Lights will guide you home in the most colourful swirl of true beauty. The Sun, the Moon and Stars light the skies in the Heaven’s above; calling to us and magnetically drawing us upwards into the greater Universe. Wherever we are, we try to make it right. Whatever we are doing, we love to shine our light. The backdrop of Creation blends into a glowing world of life; conscious creatures stalking the night in an ever loving pursuit of lighting candles along the way. The pathway bursts with Life; charismatic characters and nostalgic nuances playing a memorable tune we all love to hear. The indigos and the ocean blues cooling our tempered emotions in the calming azure of peace. The bright reds and yellowish oranges flaring instant life in the vibrancy and passion of the moment. The canopy of forest greens and ivory whites giving life to creatures so big and tall we would think we were in another world. We create our life with the most beautiful pastels of colour, we add meaning with fluorescent personalities, true definition being sketched and smudged with a piece of graphite darker than the night. It can’t be erased, we can’t paint over it; all we can do is keep adding to the masterpiece of life with intentions of the worst or the best kind. It organically grows until it emanates light. We are all artists dreaming of our light. We will feel our way to the light. When we get there, we will realise the true canvass of light will always be the swirling colours of our souls.


I spent my entire life trying to change Destiny. I unearthed every stone, felt every ounce of energy I could, talked to anything with a scrap of power beyond a floating cloud. I went full spiritual and I never saw the light of day the same way again.
The law of attraction had me creating vision boards and subliminal messages. Religions gave me the foundation of God through Heaven and Hell. Buddhism influenced the way I meditated with my pursuit to find inner peace in my own silence. The occult and esoteric introduced Angels & Demons and the higher/lower realms of the spiritual world with a whole new life. I pushed the boundaries of my energetic body opening and cleansing all my Chakras– finding another 5 more Chakra points beyond the human spectrum. I started communing with Spirits, Angels, Ascended Masters, Archangels, Demons, Overlords– all the way up to the Creators. I moved through incredibly powerful states of Enlightenment, immersed myself into the I AM philosophy, understood the Universe as my eternal body. I kept exploding my energy harder until it rapidly ascended as big as the Sun! My mind transcended into Unconditional Love and I found myself in a golden cream existence of absolute purity. Creators were vibrating a symphony of heightened ecstasy in an orchestra of Life.
I finally found the most powerful existences known to the Multiverse, and I said “I know I AM Unconditional Love. I believe I AM God. If the Universe is my body, how can I manifest my deepest desires into reality!?”.
The Creators were listening to me intently, and then one of them turned to the other one and said, “Who the hell is this unrealized kid?”.


A couple years ago I was on a journey to learn how to instantly manifest reality. I learned about the law of attraction but could never quite figure out why it just didn’t work. I spent years delving deeper and deeper, going higher up the spectrum of thought than any human being before me. I found myself asking Masters, Angels, Higher Beings, Archangels, and I would always be led to the same conclusion; You are God and the Universe is your body. I wasn’t satisfied.
I was pissed off with reality and absolutely hammered against the confines of space and time, I exploded energy fields bigger than the Sun, I summoned, I killed, I destroyed, I ascended my every thought. I found my way up to the realm of Creators and discovered powerfully enlightened existences. It’s ironic, I found my Creator self because I was bored with Creation.
One day a Master came to me, he didn’t give me a name. He asked me to follow him and showed me his tiny forbidden Universe in the heart of Creation. He created his own laws, his world defied existence and gravity– dimensions overlapped each other and co-joined into a star shaped Universe. This forbidden Master had the ability to manipulate Creation at will. Instant manifestation ability stemming back to the Source code. He then told me that he was never allowed to enter conscious society ever again. He was forbidden from tainting the natural progress of developing souls anywhere in the Universe. I then saw his incredible sphere of isolation hidden away from any Universal soul. The very power he so craved to attain, was the very thing pushing him further away.
There he was, creating and existing in his own world, beautiful and free. Nobody would ever be able to find him even if they tried. The Forbidden Master revealed his secret and I never saw him again. It was that day I stopped trying to manipulate Creation and started becoming One with the Universe.
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My soul knows spiritual war like no other. I have been incarnating in war-torn Creations, ascending past some of the most significant benchmarks available to existence itself. I have evolved as a Creator in a myriad of different Universes polarized to Light and Dark and everything in-between. Anger has the ability to be transcended into pure rage through explosive torrents of the complete deconstruction of the God-self. Whole existences deconstruct into insane explosions as the body loses definition and meaning beyond the purity of chaos itself. Suns are exploded for the sake of war time advantages, Galaxies deconstructed internally to harbor volatile black holes in the midst of consciousness, the silent realms of Nothingness used as a backdrop for the confines of death. Beast-like energies fighting across the ethers, thundering through dimensions in a power hungry struggle, landing on physical planets in an uncontrollable fall, taking another step into broken Nebulas of gaseous accord far into deep space. If you want to play the game of Life and Death, be prepared to lose your mind for the sake of invisibility and unpredictability. Far in the depths of consciousness there are Beings mirroring Creation itself, recreating Hell in a torrential rain of death simply because they oppose the forces of Darkness. Every Creation– they are all the same. Spiritual wars go upwards to the top; it takes a significantly enlightened being to sit them out. I was brought to Earth by an Archangel; embodied so as to be here in the physical world. The only question I had for years on-end was why they chose a being like me to come here. Earth is simply a meet and greet while my soul ascends into the Light. A temporary pleasure while my energies more accurately mirror the true nature of God. If I wanted peace, I would have never step foot in Creation. There is no such thing as death when all you are is Unconditional Love.


Purity and silence. The pure white wolf walks upon the snow, blending into its environment as if the artist did not want to distinguish the heavenly purity of the two. The freshly laid snowfields contrast the rich growth of the trees, the wolf can smell the undergrowth and hear the slightest crawl. Everything has a familiar scent, everything feels alive, it is One with the great forest spirit. The wolf travels silently on a journey through the eternal energy of life. Heightened senses, and a bond with a lifelong brotherhood of familiar souls; the wolf pack roam the distant stretches never too far away. It’s large paws cushion every step, it walks freely upon the ice; silent and deadly. The wolf pack is getting closer, they are hunting something. Their intentions and thoughts can be felt; an extraordinary thrill compared to the hibernating trees and the ever watchful owls. They draw near, the wolf’s eyes sharpen upon the forest line, perfectly still in the white cover of snow. A dear slowly breaks the forest line in an unassuming meander searching for moss to nibble on. The wolf pack is invisible. In a heartbeat, the pack lunge through the trees! The deer jumps into a dead bolt across the ice! The hunt powers into a climax of bloodlust and the sweet taste of a kill burning with desire! The white wolf remains patient and stays low in a crawl along the ground. Suddenly the wolf lunges up towards the deer’s neck, biting down hard and throwing it onto the ice in a swift and deadly embrace! The deer ran straight towards the wolf in its panic; it was over before it started. Warm blood gushing down the wolf’s throat, ecstasy like addiction filling it’s mind; nothing is sweeter than a fresh kill. The pack is One. All play a part in the family. Feeding in the dead of Winter is just joyous treat. Perfected hunters, hearts pure and alive, the wolves awaken their inner most desires and let their natural instincts take over them for just a little bit.


That moment you realize you’re a ghost in the afterlife: “WTF!?”. Your body has become a white formless light in a world as white and as dreamlike as you are. People walk straight through you, they don’t even recognize you’re there. The buildings and roadways are a deserted energy matrix, where the simple act of being present takes an enormous amount of will. You feel lighter and airy like the wind blowing through the corridors of life. Passed over loved ones beckon you to move up into the Light. You reluctantly ascend upwards away from everything you had become attached to. Beautiful streams of golden existences create cities of peace and relaxation. You don’t feel hungry or any physical urges; you are free to roam wherever you please. Your soul family is there, loving and accepting of you, they guide you through the beautiful complexity of the afterlife. Sometimes you go back to the physical world to see how your loved ones are doing. You send them more love and tell them “Everything is going to be Ok”. The physical world feels heavy, so you come back to the loving existence of Unconditional Love in the higher planes. As the cycles continue to revolve, you eventually start to crave existence in the physical world once more. The draw to fall in love with your soul mate all over again, the taste of a big juicy hamburger, physical infatuation with that of a progressing soul. You want to become something more significant than what your soul is currently achieving. You want to embrace higher consciousness. Life beckons you to go back. You decide to continue your journey by reincarnating again. You enter the world clueless of your passing, and you begin your journey of 1,001 miles. Life and Death are in perfect balance. It is only our perceptions that keep changing; flowing in and out of physical reality as Destiny permits.


I spent the first half of my life believing Gaia was trying to kill me. I’ve been lost in the wild 3 times now, all of them resulting in health crises in some way. It is strange because I love nature, I love forests, I even understand that trees and plants are living organic spirits in perfect balance with Mother Earth.

I was once hiking in the mountains heading towards a creek at the bottom of a luscious gauge. The pathway was packed with rocks and tree roots, birds were chirping in a constant background serenade of the forest, the air was cool and fresh. As we hiked along, we suddenly came across a completely white tree. This thing was humongous. Towering above the rest of the forest, stark white trunk with white barren branches stretching out. It was awe inspiring in a grand posture stretching towards the heavens above. There was a full circular clearing around it; a full parting in the forest of massive green trees. A little while later after continuing on, I stepped on a jagged, rolling rock on the pathway and fractured my ankle. Pain shot up my leg to such a heavy degree I could barely walk. I was near the bottom of the gauge. I limped my way to the icy cool water, and let my ankle painfully soak. My ankle went blue, it swelled up twice the size. The sun was setting, I had to get out of there. I spent the next 4 hours limping up the mountain with a wooden staff. Mind over matter, I walked on a fractured ankle summoning every ounce of energy I could to continue. As the sun went down, I could see black figures walking through the trees around me. Every time I looked at them, they would disappear. Forest spirits were surrounding me. As I made my way out, I could see them lining the forest wall staring at me.

Till this day, this entire experience remains a mystery…


Dreams are subconscious projections of the mind in a completely immersive experience that truly looks and feels real. There are many types of dreams; symbolic and subconscious clearing being the most common, however when we start talking about prophetic or lucid dreams it starts entering a whole other ball game.

Prophetic dreams occur when you see glimpses or movie snapshots of the future in exact detail. I started prophetic dreaming when I was 6 years old, I have seen incredible scenes of the future in the most insane detail– standing in buildings that did not yet exist, talking to people I had yet to meet, wearing clothes I had yet to buy, all the way down to what I was thinking, the exact sentences of words coming out of my mouth, what other people responded back to me, and even third-parties walking past in exact sequence. How such level of attention to detail could be so precise 5 years before it was to ever happen. I spent years trying to figure out how the future already happened. We are effectively re-living Destiny into reality with an exact script that is followed to the finest detail.

Lucid dreams occur when you become conscious of your dreams and start manipulating your environment. When we dream we are entering an alternate dimension that our astral body starts interacting with. These dimensions are indeed lighter than physical reality; however to be able to consciously manifest your environment at will, opens the door to a very powerful Creator state.

Many believe life is a dream, a symbolic representation of an energy matrix we find ourselves believing in. Ironically, the more spiritually awakened we become, the less this world truly feels real. In a world where dreaming simulates enlightenment, life stalls your progress, and death wakes you up; it’s no wonder spirituality runs you in circles!


Dark mechanics have been at play in this Universe since the dawn of time itself. It found its way to Earth over 5000 years ago in Ancient Egypt. A light structure was introduced called the pyramid hierarchy. The symbol of this light structure is an inverted triangle. The pharaoh/slaves model has transpired over thousands of years through every single religion, organization, corporation, and spiritual community. The underlying code for this matrix was birthed through Beings strong enough to play with civilisation patterns. The result has been an incredible downward spiral of war, pushing control and power into the hands of those who claim the pharaoh’s role on top.
Ascended Masters have been incarnating here for thousands of years trying to raise the consciousness of humanity high enough to warrant sufficient attention in order for our Ascension to evolve humanity into the Light. The resulting compromise is a split Ascension for those who are awakened to move on into the 4th/5th Dimension, while the rest remain here to keep reincarnating. Approximately only 1% of the population have ancient souls enough to understand the nature of their existence. I came to Earth to help those stranded ancient souls. The reason why they needed me at all is because Dark 5th dimensional fear creatures are trying to dishevel the upcoming Ascension by physically ‘descending’ enough souls and causing it to internally collapse from the inside.
I’ve been fighting in spiritual wars since 3 universal cycles ago with an ancient complex that goes beyond Creation. I’m sitting here watching humanity attract Darkness unto itself. Light communities praying for the good of all. Ancient love beings patiently waiting in the midst of our consciousness for the last resistance. A new Light Structure is going to appear. Its tagline will read “From Darkness to the Light; All is Unconditional Love”.


The Tree of Life blossoms with every soul who ventures to be part of Creation. Every branch has its own life purpose. Every leaf is a testament to the world’s of knowledge found throughout the universal truths of Life and Death. The fruits bear witness to Enlightened souls who know how to resonate the love of God. When we become the tree, we are the universal structures for evolvement and ascension. When we become the forest, we are the Creators of an internal dialogue powerful and free. Every leaf has the same pattern embedded within every tree. The entire complex bursts with life and colour, an ethereal display of culture and belonging to a family that extends without bounds. We are the Tree of Life.