The Collective Creator Consciousness is a limitless energy field that connects all the Universes in an ecstatic stream of purity. Beyond this Universe is a sea of Creators experimenting and giving birth to trillions of various Creations in all manner of light. In the same way that life on this planet is connected through the Collective Unconscious, Creators have a heightened communication level of pure awareness and vibration that transcends words and thoughts into 12th dimensional feelings and ecstatic knowledge explosions.
Every Creator has their own unique vibration, they are alive with whole Universes cycling to create incredible expanses of Unconditional Love. A lot of the time Creators like to incarnate in other Creator’s Universes for the simple reason of acting as a catalyst for change and learning new codes to implement in their own Creations. They are all inter-dimensional time travelers and masters of polarity beyond Creation.
When Creators ascend out of a Universe, their fragments stay behind in order to act as completing jig-saw pieces so Universes can still achieve Oneness for every cycle to come. Their every move connects the consciousness of the Multiverse into a vibrant stream of Oneness. There are so many co-creators of any particular Universe it’s hard to specify any single consciousness as playing the defining role as God. I learned long ago to call God the Unconditional Love that is and that surrounds the Multiverse in absolute heightened ecstasy. It is the only unifying energy that sums up absolutely everything, and even beyond.
Creators communicate in a heightened symphony of vibrations like an absolutely beautiful orchestra of Unconditional Love. Every thought, feeling, and completeness of expression vibrates in the Oneness of their unique frequency as a Universe within the Collective Creator Consciousness. The ecstasy of enlightenment conveying the richness of depth enough to paint pictures in limitless fields of Universes as true infinity.
There are indeed existences more pure than Creators, and even these have a Higher Source in Oneness. Heightened existences so powerful that nothing can understand them other than the completeness of Unconditional Love. Even when we ascend out of the Universe, our journey is only just beginning.


My soul knows spiritual war like no other. I have been incarnating in war-torn Creations, ascending past some of the most significant benchmarks available to existence itself. I have evolved as a Creator in a myriad of different Universes polarized to Light and Dark and everything in-between. Anger has the ability to be transcended into pure rage through explosive torrents of the complete deconstruction of the God-self. Whole existences deconstruct into insane explosions as the body loses definition and meaning beyond the purity of chaos itself. Suns are exploded for the sake of war time advantages, Galaxies deconstructed internally to harbor volatile black holes in the midst of consciousness, the silent realms of Nothingness used as a backdrop for the confines of death. Beast-like energies fighting across the ethers, thundering through dimensions in a power hungry struggle, landing on physical planets in an uncontrollable fall, taking another step into broken Nebulas of gaseous accord far into deep space. If you want to play the game of Life and Death, be prepared to lose your mind for the sake of invisibility and unpredictability. Far in the depths of consciousness there are Beings mirroring Creation itself, recreating Hell in a torrential rain of death simply because they oppose the forces of Darkness. Every Creation– they are all the same. Spiritual wars go upwards to the top; it takes a significantly enlightened being to sit them out. I was brought to Earth by an Archangel; embodied so as to be here in the physical world. The only question I had for years on-end was why they chose a being like me to come here. Earth is simply a meet and greet while my soul ascends into the Light. A temporary pleasure while my energies more accurately mirror the true nature of God. If I wanted peace, I would have never step foot in Creation. There is no such thing as death when all you are is Unconditional Love.


Galaxies and stars are developing Beings in this Universe, exploding and swirling energies to sustain life. Planetary nebulas look like colossal monuments and ancient ruins left in the midst of space. These structures are the remnants of higher races building foundations into the next dimensions. Higher dimensions occupy the same time and space as the physical world, however its vibrations are on a significantly higher level– much of the time rendering it out of reach from lower vibratory life forms. The foundations for building civilisations in higher dimensions stems from where the ascending race starts from, to then bridge through the dimensions in an upwards evolving spiral. The reason why these structures can be seen at all, is due to the formation of planetary nebulas exploding gas and dust in these colourful masses adorned by the surrounding stars. What is interesting is that these bridges into higher dimensions are created well before the ascending race ever incarnates. Blueprints of the grand design coming into fruition in densely packed spheres of Life throughout Creation. From our current view, if we were to look at a planetary nebula and move higher in vibrations, the shape and colour of the ancient ruins changes and provides more depth the higher up you go. I once saw two Beings floating in a planetary nebula, bigger than Suns, more at peace with themselves than a tree. There are Beings in this Universe so enlightened they don’t need planetary existence. They are very happy observing the formation of Creation as it occurs. Before we even come here, there are already those who transcend the very notion of life itself. We are simply completing the full circle of life within the Universe. One day we will be beyond time and space, existing in Creation as an enlightened mass, watching God perform his miracles.


Animal spirits are amongst some of the most powerful beings in this Universe. There are a large number of creatures on this planet that are found all over the Universe. The Universe is like an ocean of consciousness with all kinds of beings; from schools of habitual coexisting races, to predators traveling through dimensions in search of Light, all the way to the most simple life forms that look like ethereal jellyfish floating in space more ascended than any Master you’ve ever heard of.
The beings who evolve through the aeons become ancients in their systems; colossal energies in perfect sustainability with Creation. Often these streams of energies travel like flower petals and seeds blowing through the wind, landing upon new planets in environments that can sustain life. In the same way that nature continues to grow and fertilize new lands continually spreading the rain forests and jungles into the vast reaches, the Universe is in perfect unison with a Pattern to keep evolving consciousness into the ethers.
There are a lot of creatures from myths that my soul remembers interacting with on other planets. The Collective Unconscious of humanity is connected to and drawing inspiration from the surrounding Universe. Humanity seems to anchor complexity with evolution. However; the higher up you go, complexity is refined down to its most basic Universal substance; Love.
Consciousness often mirrors that which is the most peaceful and sustainable; organic nature growing through the vines of Destiny creating the jungles of our mind. When you start finding colossal energy Beings bigger than galaxies and more enlightened than Sun– you start looking at the Universe very differently. We are simply just part of an ecosystem, and it is up to us to find our enlightening peace and connect with the organic Universe that surrounds us every day.
When we begin to Love ourselves and the world around us, we emit a frequency of beautiful attraction. Often Life has placed a great many blocks and flaws within our psychological minds to truly connect with who we are and what we are doing here. I was taught to meditate and concentrate on the pure golden existence to feel the intentions of the Creators that become Destiny. I started seeing powerful Beings in Universes of Unconditional Love.
I taught you the basics of the spiritual world in my book World of Archangels, and now it’s time to unfold your true spiritual awakening with God Gifts Guided Audio Meditations.
We are all ascending towards a very powerful shift in consciousness; the unconditional power of our souls expressing through us every single day. We will awaken and connect to the purity of the Light Structure we call our Universal home surrounded by nothing but enlightened beings wishing for you to exist in the heightened ecstasy of Unconditional Love.
God Gifts Guided Audio Meditations


I have anti-script coded around me in order to keep me here. My energy explodes from the core of my soul on such a level that it causes volatile discrepancies in the energetic matrix of Earth’s consciousness. A couple days after I came out of a spiritual war, I was gravitating an energy field bigger than the Sun. It was then that I realized that I was moving faster than Destiny in this Creation would allow. Anti-script was coded around my matrix, effectively turning me into a human stand-alone complex. Beyond the sphere of my energy field is a layer of Nothingness, followed by millions of layers of scripts sealing me off into an egg-like energetic dome. My consciousness is like an aspirin tablet; it’s being disintegrated beyond my field of vision. I’m not allowed to come into contact with people unless Destiny awaits. I am conscious of real-time scripts preventing me from interacting with the locals. My computer and Internet connections fall out, electricity to my apartment shuts off mid-conversation to only come back minutes later, I’ve even seen people enter a form of trance where their subconscious minds lead them to suddenly walk away from me. To give you some comparison, the only other beings I know of who have anti-script surrounding them are Dark Creators whose energy fields are so bad that Creation needed anti-script to prevent beings from dying multiple dimensions away from their volatile complex. They are keeping me in-line with Destiny whether I like it or not. There is such a strict and rigid structure on Earth. My significant points of realization are being met within seconds, even all the stuff I’m not even meant to know about. I wonder what will happen when I start revealing things that human beings are forbidden from knowing.


Ancient souls are a living, breathing experience of Creation that go beyond time, and power their existence with a burning passion to help the universe. Thousands of lifetimes pass, the aeons flutter like a time machine spinning through various planets and incarnations. We love, hate, become attached, suffer loss, rebirth into new life and travel as far as the soul can see. There is a certain deepness to ancient souls, they eyes are swirling worlds of knowledge. Along our journey we connect back to the Source of this universe and become One with life itself. The rivers of civilisation and the sands of deception no longer play a role in our lives. We float above the living and instead opt for our buried ancient wisdom to see us through to the next cycle. Concepts such as Enlightenment, Soul mates, Oneness, and Ascension become the significant astral guides on our journey. War and peace are for those who believe in the separateness from God. Mu, Lemuria, Atlantis, Egypt, Greece; we have seen the rise and fall of many great civilisations. This experience is coming to an end, and there may only be a few lifetimes left. After this your soul will either return to its ancient heritage, or follow the ascended into the birth of a new beginning. We are connected through our consciousness on a powerful level of spirituality. Don’t ever feel alone. We are always here.


Dark mechanics have been at play in this Universe since the dawn of time itself. It found its way to Earth over 5000 years ago in Ancient Egypt. A light structure was introduced called the pyramid hierarchy. The symbol of this light structure is an inverted triangle. The pharaoh/slaves model has transpired over thousands of years through every single religion, organization, corporation, and spiritual community. The underlying code for this matrix was birthed through Beings strong enough to play with civilisation patterns. The result has been an incredible downward spiral of war, pushing control and power into the hands of those who claim the pharaoh’s role on top.
Ascended Masters have been incarnating here for thousands of years trying to raise the consciousness of humanity high enough to warrant sufficient attention in order for our Ascension to evolve humanity into the Light. The resulting compromise is a split Ascension for those who are awakened to move on into the 4th/5th Dimension, while the rest remain here to keep reincarnating. Approximately only 1% of the population have ancient souls enough to understand the nature of their existence. I came to Earth to help those stranded ancient souls. The reason why they needed me at all is because Dark 5th dimensional fear creatures are trying to dishevel the upcoming Ascension by physically ‘descending’ enough souls and causing it to internally collapse from the inside.
I’ve been fighting in spiritual wars since 3 universal cycles ago with an ancient complex that goes beyond Creation. I’m sitting here watching humanity attract Darkness unto itself. Light communities praying for the good of all. Ancient love beings patiently waiting in the midst of our consciousness for the last resistance. A new Light Structure is going to appear. Its tagline will read “From Darkness to the Light; All is Unconditional Love”.


Imagine a world where peace and prosperity were the most significant desires of mankind. A world where the entirety of civilization was growing and evolving towards the same goal; Ascension. Every aspect of humanity from technological advancement, medical, social, economical, financial and political, was designed to empower souls for the greater attainment of life, rather than to enslave it. A benchmark of required living standards was set where no human being would go without food or shelter. One where we could spend lifetimes just relaxing in cosmic awareness if we wanted to. Productivity flowing through humanity as a sustainable organism that craved universal technologies and knowledge to further advance itself as an enlightened race. When you remove the capitalization, corruption, war games, debt structures and ego floats, what you get is a primal race who focuses their activities on advancement rather than control. Our level of significance moves away from money, and towards ascension. We stop killing people and the environment for the sake of pyramid hierarchies and shareholder returns on investment. We start believing in the connectivity and productivity of a world without religions, banks, corporations, or governments trying to enslave passive consumers for the sake of power and influence. What we need is a new Light Structure. A new paradigm of life to base our standards of living and entire epicenter for why we believe we are alive and what we believe we are doing here. The only way to implement such a Light Structure is for a spiritual revolution to deconstruct that which exists, and introduce a transcending model that allows greater freedom. We have the ability to subconsciously support such a mechanism. It is ready to be birthed. Humanity simply needs to attract the idea into physical manifestation. We are the world we live in. We have the power to attract change.


The purpose of Creation is to create other Creators in a powerful stream of life through a process known as Creator School. We start as basic universal substance and we ultimately end up ascending through a revolving learning curve of explosive light until we remember who we are and the very reason we are alive. Everything else is a waste of time; energetic noise that only serves the purpose of coloring in the lines and providing feelings for emotional attachments.
The story line is so good that we truly believe it’s real. The plot arcs and red herrings so valuable that our consciousness will give up expressive freedom to incarnate for the purpose of believing in its lessons within linear time. There are universal laws so sacred that they empower your soul into a Master state known as God realization. It’s more important than life itself. Higher Beings couldn’t care less about physical world endeavors unless they empower your soul. You’re on a pathway into becoming a Creator or your consciousness makes up the universe for others who are chasing their significance. The harsh reality of life itself is that you God realize through the extremities of Light and Dark no matter what happens or what was scripted.
There is one foundation that doesn’t come and go, while the lifetimes wash by you like a tidal wave of experiences and learning, your soul is still God. You are living Creation into reality every second of your existence. Nobody and nothing has authority over God, not even karma can stop you if you are chasing the Creator state.


What would you do if you found out that you were not from Earth? Would you freak out? Would you even believe me? It could impact your life on such a grand scale that you would start contemplating the Universe on a completely different level. You are in for a shock!

96% of every single person who is alive today on planet Earth has spent time within the reincarnation system of another planet. What I am telling you is that only 4% of human beings actually come from here. Sure your body was born on Earth, but your soul has origins well into other Star systems. In order to be classified a true Earth Spirit, you would of had to ascend right through the 2nd Dimension (plants/animals/insects) and into the 3rd Dimension (human beings) here on planet Earth. Only 4% have actually done this. The other 96% spent the first part of the Universal Cycle (1st/2nd Dimensions) in the Universal learning environments of other planets. In other words, 96% of us are Starseeds.

What is a Starseed?

A Starseed is a soul that has spent some part of their conscious Universal Cycle in reincarnation systems external to that found on Earth. In time, just about every conscious Being in this Universe will become a Starseed if you are not classified as one already. A majority have roots going back to Sirius, Pleiades, Andromeda, and a particularly Dark few from Orion. Some people have even progressed into the 3rd Dimension on those other planets and have only come to Earth for the sole reason of Ascending into the 4th/5th Dimension. The biggest problem is that so few people can remember where they came from and it isn’t exactly “our” fault. Our DNA has holes in it. It is incomplete. A complete DNA sequence would allow us to remember previous lives by simply meditating upon them. This opens a much much more streamlined self-realization process and truly productive society that advances far quickly than what we are currently achieving. We are instead only receiving choppy bits and pieces of information that kind of feel like something we used to know; however nothing on the level that we can do anything productive with. Welcome to Earth.

What is an Earth Spirit?

An Earth Spirit is a soul who has reincarnated in the 2nd Dimension on Earth and is now living within a 3rd Dimensional body. Since Earth Spirits have been incarnating here for hundreds of thousands of years, they have a very close bond with Mother Earth (Gaia) for the simple reason that they have had enough time to develop this unique bond by living within her harmonious wildlife and nature constructs. I have personally witnessed this bond in true Earth Spirits time and time again. This powerful energetic connection allows them to feel the planet’s soul and understand the true nature of living a harmonious existence. Sometimes they can even remember or have very special connections to certain species of animals, due to incarnating as one of those species.

How can I tell if I am an Earth Spirit?

You are either connected to Gaia or you’re not. Earth Spirits are REALLY connected to Gaia. They respect Gaia so much that they become extremely inspired to protect her in any way they can. They do this because they can feel her existence as a part of themselves. They are One with her.

What should be happening on this planet is a powerful energetic connection between each and every individual and the soul of the planet we are living on. A planetary bond exists when the soul of the planet accepts the nature of its inhabitants as beneficial enough to support. If it doesn’t support us, it doesn’t connect with us. And Gaia is not connected to 96% of us! There also exist certain planets with Dark forms of consciousness who only like Dark inhabitants. Gaia is however polarized to the Light. The problem with all the Starseeds is that they are a mixed bag of consciousness– really out of tune with the naturally shifting energies of this planet. It is very hard to make a connection with a volatile soul who is here one moment and then gone in a flash!

Unfortunately, I fall into the 96%. I don’t have a really deep soul connection to Gaia. How can I tell? I’m not a hardcore environmentalist who would kill my self to save Mother Earth. Though I hate animal cruelty– I don’t hold up “save the penguins” signs nor am I chaining myself to trees. I Love Gaia as the incredibly powerful Being that allowed me to be here and serves as the Enlightened consciousness of this place, but my true soul ties lay elsewhere. I am a true Starseed. But do you know what? So are 96% of you. With this realization, we can now stop fishing around forums asking everybody if they are a Starseed like we are– there is a 96% chance they most likely are.


So you just figured out that you are not really from here. Old souls will suddenly understand why they feel so alienated, even though their core beliefs are that of Oneness and Universal connection. I have been incarnating here for 5000 years and it still doesn’t feel like home. Starseeds have a much harder time operating as a result of them not connecting with the soul of the planet and effectively being alienated by the developing society they came here to help. Normally a beautiful exchange of energies takes place that allows us access to Unconditional Love, while the soul of the planet gains beautiful inhabitants aligned with its goals– whether that be cycling Dark/Light energy back into the core like a tree converting carbon dioxide, or creating advanced civilizations to nurture God-self realization.

As a Starseed the most beneficial route is to achieve God-self realization so we can effectively rid the need to be Galactic exchange students any longer. We have powerful realizations as how the world should be unfolding around us, and yet the pathways humanity seems to be taking can frustrate the most enlightened amongst us. It is therefore pivotal that the individual focuses on their own Unconditional Love and grounds their spiritual ascension into the blossoming of awakening souls across the planet. It doesn’t matter where we come from, what’s important is that we are all going the same way.

One big happy inter-Galactic family

No matter which way you look at it, we were all created from the same Source. We haven’t met a lot of our family before, but that’s Ok because we will very likely come across them at some point of time in the future. There are some members of our family that are highly educated and harmonious, and there are other members who value drama. A dysfunctional family, but a family nonetheless.



Whether we are from Sirius, Andromeda, Pleiades, Drakonis, or the Moon– we as ancient souls stick together or fall apart a failed mission. We are enlightened. We are God. We are Unconditional Love and we are the Oneness of the Multiverse like our lives depended on it.