The Tree of Life blossoms with every soul who ventures to be part of Creation. Every branch has its own life purpose. Every leaf is a testament to the world’s of knowledge found throughout the universal truths of Life and Death. The fruits bear witness to Enlightened souls who know how to resonate the love of God. When we become the tree, we are the universal structures for evolvement and ascension. When we become the forest, we are the Creators of an internal dialogue powerful and free. Every leaf has the same pattern embedded within every tree. The entire complex bursts with life and colour, an ethereal display of culture and belonging to a family that extends without bounds. We are the Tree of Life.


Imagine a world where peace and prosperity were the most significant desires of mankind. A world where the entirety of civilization was growing and evolving towards the same goal; Ascension. Every aspect of humanity from technological advancement, medical, social, economical, financial and political, was designed to empower souls for the greater attainment of life, rather than to enslave it. A benchmark of required living standards was set where no human being would go without food or shelter. One where we could spend lifetimes just relaxing in cosmic awareness if we wanted to. Productivity flowing through humanity as a sustainable organism that craved universal technologies and knowledge to further advance itself as an enlightened race. When you remove the capitalization, corruption, war games, debt structures and ego floats, what you get is a primal race who focuses their activities on advancement rather than control. Our level of significance moves away from money, and towards ascension. We stop killing people and the environment for the sake of pyramid hierarchies and shareholder returns on investment. We start believing in the connectivity and productivity of a world without religions, banks, corporations, or governments trying to enslave passive consumers for the sake of power and influence. What we need is a new Light Structure. A new paradigm of life to base our standards of living and entire epicenter for why we believe we are alive and what we believe we are doing here. The only way to implement such a Light Structure is for a spiritual revolution to deconstruct that which exists, and introduce a transcending model that allows greater freedom. We have the ability to subconsciously support such a mechanism. It is ready to be birthed. Humanity simply needs to attract the idea into physical manifestation. We are the world we live in. We have the power to attract change.


The purpose of Creation is to create other Creators in a powerful stream of life through a process known as Creator School. We start as basic universal substance and we ultimately end up ascending through a revolving learning curve of explosive light until we remember who we are and the very reason we are alive. Everything else is a waste of time; energetic noise that only serves the purpose of coloring in the lines and providing feelings for emotional attachments.
The story line is so good that we truly believe it’s real. The plot arcs and red herrings so valuable that our consciousness will give up expressive freedom to incarnate for the purpose of believing in its lessons within linear time. There are universal laws so sacred that they empower your soul into a Master state known as God realization. It’s more important than life itself. Higher Beings couldn’t care less about physical world endeavors unless they empower your soul. You’re on a pathway into becoming a Creator or your consciousness makes up the universe for others who are chasing their significance. The harsh reality of life itself is that you God realize through the extremities of Light and Dark no matter what happens or what was scripted.
There is one foundation that doesn’t come and go, while the lifetimes wash by you like a tidal wave of experiences and learning, your soul is still God. You are living Creation into reality every second of your existence. Nobody and nothing has authority over God, not even karma can stop you if you are chasing the Creator state.


Enlightenment is a volcanic eruption of God source so profound that you cease the need for Creation any longer. Your energy explodes in a thunder of raw power and love, your body skyrockets like it no longer wants to be here, your mind connects to the Universal Lifestream of consciousness where you can feel every living thing as One. You can feel the other planets, you can feel other galaxies, you can feel your body pumping the purity of God within your veins. You recognize yourself as something so much more significant. You become a powerhouse of the sweet ecstasy and love your heightened existence constantly wants to display. Life becomes meaningless, your role within Creation becomes but a marionette playing to the strings of fate. Your energetic world swirls around you and bursts from the core of your soul. Live a day in the life of Creation, surrendering to the script that was written at the moment of its inception– and you will feel the omnipresent force of existence itself.


We are every single one of us a part of Creation. We go beyond this singular lifetime. We go beyond the vicissitudes of Life and Death. We are the eternal life force that guides us and protects us every single second of our existence. Our Universal body is made up of so much complexity, and yet can be over-simplified into the true heart of Oneness.
If you believe you are alive, it means that you believe you are everything that is; for it is impossible to be anything other than the Universe from whence you came. A singular energy multiplying in trillions of directions; growing, evolving, reproducing, spreading further and further in every conceivable direction. ALL OF IT stemming from a singular Source. We are still connected to this Source, in the same way that we are still connected to all that is.
We are a product of Creation. We continue to exist as a product of Creation. We never stop. Even the Creators are but pieces to a multiverse jig-saw that was birthed from an even Higher Source. We are the entirety of Creation with every single breath, we are the entirety of all that is with every ounce of love we feel.
Why do we externalize our power by believing we are just a human being, insignificant and meaningless like a grain of sand?
Value yourself, you are worth so much more than you currently believe.


Your soul is part of an incredibly complex energy matrix in an ever evolving system of embodiment called reincarnation. Conventionally we are taught that our soul incarnates down here in order to experience life and learn its lessons. These lessons collectively form part of what is called your realization process– or the attainment of knowledge enough where you do not distinguish your body from that of the Universe. Reincarnation goes far beyond Earth, and the deeper you look into it the more lifetimes you will start re-experiencing in whole other systems and dimensions.
Planetary life aids our realization process by allowing the Collective Unconscious– the consciousness that connects all living things on a subconscious level– to facilitate group learning as a society rather than just focusing on the individual as a stand-alone complex. What this means is that ascension is far more rapidly achieved as a group of learning souls on Earth than it is to go about it alone.
To add another beautiful layer of complexity; we don’t just incarnate here a couple of times, most souls experience upwards of 200-600 lifetimes on Earth as part of the learning package. This is made possible through an almost ‘layering’ of lives where your next lifetime can be born before you actually die in this one. This process is called fragmentation and it is very common for souls to be living multiple lifetimes in the same time and age on various parts of the planet together.
Your most significant lifetimes are the ones where you achieve the most realization. These are the lifetimes your soul concentrates all its energy into achieving enlightenment. In these significant lifetimes you are opened up to true Universal freedom.
There are trillions of enlightened souls connecting to one other, and they all have the same message; Oneness like your life depends on it.


Do you think you contemplated coming into this Universe?
What if I told you that you had the consciousness of eternity before deciding to incarnate here? The amount of weight placed upon our decisions echoes across our entire Universal lives like ripples bouncing off the walls of our realization.
There was a time, before our movement, that we were so humbled by Creation and thought of being part of Life that we chose to come here. So inspiring were the tales and adventures, like millions of stories we had yet to explore. We came here to help this Creator.
We are living Creation into reality. We are painting our masterpiece every single second. We are Giants in an an endless puzzle, that when completed we find ourselves looking back down on Creation. Every decision we made, was perfect in every possible way.

“Live your life without doubt or worry, roam without sin; like an elephant walking through the jungle.”


We have a soul within our human body. Our soul is an essence of God and therefore it can be referred to as a God-self. The reason for why I call it an essence of God is due to the fact that our extremely intelligent form of consciousness was birthed from the realm of Unconditional Love, and came into the Universe for the sole act of individualizing itself in hopes of becoming a Creator as well. The Universe allows many higher Dimensional souls to create environments for developing souls to realize who they are and what they are doing here. Our environment for necessary realization is called the physical plane or Earth. When we have undergone the necessary realization and learned the lessons for why we did indeed come here, our soul will move on to a higher form of Dimensional existence through a process known as Ascension. With this very basic premise I can know delve further into how exactly our soul undergoes its necessary realization.

Reincarnation is the process of a soul embodying a physical vehicle for the sole purpose of experiencing life in the physical plane. Our external environments molds our personalities, our tendencies, and psychological constructs, however a great majority of who we are also comes through our DNA. Our DNA is a combination of both our mother and father’s genetic material coming together to form a slightly new strain. This unique strain can either be profoundly beneficial to us, or extremely detrimental, depending on what strengths and weaknesses we possess. DNA also forms all of the instructions for what we are to look like, and how we act, and can be found within every cell of our body. Our environment is a composition of other Dimensional life forms; 2nd Dimensional plants and animals, 3rd Dimensional human beings, 4th/5th Dimensional Masters, 8th Dimensional Suns, etc. Therefore our DNA is a set of instructions that either promotes or hinders our interactions with other God-selves in the environment we know as reality.

With every life that we reincarnate, our soul does not remember previous incarnations for our memories are wiped completely clean. Our DNA is a product of two parents coming together, with no physical ties to other lifetimes. We build up new memories within our DNA with every experience in our environment. Cells within the human body retain a memory in order to regenerate and customize itself to our changing environment. This phenomena is so powerful that even recipients of heart transplants through donor programs in hospitals reportedly started feeling, craving, and remembering things that did not originate from their own bodies. They were in fact taking aboard memories of the organ donor. See Transplanted organs impart memories onto recipient. The author suggests it is a result of “Heart Energy” however this isn’t completely correct. Our Chakra energy in themselves do not retain memories beyond what that particular Chakra governs. In the case of the Heart Chakra, memories and feelings relating to Love for Self or Love for others, relationships, divorces, break-ups, etc. Though it may seem some of the patients were experiencing this phenomena, it was because the Heart and Root Chakras are some of the most volatile in the human body. It was more accurately the DNA contained within the transplanted organ that was retaining some of its most impacting memories.

Some memories however impact our bodies depending on the level of trauma it underwent during a particular experience. Scars are a result of injuries that have been afflicted upon the physical body, and therefore cause a physical mark to remain visible where we have in some way been impacted. Questions rise about why our bodies do not regenerate over scars, even though our bodies completely regenerates itself every 7 years. And the answer is simple, scars go further than the physical body itself, our cells retain memories of the incident within their DNA. The scar exists because the cells were artificially manipulated from the original structure it was growing, to then retain an icon for visible memory upon our skin. Memories of physical traumas maintain visible scars upon our body through our DNA. This observation links up our DNA with our consciousness and suggests that the human soul may very well exist within our DNA. This certainly explains why the human body looks like a sea of stars like the night sky from the spiritual plane.

However when we cosmetically remove scars, aka memory retaining cells, why don’t our bodies still recreate the original scarring tissue? Surely if our soul was housed within our DNA, once the memory retaining cells were removed, the afflicting memories would be removed too? To answer these questions I would like to take you to an anime series I became increasingly interested in a few years ago called Ghost in the Shell. This is one of my favorite anime as it tracks a futuristic society where people are able to undergo procedures to obtain full prosthetic bodies, build life-like artificial intelligence, and have a really hot lead role. In the second series, 2nd Gig, an idea was thrown around regarding war veterans undergoing cosmetic surgery to remove battle scars. Those who removed their scars would notice a significant reduction in the impact of their traumatic memories, and therefore cause a healing process to initiate beyond their post-traumatic stress. This concept is extremely interesting to me as it suggests that our soul wants to express purity, but our interactions with our physical environment cause impurities to exist within our lives. Our scars are retaining memories of physical afflictions, however to remove them was not to completely rid ourselves of our memories altogether, it was to reduce the impact of those memories. In other words our soul is therefore a combination of both an overriding consciousness that sits within our human body, and also within every single cell as part of our DNA. Our DNA drives our physical vehicle, our overriding consciousness experiences the realizations necessary for this particular lifetime.

Even more highly interesting to me is the fact that Ascension is the process of our consciousness increasing in vibrational frequency and existing as a more pure essence of God. It has long been noted that our Ascension process can be linked to the upgrading or evolving nature of our DNA. From my article Evolution of DNA, I take the reader into the future evolvements of our double-helix, into Tri-DNA, Quad-DNA, and finally Octo-DNA. Already scientists are discovering methods to manipulate DNA with concentrated light, or laser beams points at DNA molecules. See Laser Breakthrough Opens Door To DNA Manipulation. With every strand that becomes activated, the increased ability to express ourselves in purer ways becomes unlocked. The human body is heavily confined due to the un-realized nature of existence, therefore parameters were set in place to most effectively guide realization and unlock abilities based on a spiritually maturing process. Ascension nearly forces spiritual maturity within souls due to its volatile Chaotic Nodes. This particularly informative slide presentation provides numerous scientific evidence and sources upon how emotions can manipulate the structure of our DNA. Which also explains how and why our external environment forces our soul to adapt or take aboard impurities as a result of simply living in an environment that instigates an emotional response. Feeling Unconditional Love may very well just tip you into an Ascension. It is the reason for why the Masters keep promoting it as a necessity.

The soul may keep reincarnating here within different vehicles, in different sets of circumstances, and different objectives, until realization is achieved. Really our experiences on Earth can be defined by our interactions with other God-selves. Some may argue that we never left God, that we never somehow removed ourselves from the realm of Unconditional Love for we are still interacting with other individualized products of that Unconditional Love. And I completely agree with them. We didn’t go anywhere, we are still here within God’s body (the Universe) and we are each of his cells retaining memories, living scars for individualizing ourselves in the first place. The only way to cease the internal scarring is to achieve Oneness and effectively remove ourselves from the Universal body. Until that moment in time, we shall continue as living testaments of the impacting nature the Universe does to itself, time and time again. The soul is just a Universal Witness experiencing our body in a slightly different way. There is no cosmic surgery to somehow be performed, there is only genuine healing from within that will one day release itself back into the purest expression of Unconditional Love.


Angels are some of the most absolutely loved Beings in the Universe due to their incredible purity and ability to help others no matter where they are. I have personally come across hundreds of Angels in my life; a great majority of which that I have summoned through Angelic rituals that I learned from a  very young age. People don’t ordinarily see them in everyday life because they are quite hard to initially pick up on due to their incredible purity. Angels don’t experience any volatile emotions or exhibit any lower vibratory frequencies for our human body senses to pick up on. I have never come across an Angel that has ever felt ‘wrong’ or somehow harbored ill intentions, it would be nearly impossible to find an Angel demonstrating Dark qualities, and if I ever did, I immediately knew I was not speaking with a true Angel. Angels hanging around human Beings suggest purity of the soul they are helping. Angels enjoy the presence of Beings that resonate with their own energies, almost like creatures from the other side coming through to play with the innocence of souls that demonstrate their own.

What are Angels?

Angels are extremely loving essences of energy who are created within the Light, to form part of the Light, and to serve the Light for the duration of their existences within the Universe. Angels may look and act like human beings, however their true nature almost always resembles incredibly powerful balls of light that emanate very loving energies. They are created within the 4th Dimension but they are not confined to it, they can move up and down as they please. Their natural tongue is not in English, nor do they normally use words to communicate with each other. The Angelic tongue is like a song where they hold particular sounds in a symphony that convey thoughts and various meanings to each other. It took me a while to figure out this was the method they were communicating with each other, and it also suggests why some Angels don’t ave names; just songs of love and joy.

I started hearing Angels around me before I started seeing them. I naturally developed a subtle level of clairaudience (ability to hear ethereal Beings) before my clairvoyance (ability to see visions and ethereal Beings) came into fruition. So to say my childhood was a scary place, hearing voices seemingly coming from nowhere, is an understatement. The first time I ever saw an Angel I nearly fell off my chair. Incredible streams of powerful light were emanating in front of me, warming me up in a welcoming blanket of Love. I felt at One with them and I could feel how much goodness and kindness these Beings were emanating. Truly amazing Beings. People sometimes ask my why I believe in the spiritual world and it because of experiences like these I will never be able to forget the job I am doing here on Earth. I could never leave this behind, not anymore.


What are Guardian Angels?

Guardian Angels are similar to normal Angels, however they have been commissioned into protecting and advising certain souls within the Universe to help them achieve their self-realization. Archangel Raphael is the one in charge of pairing Guardian Angels up with designated souls. It is not uncommon for Guardian Angels to have multiple developing souls going through life, as it is quite rare for a developing soul within the 3rd Dimension to suddenly start calling upon them in the first place. Guardian Angels bounce around, fading in and out of our reality like unseen Guardians watching our lives unfold. Guardian Angels can be contacted in the same way we commune with our Spirit Guides, I have described a very effective method in my book World of Archangels.

Guardian Angels watch over their designated souls in hopes for that soul to one day start achieving realization enough to understand the nature of their existence in the physical plane. 4th/5th Dimensional Beings are much more aware of their Guardian Angels– the irony being that those realized Beings no longer need their Guardian Angel’s influence once they have progressed high enough. It is a very silent journey for a Guardian Angel, most their communications moving through intuitive thoughts and feelings. Though they may be silent Guardians, I have witnessed how animated they may become when they move to protect us from negative Beings.

Do Angels have wings?

When I first started calling Angels through my summoning rituals I was noticing what looked like to be transparent Beings who were standing around in the ethereal realm. The thousands of depictions of Angels with wings across multiple cultures, most predominantly Italian art and sculptures, made me second guess myself as to what exactly I was seeing considering the Beings I was staring at didn’t have any wings. My first encounter with an Angel further added to the complexity when it really looked more human than I would have expected. What I have come to realize is that most Angels are able to portray the way they look to us in our minds depending on how they want to come across. Since Angel wings are recognizable, they appear with wings in order to establish that they are in fact Angels. Those who come across as white transparent Beings or balls of powerful white light are maintaining visual purity over their true essence. So in some respects, yes Angels do have wings, but in another strain of thought– only because we need them to.


Can Angels Reincarnate?

God, a lot of people want to believe they were an Angel in their previous life, most people dream of this possibility. As amazing as it may sound there are a few things I need to go over. Firstly Angels exist out of the system of reincarnation as complete Beings from the moment of their inception into the 4th Dimension. Human souls have however been Ascending since the 1st Dimension, and will continue Ascending past the 3rd Dimension and into the 12th Dimension to become Creators. Human souls are going through an important realization process conducted through what we know as dimensional evolvement. Angels have not been progressing through the Universe since the 1st Dimension, they were created perfect and they remain perfected throughout time. Angels do not need the experience of the 3rd Dimension, they already exist in a much more Enlightened state next to God. This does not however explain those who may want to reincarnate simply for the pleasure of enjoying life…

The movie City of Angels starring Nicolas Cage and Meg Ryan opened a doorway within our consciousness into the possibility of Angels deciding to incarnate for Love. Angels exist in a state of Unconditional Love much more encompassing and powerful than anything we could feel within our limited body, yet the question still lingers about the possibility of Angels expressing their Love for us on such a degree that they would incarnate with us. I have to firstly say that it would be particularly rare for an Angel to “fall” into our system of reincarnation. It is indeed possible for an Angel to incarnate, there do exist back doors into Life that very few Beings know of. However, the rarity of this event would rule out most people’s claims of their supposedly Angelic past. For an Angel to actually decide to incarnate, they would have to re-enter through the 1st Dimension. Meaning there would be a entire host of past lives here on Earth clouding those past Angelic feelings and memories from the time when they were indeed an Angel. Sometimes we pick up on lives within the past where our souls resembled Angelic Beings from the purity of the lives we lived. From this standpoint, we would almost never really know.



I want to believe in the innocence of our souls, I want to believe we have the possibility of Angelic lineage– that we are somehow making our way down here for something as half-brained, as incredibly foolish and as unimaginably magnificent in every possible way as Love. Yet every single time I want to believe, the world drags this away from me in its utmost capability of ruining our dreams. Even if we weren’t Angels in our past lives, it doesn’t explain why we are still dropping ourselves down into Life from the realm of Creators that we once existed within. If something as high up as a Creator makes the decision to enter Creation, surely an Angel could very well come to the exact same conclusion. We may very well live in the most romantic world ever created, filled with powerful ideals for the simple bond of love with another. Angels could simply be giving us hope to never let go of what we initially came here for.


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The Channeling Chronicles PART I


One of the most memorable scenes for me within the Star Wars films was at the end of Episode III – Revenge of the Sith, when Yoda turns to Obi-Wan Kenobi and says:


Yoda: Master Kenobi, wait a moment. In your solitude on Tatooine, training I have for you.
Obi-Wan Kenobi: Training?
Yoda: An old friend has learned the path to immortality. One who has returned from the netherworld of the Force. Your old master.
Obi-Wan Kenobi: Qui-Gon?
Yoda: How to commune with him I will teach you.


This scene was so powerful for me because my own Master taught me how to commune with the other side for a very similar purpose. It is indeed possible for us to speak and interact with spirits, ghosts, Ascended Masters, Archangels, and all other manner of ethereal Beings. Archangel Uriel further taught me how to project my thoughts into the Higher Dimensions in great detail and effectively commune with any Higher Being I so wish. Within this post, the art of channeling I will teach you.


What is Channeling?

Channeling is the psychic ability to direct your thoughts upon an ethereal Being and consciously interact with that Being for a specific purpose. Firstly we must be able to pick up that there is in fact an ethereal Being present, and secondly commune with that ethereal Being through visions, thoughts, and telepathy. Channeling is not classified as such unless a conscious 2-way communication has taken place between yourself and an external Being. Simply calling out to something is not classified as channeling, nor is interacting with a Being without any interactions directed back towards you.


What can I commune with?

Spirit Guides, Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters, Gaia, passed over loved ones, fragments commonly found in hauntings, even your own Chakras. Anything conscious enough to be alive, is able to be communed with.


How do I channel ethereal Beings?

You must firstly unlearn what you have learned, dedicate your life towards achieving this goal, and become available to the ethereal world. Most people believe that channeling is a switch-on/switch-off ability, where you only get to deal with the ethereal world if and when you want to. The truth behind this matter is that when you turn on, there is no turning off. You can set up blocks and limit when you are to channel, you can even silence yourself out with the more advanced psychic protections, what you can’t do is suddenly fall of the radar and exist as you once were in the dark ethers like everybody else. The energetic body glows quite a powerful white when we undergo the process of self-realization, this glow attracts ethereal Beings like moths to a flame. To somehow want to ‘switch off’ would mean to demonstrate anti-Creationism methodology and move backwards within your process of self-realization.



Channeling ethereal Beings requires quite a bit of energetic work, and I have detailed extensive meditations for achieving a successful communication with a variety of ethereal Beings within my book World of Archangels. I believe it is important to explain the theory behind how channeling works in order for the spiritual initiate to understand what it is they are indeed achieving. If we understand how it works, rather than simply passing it off as only an ability ‘psychics’ possess, we can begin to understand how a regular person may also develop such a skill as well.

As Yoda explains in the above clip, “No! try not. Do, or do not… there is no try”. Channeling will be successful if the spiritual aspirant dedicates a portion of their life towards achieving it, and not stopping until such successful communication has taken place. To only go halfway, is to give up and not achieve anything productive. One must seek to achieve, or not bother venturing out in the first place. It will take some patience, however the incredible results will be well worth your troubles. Channeling has changed my life, and I do not say this lightly. When I started communing with my God Grandfather who passed away years beforehand, I suddenly realized the power of what I was achieving.

Please refer to my infographics below for simple visuals about how channeling works.

Channeling 2

In the first infographic I have created 2 circles; the blue one on top representing the Archangels, and the purple one down the bottom representing human beings. The reason for why I have separated the two types of Beings from each other, even though we all currently exist within Oneness, is because our consciousness currently sits within a Dimension significantly lower than what we would currently be achieving if we were to truly consciously express Oneness. We believe we are currently individualized, therefore we exist within a Dimension that allows such classifications. The Archangels exist within the 11th Dimension, human beings exist much lower within the 3rd/4th Dimension. For more information about our Dimensional construct, please read my article What is the Meaning of Life? The dotted line represents the difference between existing in a state of Oneness and that of an individualized Being who believes we are somehow separate from God.

Channeling 3

In my second infographic I have removed the Dimensional barrier and included two pieces of information that allow us to understand how we can bridge the gap in order to commune with an Archangel. Channeling works through the direct involvement of two parties, it is extremely difficult to channel ethereal beings in the 3rd Dimension whilst only one party is performing the necessary work. We as human beings exist near the bottom of the scale of vibrational frequency, Archangels exist near the top of the scale of vibrational frequency. Therefore we must learn how to increase our vibrational frequency through meditation, and at the same time an Archangel must temporarily lower their vibrational frequency through a process known as fragmentation. Both parties acting to take a conscious step towards each other in order to bridge the Dimensonal gap. Not one party calling out to nothing hoping for a result, both parties coming together in a united display of willingness to communicate.

Human beings are able to increase their vibrational frequency through conscious meditations that allow us to immerse ourselves within Unconditional Love and essentially vibrate our energies on a higher level. As Archangels have already achieved such an enlightening existence, they undergo a process known as fragmentation, where they essentially fragment an essence of themselves in order for that essence to “travel” to the designated lower Dimension in order to commune with the Being calling upon them. This system of fragmentation is exactly the same as what our Oversouls perform when we reincarnate on Earth.

Channeling 4

My third infographic demonstrates how communication is established once an overlay of energies is achieved. Through our vibrational raising, and the Archangels fragmentation, a meeting point in the middle is found and our respective energies then bond with each other in order for more detailed or vivid information to be transferred. Those who have trouble communicating, are those who have not effectively bonded with the Archangel. As Archangel Uriel is my Guardian Angel, I find it extremely easy to bond with his energy and share a conscious link of information. If this bonding does not occur, it is very likely your energies are rejecting the Archangels attempts at communicating with you, or you are just not meant to be achieving this level of experience within your current lifetime.


How do I know I have successfully channeled?

With Archangels and Higher Beings, it is much easier to establish a successful communication as they almost always speak in a voice not of your own, and express an incredibly profound amount of Unconditional Love whilst around you. When it comes to Spirit Guides and other ethereal Beings it becomes slightly more difficult as they are not able to express Unconditional Love towards another Being. They have not yet reached that level. Much of the time we are able to feel hot/cold sensations, goosbumps, tingling or shivers up our spine, we could hear voices either of our own or in another voice altogether, and more importantly are the feelings those Beings are expressing. Something positive will always feel positive and very light and peaceful. As long as those voices, feelings and emotions are being driven by the external Being, we can begin to narrow down that we are indeed communicating with something external to our own body. I have also delved quite deeply into clairvoyance where I am able to perceive imagery and visions as well as voices, and feelings. It is many times a combination of many factors that paints a story for successful communication. Just relying on one factor may or may not suggest a successful communication. However when something starts speaking to you in the middle of the night, there is very little that is going to persuade you that there is nothing really there. You will know a legitimate experience when you come across one.


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