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Awaken your abilities with powerful spiritual coaching where I personally guide you through the ethereal world and teach you how to best optimize your meditations to achieve the results you most desire. I structure a personalized coaching program for each individual client and answer any questions you have about the spiritual world. *Please Note: I don’t do psychic readings. I aim to empower you and give you the necessary tools for a life of abundance and ascension. I believe in the soul’s journey of empowerment being essential to living and experiencing Unconditional Love.

Sufian’s fee for Universal Soul Coaching is $222

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Sufian | Paulina

Explode your abilities in the spiritual world as I awaken all of your 12 Chakras in a full and complete remote healing. I start by removing negative ethereal attachments and scanning your body to see if there are any beings remotely connecting to your energetic matrix. I then completely activate and restructure the crystalline threads that collectively flow together to create beautiful gardens and galaxies of crystal life within your energetic body. I heal any damaged or inactive energy flows and work my way up towards the 12th Chakra of Unconditional Love. I finish by applying a powerful psychic protection and surrounding you in beautiful golden Light.

Paulina Serafina empowers your energetic body by balancing your meridians and correcting energetic leaks. She focuses on dismantling limiting mental beliefs and reprograms deep psychological conditioning to awaken and set you free you from societal, ancestral and self imposed limitations.

We channel and call upon a number of spirits and Higher Beings throughout our process. We often come across past-lives, spiritual entities, energetic blocks, and childhood traumas that may still play a role within your life. We have seen all manner of spiritual activity and have extensive experience in dealing with these forms of energies.

This is a unique opportunity in a powerful combined service to receive a quantum jump from two very different styles of healers. You will receive a healing from both Paulina and myself and have both of us on the Skype Call to answer any questions you may have.

Our fee for the Chakra Awakening & Energy Healing is $444

We also provide in-person sessions in New York and surrounding states within a 3 hour travel time of the Catskills. Let us know if you would like us to set-up the healing space and perform the energetic work within the comfort of your own home!

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Sufian | Paulina

When we move into a new home, we have no idea who was living there before us. Deaths, emotional traumas, sickness and even spiritual awakenings, attract dark or unwanted presences to occupy the space. In rarer circumstances, full-scale hauntings, psychic attacks, or constant harassment can lead home-owners to become afraid of their own homes!

Paulina is a Reiki Master and transcendental energy healer. Sufian has extensive experience in spirit and entity removal for both physical bodies and locations.

Over the course of many years, Paulina and I have developed a unique skill set within the spiritual world. We have dealt with full-scale entity removal, energy cleansing, psychic protections and house blessings across continents. We have interacted with thousands of entities across Australia, Hawaii and New York.

We incorporate a blend of practices of energy work that restores and rejuvenates the living or work space back to its peaceful surrounds. Depending on the severity of the House Blessing & Cleansing, we incorporate the use of smudging with Sage, Palo Santo & Copal. We cleanse with Sea Salt and Holy Water for hauntings and psychic harassment. We also perform energetic clearings and ancestral incantations for psychic protection over the space itself. It is common for us to channel and communicate with the spirits of the land and close down any energy vortexes causing spiritual activity.

The House Blessing & Cleansing includes:

  • Preliminary energetic assessment and walkthrough of the home/space.
  • Special incantations and prayers passed down through ancestral lineage.
  • House blessing and energy transmutation of afflicted rooms.
  • Cleansing and entity removal.
  • Closing of any energy portals/vortexes.
  • Psychic protection meditations and further cleansing practices for occupants to continue living a life energetically free.

Paulina and I will travel to your home to perform the full service. We are currently located in in the Catskills, New York.

For travel time further than 3 hours away, we kindly ask that travel expenses (fuel & accommodation) be added to our base fee.

Our fee for a House Blessing & Cleansing is $500

Feel free to send us a message, via our Contact Form, to let us know your location and any concerns you have with your home.

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