Awaken your abilities with powerful spiritual coaching where I personally guide you through the ethereal world and teach you how to best optimize your meditations to achieve the results you most desire. I structure a personalized coaching program for each individual client and answer any questions you have about the spiritual world. *Please Note that I do not perform psychic readings, I instead aim to empower you and give you the necessary tools for a life of abundance and ascension.

My fee for Universal Soul Coaching is $222

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Explode your abilities in the spiritual world as I awaken all of your 12 Chakras in the most full and complete remote healing your Chakras will ever receive. I start by removing negative ethereal attachments and scanning your body to see if there are any beings remotely connecting to your energetic matrix. I then completely activate and restructure the crystalline threads that collectively flow together to create beautiful gardens and galaxies of crystal life within your energetic body. I heal any damaged or inactive energy flows and work my way up towards the 12th Chakra of Unconditional Love. I finish by applying a powerful psychic protection and surrounding you in beautiful golden Light.

Paulina Serafina empowers your energetic body by balancing your meridians and correcting energetic leaks. She focuses on dismantling limiting mental beliefs and reprograms deep psychological conditioning to awaken and set you free you from societal, ancestral and self imposed limitations.

This is a unique opportunity in a powerful combined service to receive a quantum jump from two very different styles of healers. You will receive two healings from both Paulina and myself and have both of us on the Skype Call to answer any questions you may have.

Our fee for the Chakra Awakening & Energy Healing is $444

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Over the course of my life I have been subject to a very unique skill set in the spiritual world. This skill set has attracted a lot of attention from the Darkness that surrounds this planet. I have received some extraordinarily interesting and deeply empowering requests over the years, many of which surround exorcisms and clearing away overwhelming negativity from people’s lives.

If you feel you have something malicious or Dark within or around you, I can remove the entity and perform a full scan of your energetic body in order to clear away any negative attachments or connections that are not there for your highest and most beneficial purpose of Unconditional Love.

This service is a particular speciality of mine and I ask that you have read my book World of Archangels and have listened to the God Gifts before proceeding with this service. I work through these sessions on a case by case basis as there are certain spiritual and karmic lessons that need to be met.

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Sufian Chaudhary

Author | Creator

Paulina Serafina

Transmutational Energy Worker