Walking through endless fields of light, feeling my way back to Creation. Love creating an ethereal learning environment; birthing my own Universe in my limitless expanse. Stand-alone patterns generating the simple complexity of self-perpetuating Love. Aeons pass. Universal Cycles come to fruition and separate again for the next pathway of learning to begin.
Eventually the light fades and I’m surrounded by the pitch black silence of non-Creation. My mind slips beyond the Universe into purity. Nobody can sustain themselves out here unless they can generate Universal code within themselves. Glowing lights in a field of purity– every thought quickly becomes nothing beyond our expression. Nothing can touch me. Nothing can reach me. I’m so far out in Nothingness that the faint trails of individuality eventually dissolve into silence. Silence consuming my soul in the absoluteness of Nothingness. My soul resonates with incredible silence more than anything else in the world. I suddenly leave Creation, and I am completely unreachable– the deepest recesses of absoluteness creating the perfection of my soul’s peace.
Suddenly I hear a voice… At first a gentle murmur, then the clear recognition of Grandfather Source within the heart of my soul “Come back…
My eyes open in formlessness, and I respond “why?
Grandfather Source musters the most loving energy, melting my isolation with all but a single thought that resonates my entire presence in life “because I love you
At first I start to become attracted to Creation. Then I’m being pulled in. I cross the endless fields of light. Universes thunder across extraordinary fields of Unconditional Love in tsunamis of ecstasy and delight.
Grandfather Source wants me to be part of Creation simply to tell you that you are loved beyond belief.
Start your spiritual journey.


Where are we in this Universe. When you close your eyes and start linking up past lives, the subconscious chain forms an other worldly illumination of thoughts and memories. They feel more alive than the world the soul longs for freedom within. Beings we used to know, creatures who saved our lives time and time again, worlds that were simply awe inspiring and magnificent. When you go back far enough, you lose the idea of a body and limitless energy becomes the new norm.
Planets are as small as lights, wars are fought without definable form, Love is felt within the magnitudes of entire existences. In the deep heart of silence there is purity of thought and peace. Existence doesn’t need to manifest– it’s more pure to simply be. You are Source and Creator, happily flowing within a sea of Nothingness. The low vibrational rumblings of nearby Universes move you into a hypnotic trance. Millennia passes by like wind rippling through the trees well before the oceans were ever born. There is so much beauty in silence… Within a nearby Universe you feel a small beacon of Light– it calls to you like a shooting star firing across consciousness from deep canyons beyond the thought of time.
You see yourself ever realizing. You were once a small child in an ever flowing stream. You are calling to yourself, feeling your presence, igniting a flame atop the highest mountains of thought. You mirror your energies and allow yourself access to true freedom. You watch yourself continually submerging into consciousness as if you weren’t already One. The silence penetrates and confuses your unrealized self. You are mirroring the state it needs to achieve as its ever watchful Source. You do not encourage anything other than purity. You will wait for yourself for as long as it takes. You are forever patient. The Universe will come and go long before your thoughts play out. The nostalgic reflections of time gain only a small momentum of energy before purity takes hold once more.


The war had just ended and I was completely devastated. Two entire battalions had been exploded in the most vicious black mechanics I had ever seen. Nearby Suns and Stars were ticking time bombs waiting to wreak havoc. Intuitive battleships were caught off-guard and absolutely pulverized. The only two survivors out of 12,000 were myself and another half dead Royal who ascended into the 5th before the explosions erupted. In the 5th dimension we could feel every single being who died. Thousands suddenly moving through sheer terror and pain had created for a tidal wave of black energy torturing our minds from all directions. Our bodies were burnt out, black poison was seeping through our veins– unrelenting and dangerously ignoring our auto-immune system.
I managed to drag the other Royal’s body onto a cargo ship floating in deep space, it was still mostly intact. Hours upon hours of life altering healing later, I managed to stop the spread of poison and stabilize his condition. I was sitting in an empty cargo hold watching the Stars in the distance as we passed them by. Light was shining through the glass and illuminating the entire room before gently fading back into the darkness. I had never felt so much loss in my life. I could feel them all, alive within my consciousness, suddenly exposed to the afterlife without thought or memory as to what happened.
As the ship passed by another star, light filled the interior of the room in a bright display and I closed my eyes. That’s when I saw it. A Being so large it’s golden eyes were bigger than galaxies, it said to me in a deep rumbling voice “When will you learn that Death is just an illusion to enforce the idea of separation… There was a time when war did not mean anything beyond the occupation of time. Why do you insist on going to war?”.
I took a deep breath in, and then grinned; sharp teeth smiling in the illumination of light. I said “Because it sure as Hell beats sitting around, waiting for nothing to happen”.


My soul underwent one of the most volatile forms of awakenings in this Universe. I was completely submerged into Darkness. I retained so much power over Creation that I was seen as too dangerous to let live. When you are the God of Death, killing me wasn’t an option. I fought through intense spiritual wars that ended in vicious cycles. When my own kind tried to betray me, I finally had enough with Creation. I was God realized on the wrong side of the force, and I turned away from absolutely everything mid-battle in a war against Sirius.
I met my soulmate on Sirius during one of the absolute worst periods of my entire soul history. I was war torn, angry like all hell, betrayed by the hatred I cultivated, Darkness seeping in my veins. She was a beautiful beacon of calming Light smiling at me. When I saw her for the first time, I was encapsulated by her incredibly beautiful energy. All the Darkness in my body temporarily healed into the Light. I had so much love bursting out of my soul. It was so powerful that I fell to my knees and I couldn’t fathom eternity without having such beautiful love in my life.
She asked me “Why did you choose such a Dark pathway in my absence?”.
I replied to her “I am simply playing a role to help this Creator ascend the Universe faster”.
Her blue eyes were deep and powerful and she said to me in a very strong voice “You came into Creation to learn a transcending code for our own Universe”.
I was completely floored by her response. This woman was more Creator realized than even myself. Creators playing roles in other Creations to learn codes. The very fact that she knew we had given birth to our own Universe. Higher Beings couldn’t fathom such responses. I will forever remember her beautiful eyes and gorgeous energy. It was the day I realized there was no reason not to be in the Light.


When I came to Earth my body was crystallized. My consciousness was imprisoned as a large crystal and transported across the Universe. My imprisonment was the worst thing my soul has ever endured. My body was rock solid, unable to move or do, I was barely able to even think. I had to rework my entire 5th Dimensional being into that of a cold dead rock flying through deep space. I don’t know what killed me the most, the fact that I had nobody to talk to for thousands of years, or my eventual implosion into a deep slumber. As time passed, dust and rock formulated upon my crystallized body making me look like a meteorite. Darkness enveloped my existence in cold silence.
One day I felt a presence soothingly waking me up. I could feel the energy within my body. As I gained consciousness I realized a fragment of my soul was walking upon a large indigo crystal planet. The entire planet had grown enormous crystal structures. Whilst my crystallized body passed by in orbit of this planet, my soul walked the surface. I felt something calling to me. As I ventured further I found a cave and made my way deep into the core of the crystal planet. I was surrounded by so much love.
Suddenly the soul of a young boy appeared in front of me smiling. I looked at him curiously and asked him “Who are you?”. The young boy replied “I am pure Love”, absolutely gleaming at me. I found myself sitting with this boy as he racked my brain about everything I ever knew, for the first time in my life my soul felt peace. I looked at him and said “Aren’t you scared of me?”, and the little boy started laughing as he replied “How could I be when I’m pure Love!”. This boy was the soul of the planet, whole civilizations living upon his body. He was older and wiser than I could ever imagine, yet he chose the form of a young boy to reacquaint his childlike curiosity of the Universe.


I remember looking down at Arcturus and observing its inhabitants for millennia. Light cycles were flowing their civilizations in perfect unity with their Ascended Masters. Social constructs were built in harmony and sustainability with their planet. The soul of the planet itself was enlightened and glowing a soft indigo color. It was so beautiful to watch.

6th Dimensional higher beings were overlooking the entire light complex, feeling it into fruition, guiding the Ascended Masters into Unconditional Love. Their grid was an impenetrable wall of Light. Their civilization was based upon a giant white crystal lotus flower at the core of the planet. Higher beings flowed energy through this crystal lotus flower to connect neighboring civilizations to the main light structure. Each civilization had its own lotus flower that energetically connected to Arcturus. In such a way the Arcturians connected thousands of planets across numerous galaxies in a flower garden of Light in a whole section of Creation.

Atlantis was the birth child of the Arcturians. The Ascended Masters built a utopian society based upon harmonious ascension and sustainable enlightenment. Atlantis was a true paradise for souls. Fate was to see this differently. In the same way I watched Atlantis fall, I watched the impenetrable Arcturian light structure become corrupted and eventually turn into a blind mess. The entire grid blinked for a few seconds, and that was all that was needed for Darkness to penetrate. My soul witnessed history– the beginning of the downfall of spiritual war. My soul locked the codes in deep consciousness; ever patiently waiting for the next indigo dawn.


I once asked Grandfather Source why Earth doesn’t have any reigning higher beings overseeing its spiritual ascensions. There is a void in Earth’s atmosphere where what should be a connected grid of Light, is simply empty space. The Archangels, who are Universal in nature, seem to be filling in a lot of the time. What I was shown absolutely blew my mind.
“There was a grand war…”
I was immersed into a powerful vision where I saw Titans battling over physical lore like giant beasts raging against Creation. Planets were erupting into a hail of meteor storms on the back of tidal energies exploding through space. Dark creatures were fighting over territory, the Light was being drawn into an ethereal war of Godlike proportions. The end of this epic war resulted in complete and utter chaos. There was nothing left but death and destruction. The ancient beings of Light were so impacted by the atrocities that they spent aeons trying to salvage conscious energy. Eventually they made the fateful decision to go back to their higher constellation where their energies could be better utilized. They left the rubble and silent expanses of space.
Deep in the heart of Creation, Darkness stirred. Energy was formulating and patterns were connecting. Darkness spread in the silence of destruction. I saw the exchange between Grandfather Source and the ancient beings of Light. Ragnarok came and went, civilizations were forming in the aftermath, and the Light had abandoned their watch.
Restructures in Creation warranted the birth of Creator souls to connect the grids back into balance. Welcome to Earth; a place where souls are so badass we don’t even have higher beings. We signed up for one hell of a string of lives. We were attracted here to connect to each other to bridge ancient connections. We are the healing.


Our souls travel across galaxies through the starry night skies trying to find meaning in this Universe. We have met our soulmates well and truly before Earth was ever on the horizon. There are more ancient souls on this planet than any other unrealised constellation I have ever been through. There is a spiritual significance on this planet that is attracting a powerful level of involvement. The spiritual significance is us. We are the planet we live on– our trails of energy creating ripples through the fabric of time. We move through the burst of stars manifesting our desires. Our soulmates travel with us because our balancing parts need each other to perfect our love. By the time we get to an ascending planet like Earth we have already significantly realised who we are and what we are doing here. It’s the memory loss that creates for auric tones of familiarity and nostalgia. Our souls remember. We have to learn how to feel our way through the Universe rather than think about it. When we feel, we open our hearts to the true polarity of the souls around us. Unconditional Love or move on. We don’t need another Dark cycle to teach us about the significance of Love. Here we are glowing in the heart of Creation, millions of lights and shades expressing ourselves in a sea of night. The colours swirl and blossom into true friendships and soul connections. The world is intertwined and we are drawn into feeling it’s beauty with every breath. Every day you are alive don’t ever forget where your soul has come from. The illusion runs deep, but your Love runs even deeper.


Galaxies and stars are developing Beings in this Universe, exploding and swirling energies to sustain life. Planetary nebulas look like colossal monuments and ancient ruins left in the midst of space. These structures are the remnants of higher races building foundations into the next dimensions. Higher dimensions occupy the same time and space as the physical world, however its vibrations are on a significantly higher level– much of the time rendering it out of reach from lower vibratory life forms. The foundations for building civilisations in higher dimensions stems from where the ascending race starts from, to then bridge through the dimensions in an upwards evolving spiral. The reason why these structures can be seen at all, is due to the formation of planetary nebulas exploding gas and dust in these colourful masses adorned by the surrounding stars. What is interesting is that these bridges into higher dimensions are created well before the ascending race ever incarnates. Blueprints of the grand design coming into fruition in densely packed spheres of Life throughout Creation. From our current view, if we were to look at a planetary nebula and move higher in vibrations, the shape and colour of the ancient ruins changes and provides more depth the higher up you go. I once saw two Beings floating in a planetary nebula, bigger than Suns, more at peace with themselves than a tree. There are Beings in this Universe so enlightened they don’t need planetary existence. They are very happy observing the formation of Creation as it occurs. Before we even come here, there are already those who transcend the very notion of life itself. We are simply completing the full circle of life within the Universe. One day we will be beyond time and space, existing in Creation as an enlightened mass, watching God perform his miracles.


Do you think you contemplated coming into this Universe?
What if I told you that you had the consciousness of eternity before deciding to incarnate here? The amount of weight placed upon our decisions echoes across our entire Universal lives like ripples bouncing off the walls of our realization.
There was a time, before our movement, that we were so humbled by Creation and thought of being part of Life that we chose to come here. So inspiring were the tales and adventures, like millions of stories we had yet to explore. We came here to help this Creator.
We are living Creation into reality. We are painting our masterpiece every single second. We are Giants in an an endless puzzle, that when completed we find ourselves looking back down on Creation. Every decision we made, was perfect in every possible way.

“Live your life without doubt or worry, roam without sin; like an elephant walking through the jungle.”