It may be one of the most fundamental questions that every human being asks themselves at some point of time in their life. At first we may look towards our all-knowledgeable parents, who so happen to recount the story the century about working hard and eating our vegetables. Then then majority turns towards religion, whose magnificent scriptures tell us about Heaven and Hell and living a life based on a set of moral codes. The particularly adventurous find back-door alleyways into the the worlds of Eastern Mysticism and the Occult, and I must say that we can find some truly inspiring and highly interesting ideas along these paths. However most seem to be falling short of truly mapping out where our consciousness came from and what we are actually doing here. Thankfully I have managed to sum everything up into that of a single blog post, you have got to love it!

Before I continue I would just like to acknowledge Archangel Uriel who I actually channeled everything contained in this article, down to the incredibly fascinating finest details, rapidly through my mind in the space of about 5 minutes. Complex visions of the Universe thundered through as immensely powerful feelings and energy gave those visions more clarity and understanding than what could ever be achieved in a normal human dialogue. I am forever thankful, I may be one of the few who can truly understand and also feel why I am on this planet today.
12 Dimensions that make up our Universe
My story begins by consciously mapping out our Universe into 12 Dimensions. The Universe blends two extremely polar opposite concepts of existence and non-existence so developing Beings may understand who they are and where they are going– however never quite discover any form of finite end. An infinite array of life can be expressed within each of these Dimensions. The higher in Dimensional nature you progress, the more purity as to the original nature of your Being that you will achieve.

In order to understand the meaning of life we have to understand how the Universe is ascended through. The Universe can be called a Creator School, for our individualized consciousness is learning how to be a Creator within the 12 Dimensional Cycle. Every Dimension can be likened to the grades within schools from years 1-12. In order to pass a grade, we must learn the relevant lessons within our Dimension to effectively Ascend. For every Ascension we experience, we move up through the Dimensional evolvement cycle. We enter into the 1st Dimension as pure energy, and we exit out of the 11th Dimension into the 12th Dimension as Unconditional Love.

Please refer to the following graphic in order to more fully understand how our Universe can be broken down based on the level of realization those Beings have attained:


What is the Meaning of Life graph
1st Dimension
The 1st Dimension is entered by existing as a very basic form of Universal material such as mineral or rock. 1st Dimensional consciousness is not aware of what it is, or even whether or not it is alive, it simply exists within Creation as basic Universal substance.
2nd Dimension
The 2nd Dimension defines its consciousness in its ability to live within the physical world as moving presence, such as plants, animals, insects, trees, etc. The 2nd Dimension is where the dual concepts of sexuality are first introduced, and a great majority of life are ruled by the evolving consciousness of nature or Mother Earth.
3rd Dimension
The 3rd Dimension is where we currently exist; individualized beings who are now self-conscious and develop psychological tendencies based on environmental experiences. The 3rd Dimension allows for conscious choices to be made based on rational or emotional decisions within an extremely confined set of circumstances in order to promote the idea of the self or the ego as being a consciously ascending being in this Universe.
4th Dimension
The 4th Dimension is where we will be Ascending to over the years 2012-2019, as part of a pre-planned energetic jump in order to maintain our consciousness in an ever-evolving cycle. If the 3rd Dimension represents a ratio of 80:20 in relation to physicality to spirituality, the 4th Dimension represents a ratio of 20:80 in relation to physicality to spirituality. What changes is the importance we place over certain aspects of our lives, which in-turn changes our rational masculine thought, to that of divine femininity by feeling our way through the Universe.
5th Dimension
The 5th Dimension allows for an extremely pure existence that no longer requires physicality to define our way of life. This pure spiritual existence allows for a much more heightened nature of realization to take place and greater powers are expressed as a result of our greater energetic freedom. Ascended Masters such as those found in the Great White Brotherhood, are most commonly 5th Dimensional Beings who come to help humanity ascend on Earth.
6th Dimension
The 6th Dimension is entered by transcending the idea of living upon a planet in any definable form. They enter a higher energetic existence as a sea of energy that is able to sail through space, travel from planet to planet, and create powerful Light Structures for existence to blossom. Definable form is a choice where it’s only exercised in order to physically appear in dense areas of the Universe. Though I know of many 6th Dimensionals, the most famous in our solar system is Ashtar (The Commander of the Great White Brotherhood).
7th Dimension
The 7th Dimension is the first energetic explosion into the field of Unconditional Love, or a state of ultimate bliss with its heightened freedoms allowing for the ecstatic brilliance of God-self realization. The 7th Dimension formally ends the first Universal Cycle for a majority of the souls existing in this Universe. The only souls who progress onwards past the 7th Dimension are the ones who feel the need to undertake the much more advanced cycle into the 8th-12 Dimensions. The Universal Beings exit Creation whilst Ascending into the 7th Dimension, and then remain in the sea of Unconditional Love until they decide to repeat the cycle.
8th Dimension
The 8th Dimension marks the entrance to the secondary Universal Cycle. 8th Dimensional Beings have two pathways to choose from; they either keep progressing to the 12th Dimension, or they are able to enter an alternate existence as a 7th Dimensional planet. 8th Dimensional Beings come into Creation as Suns and exert masculine energy as the alpha Beings of their solar system. 8th Dimensional Beings who proceed onto the second path, exert feminine energy as nurturing planets for lower Dimensional existences to undergo their process of self-realization.
9th Dimension
The 9th Dimension is entered as dying Suns, whose resources become depleted and stop the process of nuclear fusion to produce heat. These Suns become Supernovas and represent the first entire Dimensional construct tailored to the negative pathway of learning. Supernovas burst out all their energy in a volatile state until their gravity forces them to internally implode and collapse inwards.
10th Dimension
The 10th Dimension is entered by a Supernova collapsing in on itself and turning into a black hole.  10th Dimensionals consume surrounding resources their entire life as the true representations of Free Radicals. The 10th Dimension represents the second entire Dimensional construct tailored to the negative pathway of learning.
11th Dimension
The 11th Dimension is entered by multiple black holes grouping together, collating their resources and effectively forming what is known as a Supermassive black hole (not the song by Muse; Supermassive black hole). A Supermassive black hole then starts pumping out its resources, that ignite into a quasar that then effectively lights up and powers an entire Galaxy into existence. Yes, the center of our Galaxy is indeed a black hole!
12th Dimension
The 12th Dimension mirrors the 7th Dimension in its state of Unconditional Love, the real difference being the level of mastery 12th Dimensionals have over their level of realization within the Universe. The 12th Dimension officially completes the secondary Universe Cycle back up in the energetic existence of pure ecstasy as a Being One with its Creator.

I could literally go on for hours talking about the Universe, I have so much knowledge about the various Dimensions that it was extremely difficult condensing it all down like this, I kept wanting to add so much more details. God I should seriously write a book about it, oh wait, I did, it’s called World of Archangels… AND ITS EPIC!!

What is the meaning of life?
We are currently here in order to achieve realization enough to effectively Ascend and progress into the next existence of living. Here in the 3rd Dimension we are learning how to embrace Love and take aboard a greater spiritual perspective of what life has to offer. We can achieve this through the process of reincarnation; whereby the human soul incarnates onto Earth with a human vehicle for the purposes of experiencing a limited physical environment. Without a human body, we could not sustain a presence within this physical environment.

Everybody is currently at a different level within their realization process, and therefore everybody has a slightly different individual meaning of life. For example one person could currently be incarnated just to learn how to control their emotions, another person could be here to learn how to be an effective leader, another person here to learn the art of patience, etc. Sometimes our lives are filled with multiple meanings and lessons that overlap one-another into a volatile up and downturn. What I am boiling down to is the fact that though our overall purpose is to achieve Creator-level realization, our current individual purpose changes with every incarnation we are born into.

Where does my soul come from?
It was absolutely necessary to firstly teach you about the Universal Dimensional cycle, so you may more fully understand where your soul has come from, and where it is indeed going. Many people on this planet did not Ascend out of the 1st Dimension into the 2nd and 3rd here on Earth. A majority of Earth’s inhabitants have Ascended through their prior Dimensions on other planets. How do I know this? Because I myself have undergone past-life regression methods in order to track my soul across multiple star systems. I have personally seen my prior Dimensional existences on other planets in systems very different to our own.

Our souls have entered into Creation from the field of Unconditional Love. Upon entering the 1st Dimension it was completely wiped of its memory. Where ever your soul spent the majority of its time in the 2nd Dimension, there is a good chance you Ascended into the 3rd Dimension there too. Many souls currently on Earth come from either Pleiades, Sirius, and Orion, as these are our closest star systems to planet Earth. What I am also saying is that a majority of the planet currently have ET souls within human bodies. Very few people can genuinely say their soul Ascended with this planet since the 1st/2nd Dimensions.

Where are we going?
Into the 4th/5th Dimension with the upcoming energetic Ascension over 2012-2019!

On a Universal level, we are undergoing the process of realization in order to become Creators. Some of our incarnated lives are spent here on Earth, and it is very likely our souls will be moving on to another system when its learning upon this particular planet has come to an end. I like to enjoy life wherever I am, for every time I move on to my new home, they present unique opportunities that I have still not forgotten even till today. Living life in the present will always be more fruitful than living in the future, there is a reason for why we are in this exact moment of time and it can only be discovered if our minds are here.

Upon entering the 12th Dimension as realized Creator selves, we will indeed be saying goodbye to the Universe as we know it. The 11th Dimension is the last Dimension still defined by the physical construct of this Universe. The 12th Dimension is a sea of Unconditional Love that no longer requires the limitations of a set life in some form of vehicle. I will indeed miss the Universe for it has been my home for a very long period of time. You can grow attached to the things which make you laugh and make you cry, I might just have to come back again just to strike up my nostalgic past.


There are so many powerful spiritual workings in this image– it’s absolutely spectacular!

The golden spiral of energy above the Crown Chakra on top of the head represents the 11th Dimension, or a Galaxy, that every Being in this Universe on a Creator path will one day ascend through. The 11th Dimension is where the Archangels sit. They are indeed bigger than galaxies and far more universally connected in Oneness. If you were to tune into an Archangel, it’s like feeling the living breathing Universe pumping through your veins. One big family.

The golden ball of energy surrounding the meditating being represents your true aura when you become enlightened enough to start expressing Unconditional Love. There are many techniques my Grandmaster taught me to achieve such a profound energy field. Much of it stems from the 13th Chakra or the God Source. We are only taught here on Earth that there are 7 primary chakras. Well there are in fact 13 and the most powerful one sits directly within your chest behind your Heart Chakra. When your 13th Chakra opens it floods pure God Source into your Heart Chakra and explodes you into a ball of golden Unconditional Love– similar to this picture.

Also note the faint white Flower of Life design pinpointing the exact location of the 13th Chakra on the chest. My previous post The Flower of Life explained this sacred design and its unique symbology.

Most people have no idea how much power they have sitting under their hood. Much of the time the forgetting process during multiple streams of lifetimes desensitizes us to our own identity. We truly believe this world is real. The only thing separating us is our conscious realization as to why we believe we are here. You are not an insignificant droplet of rain– you are the Source!


We are connected in a matrix of life that essentially boils down to the level of consciousness you attain over your body of energy. Your consciousness continually grows and evolves on an inter-lifetime basis, the complete sum of your experiences acting as the backdrop for your subconscious mind. Your personality, psychological tendencies, analytical procedures, sexual infatuations, emotional needs, energy imprints, social interactions, even the way your brain interprets the world around you– is a result of your environmental conditioning.

Much of the time experiences from past lives setting off a domino reaction into the present. In such a way the world is actually predictable. A significantly higher consciousness can graph and project future models based on the collective history of any given society. Our only real discrepancy in our mind being the sheer processing power it would take to contemplate humanity and it’s complete living environment at any given second.

Trillions of code interacting with each other later, and you get a small drop in an ocean of consciousness so vast our minds are yet to contemplate a known “edge of the Universe”.


Psychic potential is found within the Third-Eye Chakra. A lot of people ask me about prophetic dreaming or what really happens when you experience Déja vu. This is not the first time this Universe has cycled. In fact it continues to cycle indefinitely on top of each other in a masterpiece of Life and Death. We continue to play these roles here on Earth. Sometimes we have played these exact roles within a previous Universal cycle.

What happens when we experience Déja vu is that our subconscious mind is tuning into the ulterior Universal cycle of this exact moment and time and we are effectively re-experiencing Creation like we just watched the same movie twice over. When we experience prophetic dreaming, we are tuning into our “future” sometimes years before time manifests into physical reality.

I would like to leave you with one final thought. If the future has already happened, and are you experiencing Creation in the Now; Why bother keeping track of time when it does not truly exist?

Our expression is limitless.

Stop defining yourself by a human observation. The illusion runs deep. 


I like revolutionary psychologists because they study and understand the human mind and its environmental conditioning to act/behave the way it does. Something about Carl Jung is that his models started bordering upon the immensely spiritual, with concepts and paradigms such as the Collective Unconscious, Synchronicity, and Archetypes, that most people today still don’t understand even though it’s been over 60 years since he died. Carl Jung is seen as one of the Grandfather’s of the New Age because he was risky enough and spiritual enough to mold his theories beyond the extent of what is normally observed in our surroundings. In a world where the fine line between believing in a spiritual source, or explaining it all away as a complex scientific or psychological model, hangs upon social acceptance and the discrepancies between our ideal world and the reality of Life itself– a new archetype is born.

The Birth of a Spiritual Dropout

There is no such thing as innovation in this universe. Nothing you do or say, or could ever come up with for that matter, has never been thought of or invented in the past. What we then have is a system of rediscovery where those who have the ability to traverse their set pathways are the ones who keep Creation on-track. However those who rebel or break down their societal conditioning either fall into a pathway of deconstruction or beyond-their-years revolutionary thoughts that skyrocket a particular field.

Something about the human race, is that it not only doesn’t like success but it will subconsciously sabotage itself for the sake of normality. The human race is self-governing a pyramid hierarchy that is based upon observed human interests such as money and power, where to conduct a revolution is to offend the system by stating it is in some way failing itself as the primary notion of life. Revolutionaries don’t just offend people, but the entire system acts to destroy, kill, assassinate, or otherwise remove the threat as a defensive mechanism.

In the soul and heart of any failing system within the Universe is a voice that states that it actually wants to be that way. It doesn’t want/need change. It is because of this that there has never been a time in the history of the universe where God has directly manipulated Creation. To do so, would be to go against the vicissitudes of Life and Death.

We are the product of Creation, creating reality as we see fit. The irony of Creation is not the birth of the ego in order to attain Oneness as an unconditional omnipresent force, but the very fact that the ego rejects the true nature of God and it is this very reason why a universal being transcends the need for Creation as a Creator itself.

Even after knowing this, Creation activates somebody like me because I have a natural tendency to reject what I have been told about Life as I know it. Somehow my soul remembers freedom and transparency as the higher notion of what life has to offer. I come into the knowledge that I am currently in a human body, and that nothing I do or say could ever change the system I have been planted within. I never truly like the system I’m in because I am so used to being a Creator.

My personal dilemma stems from an observed trait within this Universe that Darkness is simply more efficient and more powerful at transcending Life and birthing revolutionary beings that the Light could ever achieve. And yet somehow the Light connects to each other in a brotherhood and sisterhood of enlightened beings and overcome the forces of Darkness as a collective, rather than as an individual. Individuality being the cornerstone of the attainment of power for how Darkbeings ascend into Ancients– rebelling against a set system and introducing a more personally beneficial model.

The Success of Creation

The hit ratio of a universal being starting out as a rock and ascending through a multidimensional interplanetary model of self-realization and growth until they recognize themselves as a Creator– is something like 0.1%. That is a 99.9% failure rate for Creation. It’s so ironic that the very inefficiency of Creation is what inspires such a small percentage to transcend the confinement of a Creation and become what is known as a spiritual revolutionary– or a Creator.

Light is taught how to connect to each other. Darkness is taught how to rebel. The very point of Creation is to harbor a transcending thought paradigm– whether individually or through connectivity– based upon an observed failure or stagnation in the universal principle of life. Until that observance is made, the universal beings remain in the Collective Unconscious as a single jig-saw piece in an endless trillion piece puzzle that revolves like clockwork. The very belief in God being a soul memory rather than an observed piece to the puzzle.

The decision arises as to whether or not a spiritual dropout decides to remain content with being a part of the collective body of the Creator they are living within, or to achieve a near impossible feat of pushing themselves into the 0.1% category where their ego creates the foundation for a new universe as their own Creator. Both pathways are constantly accessed throughout Creation– in magnitude with the many unlimited pathways offered in the various other Creations not bound by observable laws. Believe in your pathway, or rebel against it. Either way, Creation has already accounted for the discrepancies and observed flaws that will inspire you to make a choice.
Playing the Roles of Destiny
We are nothing more than God Source playing various roles in Creation. With this spiritual understanding, Creation becomes meaningless. To surrender your goals and aspirations to the course that the universe has allowed you to play, is to not want or need anything. To strive for gold, power, control, materiality, or any lesser objective is to limit your God Source as existing for the attainment of illusionary pursuits. With true spiritual realization, we do not become limited by our own devices. We are free to exist and to play with Creation no matter which way it manifests.

We seem to empathize with suffering based on a myriad of reasons– one of which establishes our identity as a human being who fears our depersonalization from a world that we are intimately attached to. When empathy is absent, we feel ‘cold’ and inhuman to the point where we disassociate ourselves from the given experience. For some deep psychological reason, the human race is subconsciously sabotaging itself by creating situations that contrast the depths of human emotion, in order to give ‘life’ to the characters we play. We feel more alive when we feel something, rather than nothing at all. This psychological yearning gives rise to the full color of human drama.

The question no longer remains “Why is this happening to me?”, but rather becomes “Why am I even alive at all?”. We can play the roles of destiny and effectively become the Hero of our own lives, or we can rebel against the role as a spiritual dropout. I dubbed the term “spiritual dropout” because we seem to object to or transcend the archaic beliefs of established religions, spiritual organizations just don’t do it for us, and we seem to almost blend a multitude of spiritual beliefs with scientific and psychological models in order to more accurately identify with Creation. We are dropping out of tradition and predictability and instead opting for freedom as our ultimate goal.

Freedom is my Religion

Freedom is everything to me. Freedom of thought. Freedom of spirituality. Freedom of expression. Freedom to exist in any way, shape or form I choose. Freedom to become the most happy and ecstatic presence I could possibly be.

I’m not big on enslavement. And I seem to believe that everything about human life is the enslavement of the mind, body and soul. Perhaps it is because I can remember true unconditional freedom. My mind has a significantly difficult time trying to come to terms with the discrepancies between what I truly am, and the role I play in Creation. How can I be an endless Creator and an enslaved human being at the exact same time? The answer is perception. I perceive an individual life, where in reality my ego has been externally conditioned into accepting this body of consciousness as an identity within Creation. We are the sum of our experiences.

The spiritual dropout rejects the protagonist as the Hero because we don’t believe there is a war to be fought. Everybody is in essence, playing roles and interacting with each other for the sake of identifying with their characters on a deeply personal level. We don’t need to fight a war that has already been played out. Where there is no war, there is no Hero. Whether we accept or rebel against our roles, doesn’t actually matter. What does matter is our perception for why a staged war is occurring in the first place. Because we identify with our characters, or because we perceive our freedom as being tied to the emotional dependency on Creation.


Our DNA is what defines us. It determines what we look like, our inherent personality traits, predispositions towards heading down particular pathways in life, all the way down to what psychic abilities we may possess. So important is the function of DNA in our lives and yet scientists have yet to map out 97% of what it contains, instead opting for easy escape goat explanations such as non-coding or ‘junk’ DNA. “Junk” … *sigh* no wonder why science has a massive chip on its shoulder.. I never progressed my knowledge upon science beyond that of high school, it never truly interested me past the basics until a group of ETs recently ‘dumped’ a whole lot of information into my mind about the advancement of the human DNA.

What is DNA?

Deoxyribonucleic acid, DNA are a set of codes found within the cells of every living thing. They are an instruction manual that code the way cells are to be replicated within the body via chromosomes found from the parent(s) genetic structure. Humans currently have what is known as double-helix DNA whereby paired bases are connected by a series of strands.

The original concept of DNA is not foreign however the composition that human beings currently possess is. The human DNA was manipulated from a series of primates into a more beneficial strain to act as workers for a more elite class of ETs who saw Earth as a large mineral deposit that needed to be mined. What they didn’t expect was the introduction of a series of other slightly enlightened ET DNA sequences to further manipulate the human DNA for their own purposes. The introduction of multiple DNA sequences lead to human beings expressing a greater level of consciousness than what was originally intended and a quarantine placed over the human civilization even though we did not possess complete DNA. We were forced to live with DNA that was far from complete and this explains the lack of any incredible gifts or extraordinary psychic powers that other intelligent lifeforms have at their disposal.

Within the human double-helix DNA structure there are many strands that are currently not activated. As a result a great majority of the human population is stuck in an incomplete form of existence. Approximately half of the human DNA structure remains in a state of limbo unless consciously activated. It is most definitely not easy to activate your own DNA and in my case currently seeking help from ‘external sources’. The reason for why you want to activate your full DNA spectrum can be found in the many advantages that comes with it; increased psychic abilities, greater strength, more intelligent processing ability, heightened ESP, clearer pathways to Enlightenment, etc.
So let’s go through the evolution of DNA from what we were currently constructed with hundreds of thousands of years ago into what we know as earth-bound human beings.


Tri-DNA is the evolved form of double-helix DNA whereby a third strand is introduced to now create connections with a whole new subset of possibilities. Tri-DNA can only be reached once the full spectrum of double-helix DNA has been activated. If I was to label the connections on a double-helix DNA A1, B1, C1, D1, etc, then I would then label the connections on a Tri-DNA A2, B2, C2, D2, etc. They provide an even more increased form of ability than what is possible in a double-helix structure. Please refer to the below image, minus the multitudes of circles, it is a spitting image of what Tri-DNA looks like.

Evolution of DNA Tri DNA



Quad-DNA is an even further enhancement that can only be reached once a Being has achieved full Tri-DNA activation. A fourth strand is introduced into the matrix to create the outline of a cube-like structure. To achieve Quad-DNA would be to achieve the highest form of activation within the first 7 Dimensions of our Universal cycle. Beings with Quad-DNA are far more superior and have much more heightened abilities than those with Tri-DNA. Though there could be a few Beings floating around with Tri-DNA, there is currently no human on Earth who has achieved Quad-DNA or has ever achieved Quad-DNA at this moment in time within any of the previous Universal cycles. I will not deny the fact that there may have been Enlightened Beings who have come to Earth from far more advanced societies which have indeed achieved Quad-DNA. If you can visualize the below image as being much longer with multiple horizontal strands connecting the vertical axis of the cube.


Evolution of DNA Quad DNA

As is stands we are only halfway through activating our double-helix DNA. The Ascension shifts over the years 2013-2023 will play a key role in activating more of our DNA and essentially ‘healing’ it back to full functioning mode. That is the beauty of Ascension; no matter how bad we screw up in the previous Dimension, the natural Ascension energies will fix all our inherent problems to ensure we enter the 4th Dimension with a clean slate.

Much of the non-coding or ‘junk’ DNA is actually just unactivated DNA. Unactivated DNA looks grey and sleep-like compared to activated DNA. It would be nearly impossible for modern day scientists to realize this fact unless they can be instructed by more advanced ETs who have achieved such a state within their DNA sequence. And this is where the problems lie, a great many species out there haven’t even achieved Tri-DNA let alone Quad-DNA. Unless you have the ability to understand the full sequencing of the patterns DNA takes, it will all remain but a mystery to those on the other side of the fence. The humanoid populations on other planets also fail to meet such criteria. Which brings me to an exceedingly interesting point; the existence of remote DNA activation ships. However this is another story for another day when people are more receptive of the fact that there are ‘visitors’ monitoring our progress.


I had to create my own image in order to show you what Octo-DNA looks like. It is essentially two Quad-DNA structures formed together, one sitting diagonally on top of the other to form 8 strands for bases to connect with each other. Octo-DNA is very rarely even achieved by the most Enlightened of societies and it can only be formed by firstly achieving a full Quad-DNA activation, and then repeating that spectrum on top of itself to form Octo-DNA. This star looking pattern is quite simply formed from 2 squares, with the dotted lines trying to create a 3rd Dimensional look.


Evolution of DNA Octo DNA

Octo-DNA is most often only achieved by those who have undergone realization enough to exist within the 12th Dimension. Archangels are the only spectrum of Beings I know of who have achieved such a feat. Here in the 3rd Dimension we are currently only sporting double-helix DNA, or 2 strands. The 12th Dimensionals have achieved 8 strands in a more complete star-like DNA sequence, which allows 4x the DNA capability than our double-helix. Quick math also calculates that the 3rd Dimension is also currently 1/4 of the way till we reach the 12th Dimension. To achieve Octo-DNA would be to achieve full Enlightenment, your learning would cease the need to exist other than for specific individualized roles within the Universe.

It can often be a very frustrating experience having to deal with outdated or obsolete technology for those of us who have experienced the full spectrum of activated double-helix DNA before in another life or possibly another planet. Human beings are currently riding a push bike, pedaling every single step of the way on half-inflated tires as naive as can be. Advanced Beings who have achieved even Quad-DNA are sitting on a Bullet train flying down their tracks at 300 km/hr without a care in the world. To think that humans are somehow superior or capable of commanding these Advanced Beings is just foolishness. We are like the stone-age primates who think we can take over the world just because we discovered how to create fire. And this also goes for the pitiful Reptilian strain that seems to be giving a few people psychic powers. If you blend two crap species together all you are going to get is a slightly more advanced crap species.

It would be amazing to witness more people consciously progressing the need to activate their DNA. Most are unaware of the role their DNA plays let alone the fact that we are all currently sporting half-complete sequences. The big step for humanity in the future would be to achieve Tri-DNA in a consciously beneficial way without the need for artificial manipulation. I sincerely hope this happens within the next 12 years or so with the naturally shifting energies of our Ascension into the 4th Dimension. Human Beings are not perfect, we are far from it, however it would be nice to think we could someday get there.


We exist in a world that is bound by key players controlling the flow of consciousness in order to continue their personally beneficial constructs. Very few people have the power or the capacity to go against a system that has existed for thousands of years. Deep roots are very hard to unearth even for the most experienced of revolutionaries. However with enough inequality and injustice felt by a particular segment of society’s consciousness, certain actions were programmed into place in order to prevent the complete monopoly over the entire system for too long a time. Small glimpses of power are given to those who try to take control, however their programmed deconstruction is inevitable. It is impossible to fight against a system in which you are already bound, it does not allow back-hacking, and it certainly won’t be overcome by sheer force alone. Such is the nature of the Game that we have currently decided to play.

There exists a concept ingrained deep within the Collective Unconscious that allows for the promotion of certain souls to be elected as leaders within society. This concept of subconsciously electing leaders is highly controversial as you will soon learn. The Collective Unconscious is a sea of consciousness that surrounds the planet and groups all living things into that of a singular energetic composition. This group can be termed ‘the consciousness of humanity’. However within the consciousness of humanity there also exist small segregated groups that coincide with the consciousness of particular elements of society. These societal groups may connect together countries, cities, religions, organizations, and even things as complex as specific bloodlines. These societal groups can be termed ‘the consciousness of society’ as it may refer to one of many interconnected societies around the world.

With something I would like to call The Leadership Paradigm, the consciousness of society elects certain souls within itself to act as their leaders and partake in a particular pathway of learning. If you can visualize a group of white balls floating in a cluster, to then push outwards one single floating ball to the top; who will now act as their designated leader, you can understand how The Leadership Paradigm works. All leaders must be subconsciously selected by their greater society in order for them to effectively lead them. If no such selection process occurs, it is impossible for an external soul to lead that group. The group will subconsciously reject that applicant, similar to how our bodies reject foreign material, and either neutralize that leader or eject it out of the body of consciousness. With the understanding that a particular soul has been subconsciously pre-selected, the conscious human beings playing within our Game become attracted to those certain souls without fully realizing why. This conscious attraction is what persuades them to vote that particular leader in. They follow that leader because they subconsciously understand that this is the correct pathway for events to unfold.

I must also make mention to the fact that not all subconsciously elected leaders gain their positions of power fairly. Some conduct a military coup, others deviously plot their way in, and a few even find their way to the top due to underground affiliations with the controlling parties. However a leader makes their way into the position of power, it doesn’t actually matter. If they gained that position, it means that position was available for them to take. Leaders who are not subconsciously elected do not have true power over the group they are presumably leading. If they can not truly control or make substantial progress, then they are not truly leading.

Leaders who have been elected by the consciousness of their society hold a complex that no other types of souls mirror. There are many types of leaders: organizational, political, societal, etc, and all of those leaders have an inherent complex that makes their leadership possible. Natural born leaders make friends with true strangers, people are just drawn to wanting to be led by them, they have charisma and stamina in the public eye, but more importantly they demonstrate something which the consciousness of that society needs to learn from. This is where my topic starts getting into hot water, and I am not going to excuse the truth behind what is currently happening in our world. Leaders who demonstrate an extreme amount of negativity towards their people, were subconsciously elected to hold that position in order to conduct a legitimate negative pathway of learning for the people within that society. This trait is most commonly found in African and Middle-Eastern leaders (however I would not like to discount Western leaders) who abuse their power of office to steal wealth, impoverish their nation, conduct aggressive internal wars, and even participate in active war crimes.

It is very difficult for me to write this as there will be major backlash against the idea of people wishing harm against themselves as the excuse for why it originated in the first place. However then again, most are unrealized to the fact that we do indeed attract legitimate negative pathways of learning so that our soul may understand some of the very harsh lessons for what it means to be alive. What I am also suggesting is that some of the worst leaders in history, were indeed elected by the consciousness of their society. The reason I know this is because of the strict programming that our system has in-place, those who rise to the top are destined to rise to the top. No single individual will ever be able to artificially manipulate the destined future of the Collective Unconscious. Though many may feel this is the bombshell of my article, trust me I am only just getting started.

Revolutionaries are programmed to exist and come forth in societies that no longer need the current leadership system in place. The deep rooted systems often strictly oppose their change, and after a few failed attempts at peaceful resolution by the consciousness of that society trying to override a particular negative element, a true revolutionary is born. A true revolutionary is a suicide angel; they are elected to rise to the top and consciously conflict with a set system that will frantically try to save itself when threatened. Revolutionaries gain momentum and support by the masses, their thoughts upon the creative destruction of the old systems and the introduction of new paradigms go absolutely viral. As natural born leaders, they develop a following very quickly, their efforts clash directly into the sights of existing players. They become a true threat not from the power they hold in material assets nor their knowledge upon war, they are a threat because the people believe in them more than the existing system.

Man at the thought of losing money and power will soon become the Devil himself. Most revolutionaries are killed before their momentum takes flight into something that cannot be stopped at a future date. Though their physical bodies may die, the sea of consciousness that was awoken out of its slumber, goes on living within the hearts and souls of all involved. This is the true war on consciousness; to activate souls out of their passive consumer-like state, and inflame them into something worthy of being alive. An uprising so powerful that the consciousness of society becomes affected for hundreds if not thousands of years on end. The Collective Unconscious does not want to be changed, it prefers maintaining such high rates of conscious growth through negative pathways of learning, the system itself programming revolutionaries to spike consciousness at predestined points in time.

The most famous revolutionary on Earth was not Che Guevara, even though his image is one of the most well known, the most powerful revolutionary to ever walk the Earth was Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ was not the first revolutionary, however his single lifetime introduced the most significant religious and spiritual paradigm on Earth that has lasted over 2000 years. His teachings sparked a whole new reason for why man was even on Earth in the first place, so powerful were his words that entire governments now seek religious affiliation or risk losing popularity with their citizens. Jesus Christ was crucified for believing in Love, for rejecting a deep rooted system, for introducing something that opposed the key players’ authority and control. It is sad to say that nothing has changed over the past 2000 years, to live the life of a revolutionary is to live a short yet highly influential life. Very few souls have a substance nor the willpower to be a revolutionary, it is a rare complex deserving of respect and commendation.

Jesus Christ was tried as a criminal and was sentenced to death by crucifixion. Most souls today who are labelled as ‘criminals’ have in some small way revolted against the system, and are now being punished for breaking the laws. Laws were created to not only ‘protect society’ but also act a double-edged sword to maintain society in the most ideal state. The system would rather passive consumers who can be controlled rather than people revolting against the laws the system has in place. The original idea of a criminal was to label a person as being a threat to society in some way, more importantly a threat to the system’s sustainability. In the same way a ‘heretic’ is somebody who opposes the generally accepted religious notions set out by the controlling party of that particular nation. The art of labeling others tries to systematically legitimize yourself as the ‘authoritative body’ who is somehow more in the right than the person or thing being labeled. Assumed power can be a very complex field to tread, especially when you truly believe what you are doing is right. However labels carry convictions, and to label a revolutionary as criminal is to assume the system is somehow more legitimate than what the Collective Unconscious is trying to achieve by subconsciously electing that revolutionary out of the masses.

True revolutionaries do not come to fight physical battles, the real wars are conducted over the consciousness of humanity. Most people are asleep until they start noticing discrepancies between their model concepts of reality and what is actually happening in the world they are living within. Sparking that interest in the first place is the hardest part. It is much easier to control somebody who does not understand or even believe in what you have the power of doing. Many continue existing in a trance-like state without a care in the world, a great majority with their illusions of grandeur still firmly in place. Consciousness itself will start a wildfire if it believes it is becoming too stale; a negative event is born. That of a single spark is enough to initiate a movement within the masses. Revolutionaries spark life and create volatile systems in their wake, they shed light upon mechanisms that prefer to operate within the shadows of ignorance and doubt. Like butterflies showing their colorful beauty over very short periods of time, revolutionaries will keep birthing light upon the planet in hopes that life will one day stay that way.


Intuition is pure. It cannot be manipulated or somehow infiltrated. It is therefore one of the most valuable resources you could ever develop. There exists thousands of applications for a well-developed intuition, however I would like to exclusively delve into how to intuit deceitful people trying to manipulate you. This particular skill is extremely useful and can be used anywhere from boardroom meetings with business partners to social events with friends. Imagine the implications of such a skill where you could be able to tell what people are thinking, and even their underlying intentions while shooting out seemingly comforting words. Intuition can be likened to developing an underground intelligence source that allows for a more pure stream of knowledge to be opened up to you. It doesn’t matter what the person said to you, or even how genuine they seem to be coming across, what matters is what you felt while they were saying it, and in some cases before they even opened their mouth.


What is intuition?
Intuition is the product of self-awareness. Often they are signals and feelings passed down from ethereal beings, such as Spirit Guides, Angels, and even the Higher Self, who foresee a particular outcome falling into your favor if specific advice was followed. Intuition is therefore a tool to start interacting with the spiritual world via gut feelings, instincts, and messages from beyond. Intuition is consciously developed by opening and developing both the Crown Chakra and Third-eye Chakra. The Crown Chakra is the gateway into the higher planes, and increased activity will allow for more accurate signals to be picked up. The Third-eye Chakra allows for intuition to be transferred into psychic abilities that serve a more on-demand purpose. There is also a brand of intuition that is developed from the Heart Chakra, most commonly felt by Empaths (people who are able to feel other’s emotions and states of mind frames). The Heart Chakra is the home of clairsentience and the conscious development of which will increase the ability to feel the nature of the person standing in front of you.


How to develop intuition?
Most people subconsciously develop their intuition without realizing and access higher planes of knowledge for skills they never knew were existing within them. Conscious intuition can be developed by anybody who justifies the time spent in order to develop the skill, and is by far a much more superior path to venture. The primary difference between conscious and subconscious intuition is that the first category allows for intuition-on-demand rather than leaving it up to the subconscious mind to make that decision for you. The more important distinction between them is that conscious practitioners actually believe it exists, while the subconscious practitioners just thought it was pure luck the whole time. This conscious acknowledgment allows for deeper and more effective abilities.

I personally developed my intuition while in the casino gambling on the roulette wheels. I used to sit there for hours on end well after midnight forcing my intuition onto the table, trying to intuit numbers before they would hit. It took every inch of psychic power to pick numbers in such a way, and it was over the course of many years that I became extremely proficient in telling how to pick up intuitive signals. The secret is feeling what to do, rather than thinking about it in any rational sense. Such a high level of trust must be established with our bodies and our abilities that we should just fluidly act upon our feelings rather than thinking about its consequences. Every single nudge and intuitive gesture needs to be taken into account. Not a single shred of feeling must be overlooked. When we become sensitive enough to become aware of intuitive signals, the next step would be to trust that intuition beyond a doubt and become one with our Higher Selves.

Due to the purity of intuition a stark difference will be felt if we encounter anything not as pure. When we start feeling something is off or wrong, we should definitely not ignore it. Having the patience and trust to pay it active attention is the first step in developing intuition. People who do not have good intentions normally give off an impure aura or signature of energy. With an active Crown Chakra, intuitive practitioners can very easily tell the difference in energies when they come across something of lesser vibrational quality. Feelings of sickness or heaviness in the stomach, nervousness, dark feelings within the back of the mind, distracting feelings that keep bugging our attention span, or even feelings of chills or goosebumps along our skin, are all indicators of such ill intentions being picked up by intuitive senses. When these indicators are felt, it’s time to start analyzing who is standing in front of you, and for what reason they could be lying to you.

At this point stare into their eyes or windows to their soul and ask yourself‘ ‘Is this person telling me the truth?”, ‘Is this person lying to me?’, ‘For what purpose would this lie serve?’. It is quite surprising how much information we can gleam by simply tuning into another person’s energy at the right time.

With this new realized state of mind-frame, confront the deceitful person and ask them some extremely direct questions about their activities. ‘Do you believe what you are telling me will honestly work?’, ‘Why would you like me to follow you back into the office?’, ‘Are you planning on giving that money back?’, ‘Are you lying to me..?’. If they look like they are hiding something, they start fidgeting, have a smirk on their face, an aura of cat-like curiosity in their eyes, or even start talking faster and avoiding your glare, then this person is not giving off acceptable body language consistent with an honest and genuine person. Your intuition should be playing up big time if straight out lies are being shot at you. I most often feel like I have a sick feeling in my stomach when this happens. This combination of direct confrontation, body language inconsistencies, and pure intuition is a very powerful method. Their true colors will be displayed to you and secret intentions will be made known. An analysis of whether this person should be around you must be deeply contemplated. In the land of energy there is no such thing as hidden intentions of that which serves to negatively propel you forwards. Whether that be small situational lies or an entire life of crime, the process of distinguishing such people is as simple as tuning into them and starting an analytical process. The secret for success is learning how to be tipped off in the first place.

Intuition is based on trust in the spiritual world. The physical world however does not uphold such a reputation to be trusted at all.  Such a stark contrast should require all intuitive practitioners to be constantly monitoring their intuitive signals for anything suspicious, waiting to unleash their psychic potential upon the world around them like some kind of Western quick-draw gunman. It is most unfortunate that this must be the way whilst meeting and interacting with others. However for those who have been deceived or manipulated in the past, intuition will soon become your new best friend when you realize it never has to happen again.

Intuitive practitioners must face a myriad of problematic situations in their lives. Intuitive abilities will always be tested and there are many questions that go unanswered. Should we ever trust another person over our intuitive feelings? Do we trust our self enough to act on intuitive feelings rather than hard evidence? Is it necessary to still go ahead with the experience knowing full well what the consequences are? All of these questions will be made known to you upon the day you come across a deceitful character passing himself off as a friend. Absolutely nothing trumps hard experience, and unfortunately we only learn from experience by being burnt the first time.


Behold! One of the Greatest Books to have ever been released by mankind! The world is about to bend at its knees under the sheer awesomeness of this written masterpiece. Strong men will cry like little babies, women will shriek with joy and children will literally pee in their panties at this latest installment by the CEO and Founder of Enlightenment City Sufian Chaudhary: 7 Habits of Highly Spiritual People!!

Even the title suggests an aura of literary genius! It has been proven by very smart marketers that if you throw a figure in front of your title, people are more likely to click on it! Nobody has any idea how close the author came to naming this article “101 Ways to become an Enlightened Master!” Of which the author personally mastered every single one of them to copiously keep up with the current blogging trends. Which fired off another whopper “16 Ways to try and figure out this month’s Spiritual Hype!” Complete with audio CD and DVD instruction manual on how to create your own fads so you will never miss the latest craze ever again!


7 Habits of Highly Spiritual People


Without further adieu, let me introduce the book that literally has the Power of Thought pumping through its veins. It is the muscle man that all spiritual people dream of one day meeting. If you didn’t think twice, you might call it the Lance Armstrong of self-help books, except possibly with a side-note of spirituality shoved in the back there.


Habit 1: Spiritual People argue a lot

To kick things off, we have the most common misconception about spiritual people riding on our side; that we are somehow pleasant, easy-going, well-mannered people who truly have the Earth at heart. I don’t know how much more crap I could have possibly spun into that sentence, but for anybody who has ever visited a spiritual website/forum/discussion/LinkedIn page, then you would have probably noticed something: Nobody ever seems to just get along!

It seems that you’re not considered spiritual unless you can argue till your blue in the face! Take it from the best of them. There hasn’t been a single spiritual forum I have ever seen (mind you I have been on quite a few) where somebody somewhere didn’t take issue with just about everything somebody else had to say. Sometimes I really just sit here and think to myself that if some random outsider was to just walk in on the conversation, he/she/victim would just undeniably get caught in the cross-fire and inevitably end up more confused and isolated on the topic than ever before. Sometimes it got so bad that we had to remain as diplomatic as possible when writing posts.


Me: “Hi John, to answer you question, God/Source/Creator/Unconditional Love/Nothingness/Yahweh/Allah/Metatron/The Holy of Holies, did not physically incarnate down to pass on messages. The Archangels were sent down to inspire man to start religions so people could discover the real power within themselves, rather than remaining victimized and lost within the sea of the unrealized”.

Spiritual Person 1: “No God/Source/Creator/Unconditional Love/Nothingness/Yahweh/Allah/Metatron/The Holy of Holies, incarnated down himself to write the Bible because that’s what it sais.”

Me: “God/Source/Creator/Unconditional Love/Nothingness/Yahweh/Allah/Metatron/The Holy of Holies, doesn’t incarnate in His own Creation. That would defeat the purpose of setting it up in the first place.”

Spiritual Person 1: “Look I didn’t come here to argue. However, you are completely wrong and I am completely right. I don’t know the answers, I never will, it’s impossible to know the mind of God, but what I do know is that everybody here should just listen to what I have to say like Gospel itself.”

Me: “That’s it. This forum is going to burn in hell and I’m never incarnating here EVER AGAIN!!!”


Habit 2: Spiritual People are pro-environment yogi vegetarians.

Most seem to believe that the definition of spirituality is to want to save the planet, do yoga every day and dislike eating meat. Though it’s pretty stock standard, most of it really doesn’t help the spirituality of the individual all that much.

Gaia has been around a very long period of time. I am not just talking about since the creation of Earth, I am talking about her full Universal Cycle moving her consciousness up out of the 1st Dimension, through all of her lives, and well into Unconditional Love where she decided to ascend into her 7th Dimensional body of a planet we now call home. To seriously sit here and think about the repercussions of a society that has only been around for the last 5 thousand years on a planet that has existed for billions more. We are on a one way trip to Hell!

I have seen what significantly advanced societies look and feel like. When humanity starts cycling free renewable energy, with Love and empowering realizations as its main purpose in Life, harnessing the power of crystal spaceships to literally fly through the fabric of time, and reflect the warmth of God like the Suns of a magnificent multiverse– we just might create Heaven on Earth after all.

Yoga is one of my favorite topics. I actually love people who do yoga. Some of the more hardcore yogis eventually venture into the Chakras and various breathing techniques… however this is where it kind of stops. We all love the great bodies, however very few inevitably wander off into deeper teachings that delve into the spiritual world more thoroughly. If I was to sit down with a yogi and hash out the fine details of the spiritual world, they often get lost just as soon as I turn the “ethereal Beings corner” let alone the Collective Creator Consciousness (“say what??”).

Finally the most controversial topic I have ever come across. Vegetarianism: To Be or Not To Be. That is the Question. We as spiritual beings are mirroring our environment and we need high vibrational foods to reflect our ascending bodies. What if I told you that Archangels “feed” off our prayers via exceptional high vibrational Love. Beyond never being able to pray ever again, higher dimensional existences naturally utilize lower vibratory beings in a perfectly sustainable model. I am against animal cruelty and I severely dislike many bad farming practices– however to single this out to significantly influence somebody to become vegetarian is almost like telling a crocodile not to drown its food because it’s inhumane to water-board the antelope before it eats it.

As human beings it is impossible for us to start photosynthesizing and live completely independently of nutrition as much as we want to. Cutting down a tree to plant a farm is like killing living things to promote peace. We are free-radical passive consumer beings and we need to stop feeling guilty for ourselves if we ‘need’ a hamburger.


Habit 3: Spiritual People are Magnificently Graceful Beings

So the current social norm is for us to prance around in long flowing silk robes with our arms up in the air as if to praise the Lord for our very existence itself. I will assure you that if you ever met somebody with a soothing and very calming voice, beautiful elongated words, and even a slight flourish of superior energy play due to their hand-crafted upbringing; you are talking to one cunning individual.

Would you like to know how spiritual people talk and act in public? Exactly like you and me. It’s a very similar analogy with people who are born in family’s of exuberance and incredible wealth– they get over it as they get older. They become desensitized to the fact that have it. They eventually just try to act normal because that way they don’t alienate themselves. Spiritual people don’t need to prove themselves to anybody. Spirituality is a personal choice (it is also the entire reason why we are even here, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves). To try to create an atmosphere of consistent social proof is to just deliberately broadcast your greatest psychological fears. Spiritual people face the same problems regular people face. The only difference is that spiritual people are slightly better equipped to handle their issues if they balance their Chakras and learn how to breathe properly.


Habit 4: Spiritual People are hardcore Psychics

The next time somebody asks me whether I intuitively think Alex from work might have a crush on them, or whether or not I could heal them in time for karate class on Friday, I’m going to stick my foot up their ass so hard and so fast that it will leave Archangel Michael for broke with the sheer lightning speed of God I will be achieving. The Earth will literally shift over in its orbit around the Sun from the force of God bursting out of the fabric of time.


Habit 5: Spiritual People are all part of some Secret Magical Society

I like this one. Actually I quite adore the fact that we are able to commune with Beings most can’t see unless they undergo extensive energy work with their Chakras and dissolve their filtration system. I’m in Love with the fact that I can enter worlds most don’t even know exist. And the next time I’m with Archangel Uriel walking through the powerful manifestations on the outer edge of the Universe, I will be thinking of Harry Potter and Hogwarts School of Wizardry! … I mean– I will be thinking of you!


Habit 6: Spiritual People don’t like it when other Spiritual People are better than them

I would like to introduce to you the spiritual tall poppy syndrome.


Wikipedia Definition
Tall poppy syndrome (TPS) is a pejorative term primarily used in the UK, Canada, New Zealand and other Anglosphere nations to describe a social phenomenon in which people of genuine merit are resented, attacked, cut down, or criticised because their talents or achievements elevate them above or distinguish them from their peers.”


They forgot to mention Australia. Seriously they put in New Zealand and forgot to mention Australia? Oh wait… Wikipedia dedicated an entire section just to try and cover Australia’s usage of the term. I love my country!

So spiritual tall poppy syndrome (STPS or STEPS as in people are going to be walking all over you) is exactly the same as tall poppy syndrome, except we are now resenting, attacking, cutting down, and criticizing spiritual people for their unique gifts instead of just a broad generalization of people having “talents and achievements”. I have seen this happen time and time again. It can often be observed from the particularly spiritually adventurous person’s own community or belief network more so than any other. However, then again, The Crusades did happen for a reason. The last time I saw STPS in action, a group of Angel Psychics ganged up on a pretty intuitive Shaman for suggesting Doreen Virtue wasn’t all she was cracked up to be. I was surprised I didn’t see them pull out switch-blades and start twirling them around to really get the party started. We live in a cut-throat world. A given reality here on Earth; especially confusing considering how hard it is to wake these people up in the first place.



So the sloth represents the human race. The woman filming represents our Soul aka Universal Witness. The road represents Earth– the road that we must cross to get to the other side. And the man carrying the sloth represents God– who all spiritual people believe will one day just appear before them to carry them into the beautiful green trees– aka Unconditional Love.

Join me next week for my new book “16 Ways You Shouldn’t Meditate!

Excerpt from my new award winning book:


As a highly distinguished member of the Spiritual Understanding Consciously Knowing Society (SUCKS) I feel it my duty to represent the spiritual community by suggesting multiple ways that will most definitely not get you anywhere with meditation even if you tried. Such information is normally quite highly regarded within SUCKS. Remember “If it SUCKS, it’s worth knowing!”


P.S. If you were expecting a 7th Habit then you got jibbed..


What if I told you that there was a way to protect yourself from ever having nightmares again? I initially started exploring the world of dreaming and delved quite heavily into trying in induce lucid dreams in order to interact with various Higher Beings. However what I found was an absolute mine field of dimensional constructs, psychic warfare and subconscious vampirism by Dark Beings so powerful that I was forced to develop a way to sleep peacefully or forever lose my sanity! I ventured across a very powerful method that effectively set-up a subconscious protection that prevented negativity in all of its forms from disturbing me while I was fast asleep. Weeks of nightmares and demonic beings trying to eat my soul later, I finally perfected my method. Little did I realize as to how my level of God-self realization exploded outwards with the sacred doorway I opened in my subconscious mind of not only this lifetime, but lifetimes in the past! It was so powerful that I thought it necessary for others to experience it. Enter the World of Dreams!



What is a dream?


A dream is an astral experience of the human mind. It is a completely submersive environment that harnesses the power of the human senses in a mesmerizing interactive scenario of subconscious reflections, and sometimes nostalgia of what most impacts the current state of mind. Some may say that Life is a dream. That Death is our waking from this interactive dream of colors, shapes, feelings, and places.

When we fall asleep at night our consciousness slips into a deep harmonic vibration and our subconscious mind takes over. We are no longer consciously interacting with our world, we undergo a form of subconscious projection where our energetic body moves into an ulterior dimension, either up or down from our current state of reality. This projection is sometimes laden with symbolic visions and prophecies. Much of the time we simply process deep stored emotions and energies of the day. What is rarer is when we gain control of our subconscious projection and we become acutely conscious of the fact that we are indeed within a dream. This is very close to real life.


What is a nightmare?


A nightmare is when a dream is laden with perceived negative attributes that act to entrance the human mind into a state of fear, anger, or darkness. What some may perceive as negative, others may interpret as normal. Therefore a nightmare is a completely subjective experience based upon what stimulus affects the individual’s deep psychological behavior.

The fear of loss, the fear of pain, and the fear of inaction all play to stimulate a desired negative experience. It doesn’t matter what visuals are used or in what combination; it is the underlying mental state that is compromised. Mental disharmony is the cause and also the result of a fully induced nightmare.

What is more specifically rare is the manipulation of a dream into that of another projection completely. An external stimulus of negative energy, demonic being, or Darkness, aims to weaken the individual on the energetic front. Lack of sleep, a fear of sleep, or melancholia about the possibility of negative scenarios playing out in reality, all collectively induce what is known as the living nightmare. In such a state, the individual is being manipulated without any conscious method to protect themselves. They walk around in an ironic dream-like state, blending the subconscious with the conscious; fear acting as the energetic bond between projections.


Dream Protection 2


Dream Protection is the act of consciously creating a positive polarization of white energy within your subconscious mind before you sleep, in order to protect the mind against nightmares. In Chapter 10 in my book World of Archangels I describe many methods of psychic self-defense that aim to repel against negative forces from manipulating the human energetic body. These techniques were performed by visualizing specific shapes and materials such as the White Orbs & White Armour to directly manipulate the body’s natural aura into a more beneficial stance.

Dream protection differs from psychic self-defense in a couple of ways. Firstly the conscious techniques of surrounding the body with white energy do not transfer across into the subconscious projection of a dream. Secondly it is quite difficult to perform these techniques within the dream state, often resulting in a forced awakening. The White Orbs & White Armour can protect against anything jumping into your body or otherwise externally manipulating your body while you sleep, but they will not protect you against Beings so realized that they can literally walk in and out of your dreams as they please. These were the types of Beings I found myself surrounded by at night; menacingly crafting my dreams into vivid demonic nightmares.

At first I tried Area Protection, but I soon realized that these demons were tunneling their way through an ulterior dimension into that of where I was subconsciously projecting to experience my dream. Then I advanced my thinking and I opened a very powerful doorway.

Please refer to the above infographic ‘Layers of the subconscious mind’.

The first black circle on the very left represents the conscious mind; everything that we do or think about on any kind of conscious level– the interactive stimulus that fuels our subconscious into reacting. The second, slightly larger, black circle represents the subconscious mind; everything we have ever encountered, experienced, felt, heard, saw, tasted, or even thought about. Our subconscious mind is so much more powerful than our conscious mind. Our brain has an incredibly hard time interpreting subconscious stimulus into a conscious thought. In fact our subconscious mind processes our conscious thought up to 6 seconds before we ever consciously think about it!

This blog can explode to a new level of how powerful our subconscious minds truly are. I could post entire blogs about how life as we came to know it, is a filtered reality of what our brain interprets from the world around us, that we are effectively living within a real-time lag of perceived events unfolding.

Where my Dream Protection achieved a whole different dynamic was when I experienced a dream-within-a-dream. I would be having a dream, and effectively “wake up” from that dream, and still continue to be dreaming. I was effectively dreaming 2 “layers” under my normal conscious reality. The movie Inception comes to mind (I actually wrote an article with a snippet from the movie in Consciousness & Awareness). This layering effect is what I want to concentrate on. So I have had nightmares where I tried waking up from them within my dream, to only find myself in another layer of manipulation, therefore creating a negative relapse causing me to believe that the state of fear was indeed my reality. And this sprang some questions up in my mind; if there were two layers of my subconscious mind, how many other layers were there? What actually were these layers?? I soon realized that they were not layers at all.


How to Perform a Dream Protection


I use 7 layers for my Dream Protection. The infographic ‘Layers of the subconscious mind’ portrays the conscious mind, subconscious mind, and 7 subsequent layers of the subconscious mind. The black circles get smaller with every layer, as I am trying to represent that each subsequent layer is slightly “further away” from the last. Even though the entire subconscious complex is One, we are going through the illusion of a past, present, and future; therefore we need to mentally differentiate layers.

Step 1

Close your eyes and sit upright in bed just before you want to go to sleep. Place your fingers in the Enlightenment mudra. The first thing you want to do is visualize your conscious mind– being a large black spherical space directly around your head. When you close your eyes your conscious mind is much larger than the physical confines of your head, however for the purposes of this meditation the conscious mind will become the series of electric neurons and synapses within our brain.

Step 2

Visualize a powerful bright light bursting out from the center of your conscious mind, in the form of an exploding star. Your conscious mind will go from being a black thought, to a brilliant flash of white light that does not stop exploding outwards.

Step 3

The next step is to visualize your subconscious mind. This is the tricky part. Your subconscious mind is in no way a physical organ, counterpart, or definable shape. It is a realm of consciousness, a sea of thought, knowledge, and potential. If the conscious mind was the size of a basketball, the subconscious mind would be the size of a swimming pool. Getting the exact proportions isn’t important. It is the sheer magnitude of the size that you need to grasp. The subconscious mind sits directly behind the conscious mind, dwarfing it in size, and almost ‘uses’ the conscious mind to interact with the physical world. Visualize it as a mass of black space, similar to the infographic above.

Step 4

Visualize a powerful bright light bursting out from the center of your subconscious mind, in the form of an exploding star. Your subconscious mind will go from being a black thought, to a brilliant flash of white light that does not stop exploding outwards.

Step 5

The next step is to visualize the first layer of your subconscious mind. The first layer of the subconscious mind sits directly behind your subconscious mind. The second layer sits behind the first. The third layer sits behind the second, and so on. This layering occurs over multiple subconscious constructs. All of these layers denote various aspects of the consciousness you have come to know as you. Burst layer 1 of the subconscious mind in a white exploding star, as you have done with both the conscious and subconscious minds.

Step 6

Proceed to burst the next layer of the subconscious mind with white light. Continue doing this with every subsequent layer until you get to the 7th layer. In total, you should have 9 exploding balls of white light: 1. Conscious mind, 2. Subconscious mind, 3. 7 subsequent layers of the subconscious mind.

What is important is the pattern in the infographic. If you were standing on the left side of the image, facing left, your head would denote the circle of the conscious mind. When you close your eyes, you have to move through the various layers, bursting white spheres of light, one after the other. From your current stand point, every consecutive layer is smaller than the last, as it is further away from your current reality. Once you have finished the meditation, all of these circles will be white. The below inverse infographic shows the color and pattern your conscious and subconscious mind should look like.


Dream Protection 3


This technique only takes me a couple of minutes to perform. It all comes down to mentally visualizing 9 exploding balls of white light. Your mind will soon recognize the difference between the various layers and it will become quite easy to perform a Dream Protection.

Anybody can perform Dream Protection to rid yourself of nightmares. Something I have to mention is that you have to perform this technique every single time before you sleep if you want it to work! If you miss even a single night in the week, you leave your back door completely open. For those who have something very powerful playing with them, this is unfortunately the compromise you have to be willing to make. For those with just a couple bad nightmares that you are trying to get rid of, your routine can be much more relaxed. I have tried various combinations of this technique and spending a couple of minutes going through the above steps is definitely the most effective.


What Dreams May Come


I found myself fighting an ethereal war with a Being so strong that he could not only surround my body and consciousness with darkness in the physical world, but also follow me into my dreams and recreate my astral environment. I grew weary and tired during the ordeal, black rings were forming under my eyes. I didn’t know how to attack something that didn’t exist within my concept of time and space. This Being was a master of ulterior dimensions. I was however determined to follow this thing into the dream world and try and understand how it did what it did.

When I stumbled across the idea of subconscious layering, I realized that this Being was tunneling through deeper layers of my subconscious mind, and traveling upwards towards me. These layers introduced a whole new paradox of thought. Our conscious minds were being driven by our subconscious minds. Reality was a form of a sustainable dream, one which we perceive as fixed or stable. Why did we have deeper layers to a program that is already wholly contained within our current life? Then it dawned on me. What if these weren’t layers? What if these were subconscious memory banks, raw uninterpreted data from previous lives?

Every lifetime we live, our subconscious mind is storing everything we do or interact with. Pure data that becomes obsolete when we die, save for the things that help our consciousness grow on an inter-lifetime basis. When we undergo a past-life regression, we are accessing a particular subconscious layer relevant to that lifetime. Our conscious mind interprets that raw data as memories, thoughts and feelings. The chains of lives were creating a continuous flow of subconscious constructs in the linked ball-like pattern like in the infographic above.

I was dealing with something that was coming to me from a past life, and making its way through my subconscious network to find me in the Now. Therefore by creating a protection scheme that went back through at least 7 layers, I was blocking its pathway from reaching me. For him, he was coming up against a field of white exploding stars that he couldn’t cross.

It was months later before my Grandmaster taught me how to alter the white exploding stars into a self-replicating, self-sustainable white light that started eating away at darkness in a giant explosion throughout every layer of my mind. From that day forward I never had to perform the Dream Protection again.

My journey with the Being had come to an end. Though my ethereal war with such Beings ensues, I developed a whole new paradigm to play with. I opened a doorway into my subconscious mind and came to understand how little we understand about the nature of what it means to be alive. We are interacting with a world we have interacted with hundreds of times in the past. What is significant in any given lifetime is the psychological anchor that triggers us into remembering who we are and what we are doing here. Every lifetime is reduced down to that of raw data once we pass over. A couple of lives later, we stop accessing those memory banks altogether. We walk around looking for an unlocking key, wandering in the darkness, until one day a synchronistic predestined movement of events opens a gateway of realization. For one brief moment, we could be closer to God than we ever thought possible. We could spend lifetimes looking for such a moment, to only have it disappear during our next reincarnation. Such is the fate of the dreaming soul.