by yourself before moving on to coordinate the teachings with a partner. I have found that it is actually easier to time your own personal orgasm by yourself rather than relying on the sexual activities of your partner. I would also like to clearly state that it doesn’t matter if you apply this technique between heterosexual or homosexual couples so long as one party has a predominantly masculine energy whilst the other has a predominantly feminine energy. It is completely normal to find men expressing feminine energy at its finest and vice versa.

1. Breathing

It is firstly important to get our breathing into a certain more beneficial pattern so as to prolong the time it takes to orgasm. Inhaling long and deep breaths regulates our energies to move slower and take in more energy whilst breathing. Complete Breathing is a method used to breath with the full capacity of the lungs rather than just the top portion or bottom portion. If you would like to read more information about the correct forms of breathing, please refer to a free online book called The Science of Breath by Yogi Ramacharaka. The specific techniques on learning to breath Complete Breaths with both the bottom portion and top portion of the lungs is the most important part. Until that moment in time then just learn to time your breathing at regular intervals of 8 seconds, 10 seconds or 12 seconds. What this means is that you should practice separating your breathing into 4 parts; inhaling, holding, exhaling, holding. This practice of counting to 8 while inhaling, hold your breath for 8 seconds, exhaling to the count of 8, and then holding your negative breath for 8 seconds, will induce a greater amount of energy capture within your lungs as well as increasing your metabolic rate. I normally even start sweating by just breathing in such a certain way.

You do not need to breathe in a 4-part cycle whilst performing this Ancient Egyptian Tantra, all you need to do is breathe slowly and deeply until the visualization part where you have to breathe in and hold your breath whilst visualizing the flow of energy. The 4-part cycle teaches you however to maintain your breaths whilst consciously visualizing energy patterns.

I should also mention that deep and very slow breaths takes your mind off having sex and also prolongs the length of time it takes to orgasm as your mental focus is now upon a different aspect of yourself.

2. Visualization

The visualization aspect of this mediation is the most important. In order to understand how the visualization works, you will firstly have to be quite familiar with the layout of your Chakras and understand what they do. I have written quite extensively about the Chakras in my books and I am not going to repeat myself here, I have however attached an extremely effective image of the layout of the Chakras within the human body.


Ancient Egyptian Tantra 2

The most important ones to focus on for this meditation are the Root Chakra (Red), Heart Chakra (Green) and Crown Chakra (Indigo Pink). For those who are advanced enough, the 8th Chakra or 12th Chakra should be used for the arching visualization rather than any of the other three. Only 3 Chakra points will be focused upon for this meditation; The Root Chakra, the Heart Chakra and either the Crown Chakra, 8th Chakra or the 12th Chakra depending on your level of spiritual ability. If you do not know where the 8th Chakra or 12th Chakra is located, please focus on the Crown Chakra. I have detailed Chakras 8-12 quite extensively in my books as well.

The visualization will always start with the Root Chakra, weave through the Heart Chakra and arch over your head through one of the divine Chakras (Crown/8th/12th). The visualization should be in the shape of an Egyptian Ankh, I have attached a picture below for your reference.


Ancient Egyptian Tantra 3


The first picture is the shape of an Egyptian Ankh. It is golden upon a black background. These are the exact colors your should be visualizing it within.


Ancient Egyptian Tantra 4


This second image is of the Golden Ankh with the 3 main Chakras overlaid on top of it. The red dot at the bottom represents the Root Chakra, the green dot in the middle represents the Heart Chakra, and the Indigo Pink dot at the top represents the Crown Chakra.

Normally the point in of orgasm sends energy up from our Root Chakra and directly out of our Crown Chakra in a straight line out of our body. The biggest problem with this normal course of energy is that all of that enlightening momentum is completely lost after the point of impact, with only the residual chemicals left over that have been released by our brain to stimulate an incredible sense of relaxation. The Ancient Egyptian Tantra aims to direct the flow of energy from the Root Chakra, through the Heart Chakra and upwards to arch through the Crown Chakra, and finally back down in the Heart Chakra to reconnect the energy in an infinite loop. This loop of energy aims to sustain the enlightening momentum of the orgasm into the circular flow of a loop through the highest of our Chakras. This meditation connect our grounding Chakra with our divine Chakra and simulates direct enlightenment in one swoop of incredible energy. The Heart Chakra is the only useful interweaving Chakra point for us on Earth for it directly pushes out Unconditional Love in a more beneficial cycle.

Now instead of visualizing the top loop going from left to right (as shown in the above picture), it will be visualized as leaving the Heart Chakra out from your back, to loop backwards and up to the Crown Chakra, to then loop forwards and down in the front of your chest back into your Heart Chakra.

In order to combine both the breathing and visualization parts, please follow the following mediation technique:


1) Take very slow and deep breaths, and concentrate upon controlling your breathing.

2) Whilst inhaling a deep breath, visualize golden energy shooting up from your Root Chakra and into your Heart Chakra. Breathe in to approximately 90% of the capacity of your lungs.

3) When this initial burst of energy meets your Heart Chakra, hold your breath and then shoot the golden energy out of your back and loop it up to your Crown Chakra.

4) Once this golden energy meets your Crown Chakra, explode open your Crown Chakra and a burst of Indigo Pink light, and then proceed to trace those golden energies forwards in a downward loop to reconnect them with your Heart Chakra.

5) Just before the golden energies re-enter your Heart Chakra, breathe in the final 10% till your lungs are at 100% capacity to help the golden energies reconnect back into your system.

6) Slowly exhale in a very controlled manner. This is usually the most gratifying part, releasing your extremely charged breath and allowing the orgasmic energies to swirl through your 3 most important Chakras.


Repeat steps 1-6 a couple times before sexual intercourse, and a couple times during sexual intercourse in preparation for the moment of the orgasm. At the moment of the orgasm, shoot those powerful energies into your Heart Chakra, out of your back, through your Crown Chakra, and reconnect them from the front of your chest. It is particularly easier to perform this mediation by yourself as the timing of the breathing and visualization can be completely controlled by yourself. It is also absolutely fine to practice this mediation during masturbation. If you are performing this mediation with a partner, when you initially shoot up your orgasmic energies from your Root Chakra and into your Heart Chakra, explode your Heart Chakra open and connect your Heart Chakra with your partner (assuming the missionary position). This link will allow for a very deep felt orgasm, very enlightening indeed.

For those who are particularly advanced, sub in the 8th or 12th Chakra instead of looping your energies through the Crown Chakra. It allows for a much larger explosion of energy whilst hitting the 12th, however this takes some practice.

3. Physical Orgasm

The final part is the Physical Orgasm itself. The first two parts were designed to help induce a very powerful orgasmic experience and to then direct those energies into a very beneficial route that exploded open some of our most divine Chakras. This final part is relatively simple in comparison as it mainly about how to stimulate a deeper orgasm.

You will find it very useful to perform the visualization a couple times during the process of trying to achieve an orgasm. More specifically, perform the visualization as you nearly climax your energies, to then stop stimulating yourself and/or each other, and gently relax those energies with the visualization itself. This process of working yourself or your partner up to a near-climatic point, and then relaxing back down a couple times, will allow for a very large orgasmic experience when you finally release those built-up energies. For men in particular it will be quite hard to settle yourself down whilst nearing an orgasm, for the masculine climax is very hard to tame whilst in its peak.

Whilst sharing mutual pleasure, it is very important to communicate with each other whist nearing an orgasm. Most won’t know when to back off, especially if we can’t feel the rising energies in another person.

It is very rare for two people to orgasm and climax at the exact same time, however this is the ultimate form of this meditation; dual climatic points exploding their enlightening energies together in a powerful experience of Oneness. Please be patient for such an uplifting moment in time, as it is perfectly fine to allow one party to orgasm first and to then work on your partner so they may experience the same result.

Once you have experienced an orgasm whilst using this form of Ancient Egyptian Tantra, you will never want to just release the normal way ever again. This form of mediation is addictive and very deeply powerful. It is not something you can take lightly and then forget about later, those depths will stay with you. It is like tasting the true form of an art that has never been shown to you before. This technique will reignite your passions for sex. That magic, that ecstasy still swirling within your mind, the uplifting of energies that provides more color and feeling to an already highly sensual act, it will change you. You master this technique and you will be changed. If more people experienced this kind of ecstatic relief, there would seriously be fewer problems in the world.


Intuition is pure. It cannot be manipulated or somehow infiltrated. It is therefore one of the most valuable resources you could ever develop. There exists thousands of applications for a well-developed intuition, however I would like to exclusively delve into how to intuit deceitful people trying to manipulate you. This particular skill is extremely useful and can be used anywhere from boardroom meetings with business partners to social events with friends. Imagine the implications of such a skill where you could be able to tell what people are thinking, and even their underlying intentions while shooting out seemingly comforting words. Intuition can be likened to developing an underground intelligence source that allows for a more pure stream of knowledge to be opened up to you. It doesn’t matter what the person said to you, or even how genuine they seem to be coming across, what matters is what you felt while they were saying it, and in some cases before they even opened their mouth.


What is intuition?
Intuition is the product of self-awareness. Often they are signals and feelings passed down from ethereal beings, such as Spirit Guides, Angels, and even the Higher Self, who foresee a particular outcome falling into your favor if specific advice was followed. Intuition is therefore a tool to start interacting with the spiritual world via gut feelings, instincts, and messages from beyond. Intuition is consciously developed by opening and developing both the Crown Chakra and Third-eye Chakra. The Crown Chakra is the gateway into the higher planes, and increased activity will allow for more accurate signals to be picked up. The Third-eye Chakra allows for intuition to be transferred into psychic abilities that serve a more on-demand purpose. There is also a brand of intuition that is developed from the Heart Chakra, most commonly felt by Empaths (people who are able to feel other’s emotions and states of mind frames). The Heart Chakra is the home of clairsentience and the conscious development of which will increase the ability to feel the nature of the person standing in front of you.


How to develop intuition?
Most people subconsciously develop their intuition without realizing and access higher planes of knowledge for skills they never knew were existing within them. Conscious intuition can be developed by anybody who justifies the time spent in order to develop the skill, and is by far a much more superior path to venture. The primary difference between conscious and subconscious intuition is that the first category allows for intuition-on-demand rather than leaving it up to the subconscious mind to make that decision for you. The more important distinction between them is that conscious practitioners actually believe it exists, while the subconscious practitioners just thought it was pure luck the whole time. This conscious acknowledgment allows for deeper and more effective abilities.

I personally developed my intuition while in the casino gambling on the roulette wheels. I used to sit there for hours on end well after midnight forcing my intuition onto the table, trying to intuit numbers before they would hit. It took every inch of psychic power to pick numbers in such a way, and it was over the course of many years that I became extremely proficient in telling how to pick up intuitive signals. The secret is feeling what to do, rather than thinking about it in any rational sense. Such a high level of trust must be established with our bodies and our abilities that we should just fluidly act upon our feelings rather than thinking about its consequences. Every single nudge and intuitive gesture needs to be taken into account. Not a single shred of feeling must be overlooked. When we become sensitive enough to become aware of intuitive signals, the next step would be to trust that intuition beyond a doubt and become one with our Higher Selves.

Due to the purity of intuition a stark difference will be felt if we encounter anything not as pure. When we start feeling something is off or wrong, we should definitely not ignore it. Having the patience and trust to pay it active attention is the first step in developing intuition. People who do not have good intentions normally give off an impure aura or signature of energy. With an active Crown Chakra, intuitive practitioners can very easily tell the difference in energies when they come across something of lesser vibrational quality. Feelings of sickness or heaviness in the stomach, nervousness, dark feelings within the back of the mind, distracting feelings that keep bugging our attention span, or even feelings of chills or goosebumps along our skin, are all indicators of such ill intentions being picked up by intuitive senses. When these indicators are felt, it’s time to start analyzing who is standing in front of you, and for what reason they could be lying to you.

At this point stare into their eyes or windows to their soul and ask yourself‘ ‘Is this person telling me the truth?”, ‘Is this person lying to me?’, ‘For what purpose would this lie serve?’. It is quite surprising how much information we can gleam by simply tuning into another person’s energy at the right time.

With this new realized state of mind-frame, confront the deceitful person and ask them some extremely direct questions about their activities. ‘Do you believe what you are telling me will honestly work?’, ‘Why would you like me to follow you back into the office?’, ‘Are you planning on giving that money back?’, ‘Are you lying to me..?’. If they look like they are hiding something, they start fidgeting, have a smirk on their face, an aura of cat-like curiosity in their eyes, or even start talking faster and avoiding your glare, then this person is not giving off acceptable body language consistent with an honest and genuine person. Your intuition should be playing up big time if straight out lies are being shot at you. I most often feel like I have a sick feeling in my stomach when this happens. This combination of direct confrontation, body language inconsistencies, and pure intuition is a very powerful method. Their true colors will be displayed to you and secret intentions will be made known. An analysis of whether this person should be around you must be deeply contemplated. In the land of energy there is no such thing as hidden intentions of that which serves to negatively propel you forwards. Whether that be small situational lies or an entire life of crime, the process of distinguishing such people is as simple as tuning into them and starting an analytical process. The secret for success is learning how to be tipped off in the first place.

Intuition is based on trust in the spiritual world. The physical world however does not uphold such a reputation to be trusted at all.  Such a stark contrast should require all intuitive practitioners to be constantly monitoring their intuitive signals for anything suspicious, waiting to unleash their psychic potential upon the world around them like some kind of Western quick-draw gunman. It is most unfortunate that this must be the way whilst meeting and interacting with others. However for those who have been deceived or manipulated in the past, intuition will soon become your new best friend when you realize it never has to happen again.

Intuitive practitioners must face a myriad of problematic situations in their lives. Intuitive abilities will always be tested and there are many questions that go unanswered. Should we ever trust another person over our intuitive feelings? Do we trust our self enough to act on intuitive feelings rather than hard evidence? Is it necessary to still go ahead with the experience knowing full well what the consequences are? All of these questions will be made known to you upon the day you come across a deceitful character passing himself off as a friend. Absolutely nothing trumps hard experience, and unfortunately we only learn from experience by being burnt the first time.


What if I told you that there was a way to protect yourself from ever having nightmares again? I initially started exploring the world of dreaming and delved quite heavily into trying in induce lucid dreams in order to interact with various Higher Beings. However what I found was an absolute mine field of dimensional constructs, psychic warfare and subconscious vampirism by Dark Beings so powerful that I was forced to develop a way to sleep peacefully or forever lose my sanity! I ventured across a very powerful method that effectively set-up a subconscious protection that prevented negativity in all of its forms from disturbing me while I was fast asleep. Weeks of nightmares and demonic beings trying to eat my soul later, I finally perfected my method. Little did I realize as to how my level of God-self realization exploded outwards with the sacred doorway I opened in my subconscious mind of not only this lifetime, but lifetimes in the past! It was so powerful that I thought it necessary for others to experience it. Enter the World of Dreams!



What is a dream?


A dream is an astral experience of the human mind. It is a completely submersive environment that harnesses the power of the human senses in a mesmerizing interactive scenario of subconscious reflections, and sometimes nostalgia of what most impacts the current state of mind. Some may say that Life is a dream. That Death is our waking from this interactive dream of colors, shapes, feelings, and places.

When we fall asleep at night our consciousness slips into a deep harmonic vibration and our subconscious mind takes over. We are no longer consciously interacting with our world, we undergo a form of subconscious projection where our energetic body moves into an ulterior dimension, either up or down from our current state of reality. This projection is sometimes laden with symbolic visions and prophecies. Much of the time we simply process deep stored emotions and energies of the day. What is rarer is when we gain control of our subconscious projection and we become acutely conscious of the fact that we are indeed within a dream. This is very close to real life.


What is a nightmare?


A nightmare is when a dream is laden with perceived negative attributes that act to entrance the human mind into a state of fear, anger, or darkness. What some may perceive as negative, others may interpret as normal. Therefore a nightmare is a completely subjective experience based upon what stimulus affects the individual’s deep psychological behavior.

The fear of loss, the fear of pain, and the fear of inaction all play to stimulate a desired negative experience. It doesn’t matter what visuals are used or in what combination; it is the underlying mental state that is compromised. Mental disharmony is the cause and also the result of a fully induced nightmare.

What is more specifically rare is the manipulation of a dream into that of another projection completely. An external stimulus of negative energy, demonic being, or Darkness, aims to weaken the individual on the energetic front. Lack of sleep, a fear of sleep, or melancholia about the possibility of negative scenarios playing out in reality, all collectively induce what is known as the living nightmare. In such a state, the individual is being manipulated without any conscious method to protect themselves. They walk around in an ironic dream-like state, blending the subconscious with the conscious; fear acting as the energetic bond between projections.


Dream Protection 2


Dream Protection is the act of consciously creating a positive polarization of white energy within your subconscious mind before you sleep, in order to protect the mind against nightmares. In Chapter 10 in my book World of Archangels I describe many methods of psychic self-defense that aim to repel against negative forces from manipulating the human energetic body. These techniques were performed by visualizing specific shapes and materials such as the White Orbs & White Armour to directly manipulate the body’s natural aura into a more beneficial stance.

Dream protection differs from psychic self-defense in a couple of ways. Firstly the conscious techniques of surrounding the body with white energy do not transfer across into the subconscious projection of a dream. Secondly it is quite difficult to perform these techniques within the dream state, often resulting in a forced awakening. The White Orbs & White Armour can protect against anything jumping into your body or otherwise externally manipulating your body while you sleep, but they will not protect you against Beings so realized that they can literally walk in and out of your dreams as they please. These were the types of Beings I found myself surrounded by at night; menacingly crafting my dreams into vivid demonic nightmares.

At first I tried Area Protection, but I soon realized that these demons were tunneling their way through an ulterior dimension into that of where I was subconsciously projecting to experience my dream. Then I advanced my thinking and I opened a very powerful doorway.

Please refer to the above infographic ‘Layers of the subconscious mind’.

The first black circle on the very left represents the conscious mind; everything that we do or think about on any kind of conscious level– the interactive stimulus that fuels our subconscious into reacting. The second, slightly larger, black circle represents the subconscious mind; everything we have ever encountered, experienced, felt, heard, saw, tasted, or even thought about. Our subconscious mind is so much more powerful than our conscious mind. Our brain has an incredibly hard time interpreting subconscious stimulus into a conscious thought. In fact our subconscious mind processes our conscious thought up to 6 seconds before we ever consciously think about it!

This blog can explode to a new level of how powerful our subconscious minds truly are. I could post entire blogs about how life as we came to know it, is a filtered reality of what our brain interprets from the world around us, that we are effectively living within a real-time lag of perceived events unfolding.

Where my Dream Protection achieved a whole different dynamic was when I experienced a dream-within-a-dream. I would be having a dream, and effectively “wake up” from that dream, and still continue to be dreaming. I was effectively dreaming 2 “layers” under my normal conscious reality. The movie Inception comes to mind (I actually wrote an article with a snippet from the movie in Consciousness & Awareness). This layering effect is what I want to concentrate on. So I have had nightmares where I tried waking up from them within my dream, to only find myself in another layer of manipulation, therefore creating a negative relapse causing me to believe that the state of fear was indeed my reality. And this sprang some questions up in my mind; if there were two layers of my subconscious mind, how many other layers were there? What actually were these layers?? I soon realized that they were not layers at all.


How to Perform a Dream Protection


I use 7 layers for my Dream Protection. The infographic ‘Layers of the subconscious mind’ portrays the conscious mind, subconscious mind, and 7 subsequent layers of the subconscious mind. The black circles get smaller with every layer, as I am trying to represent that each subsequent layer is slightly “further away” from the last. Even though the entire subconscious complex is One, we are going through the illusion of a past, present, and future; therefore we need to mentally differentiate layers.

Step 1

Close your eyes and sit upright in bed just before you want to go to sleep. Place your fingers in the Enlightenment mudra. The first thing you want to do is visualize your conscious mind– being a large black spherical space directly around your head. When you close your eyes your conscious mind is much larger than the physical confines of your head, however for the purposes of this meditation the conscious mind will become the series of electric neurons and synapses within our brain.

Step 2

Visualize a powerful bright light bursting out from the center of your conscious mind, in the form of an exploding star. Your conscious mind will go from being a black thought, to a brilliant flash of white light that does not stop exploding outwards.

Step 3

The next step is to visualize your subconscious mind. This is the tricky part. Your subconscious mind is in no way a physical organ, counterpart, or definable shape. It is a realm of consciousness, a sea of thought, knowledge, and potential. If the conscious mind was the size of a basketball, the subconscious mind would be the size of a swimming pool. Getting the exact proportions isn’t important. It is the sheer magnitude of the size that you need to grasp. The subconscious mind sits directly behind the conscious mind, dwarfing it in size, and almost ‘uses’ the conscious mind to interact with the physical world. Visualize it as a mass of black space, similar to the infographic above.

Step 4

Visualize a powerful bright light bursting out from the center of your subconscious mind, in the form of an exploding star. Your subconscious mind will go from being a black thought, to a brilliant flash of white light that does not stop exploding outwards.

Step 5

The next step is to visualize the first layer of your subconscious mind. The first layer of the subconscious mind sits directly behind your subconscious mind. The second layer sits behind the first. The third layer sits behind the second, and so on. This layering occurs over multiple subconscious constructs. All of these layers denote various aspects of the consciousness you have come to know as you. Burst layer 1 of the subconscious mind in a white exploding star, as you have done with both the conscious and subconscious minds.

Step 6

Proceed to burst the next layer of the subconscious mind with white light. Continue doing this with every subsequent layer until you get to the 7th layer. In total, you should have 9 exploding balls of white light: 1. Conscious mind, 2. Subconscious mind, 3. 7 subsequent layers of the subconscious mind.

What is important is the pattern in the infographic. If you were standing on the left side of the image, facing left, your head would denote the circle of the conscious mind. When you close your eyes, you have to move through the various layers, bursting white spheres of light, one after the other. From your current stand point, every consecutive layer is smaller than the last, as it is further away from your current reality. Once you have finished the meditation, all of these circles will be white. The below inverse infographic shows the color and pattern your conscious and subconscious mind should look like.


Dream Protection 3


This technique only takes me a couple of minutes to perform. It all comes down to mentally visualizing 9 exploding balls of white light. Your mind will soon recognize the difference between the various layers and it will become quite easy to perform a Dream Protection.

Anybody can perform Dream Protection to rid yourself of nightmares. Something I have to mention is that you have to perform this technique every single time before you sleep if you want it to work! If you miss even a single night in the week, you leave your back door completely open. For those who have something very powerful playing with them, this is unfortunately the compromise you have to be willing to make. For those with just a couple bad nightmares that you are trying to get rid of, your routine can be much more relaxed. I have tried various combinations of this technique and spending a couple of minutes going through the above steps is definitely the most effective.


What Dreams May Come


I found myself fighting an ethereal war with a Being so strong that he could not only surround my body and consciousness with darkness in the physical world, but also follow me into my dreams and recreate my astral environment. I grew weary and tired during the ordeal, black rings were forming under my eyes. I didn’t know how to attack something that didn’t exist within my concept of time and space. This Being was a master of ulterior dimensions. I was however determined to follow this thing into the dream world and try and understand how it did what it did.

When I stumbled across the idea of subconscious layering, I realized that this Being was tunneling through deeper layers of my subconscious mind, and traveling upwards towards me. These layers introduced a whole new paradox of thought. Our conscious minds were being driven by our subconscious minds. Reality was a form of a sustainable dream, one which we perceive as fixed or stable. Why did we have deeper layers to a program that is already wholly contained within our current life? Then it dawned on me. What if these weren’t layers? What if these were subconscious memory banks, raw uninterpreted data from previous lives?

Every lifetime we live, our subconscious mind is storing everything we do or interact with. Pure data that becomes obsolete when we die, save for the things that help our consciousness grow on an inter-lifetime basis. When we undergo a past-life regression, we are accessing a particular subconscious layer relevant to that lifetime. Our conscious mind interprets that raw data as memories, thoughts and feelings. The chains of lives were creating a continuous flow of subconscious constructs in the linked ball-like pattern like in the infographic above.

I was dealing with something that was coming to me from a past life, and making its way through my subconscious network to find me in the Now. Therefore by creating a protection scheme that went back through at least 7 layers, I was blocking its pathway from reaching me. For him, he was coming up against a field of white exploding stars that he couldn’t cross.

It was months later before my Grandmaster taught me how to alter the white exploding stars into a self-replicating, self-sustainable white light that started eating away at darkness in a giant explosion throughout every layer of my mind. From that day forward I never had to perform the Dream Protection again.

My journey with the Being had come to an end. Though my ethereal war with such Beings ensues, I developed a whole new paradigm to play with. I opened a doorway into my subconscious mind and came to understand how little we understand about the nature of what it means to be alive. We are interacting with a world we have interacted with hundreds of times in the past. What is significant in any given lifetime is the psychological anchor that triggers us into remembering who we are and what we are doing here. Every lifetime is reduced down to that of raw data once we pass over. A couple of lives later, we stop accessing those memory banks altogether. We walk around looking for an unlocking key, wandering in the darkness, until one day a synchronistic predestined movement of events opens a gateway of realization. For one brief moment, we could be closer to God than we ever thought possible. We could spend lifetimes looking for such a moment, to only have it disappear during our next reincarnation. Such is the fate of the dreaming soul.