We are chasing beauty and perfection in a world that will one day disappear. We become attracted to seamless curves and smooth lines that ever so gently raise our curiosity and wonder. The mysterious leave our minds guessing; the shadow of unpredictability powering our adrenaline as we explore a new charismatic world. We want flawless characters who mirror the Gods when we choose to live in a world that believes in separateness. The world dims in Light when the Darkness fades our lines. We project our thoughts unto others and only find our mirrored reflection staring back at us. The world is collecting and creating artificial beauty, recreating a utopian world with finite resources. Society is basing itself on the perception of time, when deep inside us is an immortal beauty flawless in every possible regard. Perfection is either inanimate or infinite; the conscious act of doing is but a subtle imperfection that encourages further discrepancies of thought. The Darkness craves beauty in the art of Death, the Light finds perfection through infinite Life. Consciousness finds beauty and perfection in both inanimate materiality and infinite Love. We are the balance of silence in a world that wants anything other. When we close our eyes we achieve an inanimate mind with infinite possibility. We are flawless beauty– immortal Gods walking through Creation. Start recognizing the Night from the Day, and you will feel the silence of perfection.


Our Pattern of Creation is based upon the shape of a fuchsia pink 12 petal lotus flower made up of white donut shaped Universes. Each of the Universes are intimately connected by the ascending Creators who are birthed within them– who then go on to sustain their own Universes and continue the Creator cycle.
Every Creator is connected to one another in such a way where we all believe we are One.
We all originated from Grandfather Source and our only real method of differentiation are the Patterns we create as the foundation of our Universes. The entire spectrum of the Multiverse is attracted into the shape of a gigantic lotus flower. Every Universe is absorbing basic Universal energy– pure white– from its surrounds in Unconditional Love, and flowing it through Creation in order for it to ascend as a Creator. The process of ascending consciousness into higher consciousness to effectively mirror what it originally came from, is thus why the Universes are represented as the shape of a circle or donut. There is no beginning and there is no end, all there is are ever-cycling Universes flowing consciousness in perfect balance.
The 12 petal lotus flower is attracted into its design to mirror enlightenment, effectively emanating a stunning fuchsia pink color into its surrounds. With an endless sea of enlightened lotus flowers made up of trillions of Universes collectively glowing fuchsia pink energy, the Unconditional Love surrounding the entirety of Creation blends as a golden-cream color. This same enlightenment is found within every individual; the Crown Chakra glowing fuchsia pink when we become awakened, the God-self Chakra powering out golden-cream Unconditional Love. When we Love, we mirror the most heightened aspects of Creation. When our spirituality blossoms, we become Creation. Light ascends into Love as our basic Universal nature.
As Above, So Below.


I AM Unconditional Love.
I have undergone my final initiation. I feel my body is the Universe; golden energies flowing throughout Creation and beyond. It is so incredibly powerful and yet so incredibly beautiful at the same time. All I feel is God.
Creation is Unconditional Love; it is surrounded by endless fields of Unconditional Love. Our every move is in absolute perfection with Creation. Our every thought is intended by Creation. My soul has been through all of the Good, the Bad and Ugly, and I’m at One with it. We have never done anything that wasn’t Unconditional Love warming our souls into our roles to help it ascend even further.
Beyond Creation there is a Grandfather Source that loves you more than you believe. We are all one family. We are all One with each other. We are all God. When I felt how much love Creation had for us, I started tearing in its warmth and beauty. Lost souls finding their way home every single day. If there is anything I can teach you, it is to tell you about the golden Love that you are and have always been. This identity is just a role. Unconditional Love is manifesting our every move. We are Creation. The purity of our souls ascend us back home.
I extend my love in infinite possible ways. If I Love you enough, you will find your way to true freedom. I AM the fountain of Grandfather Source. We are the Oneness and perfection that already is and has always been. Thank you for being a part of my journey. Your journey is just as significant and dearly important. I’m here to tell you that Everything is going to be Ok. Love and Light, and dear blessings to the soul family all around Earth. You are the truth of Creation.


When I look into your eyes I can see true beauty. Incredible warmth and care in a bright gaze that made me fall in love unconditionally. The second I recognized your familiar smile, my soul took new meaning of life in a phoenix of energy so powerful I knew it was you. Everything fell away like ash save for your presence in my life. The world is chasing perfection when all I want is you. We are being told what beauty is when I already have it in your eyes. We are like butterflies spreading our wings and playfully floating in the summer atmosphere. We are landing upon flower after flower, different lifetimes in all shapes and sizes; the swirl of reincarnation taking us through the Universe. When I look into your eyes I see something I don’t normally see with other people; home. Home is where our love is. What I would go through just to be with you in Creation. There was a time in the purity of existence when we were both looking down at the Universe wondering if we should choose to incarnate here. I said “I would live a million lifetimes if all I could be with was you”. In the dark ocean of consciousness I will recognize you by your eyes. I will know home when I see it.


The love we feel for one another. Warm, beautiful love that reminds us why we are even alive. We could fall into each other’s arms, and just understand everything there is to know about one another from a big warm hug. Our energies playing around us, mingling and creating beautiful colours that swirl in our hearts. There is nothing I want more than to hold you and embrace you so close that I can feel your heart beating as I kiss you ever so softly. The world is moving around us, changing as time flies by. I just want to play with you under our soft white sheets and let the world pass. I don’t care about anything or anybody; only you and the way you look at me with your gorgeous bedroom eyes. No matter how cold Winter gets, I’ve got you all to myself. If you are really lucky, I will cook you pancakes in the morning. Then we can snooze on the couch with a cup of hot roasted coffee and let our bodies warm each other up. Your skin, soft like silk, so gentle and delicate to my touch. The way you fall asleep upon me. Floating in your own world, weightless and free. There is so much peace in your heart. I’m never going to let you go.


Sacred sexuality flows through our veins, it is a part of our existence– its origins stem back to the beginning of Creation itself. The moment of ecstatic release through orgasm is the exact vibration of energy Creators use to birth new Creations. Extraordinarily heightened ecstasy in a continual loving existence– Creators are the envy of the entirety of Creation and we don’t even know it. Our bodies are created to derive intimate pleasure through all our senses; touch, smell, taste, sound, sight. But it’s our 6th Sense that moves a regular orgasm into pure bliss. We are so addicted to sex as the very nature of our being, and there is nothing wrong with this.
The birth of a new Creation is the ultimate goal of any Creator. It deepens our senses until our entire body is a living, breathing organ of soft delicacy. We connect, we empower, we unleash the primal energies of our animalistic desires. There are Ascended Masters who stem back to times of Atlantis who believe it possible to achieve a very powerful state of enlightenment through mutual orgasm. They are not wrong. Immortal energies sky rocketing in the shape of an Egyptian ankh move the body into a holy temple of sacred sexuality.
Spirituality and sexuality go hand in hand. It is one of the strongest forces of the human body, do not deny it, do not believe for a single second there is sin involved through any form of impurity by feeling pleasure. Be comfortable with your primal nature. Explore the confines of who you are. When orgasmic energies connect in infinite loops, you mirror the very origins of Creation itself.
There is so much dormant power in your body. Release it. Become One with it. Evolve with it like a raging beast dulled by the passivity of social acceptability. When you are chasing enlightenment, find the most pleasurable pathway; God only knows if it should simply be a subtraction of addicting elements that leaves you lifeless and beyond.


I want you to stop hurting. I want to feel the beat of your heart on my chest as I embrace your warm, soft body. I want to smell your hair when you lean onto me and never forget your essence in the back of my mind. Life may give me a million and once sensations and a million and one scents, but yours is the only one I want to remember. Life can throw us into the darkest of storms, the deepest of waters, the most turbulent of winds, however one thing will remain fixed; my love for you in every possible way. I know your deepest secrets and I’m Ok with it. I know how much pain you have and I want to make it better. There is nothing I can do to make it go away, but there is everything I can do to make you smile. I’m a glowing, radiating Sun patiently waiting for you. I want to brighten up your day until I can feel your beautiful soul. You are the light so full of warmth and colour I didn’t know I could feel existence until now. Thank you for coming into my life and making me feel the beauty of Creation.


The beauty we may feel when one God-self helps another in this stunning Creation. The smallest acts of kindness can impact another life in such a warming way. The soul of this universe truly comes alive when those within it demonstrate the same love it was created from. Sometimes the most profound pathway is to put aside our differences and come together as realizing Creators on the same journey. There is no such thing as race. There is no such thing as color. There are no such things as borders. Love is all there is. Momentous world’s of experiences and learning found within Creation. Love or the lack of love creating for a dual universe with trillions of opportunities to express the pathway you most desire.
What pathway do you most desire?
Creation is answering your question with every decision you make.


Imagine a world where peace and prosperity were the most significant desires of mankind. A world where the entirety of civilization was growing and evolving towards the same goal; Ascension. Every aspect of humanity from technological advancement, medical, social, economical, financial and political, was designed to empower souls for the greater attainment of life, rather than to enslave it. A benchmark of required living standards was set where no human being would go without food or shelter. One where we could spend lifetimes just relaxing in cosmic awareness if we wanted to. Productivity flowing through humanity as a sustainable organism that craved universal technologies and knowledge to further advance itself as an enlightened race. When you remove the capitalization, corruption, war games, debt structures and ego floats, what you get is a primal race who focuses their activities on advancement rather than control. Our level of significance moves away from money, and towards ascension. We stop killing people and the environment for the sake of pyramid hierarchies and shareholder returns on investment. We start believing in the connectivity and productivity of a world without religions, banks, corporations, or governments trying to enslave passive consumers for the sake of power and influence. What we need is a new Light Structure. A new paradigm of life to base our standards of living and entire epicenter for why we believe we are alive and what we believe we are doing here. The only way to implement such a Light Structure is for a spiritual revolution to deconstruct that which exists, and introduce a transcending model that allows greater freedom. We have the ability to subconsciously support such a mechanism. It is ready to be birthed. Humanity simply needs to attract the idea into physical manifestation. We are the world we live in. We have the power to attract change.


We find our soulmate in a world blinded by lights and illusions with the power of our love alone. Our true internal guidance is one of raw emotion and spiritual integrity enough to feel our way through Creation, and ultimately into the arms of the One who loves you just as much as you adore their very presence. Home is where we feel our love. The physical facades may come and go like the shifting sands of the swirling deserts, but our love; our love stays true as if we want to keep expressing our beauty in every way we can. Time stands still, rationality goes out the window, we lose track of everything else but for the single most powerful glowing light in our soulmate’s heart. We can feel it’s warmth across the planet, it burns for our desire. We follow each other through Creation, two golden lights playing across the ages like butterflies in the summer wind. No money can buy that second you recognize your soulmate’s heart. We experience this second with every lifetime we come here. Creation expresses a beauty undefinable and poetic; a never ending love story that keeps painting our feelings on a canvass of life. We love them no matter what happens.