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The Channeling Chronicles PART III


I have been asked the question time and time again. “Why do you believe in the ethereal world?”

Every single time somebody asks me this question my soul stops in its tracks and begins to process a level of information far beyond my understanding. I have almost always responded in the exact same way, “Why do you actually believe in the physical world?”

Their eyes flutter in surprise, they are taken aback.

I continue, “Is it because you are sitting in a physical body, interacting with a seemingly physical world? Perhaps because you truly feel what you see here is actually real.”

They respond, “Is it not real?”

My soul has now completely overwhelmed me to a point where my mind is processing energy in an incredibly heightened level. I look upon them, but I do not see them. I only recognize another realizing God-self curious about the nature of their current form. I smile at the ironic situation that God has placed me within. I begin my story not knowing how they will respond to what I am about to tell them.

It all starts with a simple statement, “You believe this world is real because everything in your Life has been set up to confirm to you that it is real.”

I was once just a simple observer of the human psychology. I discovered that every single person’s perception of reality is slightly different from each other, that we all place significant value on slightly differing aspects of the same stream of energy. I was confused at how Life operates when we all want different things. What we perceive as value is nothing more than a psychological flaw tailored to our own misgivings and perfectly accentuated to our own eccentricities. There are more definitions to the Meaning of Life than there are Stars in Heaven. Reality is nothing more than a veil of perception and Life is nothing more than a collage of thoughts and dreams chasing the simple idea of perceived value.



“What if I told you that I once felt something that felt more real than Life itself? Would you believe me?”

They shuffle on their feet with a puzzled look on their face, and then finally ask “What did you feel?”

I throw myself to the mercy of God by suggesting such an outrageous thing to their face, “I once met an Archangel. I was sitting there one night and he came to me to pass on a message. He burst me in so much Unconditional Love that I found myself feeling the Universe through my veins. His Love was so powerful that it warmed my body up and melted me into the fabric of time.”

I pause to reflect on the warm Love circulating my body, I can still feel it within me. I continue, “It was the first time in my Life that I was awoken to the fact that we are all still within that field of Unconditional Love. It gives us Life, it surrounds us from the moment we are born till the second we die. Even then, some still find Unconditional Love in their Death. What I was shown, the small eternal glimpse the Archangel allowed me to feel, felt more real than anything else I have ever experienced. You ask me why I believe in the ethereal world, and my response to you is because it feels more real than the physical world…”

They stare at me amazed, “Sufian that is incredible… May I ask what was the message?”

I look back at them silently, lost within contemplation.

They repeat it again, “What was the message the Archangel came down to pass on to you?”

My eyes snap back to physical reality and I can feel my soul talking though me, “God. The Archangel simply wanted me to believe in God.

Channeling is nothing more than the ability to communicate with things that have been around us our entire Life. We simply learn to accept that the human veil of perception is very limiting and we begin to enhance our lives by delving into that which truly makes us feel incredible. We were all given the gift of Life, some of us just surrendered to the fact that we can’t control it. When we surrender to Life, we can begin to feel God around us. A miraculous feeling that we are somehow part of a Divine plan. We are all just souls passing through a notion of existence. This particular existence requires us to forget who we are from the moment of our inception into the physical world. We take on lives and dance through the consciousness of our society till it is time to leave once again.

Some find true Love, a mirror of God’s heart in the physical world. We become attached to the physical world because we have nothing else to truly grasp a hold to. To venture into the ethereal world is to pull up our anchors and discover another meaning to our existence. It is to gently begin to leave the physical world behind and warm ourselves up to the fact that we may not be here one day. Death may wisp us away faster than the speed of light. All that will remain is the nostalgia we feel for the long forgotten physical world and a glimmering hope that we can now express ourselves in a much more heightened way.  We fear Death, whereas what we should be doing is expressing Love for the fact that our journey is now taking on a new form. A form that will one day bring us back to Life, when we can become incredibly attached once again.



Channeling | Channeling Darkness | Channeling Heaven


This is the story of how I met Heaven’s Gatekeeper. If you have seen my youtube video then you will have heard that the front cover of my book World of Archangels is actually an illustration of one of the most powerful inter-life Gatekeepers known to mankind. It was of no coincidence that I managed to stumble across Heaven’s Gatekeeper whilst creating my image; I don’t believe in chance encounters, but I have yet to figure out why I was made to meet him whilst still in a human body. If anything, it was just an extremely interesting encounter.

You may be interested in hearing exactly what happened when I got up there. This story is going to make you want to believe in Heaven, I certainly did by the time I had finished, not because it presents undeniable evidence of the ethereal world; more so because when we pass over we end up “somewhere”. That somewhere could be nothingness, that somewhere could be Hell. It is just a smart decision to support something that has a uniquely beneficial impact upon the afterlife.

I had just finalized my front cover with my illustrator, my eyes were sore and red from staring at my computer screen for hours on end trying to get the image right. If I wanted my book to be a success I knew I needed to absolutely nail the look of the front cover. My intuition would either agree or completely disagree with a certain change made to the image. It was such a relief when I finally looked at the final product and thought to myself, “This image is something worthy of being on the front cover of the spiritual world”.

My mind was slipping into a state of mediation as I sat there on my couch contemplating what I had to do next for my book, when something said to me out of nowhere “Mediate on the book cover.” My eyes snapped open at the sudden voice sounding out in my living room, it suddenly repeated the exact same phrase once again, “Mediate on the book cover.”

I got up and walked over to where I had a print-out of my book cover and sat in front of it. The Angel’s hollow white eyes were staring back at me. Shivers were rippling up my arms and legs and I knew this was going to be good.

As my mind delved heavily into the image, I thought to myself that this must have been the first time I have ever worked backwards from an image to the Being. I almost always find the Being first, and only then start formulating mental constructs afterwards. I suddenly felt a rush of energy, my body was raising in vibration in order to take me to the source of the image. Golden energies were swirling past my mind faster and faster, until just as suddenly it stopped. I was standing amongst a crowd of souls next to white wall of energy over to my right, I could hear people talking and chatting away and I could hear somebody with a definitively raised voice clearly louder than the rest of the crowd.

I started walking through the crowd towards the powerful voice, people were standing everywhere. I then looked upwards and witnessed an Angel larger than any one of the giant statues of Pharaohs in Egypt. This powerful Angel was a colossal beast compared to the souls standing around me. His large muscular body was adorned with a tunic and statuesque Angel wings curled around him. He sounded like one of those preachers shouting above the crowd on the street trying to convince the passerbys of the apparent glory of God.

Souls were drifting into a white tunnel of energy behind the Angel, entering what looked to be another Dimension of existence. As I stood there witnessing what was happening, I realized these souls were entering the doorway into Heaven. I was standing at Heaven’s Gate. My eyes caught a particular black soul with long straggly black hair suddenly running towards the doorway. What looked to be an insidious old woman with a dark past was trying to hide amongst the more purer souls for a chance of gaining entrance. The Angel suddenly cut off talking as he noticed the insidious black energy trying to sneak its way in. His eyes glowing powerful golden-cream energy as he contemplated every single thing about this woman’s life. He pulled a bright golden whip out from behind him, swung it out and cracked down on the woman’s soul with such lightning force that it sounded like thunder had just erupted on the spot. Her soul was furiously cracked downwards towards a fiery Hellish realm. In that incredible moment, I knew the Angel standing before me was Heaven’s Gatekeeper. Nobody was about to sneak into Heaven on his watch. He would sooner sentence them to Hell than allow his realm a brief impurity.

Just as if nothing had happened, Heaven’s Gatekeeper put his whip away and started calling out above the crowds once more. He was quoting verses of the Bible, talking about forgiving sins, something about Jesus Christ, when I walked up to him and said “Excuse me” as I tried to get his attention. It was so surreal looking at this spitting image of the Being I had illustrated, actually talking and interacting with people up there.

He stopped talking and looked down upon me, and said “Hello!”

I replied back to him, “Hi”

He said to me “It’s not every day I see a human boy walking around up here. More surprising is your ability to actually commune with me. That is quite rare indeed. How is it that you were able to see me, let alone even talk to me?”

I couldn’t help but just smile at his presence; I was interacting with Heaven’s Gatekeeper! I said to him, “Do you know I have an image of you?”

The powerful Angel’s eyes concentrated down into me, his mind moving over my entire Life. The last time I felt that happen it was the first time I met Archangel Raphael. Finally he said to me in his powerful voice, “How exactly did you come into possession of this image?”

I was just beaming with amusement by this point, “I created it! I got an illustrator to basically create exactly what was in my mind. I used my intuition to naturally guide me to something I was truly happy with. When I tuned into it, I found out it was you. The reason why I came up here was to get your permission to actually use it.”

Heaven’s Gatekeeper looked at me very inquisitively and then said, “Can you show me the image?”

I said, “Sure, it’s on the table in front of my body.”

The Angel fragmented himself to create an ethereal double who could walk into my 3rd Dimensional living room. His body-double decreased its energy until I noticed it entering my apartment. A big smile spread upon his face as he said, “This is actually pretty good!”

As I stood there and compared the Heaven’s Gatekeeper with my illustrated image, I noted that the only difference between the two would be the fact that the real Heaven’s Gatekeeper had golden-cream colored skin and energy against a sea of pure white, while my illustration portrayed a white Angel with multiple bright colors on a black background. Relatively minor differences; it’s just amazing how I managed to get all the other things right.

After a while he said, “You have my permission to use this image.”

Those were the very words I came for, and I knew I could now safely use the image without running into too much trouble. This Angel was not somebody I wanted to fall on the wrong side of the fence with. I thanked him for the privilege of meeting him and said “I hope to see you again one day.”

The Angel started laughing as he said, “Hopefully not anytime soon!” Only those who had passed on to the other side generally found themselves in his presence. As his departing words, he said to me “It was a pleasure meeting you young Master.” Something that would take me months later to fully realize, at this point in time I was not yet initiated by the other Masters.

As the fleeting energy began to swirl me out of my ethereal encounter, I could hear the Angel starting to preach the word of God once again. His voice thundering in the background of Heaven as I opened my eyes to my living room. My mind was still wrapping itself around what just happened. I had just met the Angel who controlled our entrance into Heaven, more importantly; I actually had an image of him sitting on the front cover of my book!  World of Archangels is a doorway to the spiritual world; it needed an powerful Gatekeeper on its front with a face that people with extraordinary spiritual backgrounds could recognize straight away.  In the same way that I knew when the image had been finished, the base nature of your intuition will either recognize his face or not. A true spiritual appeal directly to our souls, the more I thought about it the more I loved having Heaven’s Gatekeeper on the front cover of my book.

This is the type of planning that went into my book World of Archangels.


What if I told you that there was a way to protect yourself from ever having nightmares again? I initially started exploring the world of dreaming and delved quite heavily into trying in induce lucid dreams in order to interact with various Higher Beings. However what I found was an absolute mine field of dimensional constructs, psychic warfare and subconscious vampirism by Dark Beings so powerful that I was forced to develop a way to sleep peacefully or forever lose my sanity! I ventured across a very powerful method that effectively set-up a subconscious protection that prevented negativity in all of its forms from disturbing me while I was fast asleep. Weeks of nightmares and demonic beings trying to eat my soul later, I finally perfected my method. Little did I realize as to how my level of God-self realization exploded outwards with the sacred doorway I opened in my subconscious mind of not only this lifetime, but lifetimes in the past! It was so powerful that I thought it necessary for others to experience it. Enter the World of Dreams!



What is a dream?


A dream is an astral experience of the human mind. It is a completely submersive environment that harnesses the power of the human senses in a mesmerizing interactive scenario of subconscious reflections, and sometimes nostalgia of what most impacts the current state of mind. Some may say that Life is a dream. That Death is our waking from this interactive dream of colors, shapes, feelings, and places.

When we fall asleep at night our consciousness slips into a deep harmonic vibration and our subconscious mind takes over. We are no longer consciously interacting with our world, we undergo a form of subconscious projection where our energetic body moves into an ulterior dimension, either up or down from our current state of reality. This projection is sometimes laden with symbolic visions and prophecies. Much of the time we simply process deep stored emotions and energies of the day. What is rarer is when we gain control of our subconscious projection and we become acutely conscious of the fact that we are indeed within a dream. This is very close to real life.


What is a nightmare?


A nightmare is when a dream is laden with perceived negative attributes that act to entrance the human mind into a state of fear, anger, or darkness. What some may perceive as negative, others may interpret as normal. Therefore a nightmare is a completely subjective experience based upon what stimulus affects the individual’s deep psychological behavior.

The fear of loss, the fear of pain, and the fear of inaction all play to stimulate a desired negative experience. It doesn’t matter what visuals are used or in what combination; it is the underlying mental state that is compromised. Mental disharmony is the cause and also the result of a fully induced nightmare.

What is more specifically rare is the manipulation of a dream into that of another projection completely. An external stimulus of negative energy, demonic being, or Darkness, aims to weaken the individual on the energetic front. Lack of sleep, a fear of sleep, or melancholia about the possibility of negative scenarios playing out in reality, all collectively induce what is known as the living nightmare. In such a state, the individual is being manipulated without any conscious method to protect themselves. They walk around in an ironic dream-like state, blending the subconscious with the conscious; fear acting as the energetic bond between projections.


Dream Protection 2


Dream Protection is the act of consciously creating a positive polarization of white energy within your subconscious mind before you sleep, in order to protect the mind against nightmares. In Chapter 10 in my book World of Archangels I describe many methods of psychic self-defense that aim to repel against negative forces from manipulating the human energetic body. These techniques were performed by visualizing specific shapes and materials such as the White Orbs & White Armour to directly manipulate the body’s natural aura into a more beneficial stance.

Dream protection differs from psychic self-defense in a couple of ways. Firstly the conscious techniques of surrounding the body with white energy do not transfer across into the subconscious projection of a dream. Secondly it is quite difficult to perform these techniques within the dream state, often resulting in a forced awakening. The White Orbs & White Armour can protect against anything jumping into your body or otherwise externally manipulating your body while you sleep, but they will not protect you against Beings so realized that they can literally walk in and out of your dreams as they please. These were the types of Beings I found myself surrounded by at night; menacingly crafting my dreams into vivid demonic nightmares.

At first I tried Area Protection, but I soon realized that these demons were tunneling their way through an ulterior dimension into that of where I was subconsciously projecting to experience my dream. Then I advanced my thinking and I opened a very powerful doorway.

Please refer to the above infographic ‘Layers of the subconscious mind’.

The first black circle on the very left represents the conscious mind; everything that we do or think about on any kind of conscious level– the interactive stimulus that fuels our subconscious into reacting. The second, slightly larger, black circle represents the subconscious mind; everything we have ever encountered, experienced, felt, heard, saw, tasted, or even thought about. Our subconscious mind is so much more powerful than our conscious mind. Our brain has an incredibly hard time interpreting subconscious stimulus into a conscious thought. In fact our subconscious mind processes our conscious thought up to 6 seconds before we ever consciously think about it!

This blog can explode to a new level of how powerful our subconscious minds truly are. I could post entire blogs about how life as we came to know it, is a filtered reality of what our brain interprets from the world around us, that we are effectively living within a real-time lag of perceived events unfolding.

Where my Dream Protection achieved a whole different dynamic was when I experienced a dream-within-a-dream. I would be having a dream, and effectively “wake up” from that dream, and still continue to be dreaming. I was effectively dreaming 2 “layers” under my normal conscious reality. The movie Inception comes to mind (I actually wrote an article with a snippet from the movie in Consciousness & Awareness). This layering effect is what I want to concentrate on. So I have had nightmares where I tried waking up from them within my dream, to only find myself in another layer of manipulation, therefore creating a negative relapse causing me to believe that the state of fear was indeed my reality. And this sprang some questions up in my mind; if there were two layers of my subconscious mind, how many other layers were there? What actually were these layers?? I soon realized that they were not layers at all.


How to Perform a Dream Protection


I use 7 layers for my Dream Protection. The infographic ‘Layers of the subconscious mind’ portrays the conscious mind, subconscious mind, and 7 subsequent layers of the subconscious mind. The black circles get smaller with every layer, as I am trying to represent that each subsequent layer is slightly “further away” from the last. Even though the entire subconscious complex is One, we are going through the illusion of a past, present, and future; therefore we need to mentally differentiate layers.

Step 1

Close your eyes and sit upright in bed just before you want to go to sleep. Place your fingers in the Enlightenment mudra. The first thing you want to do is visualize your conscious mind– being a large black spherical space directly around your head. When you close your eyes your conscious mind is much larger than the physical confines of your head, however for the purposes of this meditation the conscious mind will become the series of electric neurons and synapses within our brain.

Step 2

Visualize a powerful bright light bursting out from the center of your conscious mind, in the form of an exploding star. Your conscious mind will go from being a black thought, to a brilliant flash of white light that does not stop exploding outwards.

Step 3

The next step is to visualize your subconscious mind. This is the tricky part. Your subconscious mind is in no way a physical organ, counterpart, or definable shape. It is a realm of consciousness, a sea of thought, knowledge, and potential. If the conscious mind was the size of a basketball, the subconscious mind would be the size of a swimming pool. Getting the exact proportions isn’t important. It is the sheer magnitude of the size that you need to grasp. The subconscious mind sits directly behind the conscious mind, dwarfing it in size, and almost ‘uses’ the conscious mind to interact with the physical world. Visualize it as a mass of black space, similar to the infographic above.

Step 4

Visualize a powerful bright light bursting out from the center of your subconscious mind, in the form of an exploding star. Your subconscious mind will go from being a black thought, to a brilliant flash of white light that does not stop exploding outwards.

Step 5

The next step is to visualize the first layer of your subconscious mind. The first layer of the subconscious mind sits directly behind your subconscious mind. The second layer sits behind the first. The third layer sits behind the second, and so on. This layering occurs over multiple subconscious constructs. All of these layers denote various aspects of the consciousness you have come to know as you. Burst layer 1 of the subconscious mind in a white exploding star, as you have done with both the conscious and subconscious minds.

Step 6

Proceed to burst the next layer of the subconscious mind with white light. Continue doing this with every subsequent layer until you get to the 7th layer. In total, you should have 9 exploding balls of white light: 1. Conscious mind, 2. Subconscious mind, 3. 7 subsequent layers of the subconscious mind.

What is important is the pattern in the infographic. If you were standing on the left side of the image, facing left, your head would denote the circle of the conscious mind. When you close your eyes, you have to move through the various layers, bursting white spheres of light, one after the other. From your current stand point, every consecutive layer is smaller than the last, as it is further away from your current reality. Once you have finished the meditation, all of these circles will be white. The below inverse infographic shows the color and pattern your conscious and subconscious mind should look like.


Dream Protection 3


This technique only takes me a couple of minutes to perform. It all comes down to mentally visualizing 9 exploding balls of white light. Your mind will soon recognize the difference between the various layers and it will become quite easy to perform a Dream Protection.

Anybody can perform Dream Protection to rid yourself of nightmares. Something I have to mention is that you have to perform this technique every single time before you sleep if you want it to work! If you miss even a single night in the week, you leave your back door completely open. For those who have something very powerful playing with them, this is unfortunately the compromise you have to be willing to make. For those with just a couple bad nightmares that you are trying to get rid of, your routine can be much more relaxed. I have tried various combinations of this technique and spending a couple of minutes going through the above steps is definitely the most effective.


What Dreams May Come


I found myself fighting an ethereal war with a Being so strong that he could not only surround my body and consciousness with darkness in the physical world, but also follow me into my dreams and recreate my astral environment. I grew weary and tired during the ordeal, black rings were forming under my eyes. I didn’t know how to attack something that didn’t exist within my concept of time and space. This Being was a master of ulterior dimensions. I was however determined to follow this thing into the dream world and try and understand how it did what it did.

When I stumbled across the idea of subconscious layering, I realized that this Being was tunneling through deeper layers of my subconscious mind, and traveling upwards towards me. These layers introduced a whole new paradox of thought. Our conscious minds were being driven by our subconscious minds. Reality was a form of a sustainable dream, one which we perceive as fixed or stable. Why did we have deeper layers to a program that is already wholly contained within our current life? Then it dawned on me. What if these weren’t layers? What if these were subconscious memory banks, raw uninterpreted data from previous lives?

Every lifetime we live, our subconscious mind is storing everything we do or interact with. Pure data that becomes obsolete when we die, save for the things that help our consciousness grow on an inter-lifetime basis. When we undergo a past-life regression, we are accessing a particular subconscious layer relevant to that lifetime. Our conscious mind interprets that raw data as memories, thoughts and feelings. The chains of lives were creating a continuous flow of subconscious constructs in the linked ball-like pattern like in the infographic above.

I was dealing with something that was coming to me from a past life, and making its way through my subconscious network to find me in the Now. Therefore by creating a protection scheme that went back through at least 7 layers, I was blocking its pathway from reaching me. For him, he was coming up against a field of white exploding stars that he couldn’t cross.

It was months later before my Grandmaster taught me how to alter the white exploding stars into a self-replicating, self-sustainable white light that started eating away at darkness in a giant explosion throughout every layer of my mind. From that day forward I never had to perform the Dream Protection again.

My journey with the Being had come to an end. Though my ethereal war with such Beings ensues, I developed a whole new paradigm to play with. I opened a doorway into my subconscious mind and came to understand how little we understand about the nature of what it means to be alive. We are interacting with a world we have interacted with hundreds of times in the past. What is significant in any given lifetime is the psychological anchor that triggers us into remembering who we are and what we are doing here. Every lifetime is reduced down to that of raw data once we pass over. A couple of lives later, we stop accessing those memory banks altogether. We walk around looking for an unlocking key, wandering in the darkness, until one day a synchronistic predestined movement of events opens a gateway of realization. For one brief moment, we could be closer to God than we ever thought possible. We could spend lifetimes looking for such a moment, to only have it disappear during our next reincarnation. Such is the fate of the dreaming soul.


Spiritual endeavorists may waste entire lifetimes trying to achieve a Kundalini Awakening. It’s the Holy Grail for energy manipulators, and those who are seeking pure ecstasy and gratification with their meditations are salivating for all but a single taste. Kundalini is by far one of the most volatile and aggressive forms of spiritual development our bodies could ever endure. Entire lifetimes of conflicts and energy are provoked into a volcanic eruption of red energy through our Chakra system. There is no turning back once this process is initiated, you wouldn’t want to anyway, all of your senses are burnt out and recreated back into something more powerful and far more sensitive than what it ever was before. Kundalini is the school for spiritual students wanting a real taste of what living in a Duality actually means. There is no Love & Light or other flowery nonsense in the home of Kundalini. The only way is to plunge right in and personally see how the world differs from what you are taught to believe.


What is Kundalini?

Kundalini Awakening

Kundalini is a specific type of energy found within the human energy matrix. Primarily red in color, Kundalini is most often symbolized as a large Dragon. Kundalini energy travels up the spinal cord from the very bottom of the tail bone all the way up through the Crown Chakra. From an energetic standpoint, these energies originate from the Root Chakra and therefore extend that same red color whilst traveling throughout the body. Due to the 1st Dimensional nature of the Root Chakra, Kundalini energy is therefore quite susceptible to volatility as the Root Chakra is the main representative of primal energies such as anger and lust. Kundalini energy is therefore one of the most powerful in our system due to these qualities, and it does have in its full power the capability of possessing your body. The reason for why the Dragon most accurately symbolizes Kundalini is firstly because of its shape in the spinal cord whilst in a full blown awakening, and secondly due to the ferocity of energy felt by the practitioner, often termed Dragon Rage.


What is a Kundalini Awakening?

A Kundalini Awakening is the process where stored-up energies within the Root Chakra are exploded up the spinal column and through the top of the head out of the Crown Chakra. This process of cleansing and releasing often leads to very profound changes within the practitioner, as inner-conflicts and all other forms of limiting energies suddenly give way. New insight is found in the world around them, sensitivity to worldly events are felt, and a heightened psychic sense often opens doors to a whole new world of learning. Once the dragon has been awakened it is often very difficult to control it. States of sudden anger or hatred can be suddenly experienced, followed by moments of incredible calm and bliss. This volatility impacts the practitioner’s emotional and physical state and often leads to multiple breakdowns before balance is finally achieved. In saying this, I believe it should be the goal of any spiritual practitioner to have a Kundalini Awakening, for to pursue such a path would greatly increase your psychic abilities and advance spiritual learning on a much more rapid scale. In other words it’s like taking a psychic Redbull and having a really heavy session. Once balance is achieved, the side effects slowly release their grasp upon you and you are left within a heightened state.

I experienced my first Kundalini Awakening when I was 17 years old. At the time I had no idea what the process involved or even what the true benefits were, all I knew was that I was going to become more powerful in the process; this was all the justification I ever needed. Over the process of 3 evenings I performed a specific Kundalini meditation whereby concentrating upon red energy becoming activated around my tailbone, and then pushing it upwards through my spine and out of my Crown Chakra. The first two days were pretty uneventful and I started considering the length of time it normally took spiritual practitioners before they could reach something as powerful as a fully-fledged awakening, if at all… It was upon the third night while deep in meditation that I suddenly heard something out of the darkness, ‘Are you ready?’.

I snapped out of meditation in shock. Then the implications of this question suddenly weighed down upon me. I quickly replied back, ‘Yes I’m ready’.

I felt an explosion of burning energy suddenly erupt in my lower back. Thick red energy was raging up my spine and leaving a trail of pure fire behind it. The muscles in my back started twitching with pain and my mind was rushing. The energy suddenly shot through my Crown Chakra and started raining down upon me. Every time that red energy hit my skin it felt like a painful electric bolt burning into me. Thousands of bolts of energy were making their way down upon me in a torrent of extraordinary color. So much pain that I had to break my meditation and roll across the floor as if my body was on fire.

By the time it finally calmed down I passed out on the floor out of sheer exhaustion alone. After such an ordeal my world went black and I slipped into unconsciousness. I woke up the next morning with energy still charring the tips of my mind. I felt completely burnt out like some kind of Fallen Angel. The next day I discovered 6 dark brown patches along my back that felt as if my skin was burnt. Those dark brown patches stayed there for 8 months.

What I didn’t know was that these types of Kundalini Awakenings would sporadically come upon me whilst meditating for many months on end. For the months that proceeded my awakening, it was very difficult to find my point of balance. I became very sensitive to everything around me, and my internal Chakras exploded in power. I could feel people when they were near me, rather than just seeing them or hearing them. I could feel spirits and Angels and my communications with them were greatly enhanced. All my spiritual facilities were fused into the next Dimension. My life had changed in more ways that I could ever imagine. It took me a very long time to figure out how to balance my internal conflicting emotions. Anger soon became one of my most predominant emotions and I soon embraced its beautiful fury as my own. I grew stronger every time something sparked my anger into fruition. I became powerful through my imbalance; peaceful in every sense, God’s own fury a moment later.

It took me 4 years to finally complete my cleansing process and learn to find that ultimate balance somewhere near Neutrality. By embracing both sides and finding that balance, it allowed me to experience the full extent of the spiritual spectrum, rather than withdrawing away from any particular field of experience. I must say that my Kundalini Awakening skyrocketed my spiritual growth on a much more accelerated level than if I tried to just go about it the regular way. I have become drawn to finding such accelerated methods and I know their true value. Sometimes they may shave off years to achieve the same result a regular path would result. The difference is the heavy level of involvement these methods entail. If you feel you can handle it, then by all means go down that path. On the other hand if you are not very spiritually adept and prefer to comfort of gradual progress, the normal commercialized methods may be more appropriate for you.

One of the most helpful Kundalini books on the market.
A Chakra & Kundalini Workbook: Psycho-Spiritual Techniques for Health, Rejuvenation, Psychic Powers & Spiritual Kundalini Awakening bookRealization by Dr. John Mumford.

This book helped me cover many of the basics that I seemed to have completely missed whilst progressing on my spiritual journey myself. There are some really powerful meditations in this book which improve your visualization skills, increase the effectiveness of your energy manipulation, and also provides some really deep meditation exercises to improve psychic ability, such as the Yoni Mudra. The book details out a 12 week program whereby working through a different type of meditation every week. I very rarely recommend other books, however with really easy to understand illustrations and effective meditations; this book is a must-have for anybody serious about Kundalini.

One of the most important things to focus on is the transformational process rather than the intense emotions and energies felt throughout an awakening. The Kundalini energy acts to completely reconstruct all of your energetic nerves and it can often lead to a lot of emotional upheaval as a result of the shifting energies within your body. Sometimes it’s also really great to share the experience with others, and I do invite you to comment upon your personal experience below.

Many people ask me how I am able to so freely commune with Archangels and Ascended Masters as if they were regular spirit guides hanging around, and I must undoubtedly say that my Kundalini Awakening played a very big role. My experience has been an absolute roller coaster ride however well worth the trouble. As it is I am still exploring new psychic avenues every time I concentrate upon a new area of my spiritual discovery. Those who move through a fully-fledged Kundalini Awakening have a very different understanding about spirituality; they no longer feel it’s something to venture into– they are already deep within its constructs.