I was sitting in the porch with a golden stick of Palo Santo in my hand, wafting its divine smoke up into the air. The fluorescent light started flickering above me. The winds outside blew up against the house in a gigantic momentum of energy until the entire house creaked. I could hear the wind chimes on the tree gonging at the break of midnight. I closed my eyes and I started praying with everything I could muster. My headache was so thick and heavy in my mind, I could barely lift my head from the pain. The temperature around me started plummeting till my breath condensed into an icy mist. An eerie silence had befallen upon the house. The wind had completely ceased bellowing and the flurescent light shone upon its last limb. I opened my eyes to the smoldering stick of Palo Santo, slowly burning and trailing a column of soft white ash onto my hand. The fragrant smell was the only thing in the room calming my mind. Suddenly, a force of wind hammered against the house, sending the wind chimes into a banging fit. The windows thundered and rattled along the side of the house. The leaves from the plants smashed up against the glass. Something told me to stand up and walk through the house. The first thing I noticed was that the back motion detector light outside had been turned on. It only turned on when something moved within proximity of it. As I neared closer, I froze in my tracks. A white face, as large as the window, was staring back at me with an evil glare. Sharp teeth and crazed eyes menacingly laughed in its haunting expression. It was as if it had placed it face upon the window and left a perfect impression of its evil features. The outside light made the foggy face a frightening sight in the crisp cold night.

“I finally found you” I said to the ominous creature. I dropped the Palo Santo onto the floor and started calling in my masters.


What is a Spiritual House Cleansing?

A spiritual house cleansing is an energetic ritual performed over a home in order to remove unwanted or negative energies. The process normally involves the use of energetic cleansing tools such as smudging with Sage, Palo Santo, Copal, Sweetgrass or Cedar. Energy work is then performed by a practitioner in order to transmute the negative or unwanted energy into a positive and uplifting space.

A spiritual house cleansing can be escalated into a more in-depth process, depending on the practitioner who is conducting the ritual. Psychic protections can be placed over the home in order to set up a much more safe container for the people living there. Sea Salt and Holy Water can also be used as tools in order to remove much more significant entities within the home. Deporting souls to the other side is not easy, but has been a constant for me while conducting these rituals. This particular area of practice was hard ingrained within me when multiple entities kept attaching themselves to physical locations and even people. This is where a simple spiritual house cleansing turns a corner and it becomes something a lot more significant.

Who needs a Spiritual House Cleansing?

Often times when we buy a new home or move into a new apartment, there are many things about the location that we are unaware of. There may have been multiple deaths, emotional traumas, suicides, arguments, sickness or even crimes committed upon the property. We may experience unexplainable depression, sadness, anger or lethargic behavior. If you are feeling the symptoms of negative or unwanted energy, it may be the result of paranormal activity within the home. Common signs of paranormal activity include everything from nightmares, unexplained objects moving around the house, children or a spouse drastically changing their behavior, feelings of despair and anxiety constantly battling within your body, or outright demonic or ghostly activity. Sometimes the cause of these issues comes from a deceased family member or past home-owner who have not quite passed over onto the other side. A Spiritual House Cleansing will act to pass on these spirits and clean up the residual energies for a safer living environment.

There are even real-estate agents who make sure they get a House Cleansing performed whenever they want to sell a property. They recognize that new home owners want to feel at home the moment they walk in the door. The list of benefits associated with a clean and vibrant home are truly priceless.

Whatever the situation, whether you are a new home owner, renter, seller, or are visiting family and friends, it may be time to perform a house cleansing, clearing or blessing to remove any unwanted disturbances.

How do you perform a Spiritual House Cleansing?

I would like to briefly go over some of the well known and also lesser known tools that are used to cleanse a home. Using multiples of the following tools in conjunction will forever be more effective as these sacred tools all perform differing energetic roles. Most of these items can be purchased in spiritual stores. I would like to mention that it’s important to ensure you are buying sustainable materials from reliable sources. Ever since the New Age movement, there has been an over-harvesting of White Sage and Palo Santo, causing scarcity in certain regions. Try to ensure the quality and integrity of the plant you are using! For items such as Holy Water, you will have to visit your local church in order to find this.

White Sage

Sage Smudge

White Sage is one of the most common of all smudging tools used within homes everywhere. The most popular of the group is White Sage (Salvia Apiana) which can be purchased pre-wrapped in wonderful little bundles. White Sage is not however the only form of sage that can be used for smudging. There is a huge misconception out there that White Sage is a Native American tradition and is the only form of sage that works. This is not true. Sage had been cultivated and used for cleansing practices all over the world in almost every shamanic tradition. It was used by the Siberian shamans, pagan traditions, wicca, and even in the temples of the Himalayas. Whatever species of sage you choose, make sure it is dried out before use.

Sage cleanses the energy of a physical location and can also be used to cleanse the energy of a person. It transmutes negative or heavy energy into a lighter and more positive feeling. It has gained popularity due to its ease of use and widespread availability.

Light sage smudge with a lighter or match. Blow out the flame from the top and walk around the areas in need of cleansing in a clockwise direction for every room. If cleansing a person, smudge the top of the head, back, chest, and feet, allowing the smoke to blanket the body. Make sure to open a window to allow the negative energies to escape.

Palo Santo

Palo Santo House Cleansing

Palo Santo (Bursera Graveolens) is gaining popularity very quickly due to its widespread health benefits and exotically fragrant smell. It’s harvested from the wood of a South American tree native to the region. Palo Santo is a step-up from just smudging with sage and has stronger properties to transmute negative energies in a very powerful way.

I have been burning Palo Santo quite profusely during malevolent spiritual activity and I have met the Palo Santo spirit on many occasions. This being is like meeting the equivalent of Jesus Christ in the world of Christianity. The Palo Santo spirit is so beautiful and so incredibly loving. It is golden and always transmutes negative energy in such a loving way. There are planets out there who have entire religions dedicated to the Palo Santo Spirit. I once saw these temples in the jungles built out Palo Santo wood. They had these burning wheels of Palo Santo, constantly wafting the white smoke throughout the holy temple. These monks were tending to the sacred site. It was a very enlightening and beautiful experience.

Light stick of Palo Santo with a lighter or match. Before you blow out the flame from the top, call upon the Palo Santo spirit to come into the room. Proceed to walk around the areas in need of cleansing in a clockwise direction for every room. If cleansing a person, smudge the top of the head, back, chest, and feet, allowing the smoke to blanket the body.



Copal (Burseraceae) is a ceremonial resin that has been used by pre-Colombian and indigenous tribes in South America for cleansing and healing purposes. Copal is a sticky, semi-hard resin that is similar to frankincense, myrrh and amber. Copal is the stronger of the smudging tools that requires either smoldering embers or charcoal to melt the sticky resin and produce its fragrant smoke. Copal is used in traditional shamanic ceremonies, often to clear away evil entities and provide a safe space for healing. Both black and white copal are used.

Sprinkle a good amount of copal onto hot smoldering embers within a censer burner or old frying pan. Alternatively, light a pre-packaged piece of charcoal with a lighter until red hot. Waft the smoke around the home until a dense layer of smoke is produced. Walk in a clockwise motion until finally finishing at the front door. Make sure to open a window to allow the negative energies to escape.

Sea Salt

Sea Salt

Sea Salt has long been used to deter negative spirits since ancient times. The use of Sea Salt comes from a very interesting theory that the spirits of the land can not cross over the oceans and vice versa. I know of a very effective Ocean Cleansing Ritual that has proven this theory very accurate. The methods of cleansing vary from culture to culture, with the primary focus being removing an unwanted entity. Sea Salt is one of the most accessible of all the listed tools and can be used extensively in conjunction with any of the above stated methods. An open ocean offers the best results for personal entity removal, however Sea Salt can literally draw the lines of a safe home when experiencing paranormal activity.

– Sprinkle on carpet of afflicted room, to then vacuum up and throw away the contents.
– Mix with water and mop the floors with Salt water in areas that need cleansing.
– Draw a circle with the salt around the perimeter of the home or space, affirming the spiritual boundaries for which you would like to be protected.



Tobacco has been used in shamanic traditions all over the world since ancient times. The amount of times I have met beings on the other side who were smoking, is beyond count. At some point in time, I started to take notice of the regular appearance of Tobacco in many of the ancient cultures in South America as well as the Native Americans. I decided that I had to experience what teachings would unfold.

Tobacco is one of the most misunderstood plant medicines on Earth. It has been severely misunderstood because of one major reason– the tobacco industry. What people are buying as cigarettes is NOT tobacco! You take a wild plant natively grown in South America, farm it out of season, spray it with chemicals, introduce a host of dangerous substances and then turn it into complete addictive pre-packaged garbage for the sole purpose of making money– you are no longer dealing with the original plant.

The Tobacco Spirit stressed the importance of finding the purest forms of the plant when it comes to smoking Tobacco. On this planet, that means either finding Mapacho, a Peruvian shamanic tobacco that has been fermented and prayed over from wild Nicotiana Rustica, or getting your hands on the best quality cigars you can find! Either way, Tobacco is no joke. It is a very powerful grandfather teacher and you have to be careful of what you think and pray whilst smoking it.

Mapacho is smoked within a ceremonial pipe. Do not inhale. Mapacho is something like 25x stronger than that of normal tobacco. Pray with every puff, blowing smoke over the location and person who is in need of cleansing. This ritual is not to be used by the faint-hearted. Tobacco used in ceremonial purposes requires a lot of connection, purity, humbleness and most of all respect for the spirits involved.

Holy Water

Holy Water

Holy Water is a powerful tool used by priests since the dawn of religion. Holy Water is effectively water that has been prayed over by priests and blessed in the name of God and Jesus Christ. I was initially quite skeptical about Holy Water, until I listened to a Native elder talk about how the power of prayer and intention could change the energetic structure of water. Still, I thought to myself, how powerful could this stuff be? The night I saw a possessed man drink Holy Water and wake up the next day completely healed, I changed my mind and never looked back. I have seen some serious shit in my life and sometimes the power of prayer and belief in God can be the simplest and most effective way to deal with negativity.

– Spray Holy Water around the afflicted home in the corners, paying special attention to the attic or basement.
– Have a victim of paranormal abuse drink Holy Water while hearing the prayers of loved ones around them.

Energy Work & House Blessings

The reality of haunted homes and un-passed over loved ones, is that sometimes they need an extra energetic push in the right direction to move them along. Though all the above mentioned tools and plant medicines are effective, a lot of energetic work has to accompany these tools to direct the energies on.

I was taught a variety of techniques from Archangel Uriel as well as from my God-Grandfather. These ancestral teachings and prayers call in angels and rid the area of negative entities. Much of the time, a lot more in-depth spiritual work needs to be performed. This includes, cord-cuttings, closing down energetic portals and vortexes, removing dark beings, and undoing soul curses. These are the parts I can’t explain over a blog post. These abilities came from years of spiritual activity over thousands of interactions with the other side.

If you know of any prayers, you can walk into each of the rooms in the house to bless each area. Golden energy can be visualized as the transmuting color for which negative energy can be changed into positivity.

The mindset while cleansing a home has to stem from love and peace. One thing to never fall victim to, is to be lured into the angry or depressed feelings that the energies have been feeding on. Hauntings and negative environments exist the way they do because they are being sustained by the same energy that trapped them there. Without a source of interest, they would eventually fade out and disappear. Unfortunately, we aren’t taught about psychic or paranormal activity and we often play victim into these forms of workings.

Another good idea is to remove old or unwanted furniture, masks, jewelry, or clutter that spirits are often attached to. Masks and statues are huge culprits that often house spirits. Cleansing crystals and diamonds in salt water and burning sage over them help to clear out negative energies. The list truly does go on.

The most important thing to remember is that you are in-charge of your own home and you deserve to live in peace. There are a variety of methods you can protect yourself and your family without needing to go further. When the situation arises, there are always further steps you can take.

How to book a Spiritual House Cleansing

If you are in need of any help or know of somebody who does, don’t hesitate to call Paulina and myself to perform a House Cleansing for you. Check out our services for more details and information on how to contact us.


Out of all of my years playing with the spiritual world, I have to say that summoning spirits was my all time favorite. Those were the days that I didn’t differentiate between Good or Bad, Dark or Light, Angel from Demon.
I read a ridiculously forbidden book about being a Magus and started delving into the underworld without a care in the world. I put down all my occult books one day when I started realizing that Life was manifesting the chapters of those books into reality. I met Beings that other channellers wrote books about, I communed with Archangels after only just learning their name, I even became submersed into the demonic wars on this planet for no other reason than I could see them. My pathway of awakening was Dark, but I found the Light. Many don’t perceive how Darkness can find the Light, and the only answer I can give them is that Love transcends all. There have been hundreds of Beings– Djinn, Demons, Darkness alike– who have tried to change my mind about my spiritual affiliations. If anybody knew who I was in a prior life, you would be hard pressed to figure out how I had such a strong connection to any Archangel at all. The spiritual world ensued.
When I found the Light on this planet, I didn’t realize how few could sense energetic shifts. Even fewer still can discern the Light from the Dark. So many get wrapped up in speaking to ‘something’ that they often oversee the red flags that give away insidious intentions. Darkness would never utter the words Unconditional Love to you, nor could they feel it. It took me 17,000 years of spiritual cleansing to start feeling Unconditional Love. When you are Unconditional Love nothing can touch you. Your existence transcends the Duality. The spiritual world did everything in its power to try and stop my Unconditional Love Ascension– not because they hated me, but because they respected my soul so much that they couldn’t let me go.


The war had just ended and I was completely devastated. Two entire battalions had been exploded in the most vicious black mechanics I had ever seen. Nearby Suns and Stars were ticking time bombs waiting to wreak havoc. Intuitive battleships were caught off-guard and absolutely pulverized. The only two survivors out of 12,000 were myself and another half dead Royal who ascended into the 5th before the explosions erupted. In the 5th dimension we could feel every single being who died. Thousands suddenly moving through sheer terror and pain had created for a tidal wave of black energy torturing our minds from all directions. Our bodies were burnt out, black poison was seeping through our veins– unrelenting and dangerously ignoring our auto-immune system.
I managed to drag the other Royal’s body onto a cargo ship floating in deep space, it was still mostly intact. Hours upon hours of life altering healing later, I managed to stop the spread of poison and stabilize his condition. I was sitting in an empty cargo hold watching the Stars in the distance as we passed them by. Light was shining through the glass and illuminating the entire room before gently fading back into the darkness. I had never felt so much loss in my life. I could feel them all, alive within my consciousness, suddenly exposed to the afterlife without thought or memory as to what happened.
As the ship passed by another star, light filled the interior of the room in a bright display and I closed my eyes. That’s when I saw it. A Being so large it’s golden eyes were bigger than galaxies, it said to me in a deep rumbling voice “When will you learn that Death is just an illusion to enforce the idea of separation… There was a time when war did not mean anything beyond the occupation of time. Why do you insist on going to war?”.
I took a deep breath in, and then grinned; sharp teeth smiling in the illumination of light. I said “Because it sure as Hell beats sitting around, waiting for nothing to happen”.


About 30,000 years ago I was initiated into the Drakonis Constellation and life had a very different meaning and purpose. We spent the entirety of our lives looking for ways to advance our race further; either technologically or biologically. We had whole sections of our race set up and bred for various tasks such as advanced technological innovation, DNA manipulation, spiritual awakening, political endeavors, and my all time favorite– War. Everything we did was aligned to the greater purpose of ascension. Soul infusion coupled with organic body growth meant we could transfer our souls across into our exact clones. We did this for a variety of reasons, primarily being DNA upgrades and a forever superior body with inter-lifetime memory recognition.
One day I happened across a piece of information that truly sparked my interest. Somebody mentioned a planet where a Dark Master had enslaved all the souls into his puppets. I set out to find this Dark Master to learn his ways. We took off in these inter-galactic speeders and traveled through a black hole to come out in deep space. The planet was nearly impossible to find; hidden away in some dark section of the Universe. Upon arriving, the planet’s entire atmosphere was surrounded by black cloudy energy. The closer I got, the more I realized how much of the planet the Dark Master had manipulated.
Everything tried to kill me as I got closer; adverse weather, possessed villagers, even strange animals. When I finally found the Master I realized he was infusing ridiculously advanced techniques to create souls out of the Shadow Creation– the Universe that mirrors our own. I spent a considerable time learning everything he knew before he one day tried to ensnare me within a trap. I left that day with the soul of his planet– completely wiping the Master out of existence. I know all this because the planetary soul still follows me around today.


Every molecule of energy within Creation has the ability to reflect Unconditional Love. What it takes is a higher consciousness to direct the transmutation back to that which transcends the vicissitudes of Life and Death. These Creator level techniques transcend even the most avid of spiritual wars that accelerate right past the unfolding story into the loving climax.
It looks like a sea of shimmering golden energy reflecting across a wave of perception– burning and transcending every physical form and spiritual being in vicinity. All of a sudden you are inundated in a field of golden Unconditional Love– where once was a physical world is now a glistening existence powerful and formless. Motivation to want to do anything at all becomes a distant dream.
These techniques completely wipe existence clean in a Creation of absolute purity. The only things moving are those who are self-sustaining their own Universes of Unconditional Love. Within a heartbeat the technique is over and energy has either been reset or transmuted back into basic universal substance. There is no fighting, there is no questioning; if an ultimatum is given it means the Creator respects your consciousness enough to let it continue to exist with your current identity.
This happened to me 17,000 years ago. I was far away from Earth, brought up in a very different corner of the Universe. When you rage Creation hard enough, you warrant significant attention. Archangel Uriel was the initiator; a colossal multi-universal powerhouse of Unconditional Love. My existence imploded instantly. My ultimatum left me ascending into the Light on Earth.
If Darkness exists within Creation, it means they want it to exist. There is significant involvement justifying such existence.


My soul knows spiritual war like no other. I have been incarnating in war-torn Creations, ascending past some of the most significant benchmarks available to existence itself. I have evolved as a Creator in a myriad of different Universes polarized to Light and Dark and everything in-between. Anger has the ability to be transcended into pure rage through explosive torrents of the complete deconstruction of the God-self. Whole existences deconstruct into insane explosions as the body loses definition and meaning beyond the purity of chaos itself. Suns are exploded for the sake of war time advantages, Galaxies deconstructed internally to harbor volatile black holes in the midst of consciousness, the silent realms of Nothingness used as a backdrop for the confines of death. Beast-like energies fighting across the ethers, thundering through dimensions in a power hungry struggle, landing on physical planets in an uncontrollable fall, taking another step into broken Nebulas of gaseous accord far into deep space. If you want to play the game of Life and Death, be prepared to lose your mind for the sake of invisibility and unpredictability. Far in the depths of consciousness there are Beings mirroring Creation itself, recreating Hell in a torrential rain of death simply because they oppose the forces of Darkness. Every Creation– they are all the same. Spiritual wars go upwards to the top; it takes a significantly enlightened being to sit them out. I was brought to Earth by an Archangel; embodied so as to be here in the physical world. The only question I had for years on-end was why they chose a being like me to come here. Earth is simply a meet and greet while my soul ascends into the Light. A temporary pleasure while my energies more accurately mirror the true nature of God. If I wanted peace, I would have never step foot in Creation. There is no such thing as death when all you are is Unconditional Love.


The divine feminine energy surrounding the natural balance of the universe is in perfect equilibrium with enlightenment. Masculine and feminine energies complete a sacred pattern that allows for harmonious balance. Too much of one or the other, and you get a sliding scale of emotions or universal pursuits that only stretch in one direction. In the same way that the Sun is a masculine energy penetrating the atmosphere to harbour life on surrounding planets, Earth is a divine feminine energy bearing the children of mankind in a cosmic parental relationship.
Since ancient times the divine feminine energy was more sacred that life itself, it was the secret to enlightenment. Women were the life bearers and also the completing elements to men. This energy however was not limited to the physical attributes of man and woman. Both sexes have the ability to demonstrate a highly masculine or feminine energy. In fact there are many beings in this universe that house both. What we should ultimately look for is balance– or our completing element.
The reason why Earth is currently not sustainable, is because feminine energy is being repressed. The Sphinx was originally modelled into the face of a woman, or Goddess, with the body of a female lion. The Sphinx was however defaced thousands of years later with the face of a Pharaoh. This repression is seen throughout the entirety of the pyramid hierarchies in religions and organisations, all the way up to recent times.
If masculine energy travels in straight lines, feminine energy travels in curves. In the same way that light can be seen to be travelling in both particles or waves, we have to be conscious of our own energy travelling throughout life. We can bring sacred balance back to this planet, we just need the re-emergence of the divine feminine energy to nurture our souls back towards equilibrium.


Dark mechanics have been at play in this Universe since the dawn of time itself. It found its way to Earth over 5000 years ago in Ancient Egypt. A light structure was introduced called the pyramid hierarchy. The symbol of this light structure is an inverted triangle. The pharaoh/slaves model has transpired over thousands of years through every single religion, organization, corporation, and spiritual community. The underlying code for this matrix was birthed through Beings strong enough to play with civilisation patterns. The result has been an incredible downward spiral of war, pushing control and power into the hands of those who claim the pharaoh’s role on top.
Ascended Masters have been incarnating here for thousands of years trying to raise the consciousness of humanity high enough to warrant sufficient attention in order for our Ascension to evolve humanity into the Light. The resulting compromise is a split Ascension for those who are awakened to move on into the 4th/5th Dimension, while the rest remain here to keep reincarnating. Approximately only 1% of the population have ancient souls enough to understand the nature of their existence. I came to Earth to help those stranded ancient souls. The reason why they needed me at all is because Dark 5th dimensional fear creatures are trying to dishevel the upcoming Ascension by physically ‘descending’ enough souls and causing it to internally collapse from the inside.
I’ve been fighting in spiritual wars since 3 universal cycles ago with an ancient complex that goes beyond Creation. I’m sitting here watching humanity attract Darkness unto itself. Light communities praying for the good of all. Ancient love beings patiently waiting in the midst of our consciousness for the last resistance. A new Light Structure is going to appear. Its tagline will read “From Darkness to the Light; All is Unconditional Love”.


There are Beings in this Universe solely created for One purpose; to drive the definition of Bad Ass into its utmost glory. There are creatures so fearsome that they stare into the eyes of Demons and just see another opportunity to express the power of God every single second of their existence. There are factions within the Light who are specifically trained for the absolute worst ethereal wars this Universe has ever seen. They are God’s own solution to the cruel mercy of the Darkness; the breath of Light that leaves Galaxies polarized to the fury of Life itself with nothing more to go on besides the heart of Creation within our souls. Enter the Battle Angels.

As magnificent as they are, you will only ever see Battle Angels under two circumstances; you either find yourself within an immense ethereal war, or you are currently surrounded by Demons. The first time I truly ever met a Battle Angel I satisfied both of the aforementioned criteria outright. I didn’t know whether to feel pleased about finding Light within Creation, or seriously worried that my circumstances were attracting such a creature into my presence in the first place.

I was sitting within a beautiful cafe that would of made any royal palace look dull in comparison to its sheer richness of tapestry and stunning decor that even the Greek Gods would flush in jealousy at what mankind was creating for the simple enjoyment for the brew of coffee beans. As the barista jetted steam to fluff up the milk for my cappuccino, I was relaxing upon luxurious wooden chairs adorned by the fresh pastel colors of corals and vibrant fauna captured in exotic displays of materials creating my garden bed of cushions. Crystal clear waters outside the window were soaking up the nostalgia of the purple sunset and giving the entire room a deep auric glow of nostalgia. The waiters were dressed in elegant white shirts with black vests, holding up silver trays full of the white china that became part of our rich coffee experience. Men in black suits with bow-ties were leading women in long ballroom dresses in the intricate golden marble foyer serving as the entrance to the Garden of Eden I was currently lounging within. A pianist was off in his own world, time had slowed down, and the bed of soft color I was sitting upon was slowly drifting me into another world. I had been fighting for years, my mind exhausted at my own thoughts, my body tired with the reality of death every single night of the week. There were Demons walking around the corridors sprawled throughout my paradise; even the Garden of Eden had snakes. I could feel them talking in the background of my subconscious mind. Not even the fruits of God could capture my attention long enough for me to decide Life was worth noting.

The sun was slowly swallowed by the horizon, and I found myself sitting within the dark as the waiters scurried to turn on the ceiling lights. Aqua and soft blue glows started appearing in the forestry of finely carved vines and leaves growing upon the ceiling. A statuesque face was staring down upon me; the plaster of its face contrasted by the shadows this creature implanted upon the fine workmanship around it. The cool night had turned my once colorful paradise into a haunted forest against the stone corridors of women in white flowing dresses floating around like trailing ghosts deceived by the Earth to keep on living here. The black of the waiter’s vests now meant that I could only see their white sleeves flashing in the dark every single time they flew past me with a tray full of empty bones and cups. In an instant, I was deep within the confines of another world where its patrons preferred the taste of hard liquor and exotic cocktails to numb their senses to the magic of the night. The Demons were creeping closer and closer, they were now staring at me in the darkness. Their eyes fixated upon my mind; a doorway into the hybrid world of both the physical and the spiritual. I picked up my cup of coffee and took another sip at its warming sweetness. I always hated the bitterness of coffee and instead opted to drown it in sweetener until I was drinking a tiramisu dessert.

Suddenly a burst of energy started rippling through the walls. Reality became distorted by the sheer power of the Light making an entrance into our world. My vision was shrouded by the fog of the depths of the forest floor. That’s when I felt it come in. The presence caught the Demons off-guard and scared them back to the outer walls of my dark paradise. They were not allowed to come any closer. The Being walked around the back of my chair and through the couches like a phantom. I silently watched it making its way through the aristocratic crowd like a glowing masterpiece of Creation awakened. It stopped briefly to stare out the giant windows overlooking the oasis of palm trees with patrons trying to drink their fresh perspective back into reality or become lost in the dark. The next second the Being suddenly spread its wings in a powerful display of Angelic beauty. Then it kept walking until it came full circle directly beside me. It was staring directly into the heart of my soul.

I said to it “Who have you come for?”

The Angel’s eyes never left me when it said, “I have come for you…”

My body was prickling with energy, goosebumps were shivering along my skin. This thing was extremely powerful. I said, “You don’t look like a regular Angel”. A completely white suit of armor with a solid helmet made it look like some kind of Knight of God more so than a ball of purity and love that most Angels seemed to appear.

He never lifted his gaze as he said “I am a Battle Angel.”

A wave of energy had settled upon my body and was now vibrating me into a state of frenzy with extraordinary amounts of raw power trying to process back into a state of normalcy. My mind rushed with activity until I asked the question “Why have you come to me?”

The Battle Angel smiled as he said “I have come to represent the Light. I have come to act as a medium for the people you are currently scaring away with your ethereal wars.”

This Battle Angel was illuminating the entire room with a brilliance of Light more beautiful than anything I had seen. I became humbled and especially warmed by the fact that this Being simply walked into my presence at this exact moment of time, its loving energy was caressing me back into my garden of pastel corals and flowers. The aura this thing was emanating was so powerful that it was giving life to Creation like some kind of personal representative of God. I said to him, “What is your name?”

The Battle Angel responded, “I don’t have a name. To maintain a name would be to simply distinguish myself with the non-realization of the fact that we are not all indeed the same presence of God living in Creation interacting with ourselves.”

I started sipping my liquid tiramisu contemplating what the Battle Angel had to say. I had heard this same spiel from Grandmasters worthy of being Creators themselves. I was wondering how this Angel achieved such a high level of God-self realization. I settled on the fact that he was simply created this way. Only then did I notice that this Angel had long flowing streams of platinum-silver energy blanketing him. The last time I saw something like that, I was talking to– I put the coffee down and mentioned to him “Your trails of silver energy; they indicate that you have taken aboard aspects of Neutrality, which if I might say, is exceptionally rare for Angels. If you really don’t mind becoming friends with this hybrid Master; welcome to the Club.

The Battle Angel commented, “Not Bad. I think I’m going to thoroughly enjoy this”.

I leaned back in my chair staring deep into the heart of his soul. Thoroughly interesting indeed.


The laws of this Creation are bound by a Duality. There exists a natural balance between both Light and Dark. A mirror image of the constructive nature of Creation is reflected in the deconstructive chaos that ensues. Construction and deconstruction are as natural as the Sun rising in the morning or the Moon setting at night. Even our organic ecosystem flows through both dualities; similar to how trees shed leaves in order to make room for the new growth in spring.
Our human body polarizes to a balancing scale of Light and Dark on a continual basis. We may resonate Dark some days and other days Light. We reflect the consciousness we live in. Where we consistently spend the majority of our time, determines whether we would rather construct or deconstruct our environment around us. There is nothing wrong with this. There is no such thing as sin, only the perceived sustainability of our actions helping or hindering the world we live in.
Creation itself has a shadow Creation. The dark black clockwork of a near non-existent Universe that mirrors our own. One is never out of place from the other. Perfect balance allows them both to exist simultaneously.
Which is the more profound; The Universe where we believe in physical reality, or the one where we never knew it existed?