We will explode in the golden fury of passionate Love
as our sacred wings carry us ever higher.

From the Bestselling author of World of Archangels comes the next stage of your incredible journey! You have read the book and now it is time to immerse yourself into the powerful guided audio experience! Introducing the world first God Gifts Guided Meditations; the pathway of your Creator awakening eloquently recorded over 6 stunning CDs!

Learn how to visualize in the most powerful way, increase your vibration to interact with the spiritual world, apply state of the art psychic self-defense techniques, open the doorway to your full God-self awakening!

God Gifts Guided Meditation The Gift of Perfection Sufian Chaudhary
God Gifts Guided Meditation The Gift of Visualization Sufian Chaudhary
God Gifts Guided Meditation The Gift of Awakening Sufian Chaudhary
God Gifts Guided Meditation The Gift of Neutrality Sufian Chaudhary
God Gifts Guided Meditation The Gift of Purity Sufian Chaudhary
God Gifts Guided Meditation The Gift of Attraction Sufian Chaudhary

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1. The Gift of Perfection

The most powerful of all the awakenings will forever be the acknowledgement of your God self shining forth the power of your enlightenment as the perfection of everything in existence. This powerful recognition of Oneness in Creation finds your soul understanding that it was created from the same Source that the multiverse was birthed. The foundation of spirituality will be built from the Heavens as I reveal the truth of your soul.


God Self Meditation

2. The Gift of Visualization

One of the most important aspects of immersing yourself into the vicissitudes of Life & Death is your expression and interpretation of the world surrounding your soul. The spiritual world can be intimately explored with the power of extraordinary visualization. I teach you how Creators manifest Universes in origins of Creation through the ancient power of visualization.


Basic Shapes Meditation

Balloons Meditation

Sunrises Meditation

Beach of Time Meditation

3. The Gift of Awakening

The Chakras are living beings of intuitive power and manifestation like Stars of warmth within your body. Activate and cleanse your spiritual expression in this Universe, raise your vibrations towards the Heavens, learn how to more effectively congregate pure life force from the air that you breathe, glow like a Sun of warmth as you bless the spiritual awakening of your new day!


Stargate Activations Meditation

White Energy Staircase Meditation

Complete Breathing Meditation

Pranayama Meditation

The Unconditional Love of God shines through your soul until you know you are free amongst weightless skies.

4. The Gift of Neutrality

Psychic protection is when you can explore the spiritual world unhindered by negative spirits or energies attracted to your glistening body of Light. I reveal the most effective psychic protections ever utilized by human beings– simplified into easy steps. Never will you fear anything in the spiritual world again, not even in your dreams. What if I then told you it was possible to prevent nightmares from occurring? My dreaming protection throws up white fields stretching as far back into past lives.


White Armor Meditation

White Orbs Meditation

White Flame Meditation

Dreaming Protection Meditation

5. The Gift of Purity

Purity is when you completely accept the essence of your Universal nature as an omnipresent being expressing itself in a unique and individual way. Advanced Chakra Meditations are used to rapidly awaken your energy stores, birth the crystalline nature of higher dimensional life, and finally replicate the power of black holes to infuse your body with spiritual life force. Then completely release amongst the cosmos with one of my favorite meditations gifted to me to promote inner peace.


White Energy Balls Meditation

Golden Energy Balls Meditation

Black Energy Balls Meditation

Spiritualizing Meditation

6. The Gift of Attraction

The final installment of the God Gifts program finds you being introduced to a meditation personally given to me by Jesus Christ. Forgiving yourself for existing and the world around you allows you to accept Unconditional Love as your true and real purpose in Life. Glow like the Sun in my master level meditation that sums up the entirety of our existence as Universal Oneness in Creation. When we are Unconditional Love we attract the power of the Creators in our final awakening. Take the ultimate step today.


Forgiveness Meditation

Golden Eye Awakening Meditation


  • God Gifts 6CD Package
  • $96.00
  • 19 Guided Meditations
  • 6 CD Package
  • God Gifts Digital Downloads
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  • 19 Guided Meditations
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Frequently asked questions

What is included in God Gifts?

When you purchase God Gifts you have the option to either receive the 6CD pack in the mail or Download the MP3 files directly to your PC, Mac, or smart phone. I introduce each CD and God Gift with powerful stories of the ethereal world. I guide you through beautiful meditations that blossom your spirituality with soothing meditation music!

Do I need to read World of Archangels?

I introduce many beautiful meditations and explanations in my book that truly blossom within God Gifts. It is highly recommended that you read my first book World of Archangels but my Guided Audio Meditations can definitely be enjoyed without prior reading! Both the book and the guided audios can be purchased together in the Archangel Shop.

How long does it take to ship?

It takes 7-9 working days to ship within the United States and 10-14 working days to ship internationally.

Which payment options do I have?

Payments are currently processed via Paypal

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