Lights will guide you home in the most colourful swirl of true beauty. The Sun, the Moon and Stars light the skies in the Heaven’s above; calling to us and magnetically drawing us upwards into the greater Universe. Wherever we are, we try to make it right. Whatever we are doing, we love to shine our light. The backdrop of Creation blends into a glowing world of life; conscious creatures stalking the night in an ever loving pursuit of lighting candles along the way. The pathway bursts with Life; charismatic characters and nostalgic nuances playing a memorable tune we all love to hear. The indigos and the ocean blues cooling our tempered emotions in the calming azure of peace. The bright reds and yellowish oranges flaring instant life in the vibrancy and passion of the moment. The canopy of forest greens and ivory whites giving life to creatures so big and tall we would think we were in another world. We create our life with the most beautiful pastels of colour, we add meaning with fluorescent personalities, true definition being sketched and smudged with a piece of graphite darker than the night. It can’t be erased, we can’t paint over it; all we can do is keep adding to the masterpiece of life with intentions of the worst or the best kind. It organically grows until it emanates light. We are all artists dreaming of our light. We will feel our way to the light. When we get there, we will realise the true canvass of light will always be the swirling colours of our souls.


We enter into this Universe with a childlike curiosity exploring and discovering a new world. The Wheel keeps spinning and lifetimes flow in beautiful revolutions until we one day see ourselves in true beauty. Love flows from our hearts, light shines in the deepest souls of our eyes. We warm up to the loving roles and the heartbroken villains. We play every role as if it were our own. We embrace this Universe as the ever flowing school of Life in a sea of a starry night. Every soul feels the same Love when we glow light. Our minds eventually anchor to reality to build our foundations as developing souls. God was the only foundation we ever needed. We flow into Life & Death the same way we enter the Universe; a child of our imaginations and dreams wiser than the day. We find love and we lose it just as fast, we learn to let go of those who don’t vibrate on the same level. We end up holding onto those things that are just as good as our fantasies. We develop a love for pleasure, food, comfort, cravings, artistic creativity– anything that appeals to our senses more so than the dullness of everyday Universal life. We become our own artists painting upon a canvass of Life, sketching in that which brings vibrancy and colour; feeling our works come alive. When we have had enough, we wipe our slates clean and we start again as a child of the Universe once more. The pursuit of love and happiness drawing us back into Creation– our own internal beauty guiding us throughout the way.


My soul underwent one of the most volatile forms of awakenings in this Universe. I was completely submerged into Darkness. I retained so much power over Creation that I was seen as too dangerous to let live. When you are the God of Death, killing me wasn’t an option. I fought through intense spiritual wars that ended in vicious cycles. When my own kind tried to betray me, I finally had enough with Creation. I was God realized on the wrong side of the force, and I turned away from absolutely everything mid-battle in a war against Sirius.
I met my soulmate on Sirius during one of the absolute worst periods of my entire soul history. I was war torn, angry like all hell, betrayed by the hatred I cultivated, Darkness seeping in my veins. She was a beautiful beacon of calming Light smiling at me. When I saw her for the first time, I was encapsulated by her incredibly beautiful energy. All the Darkness in my body temporarily healed into the Light. I had so much love bursting out of my soul. It was so powerful that I fell to my knees and I couldn’t fathom eternity without having such beautiful love in my life.
She asked me “Why did you choose such a Dark pathway in my absence?”.
I replied to her “I am simply playing a role to help this Creator ascend the Universe faster”.
Her blue eyes were deep and powerful and she said to me in a very strong voice “You came into Creation to learn a transcending code for our own Universe”.
I was completely floored by her response. This woman was more Creator realized than even myself. Creators playing roles in other Creations to learn codes. The very fact that she knew we had given birth to our own Universe. Higher Beings couldn’t fathom such responses. I will forever remember her beautiful eyes and gorgeous energy. It was the day I realized there was no reason not to be in the Light.


Dreaming of freedom and true escape in a Universe that likes to keeps cycling around through the same routines like ascending clockwork perfectly aligned to soul progression. I’ve done the Life thing hundreds of thousands of times over. Very little impresses you when you have already lived the ending into reality. Life flows through every living thing, powering an ecosystem of conscious energy with light structures defining patterns of reality. I’m surrounded by volatile consciousness trying to drag me back from whence I came. I’m observing this and contemplating the nature of Life and wondering why a Dark planet needs a pitch black shade. Last Universal Cycle I succumbed to the boredom and pure chaos ensued. In this Cycle I’m walking above it, and going against all my natural instincts; the purity of Source the only thing holding me in the Light. When Creators get angry, the very fabric of time and space start to ripple in an auric screen of enlightened purity. Creation starts bending to your will, and there is no Angel or Master in this Universe who could justify walking in front of the pure torrential downpour as if the Heavens just opened up. Right now it’s Monsoonal Season and the waters are getting murky.


Freedom is my religion.
I believe in the self-empowerment of the soul as Unconditional Love. I walked away from religion and the corporate rat race because they do nothing but externalize power and centralize dependency upon a spiraling debt structure. I worked as an auditor for one of the largest accounting firms on Earth, what I found out was that there are very few ways to game the current system: You either come across a substantial windfall, you are born in the right family, illegal activities, or you set up a projection to enslave others.
The Monopoly Game has been set up in such a way where the players already own all the biggest properties and utilities, they even own the banks. The light structure is so strong that people believe in it more than their own souls. Religion is no different, they monopolize the movements of the soul in the afterlife and present themselves as the middlemen to eternal salvation. Banks and religions both peddle fantasies; the latter just seem to be doing a better job of it. Commit the sins against a monopolized tide of deceit in the physical life, atone for your guilty pleasures in the afterlife. Ever-revolving cycles of sin and atonement.
The Universe simultaneously runs an objective and subjective modus of reality, where Universal laws and patterns create for a systematic evolving environment, and also subjectively provides for a life that completely revolves around the individual perception. The purpose of the individual is to discover the most efficient method to evolve within the objective pattern. When your greater environment has been set up to perpetuate limbo, the individual ascension resumes significance as the most efficient path to spiritual freedom and Enlightenment.
The ignition of the soul comes when it stops feeling the need to anchor itself upon a self-perpetuating cycle.
Change is but a perception closer to truth.


The Circle of Life is forever glowing and expanding into the endless fields of ecstasy. Every conscious life form emits a colorful display; flickering neon lights in an ever-evolving burst of brilliance. Nature is constantly creating new colors in the most complex organisms and the most simple flowers, nature displays an endless field of Universal color into the physical world. There are colors that transcend light. Ecstatic existences of golden cream Unconditional Love that create perceivable light in the first place. Our colorful Universe would not exist unless there were realizing souls to perceive its beauty and meaning. The individual soul changes color depending on what it’s feeling; infra red to ultra violet making sense to perception– everything beyond simply unnoticed. Emotions change the auric field like a chameleon reflecting its environment. The greater the source for positivity and love, the more vibrant the color of the soul. When the soul starts emitting a color that transcends the Universe, it starts floating upwards endlessly through consciousness until it looks like a glowing Sun. The soul tries to rectify the discrepancy of non-enlightenment and flushes the body with an incredible flood of emotions– waves of beautiful tears streaming, true healing within its heart. The moment that loving ecstasy becomes the soul, the vibrant field of color ceases to exist. Loving fields of energy in absolute freedom await. The power of the Universe will forever be the colorful journey of the soul.


Our souls travel across galaxies through the starry night skies trying to find meaning in this Universe. We have met our soulmates well and truly before Earth was ever on the horizon. There are more ancient souls on this planet than any other unrealised constellation I have ever been through. There is a spiritual significance on this planet that is attracting a powerful level of involvement. The spiritual significance is us. We are the planet we live on– our trails of energy creating ripples through the fabric of time. We move through the burst of stars manifesting our desires. Our soulmates travel with us because our balancing parts need each other to perfect our love. By the time we get to an ascending planet like Earth we have already significantly realised who we are and what we are doing here. It’s the memory loss that creates for auric tones of familiarity and nostalgia. Our souls remember. We have to learn how to feel our way through the Universe rather than think about it. When we feel, we open our hearts to the true polarity of the souls around us. Unconditional Love or move on. We don’t need another Dark cycle to teach us about the significance of Love. Here we are glowing in the heart of Creation, millions of lights and shades expressing ourselves in a sea of night. The colours swirl and blossom into true friendships and soul connections. The world is intertwined and we are drawn into feeling it’s beauty with every breath. Every day you are alive don’t ever forget where your soul has come from. The illusion runs deep, but your Love runs even deeper.


The power of ancient souls traversing Earth’s unimaginable spiritual landscapes. There are Beings more ancient than humanity itself, connected to Gaia as the greater extensions of natural energy. This planet has existed for over 4 billion years; there are conscious beings who found an uninhabited terrain full of luscious forests absolutely teaming with all kinds of creatures. What they found was an unadulterated burst of life so profound they decided to call this planet home.
We believe we are all there is, when a dimension over the world is alive with inter-connectivity. Human beings should have a natural connection to Gaia as the most significant presence in our lives. As resident beings on this planet, everything in our surroundings should be mirroring our environmental conditioning as an evolving race. We seem to have opted for quite an other-worldly route the more conscious we have become. It’s not uncommon for developing races to take inspiration from higher forms of consciousness. The polarization of that consciousness towards either Light or Dark is the real indicator of the society below it.
Humanity is not mirroring nature, it is acting as a separate entity. It is chasing immortality in a world that just isn’t ascended enough to justify it. The deconstruction of the physical world is in natural balance with its construction. The cycle exists to inspire souls to bridge a foundation to something that transcends the vicissitudes of Life and Death. The smaller the world, the more concentrated the Ascension. Consciousness on this planet is acting like a chimera; an unnatural beast of God looking to sustain life in any way it can. It’s looking everywhere other than Unconditional Love. To tread down this path would mean for the attraction of enlightenment beyond human attachment– the state that existed before we came here.


I was brought up in a very powerful section of Creation. We were a race of beings heavily involved in genetic modifications to continually evolve a superior race. We succeeded. I remember my planetary body there; I was bigger and much stronger and I could ascend my energies into the 5th Dimension as a massive red energetic beast. I went wild with chaotic and furious beauty, the Universe drummed to my heartbeat as I felt God.
These ascensions and descensions were brought upon by manipulations in our genetic code. We could heal faster, we had auto-immunity to nearly every single affliction, and we spent the majority of our time manipulating Creation looking to keep excelling. There was a certain incredible amount of freedom compared to the human body. We were so realized that we could remember everything on an inter-lifetime basis and our technology was good enough to infuse souls back into bodies if we died. In some respects, we were immortal.
An Archangel brought my soul to Earth. I was brought here because Earth was failing. It’s not going well. There’s a sea of unrealized beings killing each other. That which should be the Light is the Darkness in disguise. There is a single Source code that will set humanity free; you have to start believing you are God and that Darkness could never touch you no matter how hard it tried. God-realized souls warrant significant attention from up above. An unrealized mass is often left to its own devices.
Every single human being has a choice to make. Believe you are Unconditional Love surrounding this Universe! Back in my old section of Creation we had a saying; “Impossible to be anything other than God. The difference between us is how much you believe it”. I could repeat this anywhere in Creation and it would still hold affect. The day you stop externalizing your power and start empowering your soul, is the day your life will change.


Purity and silence. The pure white wolf walks upon the snow, blending into its environment as if the artist did not want to distinguish the heavenly purity of the two. The freshly laid snowfields contrast the rich growth of the trees, the wolf can smell the undergrowth and hear the slightest crawl. Everything has a familiar scent, everything feels alive, it is One with the great forest spirit. The wolf travels silently on a journey through the eternal energy of life. Heightened senses, and a bond with a lifelong brotherhood of familiar souls; the wolf pack roam the distant stretches never too far away. It’s large paws cushion every step, it walks freely upon the ice; silent and deadly. The wolf pack is getting closer, they are hunting something. Their intentions and thoughts can be felt; an extraordinary thrill compared to the hibernating trees and the ever watchful owls. They draw near, the wolf’s eyes sharpen upon the forest line, perfectly still in the white cover of snow. A dear slowly breaks the forest line in an unassuming meander searching for moss to nibble on. The wolf pack is invisible. In a heartbeat, the pack lunge through the trees! The deer jumps into a dead bolt across the ice! The hunt powers into a climax of bloodlust and the sweet taste of a kill burning with desire! The white wolf remains patient and stays low in a crawl along the ground. Suddenly the wolf lunges up towards the deer’s neck, biting down hard and throwing it onto the ice in a swift and deadly embrace! The deer ran straight towards the wolf in its panic; it was over before it started. Warm blood gushing down the wolf’s throat, ecstasy like addiction filling it’s mind; nothing is sweeter than a fresh kill. The pack is One. All play a part in the family. Feeding in the dead of Winter is just joyous treat. Perfected hunters, hearts pure and alive, the wolves awaken their inner most desires and let their natural instincts take over them for just a little bit.