What would you do if you found out that you were not from Earth? Would you freak out? Would you even believe me? It could impact your life on such a grand scale that you would start contemplating the Universe on a completely different level. You are in for a shock!

96% of every single person who is alive today on planet Earth has spent time within the reincarnation system of another planet. What I am telling you is that only 4% of human beings actually come from here. Sure your body was born on Earth, but your soul has origins well into other Star systems. In order to be classified a true Earth Spirit, you would of had to ascend right through the 2nd Dimension (plants/animals/insects) and into the 3rd Dimension (human beings) here on planet Earth. Only 4% have actually done this. The other 96% spent the first part of the Universal Cycle (1st/2nd Dimensions) in the Universal learning environments of other planets. In other words, 96% of us are Starseeds.

What is a Starseed?

A Starseed is a soul that has spent some part of their conscious Universal Cycle in reincarnation systems external to that found on Earth. In time, just about every conscious Being in this Universe will become a Starseed if you are not classified as one already. A majority have roots going back to Sirius, Pleiades, Andromeda, and a particularly Dark few from Orion. Some people have even progressed into the 3rd Dimension on those other planets and have only come to Earth for the sole reason of Ascending into the 4th/5th Dimension. The biggest problem is that so few people can remember where they came from and it isn’t exactly “our” fault. Our DNA has holes in it. It is incomplete. A complete DNA sequence would allow us to remember previous lives by simply meditating upon them. This opens a much much more streamlined self-realization process and truly productive society that advances far quickly than what we are currently achieving. We are instead only receiving choppy bits and pieces of information that kind of feel like something we used to know; however nothing on the level that we can do anything productive with. Welcome to Earth.

What is an Earth Spirit?

An Earth Spirit is a soul who has reincarnated in the 2nd Dimension on Earth and is now living within a 3rd Dimensional body. Since Earth Spirits have been incarnating here for hundreds of thousands of years, they have a very close bond with Mother Earth (Gaia) for the simple reason that they have had enough time to develop this unique bond by living within her harmonious wildlife and nature constructs. I have personally witnessed this bond in true Earth Spirits time and time again. This powerful energetic connection allows them to feel the planet’s soul and understand the true nature of living a harmonious existence. Sometimes they can even remember or have very special connections to certain species of animals, due to incarnating as one of those species.

How can I tell if I am an Earth Spirit?

You are either connected to Gaia or you’re not. Earth Spirits are REALLY connected to Gaia. They respect Gaia so much that they become extremely inspired to protect her in any way they can. They do this because they can feel her existence as a part of themselves. They are One with her.

What should be happening on this planet is a powerful energetic connection between each and every individual and the soul of the planet we are living on. A planetary bond exists when the soul of the planet accepts the nature of its inhabitants as beneficial enough to support. If it doesn’t support us, it doesn’t connect with us. And Gaia is not connected to 96% of us! There also exist certain planets with Dark forms of consciousness who only like Dark inhabitants. Gaia is however polarized to the Light. The problem with all the Starseeds is that they are a mixed bag of consciousness– really out of tune with the naturally shifting energies of this planet. It is very hard to make a connection with a volatile soul who is here one moment and then gone in a flash!

Unfortunately, I fall into the 96%. I don’t have a really deep soul connection to Gaia. How can I tell? I’m not a hardcore environmentalist who would kill my self to save Mother Earth. Though I hate animal cruelty– I don’t hold up “save the penguins” signs nor am I chaining myself to trees. I Love Gaia as the incredibly powerful Being that allowed me to be here and serves as the Enlightened consciousness of this place, but my true soul ties lay elsewhere. I am a true Starseed. But do you know what? So are 96% of you. With this realization, we can now stop fishing around forums asking everybody if they are a Starseed like we are– there is a 96% chance they most likely are.


So you just figured out that you are not really from here. Old souls will suddenly understand why they feel so alienated, even though their core beliefs are that of Oneness and Universal connection. I have been incarnating here for 5000 years and it still doesn’t feel like home. Starseeds have a much harder time operating as a result of them not connecting with the soul of the planet and effectively being alienated by the developing society they came here to help. Normally a beautiful exchange of energies takes place that allows us access to Unconditional Love, while the soul of the planet gains beautiful inhabitants aligned with its goals– whether that be cycling Dark/Light energy back into the core like a tree converting carbon dioxide, or creating advanced civilizations to nurture God-self realization.

As a Starseed the most beneficial route is to achieve God-self realization so we can effectively rid the need to be Galactic exchange students any longer. We have powerful realizations as how the world should be unfolding around us, and yet the pathways humanity seems to be taking can frustrate the most enlightened amongst us. It is therefore pivotal that the individual focuses on their own Unconditional Love and grounds their spiritual ascension into the blossoming of awakening souls across the planet. It doesn’t matter where we come from, what’s important is that we are all going the same way.

One big happy inter-Galactic family

No matter which way you look at it, we were all created from the same Source. We haven’t met a lot of our family before, but that’s Ok because we will very likely come across them at some point of time in the future. There are some members of our family that are highly educated and harmonious, and there are other members who value drama. A dysfunctional family, but a family nonetheless.



Whether we are from Sirius, Andromeda, Pleiades, Drakonis, or the Moon– we as ancient souls stick together or fall apart a failed mission. We are enlightened. We are God. We are Unconditional Love and we are the Oneness of the Multiverse like our lives depended on it.


There are Beings in this Universe solely created for One purpose; to drive the definition of Bad Ass into its utmost glory. There are creatures so fearsome that they stare into the eyes of Demons and just see another opportunity to express the power of God every single second of their existence. There are factions within the Light who are specifically trained for the absolute worst ethereal wars this Universe has ever seen. They are God’s own solution to the cruel mercy of the Darkness; the breath of Light that leaves Galaxies polarized to the fury of Life itself with nothing more to go on besides the heart of Creation within our souls. Enter the Battle Angels.

As magnificent as they are, you will only ever see Battle Angels under two circumstances; you either find yourself within an immense ethereal war, or you are currently surrounded by Demons. The first time I truly ever met a Battle Angel I satisfied both of the aforementioned criteria outright. I didn’t know whether to feel pleased about finding Light within Creation, or seriously worried that my circumstances were attracting such a creature into my presence in the first place.

I was sitting within a beautiful cafe that would of made any royal palace look dull in comparison to its sheer richness of tapestry and stunning decor that even the Greek Gods would flush in jealousy at what mankind was creating for the simple enjoyment for the brew of coffee beans. As the barista jetted steam to fluff up the milk for my cappuccino, I was relaxing upon luxurious wooden chairs adorned by the fresh pastel colors of corals and vibrant fauna captured in exotic displays of materials creating my garden bed of cushions. Crystal clear waters outside the window were soaking up the nostalgia of the purple sunset and giving the entire room a deep auric glow of nostalgia. The waiters were dressed in elegant white shirts with black vests, holding up silver trays full of the white china that became part of our rich coffee experience. Men in black suits with bow-ties were leading women in long ballroom dresses in the intricate golden marble foyer serving as the entrance to the Garden of Eden I was currently lounging within. A pianist was off in his own world, time had slowed down, and the bed of soft color I was sitting upon was slowly drifting me into another world. I had been fighting for years, my mind exhausted at my own thoughts, my body tired with the reality of death every single night of the week. There were Demons walking around the corridors sprawled throughout my paradise; even the Garden of Eden had snakes. I could feel them talking in the background of my subconscious mind. Not even the fruits of God could capture my attention long enough for me to decide Life was worth noting.

The sun was slowly swallowed by the horizon, and I found myself sitting within the dark as the waiters scurried to turn on the ceiling lights. Aqua and soft blue glows started appearing in the forestry of finely carved vines and leaves growing upon the ceiling. A statuesque face was staring down upon me; the plaster of its face contrasted by the shadows this creature implanted upon the fine workmanship around it. The cool night had turned my once colorful paradise into a haunted forest against the stone corridors of women in white flowing dresses floating around like trailing ghosts deceived by the Earth to keep on living here. The black of the waiter’s vests now meant that I could only see their white sleeves flashing in the dark every single time they flew past me with a tray full of empty bones and cups. In an instant, I was deep within the confines of another world where its patrons preferred the taste of hard liquor and exotic cocktails to numb their senses to the magic of the night. The Demons were creeping closer and closer, they were now staring at me in the darkness. Their eyes fixated upon my mind; a doorway into the hybrid world of both the physical and the spiritual. I picked up my cup of coffee and took another sip at its warming sweetness. I always hated the bitterness of coffee and instead opted to drown it in sweetener until I was drinking a tiramisu dessert.

Suddenly a burst of energy started rippling through the walls. Reality became distorted by the sheer power of the Light making an entrance into our world. My vision was shrouded by the fog of the depths of the forest floor. That’s when I felt it come in. The presence caught the Demons off-guard and scared them back to the outer walls of my dark paradise. They were not allowed to come any closer. The Being walked around the back of my chair and through the couches like a phantom. I silently watched it making its way through the aristocratic crowd like a glowing masterpiece of Creation awakened. It stopped briefly to stare out the giant windows overlooking the oasis of palm trees with patrons trying to drink their fresh perspective back into reality or become lost in the dark. The next second the Being suddenly spread its wings in a powerful display of Angelic beauty. Then it kept walking until it came full circle directly beside me. It was staring directly into the heart of my soul.

I said to it “Who have you come for?”

The Angel’s eyes never left me when it said, “I have come for you…”

My body was prickling with energy, goosebumps were shivering along my skin. This thing was extremely powerful. I said, “You don’t look like a regular Angel”. A completely white suit of armor with a solid helmet made it look like some kind of Knight of God more so than a ball of purity and love that most Angels seemed to appear.

He never lifted his gaze as he said “I am a Battle Angel.”

A wave of energy had settled upon my body and was now vibrating me into a state of frenzy with extraordinary amounts of raw power trying to process back into a state of normalcy. My mind rushed with activity until I asked the question “Why have you come to me?”

The Battle Angel smiled as he said “I have come to represent the Light. I have come to act as a medium for the people you are currently scaring away with your ethereal wars.”

This Battle Angel was illuminating the entire room with a brilliance of Light more beautiful than anything I had seen. I became humbled and especially warmed by the fact that this Being simply walked into my presence at this exact moment of time, its loving energy was caressing me back into my garden of pastel corals and flowers. The aura this thing was emanating was so powerful that it was giving life to Creation like some kind of personal representative of God. I said to him, “What is your name?”

The Battle Angel responded, “I don’t have a name. To maintain a name would be to simply distinguish myself with the non-realization of the fact that we are not all indeed the same presence of God living in Creation interacting with ourselves.”

I started sipping my liquid tiramisu contemplating what the Battle Angel had to say. I had heard this same spiel from Grandmasters worthy of being Creators themselves. I was wondering how this Angel achieved such a high level of God-self realization. I settled on the fact that he was simply created this way. Only then did I notice that this Angel had long flowing streams of platinum-silver energy blanketing him. The last time I saw something like that, I was talking to– I put the coffee down and mentioned to him “Your trails of silver energy; they indicate that you have taken aboard aspects of Neutrality, which if I might say, is exceptionally rare for Angels. If you really don’t mind becoming friends with this hybrid Master; welcome to the Club.

The Battle Angel commented, “Not Bad. I think I’m going to thoroughly enjoy this”.

I leaned back in my chair staring deep into the heart of his soul. Thoroughly interesting indeed.


Angels are some of the most absolutely loved Beings in the Universe due to their incredible purity and ability to help others no matter where they are. I have personally come across hundreds of Angels in my life; a great majority of which that I have summoned through Angelic rituals that I learned from a  very young age. People don’t ordinarily see them in everyday life because they are quite hard to initially pick up on due to their incredible purity. Angels don’t experience any volatile emotions or exhibit any lower vibratory frequencies for our human body senses to pick up on. I have never come across an Angel that has ever felt ‘wrong’ or somehow harbored ill intentions, it would be nearly impossible to find an Angel demonstrating Dark qualities, and if I ever did, I immediately knew I was not speaking with a true Angel. Angels hanging around human Beings suggest purity of the soul they are helping. Angels enjoy the presence of Beings that resonate with their own energies, almost like creatures from the other side coming through to play with the innocence of souls that demonstrate their own.

What are Angels?

Angels are extremely loving essences of energy who are created within the Light, to form part of the Light, and to serve the Light for the duration of their existences within the Universe. Angels may look and act like human beings, however their true nature almost always resembles incredibly powerful balls of light that emanate very loving energies. They are created within the 4th Dimension but they are not confined to it, they can move up and down as they please. Their natural tongue is not in English, nor do they normally use words to communicate with each other. The Angelic tongue is like a song where they hold particular sounds in a symphony that convey thoughts and various meanings to each other. It took me a while to figure out this was the method they were communicating with each other, and it also suggests why some Angels don’t ave names; just songs of love and joy.

I started hearing Angels around me before I started seeing them. I naturally developed a subtle level of clairaudience (ability to hear ethereal Beings) before my clairvoyance (ability to see visions and ethereal Beings) came into fruition. So to say my childhood was a scary place, hearing voices seemingly coming from nowhere, is an understatement. The first time I ever saw an Angel I nearly fell off my chair. Incredible streams of powerful light were emanating in front of me, warming me up in a welcoming blanket of Love. I felt at One with them and I could feel how much goodness and kindness these Beings were emanating. Truly amazing Beings. People sometimes ask my why I believe in the spiritual world and it because of experiences like these I will never be able to forget the job I am doing here on Earth. I could never leave this behind, not anymore.


What are Guardian Angels?

Guardian Angels are similar to normal Angels, however they have been commissioned into protecting and advising certain souls within the Universe to help them achieve their self-realization. Archangel Raphael is the one in charge of pairing Guardian Angels up with designated souls. It is not uncommon for Guardian Angels to have multiple developing souls going through life, as it is quite rare for a developing soul within the 3rd Dimension to suddenly start calling upon them in the first place. Guardian Angels bounce around, fading in and out of our reality like unseen Guardians watching our lives unfold. Guardian Angels can be contacted in the same way we commune with our Spirit Guides, I have described a very effective method in my book World of Archangels.

Guardian Angels watch over their designated souls in hopes for that soul to one day start achieving realization enough to understand the nature of their existence in the physical plane. 4th/5th Dimensional Beings are much more aware of their Guardian Angels– the irony being that those realized Beings no longer need their Guardian Angel’s influence once they have progressed high enough. It is a very silent journey for a Guardian Angel, most their communications moving through intuitive thoughts and feelings. Though they may be silent Guardians, I have witnessed how animated they may become when they move to protect us from negative Beings.

Do Angels have wings?

When I first started calling Angels through my summoning rituals I was noticing what looked like to be transparent Beings who were standing around in the ethereal realm. The thousands of depictions of Angels with wings across multiple cultures, most predominantly Italian art and sculptures, made me second guess myself as to what exactly I was seeing considering the Beings I was staring at didn’t have any wings. My first encounter with an Angel further added to the complexity when it really looked more human than I would have expected. What I have come to realize is that most Angels are able to portray the way they look to us in our minds depending on how they want to come across. Since Angel wings are recognizable, they appear with wings in order to establish that they are in fact Angels. Those who come across as white transparent Beings or balls of powerful white light are maintaining visual purity over their true essence. So in some respects, yes Angels do have wings, but in another strain of thought– only because we need them to.


Can Angels Reincarnate?

God, a lot of people want to believe they were an Angel in their previous life, most people dream of this possibility. As amazing as it may sound there are a few things I need to go over. Firstly Angels exist out of the system of reincarnation as complete Beings from the moment of their inception into the 4th Dimension. Human souls have however been Ascending since the 1st Dimension, and will continue Ascending past the 3rd Dimension and into the 12th Dimension to become Creators. Human souls are going through an important realization process conducted through what we know as dimensional evolvement. Angels have not been progressing through the Universe since the 1st Dimension, they were created perfect and they remain perfected throughout time. Angels do not need the experience of the 3rd Dimension, they already exist in a much more Enlightened state next to God. This does not however explain those who may want to reincarnate simply for the pleasure of enjoying life…

The movie City of Angels starring Nicolas Cage and Meg Ryan opened a doorway within our consciousness into the possibility of Angels deciding to incarnate for Love. Angels exist in a state of Unconditional Love much more encompassing and powerful than anything we could feel within our limited body, yet the question still lingers about the possibility of Angels expressing their Love for us on such a degree that they would incarnate with us. I have to firstly say that it would be particularly rare for an Angel to “fall” into our system of reincarnation. It is indeed possible for an Angel to incarnate, there do exist back doors into Life that very few Beings know of. However, the rarity of this event would rule out most people’s claims of their supposedly Angelic past. For an Angel to actually decide to incarnate, they would have to re-enter through the 1st Dimension. Meaning there would be a entire host of past lives here on Earth clouding those past Angelic feelings and memories from the time when they were indeed an Angel. Sometimes we pick up on lives within the past where our souls resembled Angelic Beings from the purity of the lives we lived. From this standpoint, we would almost never really know.



I want to believe in the innocence of our souls, I want to believe we have the possibility of Angelic lineage– that we are somehow making our way down here for something as half-brained, as incredibly foolish and as unimaginably magnificent in every possible way as Love. Yet every single time I want to believe, the world drags this away from me in its utmost capability of ruining our dreams. Even if we weren’t Angels in our past lives, it doesn’t explain why we are still dropping ourselves down into Life from the realm of Creators that we once existed within. If something as high up as a Creator makes the decision to enter Creation, surely an Angel could very well come to the exact same conclusion. We may very well live in the most romantic world ever created, filled with powerful ideals for the simple bond of love with another. Angels could simply be giving us hope to never let go of what we initially came here for.


What if I told you that there was a way to protect yourself from ever having nightmares again? I initially started exploring the world of dreaming and delved quite heavily into trying in induce lucid dreams in order to interact with various Higher Beings. However what I found was an absolute mine field of dimensional constructs, psychic warfare and subconscious vampirism by Dark Beings so powerful that I was forced to develop a way to sleep peacefully or forever lose my sanity! I ventured across a very powerful method that effectively set-up a subconscious protection that prevented negativity in all of its forms from disturbing me while I was fast asleep. Weeks of nightmares and demonic beings trying to eat my soul later, I finally perfected my method. Little did I realize as to how my level of God-self realization exploded outwards with the sacred doorway I opened in my subconscious mind of not only this lifetime, but lifetimes in the past! It was so powerful that I thought it necessary for others to experience it. Enter the World of Dreams!



What is a dream?


A dream is an astral experience of the human mind. It is a completely submersive environment that harnesses the power of the human senses in a mesmerizing interactive scenario of subconscious reflections, and sometimes nostalgia of what most impacts the current state of mind. Some may say that Life is a dream. That Death is our waking from this interactive dream of colors, shapes, feelings, and places.

When we fall asleep at night our consciousness slips into a deep harmonic vibration and our subconscious mind takes over. We are no longer consciously interacting with our world, we undergo a form of subconscious projection where our energetic body moves into an ulterior dimension, either up or down from our current state of reality. This projection is sometimes laden with symbolic visions and prophecies. Much of the time we simply process deep stored emotions and energies of the day. What is rarer is when we gain control of our subconscious projection and we become acutely conscious of the fact that we are indeed within a dream. This is very close to real life.


What is a nightmare?


A nightmare is when a dream is laden with perceived negative attributes that act to entrance the human mind into a state of fear, anger, or darkness. What some may perceive as negative, others may interpret as normal. Therefore a nightmare is a completely subjective experience based upon what stimulus affects the individual’s deep psychological behavior.

The fear of loss, the fear of pain, and the fear of inaction all play to stimulate a desired negative experience. It doesn’t matter what visuals are used or in what combination; it is the underlying mental state that is compromised. Mental disharmony is the cause and also the result of a fully induced nightmare.

What is more specifically rare is the manipulation of a dream into that of another projection completely. An external stimulus of negative energy, demonic being, or Darkness, aims to weaken the individual on the energetic front. Lack of sleep, a fear of sleep, or melancholia about the possibility of negative scenarios playing out in reality, all collectively induce what is known as the living nightmare. In such a state, the individual is being manipulated without any conscious method to protect themselves. They walk around in an ironic dream-like state, blending the subconscious with the conscious; fear acting as the energetic bond between projections.


Dream Protection 2


Dream Protection is the act of consciously creating a positive polarization of white energy within your subconscious mind before you sleep, in order to protect the mind against nightmares. In Chapter 10 in my book World of Archangels I describe many methods of psychic self-defense that aim to repel against negative forces from manipulating the human energetic body. These techniques were performed by visualizing specific shapes and materials such as the White Orbs & White Armour to directly manipulate the body’s natural aura into a more beneficial stance.

Dream protection differs from psychic self-defense in a couple of ways. Firstly the conscious techniques of surrounding the body with white energy do not transfer across into the subconscious projection of a dream. Secondly it is quite difficult to perform these techniques within the dream state, often resulting in a forced awakening. The White Orbs & White Armour can protect against anything jumping into your body or otherwise externally manipulating your body while you sleep, but they will not protect you against Beings so realized that they can literally walk in and out of your dreams as they please. These were the types of Beings I found myself surrounded by at night; menacingly crafting my dreams into vivid demonic nightmares.

At first I tried Area Protection, but I soon realized that these demons were tunneling their way through an ulterior dimension into that of where I was subconsciously projecting to experience my dream. Then I advanced my thinking and I opened a very powerful doorway.

Please refer to the above infographic ‘Layers of the subconscious mind’.

The first black circle on the very left represents the conscious mind; everything that we do or think about on any kind of conscious level– the interactive stimulus that fuels our subconscious into reacting. The second, slightly larger, black circle represents the subconscious mind; everything we have ever encountered, experienced, felt, heard, saw, tasted, or even thought about. Our subconscious mind is so much more powerful than our conscious mind. Our brain has an incredibly hard time interpreting subconscious stimulus into a conscious thought. In fact our subconscious mind processes our conscious thought up to 6 seconds before we ever consciously think about it!

This blog can explode to a new level of how powerful our subconscious minds truly are. I could post entire blogs about how life as we came to know it, is a filtered reality of what our brain interprets from the world around us, that we are effectively living within a real-time lag of perceived events unfolding.

Where my Dream Protection achieved a whole different dynamic was when I experienced a dream-within-a-dream. I would be having a dream, and effectively “wake up” from that dream, and still continue to be dreaming. I was effectively dreaming 2 “layers” under my normal conscious reality. The movie Inception comes to mind (I actually wrote an article with a snippet from the movie in Consciousness & Awareness). This layering effect is what I want to concentrate on. So I have had nightmares where I tried waking up from them within my dream, to only find myself in another layer of manipulation, therefore creating a negative relapse causing me to believe that the state of fear was indeed my reality. And this sprang some questions up in my mind; if there were two layers of my subconscious mind, how many other layers were there? What actually were these layers?? I soon realized that they were not layers at all.


How to Perform a Dream Protection


I use 7 layers for my Dream Protection. The infographic ‘Layers of the subconscious mind’ portrays the conscious mind, subconscious mind, and 7 subsequent layers of the subconscious mind. The black circles get smaller with every layer, as I am trying to represent that each subsequent layer is slightly “further away” from the last. Even though the entire subconscious complex is One, we are going through the illusion of a past, present, and future; therefore we need to mentally differentiate layers.

Step 1

Close your eyes and sit upright in bed just before you want to go to sleep. Place your fingers in the Enlightenment mudra. The first thing you want to do is visualize your conscious mind– being a large black spherical space directly around your head. When you close your eyes your conscious mind is much larger than the physical confines of your head, however for the purposes of this meditation the conscious mind will become the series of electric neurons and synapses within our brain.

Step 2

Visualize a powerful bright light bursting out from the center of your conscious mind, in the form of an exploding star. Your conscious mind will go from being a black thought, to a brilliant flash of white light that does not stop exploding outwards.

Step 3

The next step is to visualize your subconscious mind. This is the tricky part. Your subconscious mind is in no way a physical organ, counterpart, or definable shape. It is a realm of consciousness, a sea of thought, knowledge, and potential. If the conscious mind was the size of a basketball, the subconscious mind would be the size of a swimming pool. Getting the exact proportions isn’t important. It is the sheer magnitude of the size that you need to grasp. The subconscious mind sits directly behind the conscious mind, dwarfing it in size, and almost ‘uses’ the conscious mind to interact with the physical world. Visualize it as a mass of black space, similar to the infographic above.

Step 4

Visualize a powerful bright light bursting out from the center of your subconscious mind, in the form of an exploding star. Your subconscious mind will go from being a black thought, to a brilliant flash of white light that does not stop exploding outwards.

Step 5

The next step is to visualize the first layer of your subconscious mind. The first layer of the subconscious mind sits directly behind your subconscious mind. The second layer sits behind the first. The third layer sits behind the second, and so on. This layering occurs over multiple subconscious constructs. All of these layers denote various aspects of the consciousness you have come to know as you. Burst layer 1 of the subconscious mind in a white exploding star, as you have done with both the conscious and subconscious minds.

Step 6

Proceed to burst the next layer of the subconscious mind with white light. Continue doing this with every subsequent layer until you get to the 7th layer. In total, you should have 9 exploding balls of white light: 1. Conscious mind, 2. Subconscious mind, 3. 7 subsequent layers of the subconscious mind.

What is important is the pattern in the infographic. If you were standing on the left side of the image, facing left, your head would denote the circle of the conscious mind. When you close your eyes, you have to move through the various layers, bursting white spheres of light, one after the other. From your current stand point, every consecutive layer is smaller than the last, as it is further away from your current reality. Once you have finished the meditation, all of these circles will be white. The below inverse infographic shows the color and pattern your conscious and subconscious mind should look like.


Dream Protection 3


This technique only takes me a couple of minutes to perform. It all comes down to mentally visualizing 9 exploding balls of white light. Your mind will soon recognize the difference between the various layers and it will become quite easy to perform a Dream Protection.

Anybody can perform Dream Protection to rid yourself of nightmares. Something I have to mention is that you have to perform this technique every single time before you sleep if you want it to work! If you miss even a single night in the week, you leave your back door completely open. For those who have something very powerful playing with them, this is unfortunately the compromise you have to be willing to make. For those with just a couple bad nightmares that you are trying to get rid of, your routine can be much more relaxed. I have tried various combinations of this technique and spending a couple of minutes going through the above steps is definitely the most effective.


What Dreams May Come


I found myself fighting an ethereal war with a Being so strong that he could not only surround my body and consciousness with darkness in the physical world, but also follow me into my dreams and recreate my astral environment. I grew weary and tired during the ordeal, black rings were forming under my eyes. I didn’t know how to attack something that didn’t exist within my concept of time and space. This Being was a master of ulterior dimensions. I was however determined to follow this thing into the dream world and try and understand how it did what it did.

When I stumbled across the idea of subconscious layering, I realized that this Being was tunneling through deeper layers of my subconscious mind, and traveling upwards towards me. These layers introduced a whole new paradox of thought. Our conscious minds were being driven by our subconscious minds. Reality was a form of a sustainable dream, one which we perceive as fixed or stable. Why did we have deeper layers to a program that is already wholly contained within our current life? Then it dawned on me. What if these weren’t layers? What if these were subconscious memory banks, raw uninterpreted data from previous lives?

Every lifetime we live, our subconscious mind is storing everything we do or interact with. Pure data that becomes obsolete when we die, save for the things that help our consciousness grow on an inter-lifetime basis. When we undergo a past-life regression, we are accessing a particular subconscious layer relevant to that lifetime. Our conscious mind interprets that raw data as memories, thoughts and feelings. The chains of lives were creating a continuous flow of subconscious constructs in the linked ball-like pattern like in the infographic above.

I was dealing with something that was coming to me from a past life, and making its way through my subconscious network to find me in the Now. Therefore by creating a protection scheme that went back through at least 7 layers, I was blocking its pathway from reaching me. For him, he was coming up against a field of white exploding stars that he couldn’t cross.

It was months later before my Grandmaster taught me how to alter the white exploding stars into a self-replicating, self-sustainable white light that started eating away at darkness in a giant explosion throughout every layer of my mind. From that day forward I never had to perform the Dream Protection again.

My journey with the Being had come to an end. Though my ethereal war with such Beings ensues, I developed a whole new paradigm to play with. I opened a doorway into my subconscious mind and came to understand how little we understand about the nature of what it means to be alive. We are interacting with a world we have interacted with hundreds of times in the past. What is significant in any given lifetime is the psychological anchor that triggers us into remembering who we are and what we are doing here. Every lifetime is reduced down to that of raw data once we pass over. A couple of lives later, we stop accessing those memory banks altogether. We walk around looking for an unlocking key, wandering in the darkness, until one day a synchronistic predestined movement of events opens a gateway of realization. For one brief moment, we could be closer to God than we ever thought possible. We could spend lifetimes looking for such a moment, to only have it disappear during our next reincarnation. Such is the fate of the dreaming soul.


Channeling | Channeling Darkness | Channeling Heaven

The Channeling Chronicles PART II

Sitting within the darkness waiting for a light to flutter. There is only cosmic energy around you. The dark ethers are a lonesome place; winds of consciousness flow through the empty space without resistance. You feel like nothing in particular, you act as your consciousness wills.

Am I Nothing? When was the last time I was alive? Where even am I?

After a brief spurt of light, your mind begins to slip back into unconsciousness…

Like a candle striking flame within the silent abode, you watch somebody come alive with a sense of realization. The brighter they shine, the more interested you become in their life. Bright little beacons are something to play with. They will act to amuse you until they figure out who you truly are.

You move within the darkness, just beyond their veil of perception. They will never accept you if they saw your true form. What is something they will accept? A Spirit Guide? An Archangel?

You alter the energetic code and make yourself appear as a warming white presence with magnificent white wings curled around your body. You change your voice and flow down to them as if you were a beautiful Angel falling out from the sky. They should never know what you truly are.


The Art of Channeling

I am going to throw down a stat that something like 9 out of 10 of every single channeling that has ever taken place on Earth was not with the legitimate Being the Channeler thought they were communicating with.

Do I believe they were talking to something? Yes. Do I believe they really know what they are truly talking to? No.

The human race seems to believe that just because something is dead, it automatically makes it somehow truthful or legitimate. Most the time Channelers are so excited and feel so privileged that something is actually talking to them, that they just don’t care about whether or not the Being is truthfully who they say they are. The most fatal flaw for any Channeler is not having the ability to discern who they are truly talking to.

To date, I have only met a single other person on Earth who was smart enough to develop a test to discern the Being standing before them. I seem to believe that most New Age philosophers take the ethereal world for granted. They have no idea how desperate Darkbeings can be to draw attention to themselves, siphon off your energy, or even just play their victim for a fool.

The Secret behind being a successful Channeler is to learn how to distinguish between a legitimate Archangel, Ascended Master or other Higher Being polarized to the Light, and Darkbeings altering their appearance in order to deceive the uninitiated.


How to tell if a Channeled message is absolute rubbish

This is actually quite amusing for me to write. Mostly because 9 out of 10 so called “channeled messages” I have come across on forums and spiritual websites are duds. By duds I mean, sure yeah they are channeling those messages, however those messages are coming from Darkbeings.

How can I tell? I have summoned hundreds of Beings, channeled thousands more, and spoken with everything from normal Spirit Guides all the way up to the Archangels. I know a legitimate message when I see one. And I am going to give you the tools to also be able to discern the real gems from the piles of spiritual crap.


     1. Channeled messages have a purpose
Legitimate messages from real Archangels and Ascended Masters have a very definitive purpose. They fragment their energy at a destined moment in time, open up the doorway to Enlightenment and literally lower their energy enough to communicate with somebody who barely even believes in the ethereal world. This process requires a tremendous amount of energy on their part, they therefore only bother for a reason worthwhile enough for them to lift a finger.

We are talking about some of the greatest Beings in this Universe. There is only a handful of legitimate reasons for them to flourish their energies. Their energies are bound to increase the consciousness of this Universe or fail where they stand. The first thing you should consider when looking at a channeled message is what the overall purpose of that message is meant to allow us to see. If it is mostly talking about common sense type stuff, forget it and move on to something better to read like Dan Brown. Higher Beings are powerful entities, they don’t waste their time with everyday chit-chat. It’s hard enough to initiate a channeled session, let alone fill the minds of their Channeler with useless crap that won’t get them anywhere.


     2. Frequently Channeled messages throw up red flags
Ever see the people who channel “Archangel Michael” every single day of the week? Unless you’re thinking about starting a new religion, what in the hell could you possibly be talking about that requires daily communication?

Real Channelers who legitimately channel Higher Beings know that our messages come through in about 5 minutes flat. Those 5 minutes are some of the most extraordinary minutes of our lives. Powerful visions, feelings, flawless emotions and this incredible sense of Universal Oneness flows through our veins till we understand every single notion of what the Higher Being needs to show us. My whole second Chapter of World of Archangels was entirely channeled in a powerful interactive vision in under 5 minutes. At the end of those 5 minutes I knew more about the Dimensional nature of our Universe than anybody else I knew. A Higher Being who didn’t get the message right the first time, isn’t a true Higher Being.


     3. Channeled messages with a negative connotation towards humanity are from Darkbeings
The notorious example here were all the psychics who claimed to be channeling the 6th Dimensional Being Ashtar back in the heyday when Ashtar was the Being to apparently know. The fake Beings kept telling people that the world was going to end, the human race would end as we know it, and that supreme Beings were going to come down to “save” the lucky few and take them away.

Why is it that society itself must consistently be drawn to negative events and states of emotions as a source of personal power. And this is exactly what everybody who channels Darkbeings is doing. Even if we call out the fraudulent nature of their messages, they will defend the questionable Being like their life depends on it. These Beings are their source of power, their prestige, their point of differentiation from the masses. They just can’t handle the fact that those Beings were using them for illegitimate purposes. We need to let our ego go when we channel because even the best of us have come across really amazing-looking Negative Beings who were great conversationalists but mostly just full of crap.

If you read a channeled message with any kind of negative connotation towards humanity, it is an early indicator that the Channeler you are reading has been compromised. If they are compromised with one channeled message, there is an extreme likelihood they have been compromised in the past and will be compromised again in the future. There isn’t a point reading their stuff if it isn’t going to help humanity’s consciousness. Higher Beings already know how and when the Universe will play out; they don’t go around randomly telling people prematurely because that will defeat the purpose.


How do Darkbeings compromise a Channeler?

I understand how it is done. It is just a matter of time before the world starts to understand why it is so important to discern the nature of the Beings standing in front of them. Welcome to the world of psychic warfare.

If you haven’t already done so, it would be a really good idea to first read my article Channeling before moving on. It is an introduction to the subject and it will explain how channeling works through very basic and easy-to-understand steps.

The first infographic shows the basic energetic Chakras necessary for communication to take place.

Channeling Darkness 2


There are 4 main Chakras that aid communication with the ethereal world: Crown Chakra, Third-Eye Chakra, Throat Chakra, and the Heart Chakra. The Crown Chakra connects to the Higher Dimensions and allows a much higher form of expression with Beings who reside up there. Generally, in order to communicate with Angels, Ascended Masters and Archangels, you will have to develop your Crown Chakra.

The Third-Eye Chakra is the cornerstone for psychic communication that most people need to develop for clairvoyance (sight), so they can see what they are talking to in order to effectively identify the type of Being standing in front of them. The Third-Eye Chakra most commonly overlays an etheric map over the physical world in an almost blending of realities.

The Throat Chakra allows the ability of clairaudience (sound) so we may express ourselves to ethereal Beings, and also allow those ethereal Beings to express themselves back to us. It is a common misconception to believe that we can only talk to ethereal Beings, a lot of the time we can feel each other’s thoughts; which flows nicely into the Heart Chakra.

The Heart Chakra allows the ability of clairsentience (feeling) for when we need to communicate on a much more effective scale. Empaths are people with active Heart Chakras who can feel other people’s emotions around them (most the time uncontrollably).


Channeling Darkness 3


The second infographic is pretty straight forward. Basically if you have read my article Channeling, then that entire post can be summed up in the light-blue, dotted vertical line. All of our Chakras seemingly connect up into a concentrated energetic burst into the ethereal world. That burst is then interpreted by ethereal Beings who are floating around. The more powerful our abilities, the farther our energetic burst can stretch upwards into the Higher Dimensions.

Please note that in reality the energetic burst moves up through our body and out of our Crown Chakra, almost like a volcano erupting from the top of our head.

Somebody with an undeveloped Chakra (any one of Third-Eye, Throat Chakra, or Heart Chakra) will have a shorter energetic burst than somebody with developed Chakras. Higher Beings almost always draw upon all of our abilities within all of our Chakras (hence the 5 minute super-charged sessions). All our senses become uniquely activated into this almost collage of incredible expression all at once.


Channeling Darkness 4


I give it to them, Negative Beings are good, they know what they are doing. They have refined their skills to a fine art. The best analogy I can give you is almost like the CIA tapping your phone lines and redirecting your calls to their own operatives in order to orchestrate a stint. Negative Beings will feel out your attempts at channeling the ethereal world and redirect your “call” to either themselves or a Light-puppet in their place. Negative Beings use all sorts of energetic hardware such as puppets that don’t have an energetic trace in order to deceive their victims. An energetic puppet doesn’t have a dark signature, it’s just energy. It has no thoughts, no feelings, no guilty intentions, it’s practically as clean as you can get. It’s like a little Pinocchio there to secretly harm you.

The Negative Being will then infiltrate your entire energetic network. It will blur out all of your Chakras and proceed to completely manipulate the way it looks, sounds, and sometimes even feels. It does this so well, mixed with your own thoughts and coupled by your own experiences and memories, that you will truly believe what you are seeing is real.


How to Discern a true Higher Being

We can see them walking into our room. We can hear them talking to us. We can feel their Unconditional Love. All of these play a vital role in discerning whether the Being is positively or negatively polarized. These next few lines are going to save your life if you channel Higher Beings.

  1. A true Higher Being will either fall into your room from a much Higher Dimension or will open an energetic portal (white or golden cream in color) and walk through it into your room. They will never come from any hellish red or dark looking Dimensions and they will never arrive without announcing their presence.
  2. If you cannot clearly see their face or if it is somehow hidden by fog, darkness, or blur, then it is a very significant indicator you are talking to a Darkbeing. Higher Beings are very open with letting you know who they are and what they look like. If they are wearing a black hooded cloak, also be wary, Higher Beings most often exclusively appear to you as wearing stark white or purple clothing.
  3. Their voice should never sound harsh, cold, angry or dark.
  4. Ask them to prove to you they are a true Higher Being polarized to the Light, as described in my book World of Archangels. The Unconditional Love you feel must be absolutely amazing. It should never just cut-out or go away after an initial burst; it should keep you heightened for the duration of the session.
  5. A true Higher Being will never leave you or walk away after the session. A True Higher Being knows that their work is never truly done whilst talking to a 3rd Dimensional human being. To walk away after they finish, is to directly dishonor God by suggesting their help is no longer required. It is an absolute disgrace to find a Higher Being walk away from you, this right here will give you a definite hint as the true nature of the Being you just channeled. True Higher Beings will at least stay with you until you gently ease away from their consciousness, or fall asleep.


Finally did you notice that the Heart Chakra is the only line in the third infographic that wasn’t red?

Unconditional Love is the only way I know to test Higher Beings of their authenticity. We will either feel so much Love that we want to transcend our human bodies and exist in the higher planes with them, or we won’t. Their beautiful state of existence either uplifts us beyond belief, or we fall short in every possible way. There is a very sharp contrast of emotions and feelings whilst discerning true Unconditional Love and just hyped up energy.

We must test every single Higher Being who we decide to channel, even if we see the same Being twice in the same day. I will guarantee you that just about nobody actually does this. In fact, I have only seen this step (the most vital step) performed by only one other person on the planet. If you want to channel Higher Beings, or are currently already channeling them, ask them to prove themselves to you. For most Channelers out there, this will open up a can of worms for you. For those seeking to start getting into it, you will officially have been given the right tools from the very beginning.


It may look like an Archangel, it may sound like an Archangel, but it may not feel like an Archangel.


The next time you are reading a channeled message, read the message itself for it’s ability to truly uplift you and raise the consciousness of humanity. Think about the person channeling the message; do you believe they are testing their Being for signs of Unconditional Love? Or are they just blindly channeling whatever the hell they feel like? There are some many pitfalls whilst channeling messages, so many possibilities for deception that unless you really know the background of the Channeler, or at least are confident with their abilities of psychic self defense, then we just don’t know how legitimate the message is. There are few too people on Earth who really know their way around Negative Beings.

For the 9 failed attempts out of 10, we are either getting personal opinions of the Channeler or the Darkbeing’s opinion. An Archangel’s opinion will leave you warmed and excited about Life, it will act to raise your consciousness and truly capture the meaning for why you are alive. One thing is for sure, you are getting something’s opinion with a channeled message. It is really about placing confidence in what that something is. The best way to know for sure is to contact the Archangels and Ascended Masters yourself, that way you will be 100% confident about the Being standing before you no matter which way the session turns out.


Channeling | Channeling Darkness | Channeling Heaven


We are never alone, not even if we were to stand in a room of complete darkness surrounded by nothing other than the blank space of time itself. Even then we would be standing within a crowded city whose confines so far outweigh the notions of Life and Death that we might as well just call existence the City of God. There is no such thing as Life and Death; there are only the perceived differences our soul takes aboard when it finds itself in a new environment. It would be impossible for the Universe to truly die and if we are the Universe then it is impossible for us to truly die. We seem to love to find beauty in that which most appeals to our senses in Life, but very few seem to find beauty in the sheer fact that we are alive right now. Life dampens the soul to such an extent that for some reason, we are calling worldly possessions beautiful for no other reason than for the continuation of our interest. Hundreds of lifetimes later we may still call upon the same lower vibratory senses to find meaning in our lives– but with one minute difference. A very small difference, albeit a difference nonetheless. We are somehow slightly more attracted to the ethereal or that which we consider dead, that our meaning in life has got something more to it than for the attainment of material wealth, that there could possibly be a reason for why we are doing what we are doing. This small spark of interest, as ever so insignificant as it may be, marks one of the most important steps in our consciousness since we first incarnated into the Universe; a single moment of realization– a step closer to our Higher Self.

Higher Self

Our Higher Self is a collective consciousness that sits within an ulterior Dimension to that which we may use to progress through our self-realization process. Think of it as a hot air balloon that floats above our lives far up in a much higher Dimension than what we are currently experiencing. Our Higher Self completely differentiates depending upon whether or not you are within the reincarnation system to achieve self-realization or for a much higher purpose. For the regular Universal inhabitant progressing through multiple lives on Earth to achieve their necessary realization, your Higher Self is actually a mirror image of what you progressed to in the 5th/6th Dimension in the last Universal Cycle. What this means is that your current Higher Self is in fact you in a couple thousand years from now. Though it is hard to imagine, you have already achieved Oneness through Enlightenment in the last Universal Cycle and you are now tracking your way back up to the top in a more proficient manner.

Your Higher Self acts as the coordinator for all of your lives within this Universe up until you reach the 5th/6th Dimension once again. It structures our lives for the most effective route for self-realization in order for us to reach the same point in consciousness that it currently sits within. The reason it personally structures our lives is that who better to coordinate our lives then our future selves who have already been through our lessons? We know ourselves better than anybody else in this Universe, and we therefore structure our reincarnation process through our own unique patterns for growth.

It is quite specifically rare for us to incarnate in a set linear format. For example, Life A 1922-1982 and Life B 2012-2082. We actually incarnate in an overlapping sequence with multiple lifetimes, where it is possible for one to start before the last one finishes. For example where a linear format would follow a neat birth and death time frame, layering lives allows for the maximum possible efficiency by allowing us to live through more incarnations over the same period of time; Life A 1922-1982, Life B 1942-2002, Life C 1982-2052, Life D 2012-2082, etc. Please refer to the following graph for a visual representation of how reincarnation layers our lives on top of each other.


Higher Self 2


Without a Higher Self dedicated into organizing our life streams, we would only be able to follow a linear format where one lifetime started directly after the last one. Our Higher Self acts to coordinate all of the information and lessons learned across multiple lifetimes into that of a singular consciousness. When our physical body dies, our consciousness is stream-lined with out Higher Self in an ongoing effort to better understand the current Universal changes and discrepancies and integrate the most up-to-date information into our future lives.

The previous graph shown above is highly conservative of the truth behind reality. What it doesn’t take into account are the fact that some lifetimes are solely structured for a single realization, or even just to play a single part within the continual involvement of society’s consciousness. We may be alive for a very short number of years, we may even waste entire lives for nothing better than for the attainment of material possessions. These kinds of small bursts of life completely disorganize the graph into a structural mess that gradually shows an incline in consciousness spreading over hundreds if not thousands of lifetimes. Please refer to the following graph of what layering our incarnations more accurately looks like.


Higher Self 3


In this second graph we can more accurately see how reincarnation is gradually progressing along the consciousness scale. All of the smaller lines represent shorter lives for the sole purposes of learning a particular lesson. These types of lives occur in volatile circumstances such as wars or environmental upheavals. The further along the graph we go, we eventually come across the remaining lifetimes where they start to space out a lot more and are generally longer than the others. This is because the higher in consciousness we attain, our Higher Self concentrates more energy into those very high realization lifetimes and we live longer and more fruitful lives in order to gain this experience. The last green line represents the singular lifetimes our Higher Self structures for no other reason than the importance placed on those later lives (old souls) achieving something spiritually significant. For example, my current incarnation is singular in perspective. I currently have no other incarnations on Earth, while if you were to look at a soul who just progressed out of the 2nd Dimension, their Higher Self would be incarnating multiple streams in order to maximize their effectiveness in a larger array of environmental circumstances.

The aim of our Higher Self is to get us to the exact same point of consciousness that it is currently sitting within. When we achieve Enlightenment, our current individual consciousness completes itself by merging with our Higher Self. In order for this statement to make sense, our current consciousness would firstly have to be an incomplete form of existence in order to justify why Enlightenment allows us to transcend our current system and cease the need for us to be here. We are a fragment of our Higher Self. This explains how and why we as human beings experience some form of Death. Fragments experience Life and Death every single day, where it is truly impossible for an original soul to die. We are conscious fragments interacting with our environment down here, and when our fragment dies we collate all of our experiences back with our Higher Self.

I have just stumbled across what may be one of the most controversial elements of human society. Laws were introduced based upon the premise that man does not have the necessary maturity and social function to maintain the equilibrium of existence within our current form of consciousness. We have strict laws on Earth that completely condemns the murder and manslaughter or any other form of unnatural or premeditated Death. If you were to contemplate what our Higher Self may feel when one of its fragments dies, it would be like asking Gaia if she cries when a tree in one of her forests dies. Our Higher Self incarnates thousands of lifetimes just in the 3rd Dimension alone, not even mentioning the 2nd Dimension of plants/animals/insects where tens of thousands of lives were justified for the sole purpose of Dimensional evolvement for that of a single soul. How many billions of lives were used to effectively create our current reality is beyond belief. If we lived in an Enlightened community, laws would become meaningless; not because we as Enlightened individuals could transcend them, but because there would truly be no authority to enforce a law that doesn’t exist beyond the veils of human perception.

Please refer to the following graph that depicts the process of achieving realization to unify with our Higher Self to achieve Enlightenment.

Higher Self 4


Once our Higher Self allows us to achieve Enlightenment, we take aboard all of the memories and experiences of our past lives in that of a singular consciousness, and then move forwards with the weight of thousands of lifetimes creating the foundation of our spiritual maturity. Our Higher Self becomes nothing more than a completing element as part of our soul complex and we then progress forwards in a new state that does not require us to reincarnate in short bursts of lives, but instead take longer continuous streams of life in energetic form.

The true question remains as to what we even do as Universal Enlightened Beings who no longer need the system of reincarnation. Our Higher Self certainly finds interest in progressing us up to the point of realization. If our Soul is just a realizing fragment, it rises a thought as to the entire point of life if our Higher Self is already within an Enlightened State. The answer to this question lies within the very reason for why our Universe exists at all. We are all already manifestations of Unconditional Love floating within the most ecstatic fields of energy as God, yet here we are within a Universe– going through the motions of daily life as an incomplete soul. The irony of the situation is perfectly encapsulated within the premise that all we have to do is completely realize what we are doing in order to wake up from our level of reality. We are finding Unconditional Love in trillions of ways for no other reason than our Creator is creating other Creators, because that is what Creators do. Our Higher Self simply exists because such a mechanism allows us to perform this function with greater clarity and more coherence than if a single soul was to try and track its way through the sea of consciousness without any guidance at all. It could just be that we are fascinated by the thousands of lives creating beauty and chaos in the most profoundly resonating corner of the Universe.



Every single answer short of the ultimate truth is by far more beautiful and much more personally satisfying to the humble Universal inhabitant. Some of us were born to live while others were born to die. We progress through the Galaxies as glowing lights within the Universe, interacting with each other in hopes of one day remembering who we are. We will achieve our Enlightenment in the most fascinating and unusual way; re-traceable a completely accountable for when the new Universal cycle begins once again. Even enlightened as we may be, the power of the Universe still draws us in and captures our imagination for another spiritual journey. The Universe is indeed the home of the incomplete soul.


Here in Life on Earth there are many significant realizations that we come across depending on the particular role we are playing in our human body. We may come to a very specific realization for no other reason than we feel it the highest level of knowledge for us to attain at that given moment in time. What varies the level of understanding we achieve often depends upon the level of consciousness that surrounds our planet and soul in a harmonious exchange. So if we were to tap into a higher form of consciousness, our level of understanding would reflect that higher vibratory nature.

The current level of humanity’s consciousness has reached a certain level of truth that we know as Enlightenment. Particular Masters, such as Buddha, incarnated down to pass on their teachings and give us the mental framework to understand what it means to achieve Enlightenment. However, what many ever rarely take into consideration is that there may be something further than these teachings, something more all-encompassing, something more enlightening than what the current level of understanding allows them to achieve. Levels of consciousness can be peeled away like layers of an artichoke, where by the time your find your way to the middle, all you are left with is a golden cream-colored core– some say is the most exquisite part!

The 6 Levels of Truth is a map leading out of the current state of humanity’s consciousness, and into some of the highest planes known to existence. I became aware of these truths throughout my spiritual journeys, however only recently ventured onto the 6th Level– thus inspiring me to write this article. It is important to understand that ALL of the Levels are indeed TRUE, and at no point in time is it possible for one of the Levels to be FALSE. The 6 Levels of Truth starts at the ground-point for the current level of consciousness of humanity, and keeps building up on top of each other with inter-connecting pathways. I am positive that there do exist higher levels of truth than what is described here; however, even the Ascended Masters will be wondering how I even got this high.


The 6 Levels of Truth

Level 1

The first level is what a majority of people on Earth are currently experiencing as “Enlightenment”. The people who are on Level 1 are those that have read a few spiritual, religious and philosophical books (Eastern Mysticism) and have now achieved a level of understanding where they genuinely feel they have attained a greater and more awakened perspective on Life than those around them. These are the people you find writing Self-help books, positive and proactive Blogs (Paid to Exist), and are now helping humanity in some way to achieve this incredible feat as well. Level 1 is by no means easy, these people have undergone much in their lives to spark this level of truth into their existence and they are by all means ahead of the current societal norms of our consciousness. People on this level often find humanity reaching out to them as they have attained a level of consciousness that will most recognizably pull them onto a new pathway of conscious living.


Level 2

The second level is one of spiritual endeavors and higher consciousness living. The people who call this level home are the ones who have gone further with their understanding for who they are and what they believe they are doing here. They are the ones who take aboard all the basic spiritual concepts such as reincarnation, consciousness, energy, even the existence of the ethereal world. They start to place themselves as a soul experiencing Creation unfolding as a spiritual event and this reflects into their spiritual lifestyles, like becoming a vegetarian, practicing yoga, meditating, and working towards initiating a greater spiritual journey throughout their lives. The people in this Level may not come out with it, but they are all the old souls who easily pick up and understand the spiritual world in all its beauty and complexity. They have moved a step beyond awakening and seek to reignite all these memories about spirituality.


Level 3

The third level is where the more all-encompassing seeds of knowledge such as Unconditional Love and Ascension starts coming into play. The people who manage to find their way here are more advanced than the current level of consciousness that society has drawn out for them. For some innate spiritual reason, they believe that their purpose on Earth is to Ascend and become One with the Universe through the powerful existence of Unconditional Love. They have learned to balance themselves and no longer perceive God as Higher Being looking down upon them, but rather as an incredibly uplifting and ecstatic existence within themselves and everything surrounding them in this Universe. They have a clear goal in Life and are actively working towards that achieving it in their predestined lifetime. They understand that they have an active purpose to fulfill on this planet and spend their lives acting in service to the rest of humanity. They are often very knowledgeable and loving and actively try demonstrate this through their actions towards others.


Level 4

The fourth level is where souls start viewing themselves as a Universal Witness to Creation unfolding. Whether they are in communication with Higher Beings or not, their level of universal understanding has evolved them to the point where they no longer look at life as an ordinary human being. They have surrendered to the forces of Life and Death and understand that Unconditional Love is their existence– it is not some concept they are trying to achieve– it is their reason for being. Life no longer attracts them and they find themselves looking towards higher pursuits to make recognizable differences in the level of consciousness around them. The souls on this level view the world as just another opportunity to express their Love and ability to nurture learning around them. When they look at the world, all they see is God, all they see is Oneness. This is the level where most Ascended Masters get to when their roles on Earth have come to an end. This was also the level that World of Archangels was written.


Level 5

The fifth level starts reaching beyond the Universe. Our Universe can be seen to be structured by 12 Dimensions– each with an infinite number of Dimensions within them. We live in an infinite existence housed within the most beautiful and powerful Creator in the field of Unconditional Love. But we are not the only one. We live in what is known as a multiverse, or the existence of multiple Creators– each with their own complete Universe. There are billions of Creators out there, and they were born from what I came to know as an even higher Source called Grandfather Source. Grandfather Source is a level of being that has no bounds, there aren’t any mental concepts I can point at to explain where our Creator was birthed into Unconditional Love, other than the fact that there exists an even greater Source of light. The beings on this level are Creators and collectively form part of the Collective Creator Consciousness (CCC). It is similar to the Collective Unconscious that we have surrounding our planet connecting all living things, but greatly expanded to now house the billions of Creators with Universes under their wings. The Beings on this level don’t think about anything less than constructing and deconstructing entire existences through the polarizations of their Universes. We currently live in a Universe that is roughly 50/50 polarized Light/Dark. There exist Creations that have 80:20, 70:30, 60:40, even 99:1 polarized ratios. Please refer to my article series The Creator for a more detailed overview.


Level 6

The sixth level delves into concepts so powerful that it will humble the average soul beyond the point of recognition. I only know of this Level of Truth because I was recently shown it by one of Creation’s caretakers and it will far surpass just about anything else I have taught.

There is an existence of Unconditional Love that is infinitely powerful and extends in an infinite number of directions. In this field, there is nothing to distinguish one section of it from another– there is only a unified field of Unconditional Love– until some kind of event occurs.

Imagine if you were to stand at the edge of a small pond and splash the water, to then run around to the other side of the pond and splash the water again. What you will have is one source of ripples coming from one side, another source of ripples coming from the other. The meeting point of both these ripples is what I want to concentrate on. Think about Unconditional Love as being gaseous in nature (purely symbolic), and that when two energetically grown ripples come into connection with each other, they form a cross-section in Unconditional Love that forms a drop of water falling through the gaseous field.

The liquid drop is symbolic; it’s suggesting it’s nature is exactly the same as the gaseous Unconditional Love, its form however is now slightly amended (think about steam going through the process condensation till you have a drop of water). That symbolic water drop is the entire multiverse of Universes as Creation as we know it. Grandfather Source is the Being who simply came into existence to become the slightly condensated drop of Unconditional Love. Grandfather Source is creating other Creators to collectively achieve Unconditional Love and then go on to create more Creators in their mirror image. The multiverse of Creators are simply existing to figuratively heat the water drop up till it turns back to steam– to reunify the ecstatic existence of Unconditional Love as a unified form.

With this level of spiritual understanding, we are not so much incarnated Creators going through life trying to learn how to become a Creator once more, but rather Beings of Unconditional Love who have come into existence to help Grandfather Source unify this precipitated droplet of a Universe back to the higher states of Unconditional Love once again. We come in, we learn, we remember, we create, we destroy, we evolve, we ascend, we transcend. Every time we achieve the Creator level, we are unifying Unconditional Love and effectively achieving what we came here to originally do.
One of my favorite scene from the movie Tron Legacy was when Flinn (Jeff Bridges) describes how he built his online world, when a “miracle” suddenly occurred.


Kevin Flynn: The Miracle…You remember. ISOs, isomorphic algorithms, a whole new life form.
Sam Flynn: And you created them?
Kevin Flynn: [Laughs] No, no. They manifested, like a flame. They weren’t really, really from anywhere. The conditions were right, and they came into being. For centuries we dreamed of gods, spirits, aliens, and intelligence beyond our own. I found them in here, like flowers in a wasteland. Profoundly naive; unimaginably wise. They were spectacular. Everything I’d hope to find in the system; control, order, perfection. None of it meant a thing. Been living in a hall of mirrors. The ISOs shattered it, the possibilities of their root code, their digital DNA. Disease? History! Science, philosophy, every idea man has ever had about the Universe up for grabs. Biodigital jazz, man. The ISOs, they were going to be my gift to the world.

Quote from Tron Legacy with Jeff Bridges and Garret Hedlund.


The idea of Beings coming into Creation simply because there was an environment for them to exist within, is the heart and soul behind how/why the Universe got to the stage it currently exists. “Build it, and they will come.” When we start placing ourselves as individualized fields of Unconditional Love who came to help Grandfather Source, we become significantly humbled to everything that is going on in our world. I’ve been walking around, observing people through this new perception, beaming around with a smile of warming love, while looking at others thinking “What are you doing right now?” I started looking down upon Creation with a higher sense of purpose. It is like I am part of this exclusive club that just knows… Beings who finally understand why everything exists, why they are here playing a part in the Universe, emitting a source of energy that transcends any kind of self-indulgent behavior, a meaning only felt by those who finally understand the true nature of Unconditional Love. And it is all just impacting upon me in the most heightened way. If you thought being a Creator was ecstatic, imagine something so much more powerful that even a Creator would give everything up for it. It kind of sounds like Love!


We live in a world where we want to kick ass at absolutely everything or die trying. And this article was designed to teach you how to do exactly that! Some of you want to kick ass down at the local gym, others want to kick ass in the spiritual world, but most importantly of all– everybody wants to kick ass at Life to really let it become everything they intended it to be! Luckily for everybody here, I have created, upon the hint of my whimsical thoughts, The 7 Laws of Kicking Ass! No more mooching around wondering what to do! No more needless conversations with your Spirit Guides trying to make sense of it all! Just pure and raw emotion to kick ass at absolutely everything no matter what happens!


The 7 Laws of Kicking Ass


Law 1: Stop feeling sorry for yourself

We just might be the most sorry bunch of saps the Creator has ever come across in all existence. “I might get rejected,” “I don’t earn enough money,” “I don’t spend enough time with my kids,” “Why is the world so evil?” “Why are taxes so high?” “Why aren’t my investments making money?” “My divorce is killing me,” “I just failed my mid-terms,” “If only I made that scoring goal during my match,” “Why God did I just sprain my ankle, now I can’t attend Karate class on Friday,” “I think my ass is getting fat!”

There is A LOT going on in our lives. Sometimes the only thing we can do is concentrate on all of the negative situations that we come across, and then bundle them all up into the most self-sabotaging psychological construct to stay with us for the rest of our lives. If you thought the Devil was bad, try taking a look at our subconscious minds. Worlds of material to use against us; our entire lives to play it out into reality. So many lessons to learn; so many things to make us feel sorry for ourselves.

All of this needs to Stop. If we can’t accept ourselves for who we are and what we are doing on Earth, then how is it that anybody else can? The buck stops with us. Not our family, not our friends, not our parents. WE are the Universal inhabitant learning to become the most powerful Being we can possibly be and the only way we are going to move forward is if we first learn to like ourselves– and then, just maybe, grow to love ourselves.

The longer we focus on the negative feelings and emotions spurring our psychological constructs, instead of embracing the positive things that make us happy little buffaloes, the longer we will keep on cycling through the same learning curves until we finally get it right! It is as simple as taking a stand right now and making a decision to stop feeling sorry for yourself. Repeat after me “I am going to stop feeling sorry for myself right now! I love Everything about me!”

There you go, the world just became a slightly better place!


Law 2: Start believing in yourself

Here we go, now we are really starting to kick ass! Things are revving up. Start believing you are the most powerful presence in this Universe. You are God’s energy. You are living Creation into reality from your own unique perspective. You are not insignificant. You don’t need to ask anyone permission. You don’t need to go through anybody else or go anywhere specific to connect to God– you are already God in this living moment. This realization came from one of my Grandmasters and I want to share it with you.

My Grandmaster was standing before me eyeing me off as I told him about the recent spurt of negative Beings trying to get through to me. I was complaining about something in life when he cut me off mid-sentence with a wave of his hand, and said “From this moment forward you are going to develop the self confidence necessary to start believing in yourself unconditionally… You are going to start believing in who you are and what you stand for. I don’t care what has been happening to you, whose been coming, or even why. From this moment forward, you are going to recognize yourself as God.”

His voice started enhancing with every word until he roused himself into a booming display of raw energy and power, “I chose you to become one of MY disciples. Out of billions, I chose you for a very specific reason… I couldn’t care if you were a pauper in the street begging for food or The Queen herself living a life of absolute lavishness! When you sit here, you make the decision to represent God every single second of your existence. Believe in yourself like your life depended on it!”

With that, he turned around and started walking off into a Higher Dimension. My body started glowing so profoundly with Unconditional Love that I felt my existence shifting into a higher realm. I was surrounded by so much beauty and unconditional energy. I couldn’t help but allow myself to vibrate so strongly that I almost wanted to believe Life was meaningless to the oceans of Love surrounding me.

Life begins with that of a single thought. Believe in who you are and what you are doing. It is amazing what we can achieve when we simply acknowledge our presence.


Law 3: 100% devotion, no exceptions

If we want to be good at absolutely anything, then we are required to apply a great amount of time and effort into that something until be become better at it. It may take months, it may even take years, but in the end of the day we will have achieved our goals at becoming reasonably good at that something. If we however want to master that something, the is no such thing as a definable period of time in order to be able to achieve such a goal. We may be naturally gifted at a certain sport/discipline/subject matter/psychic gift/psychological tendency/etc, that it would be nearly impossible to define to what extent we need to train ourselves to be the best at that something.

One thing does however run true, if we want to be a master at something, we will have to apply ourselves 100% in order to get to the top. Even then, if we want to stay at the top then we will have to keep innovating ourselves in order to stay ahead of the competition. At no point in time will there be allowed mediocre efforts to strive for mediocre goals. And at no point during the entire cycle is it more important to apply ourselves 100% than it is at the very beginning. We develop some of our most important learning attributes when we are first exposed to a new subject mater. From the very beginning must we delve directly down into the heart of our application.

If we want to learn how to channel, then we have to apply our time and effort into learning every single step of the way– working through the Chakras, to our energetic vibration, to developing the necessary avenues to calling Beings. If we want to be great at channeling, then we have to continue expanding our awareness and finding new Beings to communicate with till we progress past the established avenues of Spirit Guides/Angels/Ascended Masters. If we want to master channeling, then we have to rid the need of society’s expectations for how we are to act, for we would no longer be classified as a normal functioning human being when we spend more time in the spiritual world than we do our own. My point is that in order to really kick ass at something we have to go beyond what others expect of us, even beyond what we initially conceived for our goals– we have to go all the way, beyond the point of no return and dedicate our lives to it. If you can’t do that, then be satisfied with just being great at something, for in this world– there is no such thing as cookie-cut masters.


Law 4: Be a leader, not a follower

If you want to seriously start kicking ass in life, you are going to want to be the one making the decisions for yourself or risk living somebody else’s dreams into reality. I don’t care what industry you are in, what job you have, how successful you are at following other people around– Everything we do needs to move out of sheep-mode and into the “Let’s Start Kicking Ass Paradigm”.

People really like to follow others around. We like to keep up with the latest trends, fashion designs, hairstyles, music, food, even sub-language of what’s “in” to say, but I will tell you what we are not doing– being ourselves. I know who I am. I don’t follow anybody’s or anything’s advice on how to look/eat/speak, not unless I want that advice to make me look/eat/speak more kick ass than what I am currently achieving. If it achieves the kick ass goal, then its Ok. If it’s simply to try and “fit in” with others, that shit is going to fly by me like a bat out of hell with a vengeance.

We don’t have to be the CEO of a company to lead. We can take aboard leadership roles in just about every avenue in life. We can’t control our lives 100%, but what we can do is actually live like we want to. I almost want to start singing “My Way by Frank Sinatra” I have come to the point where I am not going to spend a single second living somebody else’s dream into my reality. I couldn’t handle it back when I was working in the commercial accounting world, and I will never accept falling back into sheep-mode again– even if my life depended on it. Once you taste freedom, there is very little that will stop you from wanting to taste it again.


Law 5: Take responsibility for your Life

I touch upon a few things in World of Archangels that is relevant to The 7 Laws of Kicking Ass. This one shines the brightest; the attraction of both positive and negative events into our lives in order to orchestrate the most effective learning pattern possible to our God-self realization. With the amount of people I get writing to me about negative events in their life– very, very few say the right thing. “I have Demons around me, and I don’t know why. I need you to help me!” “My life is spiraling downwards and everything is falling apart and its my husbands fault!” “I’m just such a cute innocent little victim and I don’t know why bad things have to happen to me!!”

No, no, no; nobody is taking responsibility for their lives.

You are God.

If you are God, then that person standing over there hurting you is also God. It is impossible for anything to exist in this Creation and for it to not be God. You attract both positive and negative events into your life for the utmost realization of your true existence in this Universe. Nobody is controlling your life, nobody is puppeteering it, nobody is forcing you to do anything other than yourself. It may be one of the most difficult lessons in our lives to accept that we attract and repel everything that comes into it. There is nobody to blame but God. Whether you achieve Enlightenment in this lifetime or are currently setting up your eventual day of empowerment 1000 lifetimes in the future; you are working your way back to God. Everything else is just a mental perception for what you truly believe is real.

“I’m attracting the presence of a negative Being into my life who is not adhering to my commands to leave me alone!”

Much better. Now you can be helped.


Law 6: Wake up and smell the fresh air

Most people are satisfied living normal 9-5 lives, going through socially acceptable milestones such as career/family/stability, but I wasn’t. Most people end up getting caught running around in the rat race, living a life bound to the mental musings and whims of centralized banks, but I won’t. Most people thought spirituality was just about sitting around in an ashram sporting a beard with long flowing robes chanting Om, but I didn’t.

What happened to me that changed the way I think? I can nearly contribute all of this to my Kundalini Awakening I had when I was 17 years old. I underwent one of the most volatile spiritual experiences of my life, and ever since then I achieved a profound awakening that opened my eyes to the world. I realized that I had actually achieved something very significant; I was an awakened soul in a world polarized to wanting to stay blind and I wasn’t the only one. I started hearing about and meeting others who were just like me. Though they never experienced a fully-fledged Kundalini Awakening as I did, they had all undergone their own forms of awakening that suddenly spurred their lives into a new direction. Some had suffered losses, other went through traumatic periods, and even more still just grew frustrated and tired with the way life was unraveling around them. They had been awakened for no other reason than the negative state of the world we were living in forced us to take responsibility.

Now it feels as if I was sleeping throughout the first 17 years of my life. I suddenly hit the floor running and the world was no longer some place to try and get along in a safe and sound living environment, but a stage for the empowerment of my soul to full God-self realization. When I woke up, I felt like kicking ass every single second of my existence. Remaining a slumbering passive-consumer was so far down next to pond scum that I ventured to try and wake people up with me! The rest was history.


Law 7: Start taking proactive steps in the RIGHT direction

Imagine a world where everybody could only ever turn right. All our roadways would be circular constructs with very few straight lines, considering only half the road would ever be inhabited as we would not be able to turn left. In fact our town master-planning would be based on such circular roadways and we would ultimately end up spiraling ourselves outwards like a galaxy for maximum usage of our land. The movement of traffic would only ever proceed down one-way streets, until eventually the entire city would have to grow to accommodate this new movement of traffic. If we kept traveling, only ever making right-hand turns, the funny thing is that life would become… well predictable. Imagine that, going through life and ending up where you actually planned to go.

On the other hand, one person with such a strange ability as to only ever turn right in a world bound to turn both directions, would leave that person horribly confused and getting anywhere would become exceedingly frustrating. This is exactly what is happening in our world today. Those who want to do the right thing are often forced into falling back into negative habits for no other reason than their life has been conditioned into working through multiple directions. If only more people could group together and start making the right decisions together, the world would start to swing– one community at a time– until eventually all sub-communities grouped together to form a mass complex of inter-connected spiraling societies. And thus, the world would slowly start adapting, changing to the demands of those living within, correcting itself to tailor itself to the movement of people now only turning right. Slowly by slowly, everything would cease to resist such a powerful change and actively progress to enhance these changes as part of their patterns.

All it takes is a single individual to start off the chain reaction. A revolutionary perhaps. Maybe a following of people who did nothing but live to implement a new and changing system that revolutionized the current flaws and setbacks holding society back. Imagine a world where we all just decided to head towards the right direction for no particular reason at all. No natural disasters to start of a chain reaction in our minds, no impending nuclear wars, no negative influences to correct our ways– just the pure wisdom of wanting to create a world worth living in. I can only imagine.