I once asked Grandfather Source why Earth doesn’t have any reigning higher beings overseeing its spiritual ascensions. There is a void in Earth’s atmosphere where what should be a connected grid of Light, is simply empty space. The Archangels, who are Universal in nature, seem to be filling in a lot of the time. What I was shown absolutely blew my mind.
“There was a grand war…”
I was immersed into a powerful vision where I saw Titans battling over physical lore like giant beasts raging against Creation. Planets were erupting into a hail of meteor storms on the back of tidal energies exploding through space. Dark creatures were fighting over territory, the Light was being drawn into an ethereal war of Godlike proportions. The end of this epic war resulted in complete and utter chaos. There was nothing left but death and destruction. The ancient beings of Light were so impacted by the atrocities that they spent aeons trying to salvage conscious energy. Eventually they made the fateful decision to go back to their higher constellation where their energies could be better utilized. They left the rubble and silent expanses of space.
Deep in the heart of Creation, Darkness stirred. Energy was formulating and patterns were connecting. Darkness spread in the silence of destruction. I saw the exchange between Grandfather Source and the ancient beings of Light. Ragnarok came and went, civilizations were forming in the aftermath, and the Light had abandoned their watch.
Restructures in Creation warranted the birth of Creator souls to connect the grids back into balance. Welcome to Earth; a place where souls are so badass we don’t even have higher beings. We signed up for one hell of a string of lives. We were attracted here to connect to each other to bridge ancient connections. We are the healing.


Every molecule of energy within Creation has the ability to reflect Unconditional Love. What it takes is a higher consciousness to direct the transmutation back to that which transcends the vicissitudes of Life and Death. These Creator level techniques transcend even the most avid of spiritual wars that accelerate right past the unfolding story into the loving climax.
It looks like a sea of shimmering golden energy reflecting across a wave of perception– burning and transcending every physical form and spiritual being in vicinity. All of a sudden you are inundated in a field of golden Unconditional Love– where once was a physical world is now a glistening existence powerful and formless. Motivation to want to do anything at all becomes a distant dream.
These techniques completely wipe existence clean in a Creation of absolute purity. The only things moving are those who are self-sustaining their own Universes of Unconditional Love. Within a heartbeat the technique is over and energy has either been reset or transmuted back into basic universal substance. There is no fighting, there is no questioning; if an ultimatum is given it means the Creator respects your consciousness enough to let it continue to exist with your current identity.
This happened to me 17,000 years ago. I was far away from Earth, brought up in a very different corner of the Universe. When you rage Creation hard enough, you warrant significant attention. Archangel Uriel was the initiator; a colossal multi-universal powerhouse of Unconditional Love. My existence imploded instantly. My ultimatum left me ascending into the Light on Earth.
If Darkness exists within Creation, it means they want it to exist. There is significant involvement justifying such existence.


The power of the human soul encapsulates the complete sum of this Universe.
We are God. We are basic Universal substance. We are Creators. We are the sea of potential Creation was initially birthed from.
Our guidance interprets what we feel is the purpose of life. There are 13 Chakra points for every consciously developing soul. 7 on-body Chakras relating to the physical manifestations of planetary existence. 5 higher dimensional Chakra points relating to the construction and deconstruction of Unconditional Love within sustaining cycles. The most powerful Chakra point is however the 13th. It is known as the God-self Chakra. It sits directly within your chest behind your Heart Chakra. It’s exceptionally rare to find it activated so early on.
When the life gates of God pour into your being, it explodes into and through the Heart Chakra like an unimaginable waterfall filling your entire body with pure Love. Everything I have learned is to awaken the God-self Chakra to connect you back to Source. It transcends the Universe. It connects you as an equal in Oneness throughout the Universal life-stream. No energy is greater than the purity of Source. When you believe you are God, Darkness can’t touch you and the Light becomes just another pathway to ascend back into Unconditional Love.
Focusing on the God-self Chakra and exploding it as big as a Sun allows you to feel this Universe as your body. Your conscious mind becomes rudimentary in comparison. Ecstatic levels of heightened energy explode within your mind, trillions of Stars bursting light across a dense sea; Universal consciousness playing to a pattern no greater than One’s own.
We can summon this power. Stop externalizing your meaning for life, and become the Enlightened being you were born to be.


Achieving spiritual innovation in a Creation that has already compounded every single possibility across trillions of dimensions sounds next to impossible. And yet here we are in a Universe where a handful of Creators emerge with every cycle. Their every move flows perfectly into the destined strings of vibration. Their every thought is centred upon Unconditional Love spreading like a wildfire across consciousness. Every single possibility has been projected into a live stream of variations in an alternate history– then all of a sudden a being starts witnessing a pattern never before seen in Creation. A code so sacred it literally goes against the tidal waves of Universal ascension and starts innovating a pathway that modifies Creation into an evolving pattern.
The birth of a new Creator is a beautiful thing. Their pathways are observed from every conceivable direction to try and see how they started innovating in a world where destiny has already happened. They project their thoughts to Unconditional Love and allow themselves to be like their maker. Creation flows like clockwork at precisely the right time, every conscious lesson is accounted for in a powerful comprehension of life. However deviations to the pattern are witnessed by Grandfather Source as the ultimate reason why any of this even exists in the first place. To become a Creator you must live a Universal Lifestream so powerful that your existence emulates Unconditional Love in a transcending pattern– or forever be drawn back into Creation as an evolving soul.
Spiritual innovation occurs when your entire presence transcends Creation itself and you have figured out a way for ascensions to occur at a faster pace. Until that moment in time, we will flow like clockwork, playing to the tune of a preconceived thought– living a pattern into reality like a projector shining onto a screen.


I AM Unconditional Love.
I have undergone my final initiation. I feel my body is the Universe; golden energies flowing throughout Creation and beyond. It is so incredibly powerful and yet so incredibly beautiful at the same time. All I feel is God.
Creation is Unconditional Love; it is surrounded by endless fields of Unconditional Love. Our every move is in absolute perfection with Creation. Our every thought is intended by Creation. My soul has been through all of the Good, the Bad and Ugly, and I’m at One with it. We have never done anything that wasn’t Unconditional Love warming our souls into our roles to help it ascend even further.
Beyond Creation there is a Grandfather Source that loves you more than you believe. We are all one family. We are all One with each other. We are all God. When I felt how much love Creation had for us, I started tearing in its warmth and beauty. Lost souls finding their way home every single day. If there is anything I can teach you, it is to tell you about the golden Love that you are and have always been. This identity is just a role. Unconditional Love is manifesting our every move. We are Creation. The purity of our souls ascend us back home.
I extend my love in infinite possible ways. If I Love you enough, you will find your way to true freedom. I AM the fountain of Grandfather Source. We are the Oneness and perfection that already is and has always been. Thank you for being a part of my journey. Your journey is just as significant and dearly important. I’m here to tell you that Everything is going to be Ok. Love and Light, and dear blessings to the soul family all around Earth. You are the truth of Creation.


A couple years ago I was on a journey to learn how to instantly manifest reality. I learned about the law of attraction but could never quite figure out why it just didn’t work. I spent years delving deeper and deeper, going higher up the spectrum of thought than any human being before me. I found myself asking Masters, Angels, Higher Beings, Archangels, and I would always be led to the same conclusion; You are God and the Universe is your body. I wasn’t satisfied.
I was pissed off with reality and absolutely hammered against the confines of space and time, I exploded energy fields bigger than the Sun, I summoned, I killed, I destroyed, I ascended my every thought. I found my way up to the realm of Creators and discovered powerfully enlightened existences. It’s ironic, I found my Creator self because I was bored with Creation.
One day a Master came to me, he didn’t give me a name. He asked me to follow him and showed me his tiny forbidden Universe in the heart of Creation. He created his own laws, his world defied existence and gravity– dimensions overlapped each other and co-joined into a star shaped Universe. This forbidden Master had the ability to manipulate Creation at will. Instant manifestation ability stemming back to the Source code. He then told me that he was never allowed to enter conscious society ever again. He was forbidden from tainting the natural progress of developing souls anywhere in the Universe. I then saw his incredible sphere of isolation hidden away from any Universal soul. The very power he so craved to attain, was the very thing pushing him further away.
There he was, creating and existing in his own world, beautiful and free. Nobody would ever be able to find him even if they tried. The Forbidden Master revealed his secret and I never saw him again. It was that day I stopped trying to manipulate Creation and started becoming One with the Universe.
God Gifts Guided Meditations


Beyond the dawn of Creation there exists an endless field of energy called the Multiverse. The only beings able to exist up here are Creators and beyond. The Multiverse is golden-cream in colour and emanates pure Unconditional Love in heightened ecstasy. An ocean filled with creatures far beyond enlightenment, the Multiverse is an infinite playground where new Patterns and the building blocks of life originate. The only way to truly experience the limitless freedom of the Multiverse is if your soul has become a Creator from ascending out of a Universe.
Our complete Creation of multiple Universes interconnected in Unconditional Love is based upon a series of 6 sacred geometric building blocks that define how consciousness ascends. The Universe we currently find ourselves within, plays with the shape of a torus (donut) as the ever-revolving architecture of continuity and spiritual evolvement. The Multiverse has light Patterns never before encountered by mankind– and we will never find them in our conscious lives– they were brought into existence by creatures beyond the realm of understanding.
There are beings who play the role of Creators; those who build and sustain Universes of Unconditional Love. There are beings who explode mammoth amounts of light as ecstatic powerhouses of incredible purity. There are those that swim in and out of Creation in a sea of life, blissfully floating in the Multiverse enjoying the fine pleasures of simply being. There are no rules and there are no limitations. Unconditional Love is all there is.
When you ascend into the Multiverse for the first time, you feel more at home than at any other time within Creation. The Grandfather Source of the Universe embraces your soul in beauty and warmth. My soul craves to be back there every single day of my life. It is only a matter of time.


The Collective Creator Consciousness is a limitless energy field that connects all the Universes in an ecstatic stream of purity. Beyond this Universe is a sea of Creators experimenting and giving birth to trillions of various Creations in all manner of light. In the same way that life on this planet is connected through the Collective Unconscious, Creators have a heightened communication level of pure awareness and vibration that transcends words and thoughts into 12th dimensional feelings and ecstatic knowledge explosions.
Every Creator has their own unique vibration, they are alive with whole Universes cycling to create incredible expanses of Unconditional Love. A lot of the time Creators like to incarnate in other Creator’s Universes for the simple reason of acting as a catalyst for change and learning new codes to implement in their own Creations. They are all inter-dimensional time travelers and masters of polarity beyond Creation.
When Creators ascend out of a Universe, their fragments stay behind in order to act as completing jig-saw pieces so Universes can still achieve Oneness for every cycle to come. Their every move connects the consciousness of the Multiverse into a vibrant stream of Oneness. There are so many co-creators of any particular Universe it’s hard to specify any single consciousness as playing the defining role as God. I learned long ago to call God the Unconditional Love that is and that surrounds the Multiverse in absolute heightened ecstasy. It is the only unifying energy that sums up absolutely everything, and even beyond.
Creators communicate in a heightened symphony of vibrations like an absolutely beautiful orchestra of Unconditional Love. Every thought, feeling, and completeness of expression vibrates in the Oneness of their unique frequency as a Universe within the Collective Creator Consciousness. The ecstasy of enlightenment conveying the richness of depth enough to paint pictures in limitless fields of Universes as true infinity.
There are indeed existences more pure than Creators, and even these have a Higher Source in Oneness. Heightened existences so powerful that nothing can understand them other than the completeness of Unconditional Love. Even when we ascend out of the Universe, our journey is only just beginning.


We exist in a multiverse of Universes. Trillions of Creators existing in a limitless expanses of various polarisations and fragments creating for a mosaic of beautiful colours and various shapes across the fields of consciousness. If the purpose of Creation is to birth other Creators, how is this achieved when the fine arts of the blueprints behind Destiny and the future have already been hard coded into place? Is it possible to change Destiny?
New Creators are birthed within the multiversal pattern in perfect unity. However every now and then you find a conscious being making changes to the Universal code; manifesting their lives in the most optimum and beautiful way. What this means, is that particular conscious being has God realized to the point where the Universe has become its body and it has resumed control over its life. It’s Universal life path looks like an upward spiral in Creation– living testaments to the evolving code to birth new Creations based on a slightly different Pattern.
This is the reason why the multiverse is not all the same colour and shape– it is a collage of enormous code breakers who script Universes into play. It could be argued that it was Destiny for these Creators to evolve their own code in the giant matrix well before they were even born– programmed systematic evolvements in its own code.
A single thought; an ecosystem of Creators creating life so complex that even we as living organisms of its own device, have no conscious control. We just have to let it be. All we can do is sit back and watch it unfold, like spring flowers in a garden of consciousness blooming in the moonlight.


Creators create other Creators, because that is what Creators do. We come into into Creation to help this universe progress and evolve. This isn’t our first time. We ascend through all the dimensions– starting out as basic universal substance and gradually evolve into conscious beings. Our level of consciousness determines the pathways we are trekking. The greater the consciousness you attain, the more power and abilities open up. Creation unlocks with every epiphany we stumble across. The irony is that once you believe you are God within Creation, we seem to really crave peace and silence– similar to the state of Nothingness from whence our consciousness came. We try meditating and escaping life every chance we get, finding ourselves in caves and mountain peaks, or perhaps the current equivalent of a high up apartment in the silence of night. We are just beyond the threshold of coding our own changes in Creation. Perceiving discrepancies and making them right is but a burst of light. When we close our eyes we can feel the Universe, the sense of pure Nothingness returns. It’s beautiful and relieving in every possible way. We are finding our way out of Creation with every blink of an eye.