We find our soulmate in a world blinded by lights and illusions with the power of our love alone. Our true internal guidance is one of raw emotion and spiritual integrity enough to feel our way through Creation, and ultimately into the arms of the One who loves you just as much as you adore their very presence. Home is where we feel our love. The physical facades may come and go like the shifting sands of the swirling deserts, but our love; our love stays true as if we want to keep expressing our beauty in every way we can. Time stands still, rationality goes out the window, we lose track of everything else but for the single most powerful glowing light in our soulmate’s heart. We can feel it’s warmth across the planet, it burns for our desire. We follow each other through Creation, two golden lights playing across the ages like butterflies in the summer wind. No money can buy that second you recognize your soulmate’s heart. We experience this second with every lifetime we come here. Creation expresses a beauty undefinable and poetic; a never ending love story that keeps painting our feelings on a canvass of life. We love them no matter what happens.