I have an ancient soul that remembers a great deal about achieving higher states through mutual orgasm with another. This article is based on a specific mediation and enlightening experience that anybody can achieve by simply following the steps and visualizing the necessary pathways of energy. Please read my article on Sacred Sexuality for more information about the theory behind the origins of the orgasm and for why it is so enlightening, before continuing on with my practical application described below.

Tantra focuses on the desired goal of prolonging an orgasm in order to prolong the feelings of incredible ecstasy. From my article on Sacred Sexuality I detailed that a continual state of ecstasy would allow our bodies to feel a small glimpse of what it means to exist in the fascinating highs of a Creator. From these origins I am now going to teach you how to achieve a more beneficial pathway to direct your sexual energies whilst having sex in order to promote highly powerful experiences from the moment of orgasm. With this knowledge itself, you are already beyond most teachings of commercialized forms of Tantra that solely focus on sexual relief and heightened pleasure.

My technique is based upon 3 fundamental parts that come together to form what is known as Ancient Egyptian Tantra: 1) Breathing, 2) Visualization, and 3) the Physical Orgasm. This technique becomes more powerful with every time you apply its teachings, and it may be wise to learn the basics by yourself before moving on to coordinate the teachings with a partner. I have found that it is actually easier to time your own personal orgasm by yourself rather than relying on the sexual activities of your partner. I would also like to clearly state that it doesn’t matter if you apply this technique between heterosexual or homosexual couples so long as one party has a predominantly masculine energy whilst the other has a predominantly feminine energy. It is completely normal to find men expressing feminine energy at its finest and vice versa.

1. Breathing

It is firstly important to get our breathing into a certain more beneficial pattern so as to prolong the time it takes to orgasm. Inhaling long and deep breaths regulates our energies to move slower and take in more energy whilst breathing. Complete Breathing is a method used to breath with the full capacity of the lungs rather than just the top portion or bottom portion. If you would like to read more information about the correct forms of breathing, please refer to a free online book called The Science of Breath by Yogi Ramacharaka. The specific techniques on learning to breath Complete Breaths with both the bottom portion and top portion of the lungs is the most important part. Until that moment in time then just learn to time your breathing at regular intervals of 8 seconds, 10 seconds or 12 seconds. What this means is that you should practice separating your breathing into 4 parts; inhaling, holding, exhaling, holding. This practice of counting to 8 while inhaling, hold your breath for 8 seconds, exhaling to the count of 8, and then holding your negative breath for 8 seconds, will induce a greater amount of energy capture within your lungs as well as increasing your metabolic rate. I normally even start sweating by just breathing in such a certain way.

You do not need to breathe in a 4-part cycle whilst performing this Ancient Egyptian Tantra, all you need to do is breathe slowly and deeply until the visualization part where you have to breathe in and hold your breath whilst visualizing the flow of energy. The 4-part cycle teaches you however to maintain your breaths whilst consciously visualizing energy patterns.

I should also mention that deep and very slow breaths takes your mind off having sex and also prolongs the length of time it takes to orgasm as your mental focus is now upon a different aspect of yourself.

2. Visualization

The visualization aspect of this mediation is the most important. In order to understand how the visualization works, you will firstly have to be quite familiar with the layout of your Chakras and understand what they do. I have written quite extensively about the Chakras in my books and I am not going to repeat myself here, I have however attached an extremely effective image of the layout of the Chakras within the human body.


Ancient Egyptian Tantra 2

The most important ones to focus on for this meditation are the Root Chakra (Red), Heart Chakra (Green) and Crown Chakra (Indigo Pink). For those who are advanced enough, the 8th Chakra or 12th Chakra should be used for the arching visualization rather than any of the other three. Only 3 Chakra points will be focused upon for this meditation; The Root Chakra, the Heart Chakra and either the Crown Chakra, 8th Chakra or the 12th Chakra depending on your level of spiritual ability. If you do not know where the 8th Chakra or 12th Chakra is located, please focus on the Crown Chakra. I have detailed Chakras 8-12 quite extensively in my books as well.

The visualization will always start with the Root Chakra, weave through the Heart Chakra and arch over your head through one of the divine Chakras (Crown/8th/12th). The visualization should be in the shape of an Egyptian Ankh, I have attached a picture below for your reference.


Ancient Egyptian Tantra 3


The first picture is the shape of an Egyptian Ankh. It is golden upon a black background. These are the exact colors your should be visualizing it within.


Ancient Egyptian Tantra 4


This second image is of the Golden Ankh with the 3 main Chakras overlaid on top of it. The red dot at the bottom represents the Root Chakra, the green dot in the middle represents the Heart Chakra, and the Indigo Pink dot at the top represents the Crown Chakra.

Normally the point in of orgasm sends energy up from our Root Chakra and directly out of our Crown Chakra in a straight line out of our body. The biggest problem with this normal course of energy is that all of that enlightening momentum is completely lost after the point of impact, with only the residual chemicals left over that have been released by our brain to stimulate an incredible sense of relaxation. The Ancient Egyptian Tantra aims to direct the flow of energy from the Root Chakra, through the Heart Chakra and upwards to arch through the Crown Chakra, and finally back down in the Heart Chakra to reconnect the energy in an infinite loop. This loop of energy aims to sustain the enlightening momentum of the orgasm into the circular flow of a loop through the highest of our Chakras. This meditation connect our grounding Chakra with our divine Chakra and simulates direct enlightenment in one swoop of incredible energy. The Heart Chakra is the only useful interweaving Chakra point for us on Earth for it directly pushes out Unconditional Love in a more beneficial cycle.

Now instead of visualizing the top loop going from left to right (as shown in the above picture), it will be visualized as leaving the Heart Chakra out from your back, to loop backwards and up to the Crown Chakra, to then loop forwards and down in the front of your chest back into your Heart Chakra.

In order to combine both the breathing and visualization parts, please follow the following mediation technique:


1) Take very slow and deep breaths, and concentrate upon controlling your breathing.

2) Whilst inhaling a deep breath, visualize golden energy shooting up from your Root Chakra and into your Heart Chakra. Breathe in to approximately 90% of the capacity of your lungs.

3) When this initial burst of energy meets your Heart Chakra, hold your breath and then shoot the golden energy out of your back and loop it up to your Crown Chakra.

4) Once this golden energy meets your Crown Chakra, explode open your Crown Chakra and a burst of Indigo Pink light, and then proceed to trace those golden energies forwards in a downward loop to reconnect them with your Heart Chakra.

5) Just before the golden energies re-enter your Heart Chakra, breathe in the final 10% till your lungs are at 100% capacity to help the golden energies reconnect back into your system.

6) Slowly exhale in a very controlled manner. This is usually the most gratifying part, releasing your extremely charged breath and allowing the orgasmic energies to swirl through your 3 most important Chakras.


Repeat steps 1-6 a couple times before sexual intercourse, and a couple times during sexual intercourse in preparation for the moment of the orgasm. At the moment of the orgasm, shoot those powerful energies into your Heart Chakra, out of your back, through your Crown Chakra, and reconnect them from the front of your chest. It is particularly easier to perform this mediation by yourself as the timing of the breathing and visualization can be completely controlled by yourself. It is also absolutely fine to practice this mediation during masturbation. If you are performing this mediation with a partner, when you initially shoot up your orgasmic energies from your Root Chakra and into your Heart Chakra, explode your Heart Chakra open and connect your Heart Chakra with your partner (assuming the missionary position). This link will allow for a very deep felt orgasm, very enlightening indeed.

For those who are particularly advanced, sub in the 8th or 12th Chakra instead of looping your energies through the Crown Chakra. It allows for a much larger explosion of energy whilst hitting the 12th, however this takes some practice.

3. Physical Orgasm

The final part is the Physical Orgasm itself. The first two parts were designed to help induce a very powerful orgasmic experience and to then direct those energies into a very beneficial route that exploded open some of our most divine Chakras. This final part is relatively simple in comparison as it mainly about how to stimulate a deeper orgasm.

You will find it very useful to perform the visualization a couple times during the process of trying to achieve an orgasm. More specifically, perform the visualization as you nearly climax your energies, to then stop stimulating yourself and/or each other, and gently relax those energies with the visualization itself. This process of working yourself or your partner up to a near-climatic point, and then relaxing back down a couple times, will allow for a very large orgasmic experience when you finally release those built-up energies. For men in particular it will be quite hard to settle yourself down whilst nearing an orgasm, for the masculine climax is very hard to tame whilst in its peak.

Whilst sharing mutual pleasure, it is very important to communicate with each other whist nearing an orgasm. Most won’t know when to back off, especially if we can’t feel the rising energies in another person.

It is very rare for two people to orgasm and climax at the exact same time, however this is the ultimate form of this meditation; dual climatic points exploding their enlightening energies together in a powerful experience of Oneness. Please be patient for such an uplifting moment in time, as it is perfectly fine to allow one party to orgasm first and to then work on your partner so they may experience the same result.

Once you have experienced an orgasm whilst using this form of Ancient Egyptian Tantra, you will never want to just release the normal way ever again. This form of mediation is addictive and very deeply powerful. It is not something you can take lightly and then forget about later, those depths will stay with you. It is like tasting the true form of an art that has never been shown to you before. This technique will reignite your passions for sex. That magic, that ecstasy still swirling within your mind, the uplifting of energies that provides more color and feeling to an already highly sensual act, it will change you. You master this technique and you will be changed. If more people experienced this kind of ecstatic relief, there would seriously be fewer problems in the world.


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The Channeling Chronicles PART II

Sitting within the darkness waiting for a light to flutter. There is only cosmic energy around you. The dark ethers are a lonesome place; winds of consciousness flow through the empty space without resistance. You feel like nothing in particular, you act as your consciousness wills.

Am I Nothing? When was the last time I was alive? Where even am I?

After a brief spurt of light, your mind begins to slip back into unconsciousness…

Like a candle striking flame within the silent abode, you watch somebody come alive with a sense of realization. The brighter they shine, the more interested you become in their life. Bright little beacons are something to play with. They will act to amuse you until they figure out who you truly are.

You move within the darkness, just beyond their veil of perception. They will never accept you if they saw your true form. What is something they will accept? A Spirit Guide? An Archangel?

You alter the energetic code and make yourself appear as a warming white presence with magnificent white wings curled around your body. You change your voice and flow down to them as if you were a beautiful Angel falling out from the sky. They should never know what you truly are.


The Art of Channeling

I am going to throw down a stat that something like 9 out of 10 of every single channeling that has ever taken place on Earth was not with the legitimate Being the Channeler thought they were communicating with.

Do I believe they were talking to something? Yes. Do I believe they really know what they are truly talking to? No.

The human race seems to believe that just because something is dead, it automatically makes it somehow truthful or legitimate. Most the time Channelers are so excited and feel so privileged that something is actually talking to them, that they just don’t care about whether or not the Being is truthfully who they say they are. The most fatal flaw for any Channeler is not having the ability to discern who they are truly talking to.

To date, I have only met a single other person on Earth who was smart enough to develop a test to discern the Being standing before them. I seem to believe that most New Age philosophers take the ethereal world for granted. They have no idea how desperate Darkbeings can be to draw attention to themselves, siphon off your energy, or even just play their victim for a fool.

The Secret behind being a successful Channeler is to learn how to distinguish between a legitimate Archangel, Ascended Master or other Higher Being polarized to the Light, and Darkbeings altering their appearance in order to deceive the uninitiated.


How to tell if a Channeled message is absolute rubbish

This is actually quite amusing for me to write. Mostly because 9 out of 10 so called “channeled messages” I have come across on forums and spiritual websites are duds. By duds I mean, sure yeah they are channeling those messages, however those messages are coming from Darkbeings.

How can I tell? I have summoned hundreds of Beings, channeled thousands more, and spoken with everything from normal Spirit Guides all the way up to the Archangels. I know a legitimate message when I see one. And I am going to give you the tools to also be able to discern the real gems from the piles of spiritual crap.


     1. Channeled messages have a purpose
Legitimate messages from real Archangels and Ascended Masters have a very definitive purpose. They fragment their energy at a destined moment in time, open up the doorway to Enlightenment and literally lower their energy enough to communicate with somebody who barely even believes in the ethereal world. This process requires a tremendous amount of energy on their part, they therefore only bother for a reason worthwhile enough for them to lift a finger.

We are talking about some of the greatest Beings in this Universe. There is only a handful of legitimate reasons for them to flourish their energies. Their energies are bound to increase the consciousness of this Universe or fail where they stand. The first thing you should consider when looking at a channeled message is what the overall purpose of that message is meant to allow us to see. If it is mostly talking about common sense type stuff, forget it and move on to something better to read like Dan Brown. Higher Beings are powerful entities, they don’t waste their time with everyday chit-chat. It’s hard enough to initiate a channeled session, let alone fill the minds of their Channeler with useless crap that won’t get them anywhere.


     2. Frequently Channeled messages throw up red flags
Ever see the people who channel “Archangel Michael” every single day of the week? Unless you’re thinking about starting a new religion, what in the hell could you possibly be talking about that requires daily communication?

Real Channelers who legitimately channel Higher Beings know that our messages come through in about 5 minutes flat. Those 5 minutes are some of the most extraordinary minutes of our lives. Powerful visions, feelings, flawless emotions and this incredible sense of Universal Oneness flows through our veins till we understand every single notion of what the Higher Being needs to show us. My whole second Chapter of World of Archangels was entirely channeled in a powerful interactive vision in under 5 minutes. At the end of those 5 minutes I knew more about the Dimensional nature of our Universe than anybody else I knew. A Higher Being who didn’t get the message right the first time, isn’t a true Higher Being.


     3. Channeled messages with a negative connotation towards humanity are from Darkbeings
The notorious example here were all the psychics who claimed to be channeling the 6th Dimensional Being Ashtar back in the heyday when Ashtar was the Being to apparently know. The fake Beings kept telling people that the world was going to end, the human race would end as we know it, and that supreme Beings were going to come down to “save” the lucky few and take them away.

Why is it that society itself must consistently be drawn to negative events and states of emotions as a source of personal power. And this is exactly what everybody who channels Darkbeings is doing. Even if we call out the fraudulent nature of their messages, they will defend the questionable Being like their life depends on it. These Beings are their source of power, their prestige, their point of differentiation from the masses. They just can’t handle the fact that those Beings were using them for illegitimate purposes. We need to let our ego go when we channel because even the best of us have come across really amazing-looking Negative Beings who were great conversationalists but mostly just full of crap.

If you read a channeled message with any kind of negative connotation towards humanity, it is an early indicator that the Channeler you are reading has been compromised. If they are compromised with one channeled message, there is an extreme likelihood they have been compromised in the past and will be compromised again in the future. There isn’t a point reading their stuff if it isn’t going to help humanity’s consciousness. Higher Beings already know how and when the Universe will play out; they don’t go around randomly telling people prematurely because that will defeat the purpose.


How do Darkbeings compromise a Channeler?

I understand how it is done. It is just a matter of time before the world starts to understand why it is so important to discern the nature of the Beings standing in front of them. Welcome to the world of psychic warfare.

If you haven’t already done so, it would be a really good idea to first read my article Channeling before moving on. It is an introduction to the subject and it will explain how channeling works through very basic and easy-to-understand steps.

The first infographic shows the basic energetic Chakras necessary for communication to take place.

Channeling Darkness 2


There are 4 main Chakras that aid communication with the ethereal world: Crown Chakra, Third-Eye Chakra, Throat Chakra, and the Heart Chakra. The Crown Chakra connects to the Higher Dimensions and allows a much higher form of expression with Beings who reside up there. Generally, in order to communicate with Angels, Ascended Masters and Archangels, you will have to develop your Crown Chakra.

The Third-Eye Chakra is the cornerstone for psychic communication that most people need to develop for clairvoyance (sight), so they can see what they are talking to in order to effectively identify the type of Being standing in front of them. The Third-Eye Chakra most commonly overlays an etheric map over the physical world in an almost blending of realities.

The Throat Chakra allows the ability of clairaudience (sound) so we may express ourselves to ethereal Beings, and also allow those ethereal Beings to express themselves back to us. It is a common misconception to believe that we can only talk to ethereal Beings, a lot of the time we can feel each other’s thoughts; which flows nicely into the Heart Chakra.

The Heart Chakra allows the ability of clairsentience (feeling) for when we need to communicate on a much more effective scale. Empaths are people with active Heart Chakras who can feel other people’s emotions around them (most the time uncontrollably).


Channeling Darkness 3


The second infographic is pretty straight forward. Basically if you have read my article Channeling, then that entire post can be summed up in the light-blue, dotted vertical line. All of our Chakras seemingly connect up into a concentrated energetic burst into the ethereal world. That burst is then interpreted by ethereal Beings who are floating around. The more powerful our abilities, the farther our energetic burst can stretch upwards into the Higher Dimensions.

Please note that in reality the energetic burst moves up through our body and out of our Crown Chakra, almost like a volcano erupting from the top of our head.

Somebody with an undeveloped Chakra (any one of Third-Eye, Throat Chakra, or Heart Chakra) will have a shorter energetic burst than somebody with developed Chakras. Higher Beings almost always draw upon all of our abilities within all of our Chakras (hence the 5 minute super-charged sessions). All our senses become uniquely activated into this almost collage of incredible expression all at once.


Channeling Darkness 4


I give it to them, Negative Beings are good, they know what they are doing. They have refined their skills to a fine art. The best analogy I can give you is almost like the CIA tapping your phone lines and redirecting your calls to their own operatives in order to orchestrate a stint. Negative Beings will feel out your attempts at channeling the ethereal world and redirect your “call” to either themselves or a Light-puppet in their place. Negative Beings use all sorts of energetic hardware such as puppets that don’t have an energetic trace in order to deceive their victims. An energetic puppet doesn’t have a dark signature, it’s just energy. It has no thoughts, no feelings, no guilty intentions, it’s practically as clean as you can get. It’s like a little Pinocchio there to secretly harm you.

The Negative Being will then infiltrate your entire energetic network. It will blur out all of your Chakras and proceed to completely manipulate the way it looks, sounds, and sometimes even feels. It does this so well, mixed with your own thoughts and coupled by your own experiences and memories, that you will truly believe what you are seeing is real.


How to Discern a true Higher Being

We can see them walking into our room. We can hear them talking to us. We can feel their Unconditional Love. All of these play a vital role in discerning whether the Being is positively or negatively polarized. These next few lines are going to save your life if you channel Higher Beings.

  1. A true Higher Being will either fall into your room from a much Higher Dimension or will open an energetic portal (white or golden cream in color) and walk through it into your room. They will never come from any hellish red or dark looking Dimensions and they will never arrive without announcing their presence.
  2. If you cannot clearly see their face or if it is somehow hidden by fog, darkness, or blur, then it is a very significant indicator you are talking to a Darkbeing. Higher Beings are very open with letting you know who they are and what they look like. If they are wearing a black hooded cloak, also be wary, Higher Beings most often exclusively appear to you as wearing stark white or purple clothing.
  3. Their voice should never sound harsh, cold, angry or dark.
  4. Ask them to prove to you they are a true Higher Being polarized to the Light, as described in my book World of Archangels. The Unconditional Love you feel must be absolutely amazing. It should never just cut-out or go away after an initial burst; it should keep you heightened for the duration of the session.
  5. A true Higher Being will never leave you or walk away after the session. A True Higher Being knows that their work is never truly done whilst talking to a 3rd Dimensional human being. To walk away after they finish, is to directly dishonor God by suggesting their help is no longer required. It is an absolute disgrace to find a Higher Being walk away from you, this right here will give you a definite hint as the true nature of the Being you just channeled. True Higher Beings will at least stay with you until you gently ease away from their consciousness, or fall asleep.


Finally did you notice that the Heart Chakra is the only line in the third infographic that wasn’t red?

Unconditional Love is the only way I know to test Higher Beings of their authenticity. We will either feel so much Love that we want to transcend our human bodies and exist in the higher planes with them, or we won’t. Their beautiful state of existence either uplifts us beyond belief, or we fall short in every possible way. There is a very sharp contrast of emotions and feelings whilst discerning true Unconditional Love and just hyped up energy.

We must test every single Higher Being who we decide to channel, even if we see the same Being twice in the same day. I will guarantee you that just about nobody actually does this. In fact, I have only seen this step (the most vital step) performed by only one other person on the planet. If you want to channel Higher Beings, or are currently already channeling them, ask them to prove themselves to you. For most Channelers out there, this will open up a can of worms for you. For those seeking to start getting into it, you will officially have been given the right tools from the very beginning.


It may look like an Archangel, it may sound like an Archangel, but it may not feel like an Archangel.


The next time you are reading a channeled message, read the message itself for it’s ability to truly uplift you and raise the consciousness of humanity. Think about the person channeling the message; do you believe they are testing their Being for signs of Unconditional Love? Or are they just blindly channeling whatever the hell they feel like? There are some many pitfalls whilst channeling messages, so many possibilities for deception that unless you really know the background of the Channeler, or at least are confident with their abilities of psychic self defense, then we just don’t know how legitimate the message is. There are few too people on Earth who really know their way around Negative Beings.

For the 9 failed attempts out of 10, we are either getting personal opinions of the Channeler or the Darkbeing’s opinion. An Archangel’s opinion will leave you warmed and excited about Life, it will act to raise your consciousness and truly capture the meaning for why you are alive. One thing is for sure, you are getting something’s opinion with a channeled message. It is really about placing confidence in what that something is. The best way to know for sure is to contact the Archangels and Ascended Masters yourself, that way you will be 100% confident about the Being standing before you no matter which way the session turns out.


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Spiritual endeavorists may waste entire lifetimes trying to achieve a Kundalini Awakening. It’s the Holy Grail for energy manipulators, and those who are seeking pure ecstasy and gratification with their meditations are salivating for all but a single taste. Kundalini is by far one of the most volatile and aggressive forms of spiritual development our bodies could ever endure. Entire lifetimes of conflicts and energy are provoked into a volcanic eruption of red energy through our Chakra system. There is no turning back once this process is initiated, you wouldn’t want to anyway, all of your senses are burnt out and recreated back into something more powerful and far more sensitive than what it ever was before. Kundalini is the school for spiritual students wanting a real taste of what living in a Duality actually means. There is no Love & Light or other flowery nonsense in the home of Kundalini. The only way is to plunge right in and personally see how the world differs from what you are taught to believe.


What is Kundalini?

Kundalini Awakening

Kundalini is a specific type of energy found within the human energy matrix. Primarily red in color, Kundalini is most often symbolized as a large Dragon. Kundalini energy travels up the spinal cord from the very bottom of the tail bone all the way up through the Crown Chakra. From an energetic standpoint, these energies originate from the Root Chakra and therefore extend that same red color whilst traveling throughout the body. Due to the 1st Dimensional nature of the Root Chakra, Kundalini energy is therefore quite susceptible to volatility as the Root Chakra is the main representative of primal energies such as anger and lust. Kundalini energy is therefore one of the most powerful in our system due to these qualities, and it does have in its full power the capability of possessing your body. The reason for why the Dragon most accurately symbolizes Kundalini is firstly because of its shape in the spinal cord whilst in a full blown awakening, and secondly due to the ferocity of energy felt by the practitioner, often termed Dragon Rage.


What is a Kundalini Awakening?

A Kundalini Awakening is the process where stored-up energies within the Root Chakra are exploded up the spinal column and through the top of the head out of the Crown Chakra. This process of cleansing and releasing often leads to very profound changes within the practitioner, as inner-conflicts and all other forms of limiting energies suddenly give way. New insight is found in the world around them, sensitivity to worldly events are felt, and a heightened psychic sense often opens doors to a whole new world of learning. Once the dragon has been awakened it is often very difficult to control it. States of sudden anger or hatred can be suddenly experienced, followed by moments of incredible calm and bliss. This volatility impacts the practitioner’s emotional and physical state and often leads to multiple breakdowns before balance is finally achieved. In saying this, I believe it should be the goal of any spiritual practitioner to have a Kundalini Awakening, for to pursue such a path would greatly increase your psychic abilities and advance spiritual learning on a much more rapid scale. In other words it’s like taking a psychic Redbull and having a really heavy session. Once balance is achieved, the side effects slowly release their grasp upon you and you are left within a heightened state.

I experienced my first Kundalini Awakening when I was 17 years old. At the time I had no idea what the process involved or even what the true benefits were, all I knew was that I was going to become more powerful in the process; this was all the justification I ever needed. Over the process of 3 evenings I performed a specific Kundalini meditation whereby concentrating upon red energy becoming activated around my tailbone, and then pushing it upwards through my spine and out of my Crown Chakra. The first two days were pretty uneventful and I started considering the length of time it normally took spiritual practitioners before they could reach something as powerful as a fully-fledged awakening, if at all… It was upon the third night while deep in meditation that I suddenly heard something out of the darkness, ‘Are you ready?’.

I snapped out of meditation in shock. Then the implications of this question suddenly weighed down upon me. I quickly replied back, ‘Yes I’m ready’.

I felt an explosion of burning energy suddenly erupt in my lower back. Thick red energy was raging up my spine and leaving a trail of pure fire behind it. The muscles in my back started twitching with pain and my mind was rushing. The energy suddenly shot through my Crown Chakra and started raining down upon me. Every time that red energy hit my skin it felt like a painful electric bolt burning into me. Thousands of bolts of energy were making their way down upon me in a torrent of extraordinary color. So much pain that I had to break my meditation and roll across the floor as if my body was on fire.

By the time it finally calmed down I passed out on the floor out of sheer exhaustion alone. After such an ordeal my world went black and I slipped into unconsciousness. I woke up the next morning with energy still charring the tips of my mind. I felt completely burnt out like some kind of Fallen Angel. The next day I discovered 6 dark brown patches along my back that felt as if my skin was burnt. Those dark brown patches stayed there for 8 months.

What I didn’t know was that these types of Kundalini Awakenings would sporadically come upon me whilst meditating for many months on end. For the months that proceeded my awakening, it was very difficult to find my point of balance. I became very sensitive to everything around me, and my internal Chakras exploded in power. I could feel people when they were near me, rather than just seeing them or hearing them. I could feel spirits and Angels and my communications with them were greatly enhanced. All my spiritual facilities were fused into the next Dimension. My life had changed in more ways that I could ever imagine. It took me a very long time to figure out how to balance my internal conflicting emotions. Anger soon became one of my most predominant emotions and I soon embraced its beautiful fury as my own. I grew stronger every time something sparked my anger into fruition. I became powerful through my imbalance; peaceful in every sense, God’s own fury a moment later.

It took me 4 years to finally complete my cleansing process and learn to find that ultimate balance somewhere near Neutrality. By embracing both sides and finding that balance, it allowed me to experience the full extent of the spiritual spectrum, rather than withdrawing away from any particular field of experience. I must say that my Kundalini Awakening skyrocketed my spiritual growth on a much more accelerated level than if I tried to just go about it the regular way. I have become drawn to finding such accelerated methods and I know their true value. Sometimes they may shave off years to achieve the same result a regular path would result. The difference is the heavy level of involvement these methods entail. If you feel you can handle it, then by all means go down that path. On the other hand if you are not very spiritually adept and prefer to comfort of gradual progress, the normal commercialized methods may be more appropriate for you.

One of the most helpful Kundalini books on the market.
A Chakra & Kundalini Workbook: Psycho-Spiritual Techniques for Health, Rejuvenation, Psychic Powers & Spiritual Kundalini Awakening bookRealization by Dr. John Mumford.

This book helped me cover many of the basics that I seemed to have completely missed whilst progressing on my spiritual journey myself. There are some really powerful meditations in this book which improve your visualization skills, increase the effectiveness of your energy manipulation, and also provides some really deep meditation exercises to improve psychic ability, such as the Yoni Mudra. The book details out a 12 week program whereby working through a different type of meditation every week. I very rarely recommend other books, however with really easy to understand illustrations and effective meditations; this book is a must-have for anybody serious about Kundalini.

One of the most important things to focus on is the transformational process rather than the intense emotions and energies felt throughout an awakening. The Kundalini energy acts to completely reconstruct all of your energetic nerves and it can often lead to a lot of emotional upheaval as a result of the shifting energies within your body. Sometimes it’s also really great to share the experience with others, and I do invite you to comment upon your personal experience below.

Many people ask me how I am able to so freely commune with Archangels and Ascended Masters as if they were regular spirit guides hanging around, and I must undoubtedly say that my Kundalini Awakening played a very big role. My experience has been an absolute roller coaster ride however well worth the trouble. As it is I am still exploring new psychic avenues every time I concentrate upon a new area of my spiritual discovery. Those who move through a fully-fledged Kundalini Awakening have a very different understanding about spirituality; they no longer feel it’s something to venture into– they are already deep within its constructs.