That moment you realize you’re a ghost in the afterlife: “WTF!?”. Your body has become a white formless light in a world as white and as dreamlike as you are. People walk straight through you, they don’t even recognize you’re there. The buildings and roadways are a deserted energy matrix, where the simple act of being present takes an enormous amount of will. You feel lighter and airy like the wind blowing through the corridors of life. Passed over loved ones beckon you to move up into the Light. You reluctantly ascend upwards away from everything you had become attached to. Beautiful streams of golden existences create cities of peace and relaxation. You don’t feel hungry or any physical urges; you are free to roam wherever you please. Your soul family is there, loving and accepting of you, they guide you through the beautiful complexity of the afterlife. Sometimes you go back to the physical world to see how your loved ones are doing. You send them more love and tell them “Everything is going to be Ok”. The physical world feels heavy, so you come back to the loving existence of Unconditional Love in the higher planes. As the cycles continue to revolve, you eventually start to crave existence in the physical world once more. The draw to fall in love with your soul mate all over again, the taste of a big juicy hamburger, physical infatuation with that of a progressing soul. You want to become something more significant than what your soul is currently achieving. You want to embrace higher consciousness. Life beckons you to go back. You decide to continue your journey by reincarnating again. You enter the world clueless of your passing, and you begin your journey of 1,001 miles. Life and Death are in perfect balance. It is only our perceptions that keep changing; flowing in and out of physical reality as Destiny permits.


We are Universal witnesses to Creation. God is feeling the entirety of this Universe through every single living thing. In any given situation, every experience is witnessed from a complete 12 dimensional 360 degree vision/thought/feeling/vibration.

God experiences life through all the parties involved– the victim, the aggressor, the passerby, the birds flying, the trees absorbing the energy, even the very ground we walk on. Every footstep, good/bad intention, energetic imprint, personal account, feeling towards a moment, after-the-fact judgement and overview by those analyzing the situation, etc, is accounted for in a continual immersive projection that plays exactly to the fine-tuned nature of Destiny. Every single discrepancy can be accounted for when you completely live the experience of the Universe into reality. Incredible contemplation of life.

It gives whole new meaning to the quote “If you walked in somebody else’s shoes, you would understand things differently”. Not only is everybody and everything God, but the future has already happened. What we are witnessing is the unfolding nature of an already perfect Creation. It ascends in and out of Oneness with every cycle. There is no such thing as mid-way adjustments when the jig-saw pieces already fit perfectly together.

Beyond what we can see, the physical inhabitants of any given experience aren’t the only ones observing their situation. Spirit guides, ghosts, guardian angels, higher beings, ascended masters, Creators, Unconditional Love itself– our experiences have already been completely projected and recorded so as to analyze a cross dimensional physical life/energetic afterlife model of evolution to make sure Creation is indeed achieving Oneness ever so slightly faster with each cycle.

To think that the Universe is also ever-expanding and becoming more complex by the second.

It is absolutely stunning and it completely humbles the soul with every breath.


Reincarnation looks like a giant white waterfall over Earth. Ethereal layers of multiple incarnating souls create for an almost lucid pouring of energy constantly crashing down to Earth from a higher dimension. So many souls are incarnating in bodies– from human beings, to plants and animals, all the way down to fragmented souls acting as collective consciousness for insects. There is a constant demand for new souls on an ascending planet. Some are here to witness humanity, others come to share their knowledge, but the great majority come here to learn through ever cycling learning curves. The moment in time when we no longer need earthly lifetimes for the purposes of our realization, is the climatic turning point of the soul when it ascends through a powerful enlightenment. Some masters define enlightenment as feeling ‘nothing’ or the non-act of not feeling any emotion other than continual balance. I however prescribe to the other end of the spectrum. I believe in Unconditional Love as a heightened state of existence in pure ecstasy. Whichever pathway you choose, your reincarnation process will guide you across the streams to the enlightened banks on the other side. If we could remember our past lives, Earth would be a very different place. We would accept others, we would be tolerant of differences, and we would believe in the collective Oneness of humanity. The world opens up when you believe there is anything more to this universe other than for a singular lifetime in a small burst of energy; like a butterfly playfully enjoying the summer winds.


The beauty we may feel when one God-self helps another in this stunning Creation. The smallest acts of kindness can impact another life in such a warming way. The soul of this universe truly comes alive when those within it demonstrate the same love it was created from. Sometimes the most profound pathway is to put aside our differences and come together as realizing Creators on the same journey. There is no such thing as race. There is no such thing as color. There are no such things as borders. Love is all there is. Momentous world’s of experiences and learning found within Creation. Love or the lack of love creating for a dual universe with trillions of opportunities to express the pathway you most desire.
What pathway do you most desire?
Creation is answering your question with every decision you make.


We are the sum of our emotions, our environmental conditioning, our social interactions, our life experiences. We represent all of the Good, the Bad and the Ugly within our everyday lives. We contain both the Light and the Dark within ourselves– we are a perfect mirror of Creation in the most beautiful way. I live by one philosophy; freedom. We are free to act, do, say, play, indulge in whatever we like. The only thing holding us back is ourselves– our perceived social expectations, archetypal roles, and moral codes, based upon our ideal modus of existence.
It is Ok to feel angry in the same way it is Ok to feel love. We are human beings who live lives where our environmental interactions grind our gears the wrong way and build up extraordinary power houses of raw emotion. We may feel pissed off, sad, depressed, melancholic, dark or angry, and this is all perfectly natural. We need to stop externalizing our power by suggesting this is not us, and instead take responsibility for the complete sum of our lives and accept that our state of existence represents the dual nature of both Light and Dark. The longer we keep victimizing these energies by affirming it is not us, the longer we will continue cycling in these exact same patterns until we understand it’s impossible to achieve not-God.
We may be as wild as a caged animal with a fierce presence deserving of respect. We may be a cute little pussycat who really just needs a cuddle and a kiss. Either role; express your genuine nature and be true to yourself. There is nothing worse than lying to yourself just so you can mold towards perceived societal acceptability.
Let your presence grow, stalk the concrete jungles like a tiger hunting for a kill, release your sexuality into a primordial beast hungry and affectionate, allow yourself to be free. Your raw power allows you to be alive! Until then we are just trees, or possibly flowers.


Everything we perceive in this world is based upon our brains interpreting raw data from our environment around us. Everything is sending out an energetic signal that we get taught how to interpret in order for life to make sense. From the identification of colors or sounds to classifications by labeling thoughts, ideas, and experiences in our mind.
In reality there is an entire wall of noise and electrical activity that we simply dismiss or otherwise can’t make sense of. The entirety of the human experience is deduced down to 5 senses– touch, sight, sound, taste, hearing. Everything we have built as a civilization was based upon these 5 senses– every piece of technology to aid or increase our abilities, every aspect of the way our buildings and homes are constructed, even to the point of what we find popular or trendy as a culture.
Everything we know is based upon a small vacuum of information that we have the ability to interpret. However, rabbits have stronger hearing, cats can see in the dark, eagles can see small creatures miles away. Their perceptions, or their worlds, are vastly different to our own. What would we be doing or thinking about if our senses were significantly heightened from our current standpoint? How would we be processing the Universe?
If our 6th sense allowed interaction with an ethereal world, would we care to add another layer of complexity to break away from the stand-alone mechanisms of the physical world? Can we handle our true nature? A study of brainwave activity in Switzerland recently found that our subconscious minds process and interpret what we think about up to 6 seconds before we consciously recognize it as a thought. What this means is that what you are doing right now was pre-meditated up to 6 seconds ago.
That’s a big window of uninterpreted energetic noise…
The art of opening yourself up to the energetic world and allowing yourself to express the true freedom and abundance of what Life has to offer is the reason for why I meditate every single day. Unlearning the conformity to society and awakening your true presence as a Creator is the reason why I created God Gifts Guided Meditations. There are beautiful Angels waiting to speak to you and let you feel life-changing Unconditional Love.
Attuning yourself to an ecstatic heightened existence and allowing Unconditional Love to flow through your veins will forever be truth worth interpreting.
God Gifts Guided Meditations


Is it true that if we were to strip away all of our physical attributes we would be nothing more than walking ghosts? We spend a lot of time with our personalities, so does our personality follow us into the afterlife?

It is almost a natural progression for humans to tailor their emotions and language in order to adapt to their surrounding environment. In fact it happens so often and so indiscreetly that a majority of the population have become accustomed to not only its sheer occurrence, but have also adopted its characteristics as part of everyday life.

Masks seem to act as a cover for our true personality. Certain masks are quite rare as they can change others’ perception; such as the Likeabilty mask, or the powerful Anger mask. Since we have the ability to ‘change’ our masks at will, can the same be said for our personality? It can only be answered by delving into the personality’s origin. Does our personality form on a physical level or is it embedded into something much deeper in our spiritual level? To shed light on these questions, would be to find the truth behind whether our physical bodies are in fact tailoring our personalities, for better or worse, or are our personalities a true product of our Soul.

We are all born with the unique ability to create and hide behind masks whenever we deem appropriate. Such masks are used in everyday behaviors and you may not even realize how deceitful you truly are. Sometimes our masks can be quite light and flexible, as if spun from pure white silk. We wear social masks to make others feel more comfortable, more welcome, laugh at our jokes, and perceive us to be more likable. Sometimes our masks can be quite solid with large adorning angel wings. The mask of Fatherdom carries your family when you have children, and you’re trying to create an aura of discipline and safety. Sometimes our masks can be constructed of pure gold in the style of ancient Kings of our long forgotten past. The business masks appear to us whilst running our empires, attending high profile meetings with other CEOs, Bankers, and Lawyers. And sometimes… we adorn battle masks out of Hell itself; dark and unforgiving, horrible like our worst nightmares with horns protruding in strange directions and the evil grin of the Devil Himself.

The world doesn’t like raw, unpolished Souls. It likes people to be refined, cultured, conservative, enjoyable and sometimes humorous. Think of our bodies as a filter that rejects socially inappropriate behavior. Our physical lives are driven by the complex psychological need ‘to be wanted’ and liked by others. Our bodies therefore adapt and mold our personalities to fulfill this psychological need. Over time our Souls learn from their mistakes and adopt those socially appropriate traits, this occurs over multiple lifetimes and experiences.

Whether being an extrovert with an incredible ego, or an introvert who is socially outcast; both are products of our external environment from the day we are born. That external environment includes; our physical looks and traits, our family’s wealth/status and acceptability to difference, friends and social schooling, and even the country we live in. Our bodies adapt with our external environment in the same way liquid evaporates when heated, leaving a more refined reduction.

Our Souls are but pure learned energy, like electricity for our moving puppets. Our personalities are in fact a complex web of social intricacies that have been molded by environmental factors on the physical plain. I do not believe we can change our personality that easily. It is possible for our personalities to change through extreme emotions, such as immeasurable anger, or worlds of love. But achieving such lasting emotions over a period of time, long enough to actually change your personality is very difficult. We therefore adopted the much more light-weight and adaptable masks.

But what happens when we start to reverse the cycle of filtration and the human body starts to adopt feelings and intuitive gestures as part of its character. The Soul is ever present and always trying to communicate with us by trying to bypass the filter. This true energy is very wise and may very well know our future. Psychics and those on a spiritual path therefore try to increase these intuitive feelings in order effectively read the future. The Body doesn’t like this and tries to give you its egotistical opinion by pushing out intuitive feelings. This is effectively known as the war between the Body and the Soul.

Since masks are but an invention of human understanding to our dark psychological background, the same technique is not utilized once we pass on. There is no ego in the afterlife, as that is a human emotion, and human emotions don’t carry through.
I have known some Souls to adorn their personalities when they come back down to Earth to pass on messages to the living. I only believe this to be the case as people’s personalities are a method of nostalgic identification.

The Law of the Universe states that nothing shall be created nor shall it be destroyed. So where is all this left-over personality energy going once we die?

Could it possibly be that our Souls are actually adopting our personalities and carrying them on into the afterlife?

I wonder if I will have a similar personality in my next life…


I used to be addicted to MMORPGs (Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games). I believe online games are the drug of the 21st Century. In the same way that cocaine became the party drug of choice and heavy drinkers find their old friend in alcohol; online gaming has created a whole new genre of escapism that never even existed 20 years ago. Sure there are still druggies roaming nightclubs, kids experimenting with substances for a new kick, and alcoholics still riding on their blurred memories of the harsh realities of life, but nobody will be able to police the end-users of online gaming. So far there is nothing illegal about it; not when all we are doing is sitting in our bedrooms. But that is exactly the problem; isolation is not a step towards achieving Oneness. Sad to say that even Facebook addicts are at least dwindling their way into the right direction. Enter the world of MMORPGs where connectivity is king.

Escapism is experienced when we enter a mental state of mind-frame that is not ordinarily available to the normal human body within everyday life. It occurs when we feel a sense of escape from reality, through the direct or indirect use of substances or acts which harbor the natural release of dopamine in our brains that provide mental relief and relaxation. It started with alcohol, a substance that has been brewed and fermented since the Mesopotamians in 4000 BC. The coca plant has similarly been grown and chewed by ancient civilizations in South America for thousands of years, only to be popularized in the 1800-1900s during the discovery of its medicinal properties. In the late 90s, cocaine became the party drug of choice, even till today with 600 tones being consumed annually.

There may be a million and one reasons for why people undergo substance abuse, however I only want to focus on one, the one that truly grabs people by their ankles and drags them under; escapism. We live on a boring planet, there is no doubt about that. If we lived somewhere actually interesting we wouldn’t have a $41.9 billion a year video game industry, a $9.5 billion movie industry, nor a $23 billion movie rental industry. Entertainment is one of the most acceptable forms of escape, there is a lot of glitz and glamor and special effects, it almost feels like its actually real.

And this is exactly where MMORPGs come in. There are two types of extremely addictive online games; first-person shooters (such as Call of Duty; Modern Warfare), and MMORPGs (such as World of Warcraft). MMORPGs are extremely addictive because they were created to be exactly that. I remember reading a highly controversial article a couple years ago that delved into a study a particular gaming giant undertook in order to test or increase the addictiveness of their games. It produced results such as; a compelling story line, spammable skills or attacks to continuously required the attention of the gamer, etc. If only I could find that study somewhere. Here is a link to another article that suggests internet addiction is as addictive as cocaine. Just an interesting coincidence considering my earlier ties between the two. The key difference being that the drugs will likely kill you, while gaming addiction will just help you become morbidly obese, develop psychological problems such as increased anxiety and depression, and demonstrate extreme anti-social behavior every chance you get. Not to mention the B.O, which may just tip the favor back towards the drugs…


Escapism 2


Gaming is addictive. It is addictive not because the game itself is just so well made, often the most addictive games are sometimes the most childish and immature things ever, however they incite a repressed emotion out of the user that does not ordinarily come to light in real-life. We can be an absolute superstar online, the most hardcore outfits, extremely ultra cool weapons, guilds spanning hundreds of people all following us like Gospel itself, however none of it mirrored in real life itself. Gaming worlds are handcrafted by animation geniuses creating fantastic worlds we wished we could live in high in the clouds, however all we have is regular urban sprawl to meet us when we wake up every morning. Addiction deepens when it is used to escape Life. Problems as a result of our lives, people in our lives, boredom pertaining the unfolding of our non-lives, events that make us want to run away from the harsh realities of our lives. There is a lot of pain and sadness in the real world, the only pain we feel online is when the servers unexpectedly crash and we lose all our hard-gained items. Sometimes we work weeks on-end for those items, yes we can sometimes even cry.

MMORPGs are almost set up like casinos. Instead of cashing up our chips at the end of the night, we attain gold, or any other form of in-game currency. The inevitable churn of killing monsters, selling items, leveling up, killing more monsters, upgrading our equipment, killing even more monsters, PvPing, MvPing, did I mention killing lots of monsters? The in-game games are always the best, the PvP (player vs player) arenas are like poker tables; everybody is against each other (except the couple inside friends nobody knows about). The MvP (monster vs player) maps are like blackjack tables; everybody vs the ‘house’. The NPCs (non-player characters) are like good casino dealers offering us advice and showing us how to play the game. The whole thing is structured to suck you in and keep you there while the good times are rolling. At least we leave the casino when we run out of money, with online games they are already in our houses, meaning we don’t have to leave, or even sleep (hello 5am wake-up calls to make our guild wars: Respect).

We really like to escape reality on Earth. Very little keeps us mentally dedicated more so than astronomical debts or sex. The entertainment industry allows us to see a small sneaking glimpse of what it means to truly live within our model concepts of reality. The fame, the fortune, the power, for a lucky few it even promises a career where all our dreams can suddenly be realized. For the vast majority of others, we are left to escape our lost dreams by filling in time with what interests us beyond the scope of every day life. Escapism is about living in a world that either captures our imagination, or lets us forget who we are and where we came from. One way or the other, we are not being physically present here on Earth in the NOW.

I was addicted to games my entire childhood, even till today its grasp is still so powerful that it takes the full force of nearly all my Masters before I let go of them and start concentrating on my Life again. And this is the most serious issue; our escape from what we have come here to do. If we are not present, then how are we expected to do what it is we came here for? The simple answer is we can’t, it doesn’t happen. We may allow ourselves to get into a stupor, become high, immersed into a guild war with all our online comrades, what we won’t discover is the forgiveness for simply being here and moving on into a state of Enlightenment. It takes a lot of maturity to give up online games, social maturity to give up the latest social craze mobile games, and spiritual maturity to enjoy the essence of Life in its most pure form; in the NOW. Escapism is for those not psychologically strong enough to deal with real life, it is only a matter of time before Life catches up with us, there is only so far we can run. One day we will look back and think to ourselves “Where did all that time go? What was I even doing?” then the nostalgia of the game will hit you before the “That’s right! It wasn’t on Earth. It was all in that gaming world.” That’s the scary part.


Angels are some of the most absolutely loved Beings in the Universe due to their incredible purity and ability to help others no matter where they are. I have personally come across hundreds of Angels in my life; a great majority of which that I have summoned through Angelic rituals that I learned from a  very young age. People don’t ordinarily see them in everyday life because they are quite hard to initially pick up on due to their incredible purity. Angels don’t experience any volatile emotions or exhibit any lower vibratory frequencies for our human body senses to pick up on. I have never come across an Angel that has ever felt ‘wrong’ or somehow harbored ill intentions, it would be nearly impossible to find an Angel demonstrating Dark qualities, and if I ever did, I immediately knew I was not speaking with a true Angel. Angels hanging around human Beings suggest purity of the soul they are helping. Angels enjoy the presence of Beings that resonate with their own energies, almost like creatures from the other side coming through to play with the innocence of souls that demonstrate their own.

What are Angels?

Angels are extremely loving essences of energy who are created within the Light, to form part of the Light, and to serve the Light for the duration of their existences within the Universe. Angels may look and act like human beings, however their true nature almost always resembles incredibly powerful balls of light that emanate very loving energies. They are created within the 4th Dimension but they are not confined to it, they can move up and down as they please. Their natural tongue is not in English, nor do they normally use words to communicate with each other. The Angelic tongue is like a song where they hold particular sounds in a symphony that convey thoughts and various meanings to each other. It took me a while to figure out this was the method they were communicating with each other, and it also suggests why some Angels don’t ave names; just songs of love and joy.

I started hearing Angels around me before I started seeing them. I naturally developed a subtle level of clairaudience (ability to hear ethereal Beings) before my clairvoyance (ability to see visions and ethereal Beings) came into fruition. So to say my childhood was a scary place, hearing voices seemingly coming from nowhere, is an understatement. The first time I ever saw an Angel I nearly fell off my chair. Incredible streams of powerful light were emanating in front of me, warming me up in a welcoming blanket of Love. I felt at One with them and I could feel how much goodness and kindness these Beings were emanating. Truly amazing Beings. People sometimes ask my why I believe in the spiritual world and it because of experiences like these I will never be able to forget the job I am doing here on Earth. I could never leave this behind, not anymore.


What are Guardian Angels?

Guardian Angels are similar to normal Angels, however they have been commissioned into protecting and advising certain souls within the Universe to help them achieve their self-realization. Archangel Raphael is the one in charge of pairing Guardian Angels up with designated souls. It is not uncommon for Guardian Angels to have multiple developing souls going through life, as it is quite rare for a developing soul within the 3rd Dimension to suddenly start calling upon them in the first place. Guardian Angels bounce around, fading in and out of our reality like unseen Guardians watching our lives unfold. Guardian Angels can be contacted in the same way we commune with our Spirit Guides, I have described a very effective method in my book World of Archangels.

Guardian Angels watch over their designated souls in hopes for that soul to one day start achieving realization enough to understand the nature of their existence in the physical plane. 4th/5th Dimensional Beings are much more aware of their Guardian Angels– the irony being that those realized Beings no longer need their Guardian Angel’s influence once they have progressed high enough. It is a very silent journey for a Guardian Angel, most their communications moving through intuitive thoughts and feelings. Though they may be silent Guardians, I have witnessed how animated they may become when they move to protect us from negative Beings.

Do Angels have wings?

When I first started calling Angels through my summoning rituals I was noticing what looked like to be transparent Beings who were standing around in the ethereal realm. The thousands of depictions of Angels with wings across multiple cultures, most predominantly Italian art and sculptures, made me second guess myself as to what exactly I was seeing considering the Beings I was staring at didn’t have any wings. My first encounter with an Angel further added to the complexity when it really looked more human than I would have expected. What I have come to realize is that most Angels are able to portray the way they look to us in our minds depending on how they want to come across. Since Angel wings are recognizable, they appear with wings in order to establish that they are in fact Angels. Those who come across as white transparent Beings or balls of powerful white light are maintaining visual purity over their true essence. So in some respects, yes Angels do have wings, but in another strain of thought– only because we need them to.


Can Angels Reincarnate?

God, a lot of people want to believe they were an Angel in their previous life, most people dream of this possibility. As amazing as it may sound there are a few things I need to go over. Firstly Angels exist out of the system of reincarnation as complete Beings from the moment of their inception into the 4th Dimension. Human souls have however been Ascending since the 1st Dimension, and will continue Ascending past the 3rd Dimension and into the 12th Dimension to become Creators. Human souls are going through an important realization process conducted through what we know as dimensional evolvement. Angels have not been progressing through the Universe since the 1st Dimension, they were created perfect and they remain perfected throughout time. Angels do not need the experience of the 3rd Dimension, they already exist in a much more Enlightened state next to God. This does not however explain those who may want to reincarnate simply for the pleasure of enjoying life…

The movie City of Angels starring Nicolas Cage and Meg Ryan opened a doorway within our consciousness into the possibility of Angels deciding to incarnate for Love. Angels exist in a state of Unconditional Love much more encompassing and powerful than anything we could feel within our limited body, yet the question still lingers about the possibility of Angels expressing their Love for us on such a degree that they would incarnate with us. I have to firstly say that it would be particularly rare for an Angel to “fall” into our system of reincarnation. It is indeed possible for an Angel to incarnate, there do exist back doors into Life that very few Beings know of. However, the rarity of this event would rule out most people’s claims of their supposedly Angelic past. For an Angel to actually decide to incarnate, they would have to re-enter through the 1st Dimension. Meaning there would be a entire host of past lives here on Earth clouding those past Angelic feelings and memories from the time when they were indeed an Angel. Sometimes we pick up on lives within the past where our souls resembled Angelic Beings from the purity of the lives we lived. From this standpoint, we would almost never really know.



I want to believe in the innocence of our souls, I want to believe we have the possibility of Angelic lineage– that we are somehow making our way down here for something as half-brained, as incredibly foolish and as unimaginably magnificent in every possible way as Love. Yet every single time I want to believe, the world drags this away from me in its utmost capability of ruining our dreams. Even if we weren’t Angels in our past lives, it doesn’t explain why we are still dropping ourselves down into Life from the realm of Creators that we once existed within. If something as high up as a Creator makes the decision to enter Creation, surely an Angel could very well come to the exact same conclusion. We may very well live in the most romantic world ever created, filled with powerful ideals for the simple bond of love with another. Angels could simply be giving us hope to never let go of what we initially came here for.


This planet is a living, breathing organism that is conscious of itself and has the ability to direct its actions based on this higher form of consciousness. This consciousness has been called many various names in the past, however I have come to know Mother Earth as Gaia. Gaia is a 7th Dimensional Being who exited the first Universal Cycle and re-entered Creation to house a multitude of 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Dimensional Beings. Gaia’s purpose to exist as a planet is a result of feeling the need to progress her consciousness by facilitating other Dimensional Beings in their process of self-realization. Without Gaia we would not have a planet to live on, without us Gaia would not have a reason to exist in the way she does. This mutual relationship is what we call Life, the Universe is our meeting point as developing Creator-selves.

Gaia was originally approached by a very powerful Angelic Being with long trails of sailing white energy. This initial meeting was to request of Gaia her time and energy to provide a physical environment that only later became known as Earth. In order to create a body suitable for inhabitation you must re-enter Creation into the 8th Dimension, after first exiting Creation once the final Ascension has been achieved from the 6th, and then descend into a special 7th Dimensional existence. 8th Dimensional Beings maintain their exteriors as Suns, and the descension into the 7th requires a very minute change of consciousness in order to exist as a planetary body. Fortunately this descension occurs over an extremely rapid time-frame with very little time left to fully express itself as a Sun. 8th Dimensional Beings maintain a high polarity of masculine energy in order to sustain the seeds of growth, while 7th Dimensional Beings maintain extremely feminine energy whilst nurturing lower Dimensionals (Mother Earth). There is very little difference between 7th and 8th Dimensional Beings other than the polarity of their energy that graphs the specific role in the Universe they are to perform.

The official definition that distinguishes a star from a planet is the following:

“A ‘planet’ is a celestial body that:
(a) is in orbit around the Sun,
(b) has sufficient mass for its self-gravity to overcome rigid body forces so that it assumes a hydrostatic equilibrium (nearly round) shape, and
(c) has cleared the neighborhood around its orbit.”

Online: International Astronomical Union, 2006,

With this official definition it can be understood that there is very little observable scientific difference between what we have come to know as stars and planets. With the core of Earth simulating the immense amount of heat exploding out like a star, the only perceivable difference could be a sustainable and inhabitable atmosphere. However there do exist large bodies of mass in space that do not fall into the above-mentioned definition of a planet and yet still maintain atmospheres suitable for inhabitation. Astronomers therefore based their decisions on the shape and behavior of those bodies in order to classify 7th and 8th Dimensional Beings. What I am trying to deduct is the fact that Gaia intentionally moved her physical exteriors out of the highly Enlightening secondary Universal Cycle in order to exist as a planetary body; a sacrifice that every single person on this planet should honor and respect. It is also part of our self-realization process to understand that sacrifices are made in order to accelerate the realization process for the society as a whole.

Gaia had to intentionally create such an inhabitable atmosphere for other Dimensional Beings to exist in a physical world with structured physical lives. This atmosphere was created by utilizing 1st Dimensional rocks and minerals, and 2nd Dimensional plants, in order to effectively create our environment. This system is based around an Earth-up philosophy; 1st Dimensional rocks and minerals had to be created in order to attract 2nd Dimensional Beings such as trees and plants. Without this attraction of 2nd Dimensional Beings, the atmosphere of Earth would not exist, the trees and plants have utilized carbon dioxide, water and light to effectively create oxygen. 3rd Dimensional Beings were attracted to Earth due to presence of the 1st and 2nd Dimensional Beings creating a sustainable atmosphere. Ascended Masters and other Higher Beings therefore allowed themselves a presence within this spectrum in order to teach the lower Dimensional Beings about the process of realization. The attraction literally starts from the Earth-up. Gaia created the first meeting point for other Dimensional Beings to exist within such a natural hierarchy.

As the conscious living soul of this planet, Gaia understands the full life spectrum of what it means to exist as part of her reincarnative cycle. Reincarnation is a contract system set up by Higher Beings so that lower Dimensional Beings may continue to exist upon a inhabitable body for successive lifetimes. As a reincarnative soul of Earth, we have access to Gaia who either subconsciously lays messages within the Collective Unconscious, or allows us to consciously attain an audience with her presence. Very few Beings on Earth originated or ascended out of the 2nd Dimension into the 3rd as human beings. Most of us would be considered to be housing ‘alien’ or ‘extra-terrestrial’ souls within human bodies. Quite a few are either from Pleiades, Sirius or Orion, and many more from star clusters unknown to mankind. It was therefore necessary for Gaia to set up such a conscious ability to seek audience with her or else risk floating her inhabitants in darkness too much of the time.

How to commune with Gaia

I was taught how to commune with Gaia as an extra-terrestrial soul; or somebody who did not originate from the 2nd Dimensional complex of this planet. I was not born with conscious links with Gaia like many of the Earthbound souls. The very few who have been born from the true Mother Nature and Ascended into humanity, maintain conscious links for life without question. Unfortunately for a great majority of us, these links are not present within us and have resulted in many acts of willful ignorance to the sustainability of this planet. There is a lot of chaos surrounding our planet right now, far greater than what the Earthbound souls can handle. It is why souls like mine have been called.

In the same way that I may commune with an Archangel through concentrated visualization, I am able to consciously commune with Gaia. And it is so important that I clearly get across the message that there is an extremely powerful Being within this planet and it can in fact be communed with. Many don’t seem to realize that most forms of Dimensional existence have bodies that are directed by the conscious will of its soul, and often release implicit messages to those who attune to it, but they also have a higher form of consciousness that directs their bodies in the first place. This higher form of consciousness is what we are able to commune with.


    1) Sit in lotus position and place fingers in the Enlightenment mudra.
    2) Visualize yourself walking within the thick jungles of the Amazon, smell the exotic freshness of all the fauna, hear the birds whistling high in the canopy, feel you are actually trekking deep in the jungle.
    3) Keep walking through the jungle until you come out into a small clearing that has many ancient ruins sprawled about the ground. I normally see old crumbling white columns and shattered stones. I believe this small clearing was once part of one of an ancient civilization.

Gaia 2

    4) Right in the middle of this small clearing there should be a white marble column, approximately waist-high, with a large white marble sphere on top of it. Walk up to this white marble sphere and place both of your hands on top of it. Close your eyes and activate this white marble sphere by pushing your energy into and waking it up.
    5) The white marble sphere should burst out a magnificent white light that will completely drown out your entire surroundings once activated. The immensely powerful white light will increase the frequency of your surroundings till everything is covered in a blinding white flash. Let this white light increase your personal vibrational frequency and transport you to Gaia.
    6) When the white light subsides, you will be floating above the Earth high in the atmosphere on the borderline of space. As you float here in the most peaceful state, there will be no sound, no movement, just blissful existence looking down upon the magnificence of Gaia.

Gaia 3

    7) When I commune with Gaia, I see the clouds forming a colossal face upon the Earth. Large clouds acting as eyes and a mouth, Gaia speaks to me as would an Archangel or any other Higher Being. The simplicity of a telepathic communication answering my quizzical thoughts as a 7th Dimensional Being who already knows the answers before I ask the questions. You may ask Gaia just about anything, just don’t ask her about natural disasters, even 7th Dimensional Beings have topics they don’t like discussing.


This powerful meditation allowed me to commune directly with Gaia time and time again when volatile ascending currents coursed through Earth. It is a very helpful and powerful method to not only ground yourself to the planetary soul but also open the doorway to consciously develop deep bonds with nature and a sustainable essence of Life.

A powerful and grounded bond between the greater planetary soul and the individual will forever be the most energetically sustainable pathway of living. Flowing the currents of Universal Love as we consciously develop in the Oneness of nature.