I spent the first half of my life believing Gaia was trying to kill me. I’ve been lost in the wild 3 times now, all of them resulting in health crises in some way. It is strange because I love nature, I love forests, I even understand that trees and plants are living organic spirits in perfect balance with Mother Earth.

I was once hiking in the mountains heading towards a creek at the bottom of a luscious gauge. The pathway was packed with rocks and tree roots, birds were chirping in a constant background serenade of the forest, the air was cool and fresh. As we hiked along, we suddenly came across a completely white tree. This thing was humongous. Towering above the rest of the forest, stark white trunk with white barren branches stretching out. It was awe inspiring in a grand posture stretching towards the heavens above. There was a full circular clearing around it; a full parting in the forest of massive green trees. A little while later after continuing on, I stepped on a jagged, rolling rock on the pathway and fractured my ankle. Pain shot up my leg to such a heavy degree I could barely walk. I was near the bottom of the gauge. I limped my way to the icy cool water, and let my ankle painfully soak. My ankle went blue, it swelled up twice the size. The sun was setting, I had to get out of there. I spent the next 4 hours limping up the mountain with a wooden staff. Mind over matter, I walked on a fractured ankle summoning every ounce of energy I could to continue. As the sun went down, I could see black figures walking through the trees around me. Every time I looked at them, they would disappear. Forest spirits were surrounding me. As I made my way out, I could see them lining the forest wall staring at me.

Till this day, this entire experience remains a mystery…


We are Universal witnesses to Creation. God is feeling the entirety of this Universe through every single living thing. In any given situation, every experience is witnessed from a complete 12 dimensional 360 degree vision/thought/feeling/vibration.

God experiences life through all the parties involved– the victim, the aggressor, the passerby, the birds flying, the trees absorbing the energy, even the very ground we walk on. Every footstep, good/bad intention, energetic imprint, personal account, feeling towards a moment, after-the-fact judgement and overview by those analyzing the situation, etc, is accounted for in a continual immersive projection that plays exactly to the fine-tuned nature of Destiny. Every single discrepancy can be accounted for when you completely live the experience of the Universe into reality. Incredible contemplation of life.

It gives whole new meaning to the quote “If you walked in somebody else’s shoes, you would understand things differently”. Not only is everybody and everything God, but the future has already happened. What we are witnessing is the unfolding nature of an already perfect Creation. It ascends in and out of Oneness with every cycle. There is no such thing as mid-way adjustments when the jig-saw pieces already fit perfectly together.

Beyond what we can see, the physical inhabitants of any given experience aren’t the only ones observing their situation. Spirit guides, ghosts, guardian angels, higher beings, ascended masters, Creators, Unconditional Love itself– our experiences have already been completely projected and recorded so as to analyze a cross dimensional physical life/energetic afterlife model of evolution to make sure Creation is indeed achieving Oneness ever so slightly faster with each cycle.

To think that the Universe is also ever-expanding and becoming more complex by the second.

It is absolutely stunning and it completely humbles the soul with every breath.


Imagine a world where peace and prosperity were the most significant desires of mankind. A world where the entirety of civilization was growing and evolving towards the same goal; Ascension. Every aspect of humanity from technological advancement, medical, social, economical, financial and political, was designed to empower souls for the greater attainment of life, rather than to enslave it. A benchmark of required living standards was set where no human being would go without food or shelter. One where we could spend lifetimes just relaxing in cosmic awareness if we wanted to. Productivity flowing through humanity as a sustainable organism that craved universal technologies and knowledge to further advance itself as an enlightened race. When you remove the capitalization, corruption, war games, debt structures and ego floats, what you get is a primal race who focuses their activities on advancement rather than control. Our level of significance moves away from money, and towards ascension. We stop killing people and the environment for the sake of pyramid hierarchies and shareholder returns on investment. We start believing in the connectivity and productivity of a world without religions, banks, corporations, or governments trying to enslave passive consumers for the sake of power and influence. What we need is a new Light Structure. A new paradigm of life to base our standards of living and entire epicenter for why we believe we are alive and what we believe we are doing here. The only way to implement such a Light Structure is for a spiritual revolution to deconstruct that which exists, and introduce a transcending model that allows greater freedom. We have the ability to subconsciously support such a mechanism. It is ready to be birthed. Humanity simply needs to attract the idea into physical manifestation. We are the world we live in. We have the power to attract change.


Everything we perceive in this world is based upon our brains interpreting raw data from our environment around us. Everything is sending out an energetic signal that we get taught how to interpret in order for life to make sense. From the identification of colors or sounds to classifications by labeling thoughts, ideas, and experiences in our mind.
In reality there is an entire wall of noise and electrical activity that we simply dismiss or otherwise can’t make sense of. The entirety of the human experience is deduced down to 5 senses– touch, sight, sound, taste, hearing. Everything we have built as a civilization was based upon these 5 senses– every piece of technology to aid or increase our abilities, every aspect of the way our buildings and homes are constructed, even to the point of what we find popular or trendy as a culture.
Everything we know is based upon a small vacuum of information that we have the ability to interpret. However, rabbits have stronger hearing, cats can see in the dark, eagles can see small creatures miles away. Their perceptions, or their worlds, are vastly different to our own. What would we be doing or thinking about if our senses were significantly heightened from our current standpoint? How would we be processing the Universe?
If our 6th sense allowed interaction with an ethereal world, would we care to add another layer of complexity to break away from the stand-alone mechanisms of the physical world? Can we handle our true nature? A study of brainwave activity in Switzerland recently found that our subconscious minds process and interpret what we think about up to 6 seconds before we consciously recognize it as a thought. What this means is that what you are doing right now was pre-meditated up to 6 seconds ago.
That’s a big window of uninterpreted energetic noise…
The art of opening yourself up to the energetic world and allowing yourself to express the true freedom and abundance of what Life has to offer is the reason for why I meditate every single day. Unlearning the conformity to society and awakening your true presence as a Creator is the reason why I created God Gifts Guided Meditations. There are beautiful Angels waiting to speak to you and let you feel life-changing Unconditional Love.
Attuning yourself to an ecstatic heightened existence and allowing Unconditional Love to flow through your veins will forever be truth worth interpreting.
God Gifts Guided Meditations


We are every single one of us a part of Creation. We go beyond this singular lifetime. We go beyond the vicissitudes of Life and Death. We are the eternal life force that guides us and protects us every single second of our existence. Our Universal body is made up of so much complexity, and yet can be over-simplified into the true heart of Oneness.
If you believe you are alive, it means that you believe you are everything that is; for it is impossible to be anything other than the Universe from whence you came. A singular energy multiplying in trillions of directions; growing, evolving, reproducing, spreading further and further in every conceivable direction. ALL OF IT stemming from a singular Source. We are still connected to this Source, in the same way that we are still connected to all that is.
We are a product of Creation. We continue to exist as a product of Creation. We never stop. Even the Creators are but pieces to a multiverse jig-saw that was birthed from an even Higher Source. We are the entirety of Creation with every single breath, we are the entirety of all that is with every ounce of love we feel.
Why do we externalize our power by believing we are just a human being, insignificant and meaningless like a grain of sand?
Value yourself, you are worth so much more than you currently believe.


Is it true that if we were to strip away all of our physical attributes we would be nothing more than walking ghosts? We spend a lot of time with our personalities, so does our personality follow us into the afterlife?

It is almost a natural progression for humans to tailor their emotions and language in order to adapt to their surrounding environment. In fact it happens so often and so indiscreetly that a majority of the population have become accustomed to not only its sheer occurrence, but have also adopted its characteristics as part of everyday life.

Masks seem to act as a cover for our true personality. Certain masks are quite rare as they can change others’ perception; such as the Likeabilty mask, or the powerful Anger mask. Since we have the ability to ‘change’ our masks at will, can the same be said for our personality? It can only be answered by delving into the personality’s origin. Does our personality form on a physical level or is it embedded into something much deeper in our spiritual level? To shed light on these questions, would be to find the truth behind whether our physical bodies are in fact tailoring our personalities, for better or worse, or are our personalities a true product of our Soul.

We are all born with the unique ability to create and hide behind masks whenever we deem appropriate. Such masks are used in everyday behaviors and you may not even realize how deceitful you truly are. Sometimes our masks can be quite light and flexible, as if spun from pure white silk. We wear social masks to make others feel more comfortable, more welcome, laugh at our jokes, and perceive us to be more likable. Sometimes our masks can be quite solid with large adorning angel wings. The mask of Fatherdom carries your family when you have children, and you’re trying to create an aura of discipline and safety. Sometimes our masks can be constructed of pure gold in the style of ancient Kings of our long forgotten past. The business masks appear to us whilst running our empires, attending high profile meetings with other CEOs, Bankers, and Lawyers. And sometimes… we adorn battle masks out of Hell itself; dark and unforgiving, horrible like our worst nightmares with horns protruding in strange directions and the evil grin of the Devil Himself.

The world doesn’t like raw, unpolished Souls. It likes people to be refined, cultured, conservative, enjoyable and sometimes humorous. Think of our bodies as a filter that rejects socially inappropriate behavior. Our physical lives are driven by the complex psychological need ‘to be wanted’ and liked by others. Our bodies therefore adapt and mold our personalities to fulfill this psychological need. Over time our Souls learn from their mistakes and adopt those socially appropriate traits, this occurs over multiple lifetimes and experiences.

Whether being an extrovert with an incredible ego, or an introvert who is socially outcast; both are products of our external environment from the day we are born. That external environment includes; our physical looks and traits, our family’s wealth/status and acceptability to difference, friends and social schooling, and even the country we live in. Our bodies adapt with our external environment in the same way liquid evaporates when heated, leaving a more refined reduction.

Our Souls are but pure learned energy, like electricity for our moving puppets. Our personalities are in fact a complex web of social intricacies that have been molded by environmental factors on the physical plain. I do not believe we can change our personality that easily. It is possible for our personalities to change through extreme emotions, such as immeasurable anger, or worlds of love. But achieving such lasting emotions over a period of time, long enough to actually change your personality is very difficult. We therefore adopted the much more light-weight and adaptable masks.

But what happens when we start to reverse the cycle of filtration and the human body starts to adopt feelings and intuitive gestures as part of its character. The Soul is ever present and always trying to communicate with us by trying to bypass the filter. This true energy is very wise and may very well know our future. Psychics and those on a spiritual path therefore try to increase these intuitive feelings in order effectively read the future. The Body doesn’t like this and tries to give you its egotistical opinion by pushing out intuitive feelings. This is effectively known as the war between the Body and the Soul.

Since masks are but an invention of human understanding to our dark psychological background, the same technique is not utilized once we pass on. There is no ego in the afterlife, as that is a human emotion, and human emotions don’t carry through.
I have known some Souls to adorn their personalities when they come back down to Earth to pass on messages to the living. I only believe this to be the case as people’s personalities are a method of nostalgic identification.

The Law of the Universe states that nothing shall be created nor shall it be destroyed. So where is all this left-over personality energy going once we die?

Could it possibly be that our Souls are actually adopting our personalities and carrying them on into the afterlife?

I wonder if I will have a similar personality in my next life…


I used to be addicted to MMORPGs (Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games). I believe online games are the drug of the 21st Century. In the same way that cocaine became the party drug of choice and heavy drinkers find their old friend in alcohol; online gaming has created a whole new genre of escapism that never even existed 20 years ago. Sure there are still druggies roaming nightclubs, kids experimenting with substances for a new kick, and alcoholics still riding on their blurred memories of the harsh realities of life, but nobody will be able to police the end-users of online gaming. So far there is nothing illegal about it; not when all we are doing is sitting in our bedrooms. But that is exactly the problem; isolation is not a step towards achieving Oneness. Sad to say that even Facebook addicts are at least dwindling their way into the right direction. Enter the world of MMORPGs where connectivity is king.

Escapism is experienced when we enter a mental state of mind-frame that is not ordinarily available to the normal human body within everyday life. It occurs when we feel a sense of escape from reality, through the direct or indirect use of substances or acts which harbor the natural release of dopamine in our brains that provide mental relief and relaxation. It started with alcohol, a substance that has been brewed and fermented since the Mesopotamians in 4000 BC. The coca plant has similarly been grown and chewed by ancient civilizations in South America for thousands of years, only to be popularized in the 1800-1900s during the discovery of its medicinal properties. In the late 90s, cocaine became the party drug of choice, even till today with 600 tones being consumed annually.

There may be a million and one reasons for why people undergo substance abuse, however I only want to focus on one, the one that truly grabs people by their ankles and drags them under; escapism. We live on a boring planet, there is no doubt about that. If we lived somewhere actually interesting we wouldn’t have a $41.9 billion a year video game industry, a $9.5 billion movie industry, nor a $23 billion movie rental industry. Entertainment is one of the most acceptable forms of escape, there is a lot of glitz and glamor and special effects, it almost feels like its actually real.

And this is exactly where MMORPGs come in. There are two types of extremely addictive online games; first-person shooters (such as Call of Duty; Modern Warfare), and MMORPGs (such as World of Warcraft). MMORPGs are extremely addictive because they were created to be exactly that. I remember reading a highly controversial article a couple years ago that delved into a study a particular gaming giant undertook in order to test or increase the addictiveness of their games. It produced results such as; a compelling story line, spammable skills or attacks to continuously required the attention of the gamer, etc. If only I could find that study somewhere. Here is a link to another article that suggests internet addiction is as addictive as cocaine. Just an interesting coincidence considering my earlier ties between the two. The key difference being that the drugs will likely kill you, while gaming addiction will just help you become morbidly obese, develop psychological problems such as increased anxiety and depression, and demonstrate extreme anti-social behavior every chance you get. Not to mention the B.O, which may just tip the favor back towards the drugs…


Escapism 2


Gaming is addictive. It is addictive not because the game itself is just so well made, often the most addictive games are sometimes the most childish and immature things ever, however they incite a repressed emotion out of the user that does not ordinarily come to light in real-life. We can be an absolute superstar online, the most hardcore outfits, extremely ultra cool weapons, guilds spanning hundreds of people all following us like Gospel itself, however none of it mirrored in real life itself. Gaming worlds are handcrafted by animation geniuses creating fantastic worlds we wished we could live in high in the clouds, however all we have is regular urban sprawl to meet us when we wake up every morning. Addiction deepens when it is used to escape Life. Problems as a result of our lives, people in our lives, boredom pertaining the unfolding of our non-lives, events that make us want to run away from the harsh realities of our lives. There is a lot of pain and sadness in the real world, the only pain we feel online is when the servers unexpectedly crash and we lose all our hard-gained items. Sometimes we work weeks on-end for those items, yes we can sometimes even cry.

MMORPGs are almost set up like casinos. Instead of cashing up our chips at the end of the night, we attain gold, or any other form of in-game currency. The inevitable churn of killing monsters, selling items, leveling up, killing more monsters, upgrading our equipment, killing even more monsters, PvPing, MvPing, did I mention killing lots of monsters? The in-game games are always the best, the PvP (player vs player) arenas are like poker tables; everybody is against each other (except the couple inside friends nobody knows about). The MvP (monster vs player) maps are like blackjack tables; everybody vs the ‘house’. The NPCs (non-player characters) are like good casino dealers offering us advice and showing us how to play the game. The whole thing is structured to suck you in and keep you there while the good times are rolling. At least we leave the casino when we run out of money, with online games they are already in our houses, meaning we don’t have to leave, or even sleep (hello 5am wake-up calls to make our guild wars: Respect).

We really like to escape reality on Earth. Very little keeps us mentally dedicated more so than astronomical debts or sex. The entertainment industry allows us to see a small sneaking glimpse of what it means to truly live within our model concepts of reality. The fame, the fortune, the power, for a lucky few it even promises a career where all our dreams can suddenly be realized. For the vast majority of others, we are left to escape our lost dreams by filling in time with what interests us beyond the scope of every day life. Escapism is about living in a world that either captures our imagination, or lets us forget who we are and where we came from. One way or the other, we are not being physically present here on Earth in the NOW.

I was addicted to games my entire childhood, even till today its grasp is still so powerful that it takes the full force of nearly all my Masters before I let go of them and start concentrating on my Life again. And this is the most serious issue; our escape from what we have come here to do. If we are not present, then how are we expected to do what it is we came here for? The simple answer is we can’t, it doesn’t happen. We may allow ourselves to get into a stupor, become high, immersed into a guild war with all our online comrades, what we won’t discover is the forgiveness for simply being here and moving on into a state of Enlightenment. It takes a lot of maturity to give up online games, social maturity to give up the latest social craze mobile games, and spiritual maturity to enjoy the essence of Life in its most pure form; in the NOW. Escapism is for those not psychologically strong enough to deal with real life, it is only a matter of time before Life catches up with us, there is only so far we can run. One day we will look back and think to ourselves “Where did all that time go? What was I even doing?” then the nostalgia of the game will hit you before the “That’s right! It wasn’t on Earth. It was all in that gaming world.” That’s the scary part.


“To resist and subdue Nature is to make for one’s self a personal and imperishable life, it is to break free from the vicissitudes of Life and Death.”

An immortal world; a world where there is no time, no benchmarks to age us, no unintentional destruction, no Suns to keep track of any single moment, nothing to differentiate a single second from another. A revolving world with no start and no end. Timelessness in an observed continuance of the soul. Beings floating in a sea of consciousness, unaware of any differences between themselves, only energetic equality. Existence in a state of pure ecstasy and Love for absolutely everything, so powerful and yet so humbling, the world has yet to feel Unconditional Love. We as God creatures have been there before, we are infinite, profoundly realized in every possible way; it is only a matter of time before we are back there again.


Immortal Beings in an immortal world


Immortality– some people call it the Holy Grail, others fantasy, but I like to call it the truth behind reality. We are Immortal Beings in a world structured to observe time. What we understand as Life and Death are nothing more than ascending and descending bodies of consciousness revolving through a system that was set up to initiate self-realization. I look at the world through a very different lens. I don’t see physicality, I barely even notice it, all I see One energy morphing around to capture our attention and imagination to continue its existence thereafter. If we stopped observing the physical world, we would transcend the need to be within it and we would cease to reincarnate any longer.

In the spiritual world there is no time, not even the observation of which, unless Beings from physical existences ask them to peer into their lives. They do not differentiate existence within itself, not unless they are observing the evolvement of consciousness. If consciousness is evolving then they are able to comprehend true movements within Creation. The 12 Dimensions of the Universe is a transcending thought-form aimed to initiate an internal shift within your body to detach you away from bench-marking your life based on linear time and into energetic moments of spiritual realization. We are going to keep reincarnating here, in just the same way that the Universe will keep cycling, until such a transcending movement of energy takes place. Until then, we keep spinning on our Ferris Wheel of Reincarnation like kids enthused with a childlike curiosity at the very thought of all the flashing lights and the great view to savor when you get to the top.

What is the true difference between one Being who believes in time and one who does not? One perceives the parameters of their lives as destined by the Sun rising in the morning or the Moon setting at night, while the other opens a doorway to start understanding the Universal body which they have come to live within. A small change in perception; a lifetime of difference to contemplate the irrelevant nature of Life other than for the nurturing of worthwhile emotions and states of existence of Love and powerful radiance of One Creation methodology.


The Light Structures that defined existence


Our DNA is everything wrong with human society. It is also everything right with defined existence itself. It is the reason reincarnation exists, it is the secret and heart behind spirituality. It defines who we are, how we think, what we look like, how we react to certain situations, where we go, what we do, even how we do it. Our Soul is contained within our DNA. Our Soul is not so much a general “white glow” within the human body than it is millions of white lights branching together within every single one of our cells– glowing in unison to light our bodies up as the true blend behind physicality and spirituality. When our DNA evolves into a higher state, our soul becomes a more realized Being within the Universe and it starts to glow brighter.

The methods of self realization have been experimented with over countless variations in billions of Universes. In order to script defined periods of accelerated growth, one of the most beneficial methods to sustain growth would be to break down the soul’s full life-cycle of realization into small concentrated efforts that initiates a different experience for every lifetime lived. We know it as reincarnation. It is an ancient light structure that effectively became incorporated into lower Dimensional existences for the sake of programmed cell death. From the moment we are born, our cells have already been programmed to die at some point in time. Every single decision we make, from our lifestyle choices to our methods of experiencing the full onsets of growth, can only reduce the maximum life of our cells. We can not, in any way, reprogram ourselves to live longer than our optimum point. Medicine and the advent of technology only serves to claim back years that we have already taken away. Cells die as a result of many external factors, one of the most significant being the oxidation of our DNA strands– causing them to eventually break apart. We look like white glows of energy with large white trails of smoke steaming off us. Our soul is consistently renewing itself. The point where we fail to rejuvenate more cells than those that are experiencing programmed cell death, is the point when our Soul will transcend physical Life and move into a higher vibratory state of living in a process known as Death.

In order for the individual to make sense in an immortal world, the external environment had to mirror this light structure in its full complexity. Suns, stars, planets and galaxies all have perceived lifespans, where each of these Beings must achieve realization to further their dimensional evolvement. The larger our body of consciousness, the longer in time we perceive such limitations of existence. Universal butterflies flying their way into Life through bursts of beauty and color, we may experience a whole world of learning within the definite nature of such an existence. Time was structured into the variables of self-realization to create an upward moving sea of consciousness that felt the need to keep moving forward rather than remain stagnant within the ethers of unrealized immortality. If we don’t understand the true value of time, immortality becomes meaningless to the point were it is reduced to everything short of normalized existence.


When we became the slaves of time

Around 5000 years ago a group of Beings far more intelligent and advanced decided to implement a system on Earth for the greater control of our consciousness. These Beings were greatly versed in the energetic laws of cosmic spiritual realizations and set forth to create a self-serving light structure that aimed to sustain a funnel of energy up towards where they could utilize it. These initial light structures were the product of an extremely advanced race of Beings who no longer sought to utilize such a lower-frequency dependency of harnessing energy. Though they were no longer experiencing Creation as we do, their vehicles housed the instructions for the operation of their energetic machines. The knowledge of such light structures remained intact. They were invaluable to those that found them as they had been tested and developed over hundreds of thousands of years. By the time they came to Earth, they were already well aware of what they were introducing.

These light structures are known as Pyramid Hierarchies, or what we have commonly come to know as an organizational hierarchies. Every major business, commercial endeavor and organization on Earth follows a hierarchy whether it is aware of it or not. It is so ingrained into our consciousness that it has become a commonly accepted principle within society. The organizational hierarchy allows for a group of employees/workers/followers to effectively spend their time in exchange for any said given resource. Here on Earth, we have a system of currency that used to be backed by gold, however now it’s just backed by perceptions of what we believe money is. We spend great chunks of our perceived time for perceived material benefits. We spend our time within the hierarchy to receive these physical benefits because just about every single organization on Earth accepts and agrees to trade in the perceived currency. We could therefore sustain life by working for money and trading it in a readily accessible economy. The real currency of this light structure and the base element of the hierarchy will always however be time.

A healthy economy is based on a few things, the first and foremost is a healthy supply and demand– or the movements of perceived values depending on where we stand in Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, and the second is the rate at which new opportunities for growth create new jobs and attract a steady movement of people towards becoming a productive member of that economy. So what we have is perceived value, and then the capitalization of that value. Though this is extremely simplified economics, it basically gives you a rough idea of the way markets work. If nobody valued their time, everybody would work for free and the idea of an economy wouldn’t exist. It takes us a definable period of time to study and even more time pursue advanced graduate courses. By the time we finish we have a certain egotistical need to place the value of our time as something worth capitalizing upon. We as human beings inherently understand we have limited time and we at some point mentally negotiate how much our time is worth by pursuing a specific career and then becoming an active participant.

It all starts with the perceived idea that our time is running out, and since we only have a limited amount of time, we should perceive greater self-value depending on how much time we invested into our lives. From a developing societal point of view, this is an extremely beneficial way to continue the advent of new technology and economical advancements. However from a spiritual point of view; we are all slaves to our own egotistical needs.


The Pyramid Hierarchy Light Structure


Immortal World 2


It kind of looks like the pyramids of Egypt that were built 5000 years ago. If you guessed this, then you would be exactly right as to who introduced this light structure into humanity’s consciousness. We have definable layers within the pyramid hierarchy. There is a set process for how you can work your way up to the top. There is a very big difference between those who are on the bottom and those who are at the top; perceived influence and power. To get to the top you will have to follow the rules of the hierarchy, which were set by the hierarchy and lived into existence by the hierarchy. The first rule of the hierarchy is that you are not allowed to talk about the hierarchy. The second rule of the hierarchy is that You Are Not Allowed to talk about the hierarchy. The third rule of the hierarchy is that if this your first time in the hierarchy, then You Must Fight– I mean observe as a passive consumer and keep everybody else happy!


The Oneness Light Structure


Immortal World 3


This circle represents the Oneness Light Structure. It is a circle because in true Oneness there is no distinction between anything– there is only God. The circle represents a great myriad of powerful spiritual truths from the revolving system of reincarnation, the cycling nature of the Universe, the birth and death of individual souls entering Creation from Unconditional Love. The funny thing is that when I was drawing this circle, I started to hear these two Higher Beings arguing up there somewhere. One of them said, “A spiral would be a more accurate symbolic reference because it portrays the movement of Dimensional evolvement back to Oneness”. Then another Higher Being chided in and said, “No I believe the boy is correct. A circle would be more accurate. Where are you actually going?” The first Higher Being kind of contemplated the question and responded, “… nowhere”, and the second Higher Being said “Exactly…”

So besides the fact that some random Higher Beings were reading my latest blog through my thoughts as I was writing this, the Oneness Light Structure is about equality amongst God-realized Beings who aim to unify existence throughout the Universe through Unconditional Love. In an immortal world, physical world concepts such as currency fall apart and the only true real commodity is knowledge for who you are and what you believe you are doing in this Universe. That kind of knowledge is really powerful– it drives realization through multiple systems of dimensional evolvement, and it also gives the users power over un-realized God-selves by creating perceived differences in energetic calibration as mirrors of God. In the Oneness Light Structure the “leaders”, or more God-realized Beings, open pathways for the less realized to learn and grow within till they also become God-realized Beings.

In a Pyramid Hierarchy light structure however, those who collect the most physical resources influence the movements of society in a self-deprecating cycle that only aims to further spread doubt and ignorance amongst those living within it. To say the least, I had a lot of problems with authority going through school. Those problems only expanded when I realized that nearly every other section of society had primary school teachers trying to control the mass movements of consciousness with little consequential discourse beyond whole sections of society failing. Consciousness is still plodding along nonetheless. Our lives were just streamed to undergo smaller steps of realization the further we delved into the paradigms of spiritual understanding. Back doors were opened up to spur the advent of individual Enlightenment in a world bound to collective consciousness. Just about everything Enlightenment does is break you away from the onsets of a normalized life to give you the tools to keep trekking through the jungles of consciousness no matter what you may find.


Returning to Immortality


If we are Immortal Beings in an Immortal World, then the only thing restraining us is our level of realization. We believe we are spiraling outwards, increasing our physical/social/mental/spiritual influence, where the higher perception would be to understand that we are God the whole time. We never leave, we never go anywhere, we are still One in the same Being from the beginning to the end. So if we are already there, then what’s stopping us? A perception of who we believe we are and what we believe we are doing in this Universe. Our Soul will continue within the system of reincarnation till it glows so brightly that it transcends the need for it. We need to undergo a logical unfolding of events in order for our lives to make sense to us. Illogical jumps only serve to enter or exit Creation. Individual Enlightenment only serves an individual purpose in a world bound to collectively unifying together in Oneness. True Immortality will come when the entire Light Structure that is defining our existence is transcended back to the plane of Oneness. Until that moment in time, all we have are defined perceptions and parameters of existence, whether they be on an individual or on a Universal level.


Humanity as it currently exists is moving through a process called Ascension. Ascension is nothing new, it is not somehow unique to planet Earth, nor is it the first time this planet has ever seen such an energetic shift in the past. Ascension is as natural as the Sun rising in the morning or the Moon setting at night. Once we accept the nature of Ascension, everything else may fall into place. Unfortunately not many people understand the true nature of Ascension, and there are also those who seek to abuse such a fear of the unknown for Dark agendas. I would like to set the record straight, I understand Ascension as I have been through a conscious Ascension into the 4th Dimension in the past. Some may ask how this is possible, and the only answer I can give you is that my previous Ascension was not upon this planet. This planet is retracing a process that has been set out for it before it ever conceptualized as a physical Being, in fact it looks and feels exactly the same the last time I experienced such an Ascension. I may be able to offer some insight from my past experiences, if I do so, I will however have to cut through some of the Hollywood fears currently restraining people from accepting what is happening behind the scenes.

What is Ascension?

Ascension is the process whereby our energetic structures and DNA sequences are externally activated and increased in Dimensional nature so that we may express a more pure form of living. With every Ascension we do indeed become more pure, our DNA starts expressing a more complete essence of life, and we begin to place more importance upon the spiritual world rather than the physical constructs that we have convinced ourselves are real. The Ascension into the 4th Dimension will not render our physical bodies useless, we will still live within a physical world and continue our realization process within these constructs.

What changes is the significance we place upon certain ideals, therefore changing the nature of our realization process. If the current 3rd Dimension was to be roughly calculated into a ratio of 80:20 in relation to physicality to spirituality, then the 4th Dimension would be roughly calculated into a ratio of 20:80 in relation to physicality to spirituality. This small flip in consciousness may seem insignificant however the results impact people’s lives more than they can expect. If our views change, the significance we place upon certain ideals, a lessening impact of materiality, and a focus on that which makes us feel more alive; the dynamics of the human complex will never be the same again. This surge will be accepted by some, rejected by others, and more commonly misunderstood as something worthy of being feared. With every Ascension we become slightly more free in the way we are able to express ourselves. Some may call it revolutionary, I like to think of it as Life’s restrictions slowly loosening its grasp.

The Ascension into the 5th Dimension is where physicality is completely rendered useless and a 100% spiritual construct is adopted for everyday life. Under such circumstances, 5th Dimensional planets can very rarely be seen from the 3rd Dimension due to this completely spiritual foundation. It’s vibratory rate must act to either mirror or exist even higher than its inhabitants, or they would render the planet useless. The 5th Dimension is the highest point for which true negativity can progress; meaning nothing is going anywhere for all those people who still need their model concept of reality as justification for why Ascensions occur. Ascension is not a polarity cleansing system, it is a process of rebirth into a higher form of existence.

Ascensions should also never really be classified into just one movement of Dimension, as multiple Dimensions of lifeforms exist in multiple Dimensional existences even here on Earth. Though we may be 3rd Dimensional, there are 2nd Dimensional plants and animals, and 1st Dimensional minerals existing all around us. It is impossible for a 3rd Dimensional to live here without 1st and 2nd Dimensionals first creating a foundation. It can also be said that we are moving into a 4th/5th Dimensional construct as some of the more particularly advanced souls are already expressing 5th Dimensional qualities. The upcoming Ascension will allow a much more in-depth ability to delve further into the 5th Dimension, so therefore it was deemed appropriate to call it the 4th/5th Dimensional Ascension.

Forgive me if I have lost anyone, I am just going to continue fully thinking that everybody can keep up with my spiritual talk. Ignorance is bliss… one day somebody will find meaning in my mental musings.

Why do Ascensions occur?

In the same way that our cells are programmed to die at fixed points in time throughout our life, the soul within our planet has taken upon a predetermined existence of living to Ascend at various points in the future. A 7th Dimensional Being who acts as the soul of a planet only moves through the process of 4 Ascensions before it progresses out of Creation; into the 2nd Dimension, into the 3rd Dimension, into the 4th Dimension, and finally into the 5th Dimension. 6th Dimensional Beings do not need a planetary existence and therefore such an Ascension for a planet is useless.

Ascension is a necessary process in order to keep the consciousness of the Beings living on any designated planet the ability to advance the nature of their realization process either more efficiently or just as efficiently as the previous Universal cycle. Individual Ascensions occur when a soul is advanced enough to realize their God-self well before the masses. Collective Ascension is an almost forced process that advances the masses of souls whether they want to or not. In saying this, most our souls have already been through a tremendous amount of learning in order to be prepared for exactly such a shift in our energies. As I previously stated, Ascension is not new, it is not foreign, it is natural, and our construct of multiple incarnations on Earth has been leaning towards this moment ever since we first got here.

Many souls have also specifically incarnated on Earth to be here for this Ascension. Most have nearly completed their learning on other 3rd Dimensional planets and have decided to quicken their advancement by coming to Earth’s ripening Ascension starting at the end of 2012. It is because of this factor that I find Earth such a complex mess of Beings, there are so many entrants from various places that we might as well just call ourselves ‘human beings’ since we are all stuck down here together.

How long does it take to Ascend?

It can be said that some of us have been preparing for Ascension for thousands of years, however in order to give you are more definite and relevant period of time, our current Ascension will go for approximately 7-11 years from December 21st 2012. Meaning the finalization of our Ascension process will extend to approximately year 2019. That’s right everybody, you have 7 years to get with the program or get the hell out. Better start strapping ourselves in because the roller-coaster ride is only just clonking its way up to the top.

What are some common misunderstandings surrounding Ascension?

There is so much negativity out there it’s not even funny. I can’t believe how wild some of these ideas are, worse still are all the New Age philosophers who actually believe in those stories. I don’t know how these people call themselves psychics! Better start shoveling away.

    1) The Earth is going to Rapture and separate into two completely different worlds; those who Ascend and those who get left behind!

This one seems to be the current New Age norm. Nobody is going anywhere. There isn’t going to be a 2nd Earth existing on top of the ‘old Earth’ in the 4th Dimension that only those who are allowed in are able to ‘survive’. The next person who tells me that everybody who remains on the Earth in the 3rd Dimension will exist in a Hell-like atmosphere, while all the 4th Dimensional ascenders enjoy utter peace and happiness on ‘another Earth’, I’m going to slap them in the face and tell them to wake up. Where do these people even come up with this stuff? How exactly was Gaia meant to split her soul into 2 and exist separately as a Hellish planet and a Heavenly planet at the exact same time? Gaia already houses multiple Dimensions of existences from the 1st-3rd, why won’t she be able to continue doing this in the future? More importantly, there is Nothing wrong with the 3rd Dimension, it is a legitimate existence where learning is still nurtured. Those who are not Ascending will either be staying or relocating to another 3rd Dimensional planet where they won’t be completely outperformed by all the new 4th Dimensionals. I implore you to slap somebody in the face if they tell you the Earth will be splitting into 2, don’t worry the karma will be on the house for that one.


    2) Ascension is the reason why earthquakes and volcanoes are erupting more frequently

This one isn’t exactly true in the way most New Age philosophers are thinking. It’s quite a tricky little subject for me to explain however I will do my best. In order to understand natural disasters I will have to further explain a very complex notion often termed a Chaotic Node.

If your firstly visualize those massive twirling white cyclones on the weather channel, originating at sea and moving towards a particular country, then you can visualize the basic construct for what a Chaotic Node is trying to achieve. However instead of a physical cyclone heading to a particular country, a Chaotic Node targets souls who exist in the same frequency. Meaning that a million people can be suddenly hit by a Chaotic Node, who are located everywhere on the planet, and are only found to be in common with each other through their current level of consciousness. If you can visualize white strings on a violin, these strings would represent everybody on our planet in a particular frequency of consciousness. A Chaotic Node strums a particular string of consciousness, rather than a set physical country or location.

When a Chaotic Node hits, it acts like a washing machine; it fills up our lives with water and twirls us around until the dirt from the stains have been removed. Eventually the water drains and relief is felt. However the Chaotic Node then repeats this cleansing process over and over again until we demonstrate a level of consciousness more pure and detached from physical reality. When it is finished with us, it moves on to the next string of consciousness. It is impossible to stop a Chaotic Node, and no Higher Being will help you prevent one either. It is a deeply personal process that only you can find your way out. People suddenly become hit with financial problems, tax department, legal issues, relationships fall apart, divorces, health problems, you name it and it will happen within an instant. The Chaotic Node is beautiful in a way, an organized deconstruction process targeting people based on their level of consciousness, it is very unique in the way that it personalizes itself to every individual person.

The reason Chaotic Nodes occur is to cleanse us before our Ascension. The concentration of these Chaotic Nodes are a result of the shortening time span we have until our Ascension is complete. If you have not been hit by a Chaotic Node in the past couple of years, are not currently experiencing a Chaotic Node, or don’t experience a Chaotic Node within the next 7 years, then there is a very good chance your consciousness will not be Ascending.

For more information please see my article Chaotic Nodes.

In order to understand the increased nature of natural disasters, it was necessary to understand the increased nature of Chaotic Nodes. Whenever we ground our negative energy into the Earth, whether that be consciously or subconsciously, the soul of our planet (Gaia), has to deal with it in some way. Energy doesn’t just go nowhere. She is able to transmute some of our negative energy, however in the cases of mass desperation, war breaking out, etc, the concentration of negative energies becomes too great. Gaia releases this negative energy into certain parts of her body, which then causes a chain reaction into what we physically observe as natural disasters. Grounding our energy may seem the safe option, learning to balance ourselves is the Enlightened option. Grounding is an incomplete form of energy removal for Beings who are not realized enough to deal with their energies more efficiently.

In a way, the increased nature of those natural disasters over the past few years and also for the next 7 years can be indirectly attributed to our Ascension, however not exactly the way we were expected to believe from the movie 2012. They can be attributed to the concentration of negative energies that humanity is expressing. The Ascension itself is pure, no hatred and negativity introduced whatsoever.


    3) The worlds current problems will magically go away with Ascension

We are the cause to the current state the world exists within, it won’t just fix itself because we move through the process of Ascension. We will just be more conscious and capable of dealing with our problems when we exist within the 4th Dimension. Starvation, poverty, falling educational standards, and the governing elite plotting to become the alpha Beings of our Galaxy, are not a result of 3rd Dimensional energies. They are a result of individualized negativity finding itself worsening the problems due to non-realization. Negativity exists up until the 5th Dimension, it isn’t going anywhere, we will hopefully just be more conscious of it.

I would however like to explicitly draw attention to mutations and blocks within our DNA sequence. Our DNA will be naturally corrected through the process of Ascension, therefore we will attain a much more advanced capability of healing the current issues surrounding the planet. Please don’t be part of the group who believe the world will magically correct itself without our involvement. If you would like more information about the direction our DNA is heading, please read my article Evolution of DNA.


Chaotic Nodes are a masterpiece of destruction, predetermined elements of chaos that strike down upon the unsuspecting souls within its pathway of de-materialization. There are very few sources who are able to teach the pathways of deconstruction as opposed to the commonly accepted pathways of construction. Our mass panic and fear of the unknown are a result of our lack of understanding that the pathway of deconstruction is a naturally occurring phenomenon. Chaotic Nodes are not weather abnormalities, they are energetic powerhouses designed to deconstruct that which is not truly important. Our attachments to the physical and material world perceive such systems as evil. They are not bad, they are not the result of negative entities, they are a part of our Ascension process.

Our level of consciousness is actually more structured than we are currently lead to believe. In fact there are millions of souls around the planet who share similar traits and pathways of learning. The lower down the level of consciousness, the more souls who can be attributed to those groups due to Earth mainly harboring a lower Dimensional inhabitant. The higher you go, the fewer the souls who reach such a point within any given lifetime on Earth. If each level can be attributed to a string, which when strung vibrates a certain frequency, we have a visualization as to what a Chaotic Node achieves. Chaotic Nodes do not target souls based of geographical location, race, gender, or any other form of physical observation, it targets groups based on their level of consciousness. There is a system implemented to create such mechanisms as Chaotic Nodes due to the Ascending nature of souls. Ascension means the attainment of purity, both the processes of construction and deconstruction will be utilized for the attainment of this purity.

In order to construct, one must firstly be deconstructed to allow a foundation to be built upon. If the foundation is wrong, the structures will eventually collapse. Chaotic Nodes are the process of deconstructing us, in order for the construction processes of Ascension to rebuild us more stronger and pure than what we previously achieved. Often this means the detachment from material possessions and unbalanced relationships, whatever is the cause your current limitations it will be dealt with swiftly.

Chaotic Nodes are very unique in the fact that they tailor themselves to the individual. No series of deconstruction is ever the same for 2 different people. Financial deconstruction is one of the most volatile, followed by relationships and then limiting belief systems. Businesses are going bankrupt, falling into liquidation, shares are losing value, people are losing their savings, financial models are failing, relationships are falling apart, married couples are getting divorced, people are no longer infatuated by the same type of people, people are un-grounding their religious beliefs, spending more time questioning the nature of their existence, losing faith, gaining more faith than ever before, the list goes on. One thing to look forward too is that a Chaotic Node very rarely concentrates on just one issue at a time, it cycles an entire symphony of destruction hitting from every conceivable direction.

When my Chaotic Node was strung, I soon released the slow deterioration of my life-force and the falling patterns of fixed attachments acting as if they never existed. I lost contact with many friends and I was left alone to battle my Chaotic Node. What you must realize is that there is no escape from a Chaotic Node, there is no relief until it lets off a little bit, then just when you think it’s over the deconstruction resumes. By the time it finishes you will be a different person; guaranteed. That is, if you survive until it finishes with you. Chaotic Nodes simulate the perfect climate for suicide or self-deconstruction. Death becomes more lighter an option than what a Chaotic Node is presenting. However once it passes, relief will ensue. Your world will be at peace, you will be representing something of a more pure and stronger substance. The change is always for the better, no matter how bad it looks from the eye of the storm.

Many seem to attribute ‘Ascension Symptoms’ to Chaotic Nodes, and they would not be far off. The concentration of Chaotic Nodes all hitting at the same time across multiple strings is a result of the upcoming Ascension. The swirl of deconstructive Chaotic Nodes are as natural as our Ascension. Both were planned well in advance before the human population ever step foot upon this planet. When we did, the systems were activated out of the planning stage. All that was left was our observation of time.

Chaotic Nodes are a very complex spiritual understanding and I expect few to realize the importance of their existence. Fewer still can sit still while such a system is wildly deconstructing their lives from every conceivable angle. In just the same way that a bell curve arches upwards until the optimum point of realization, our negativities and preconditions will be hammered until we realize their unimportance. I perceive life very differently from other people. Then again, so do those who can safely say they have survived their Chaotic Nodes.

Not to be the herald of bad news, but it is impossible to experience an Ascension without a prior deconstructive system paving its path. Those who have experienced such a system, currently experiencing such a system, or will feel such a system somewhere over the next 7 years will experience the true beauty of Ascension. If you are right now thinking ‘Oh my God I need to experience my Chaotic Node before the period of Ascension finalizes‘, it is not something you consciously want to experience, it is something you have to experience in order to grow.

I must also mention that negative entities have at their full discretion the ability to become attracted to those about to experience or are currently experiencing a Chaotic Node. On many occasions I have heard them accidentally tip me off about upcoming Chaotic Nodes that were about to strike either myself or somebody I knew. I urge all spiritual initiates to please exercise caution if trying to call upon the spirit world during a Chaotic Node. Not only will your volatile energies be attracting negative entities, but they will also be seeking mischievous pathways into your mental construct without you being consciously aware of what indeed you are wishing for.

My advice is to please help each other along the way, and talk about your issues with others in a similar circumstance. Bottling up a Chaotic Node is like suppressing anger, one day it will explode out in the most harmful of ways and you won’t be able to control yourself. Ground your energies into Gaia, though I may dislike this option for its foreseeable consequences, living to tell your tale is so much more important than worrying about where you are directing your energies. To those still yet to experience the finalization of their Chaotic Nodes, I wish you positivity and light, trust me its well worth the hassle.