We are chasing beauty and perfection in a world that will one day disappear. We become attracted to seamless curves and smooth lines that ever so gently raise our curiosity and wonder. The mysterious leave our minds guessing; the shadow of unpredictability powering our adrenaline as we explore a new charismatic world. We want flawless characters who mirror the Gods when we choose to live in a world that believes in separateness. The world dims in Light when the Darkness fades our lines. We project our thoughts unto others and only find our mirrored reflection staring back at us. The world is collecting and creating artificial beauty, recreating a utopian world with finite resources. Society is basing itself on the perception of time, when deep inside us is an immortal beauty flawless in every possible regard. Perfection is either inanimate or infinite; the conscious act of doing is but a subtle imperfection that encourages further discrepancies of thought. The Darkness craves beauty in the art of Death, the Light finds perfection through infinite Life. Consciousness finds beauty and perfection in both inanimate materiality and infinite Love. We are the balance of silence in a world that wants anything other. When we close our eyes we achieve an inanimate mind with infinite possibility. We are flawless beauty– immortal Gods walking through Creation. Start recognizing the Night from the Day, and you will feel the silence of perfection.


Our souls travel across galaxies through the starry night skies trying to find meaning in this Universe. We have met our soulmates well and truly before Earth was ever on the horizon. There are more ancient souls on this planet than any other unrealised constellation I have ever been through. There is a spiritual significance on this planet that is attracting a powerful level of involvement. The spiritual significance is us. We are the planet we live on– our trails of energy creating ripples through the fabric of time. We move through the burst of stars manifesting our desires. Our soulmates travel with us because our balancing parts need each other to perfect our love. By the time we get to an ascending planet like Earth we have already significantly realised who we are and what we are doing here. It’s the memory loss that creates for auric tones of familiarity and nostalgia. Our souls remember. We have to learn how to feel our way through the Universe rather than think about it. When we feel, we open our hearts to the true polarity of the souls around us. Unconditional Love or move on. We don’t need another Dark cycle to teach us about the significance of Love. Here we are glowing in the heart of Creation, millions of lights and shades expressing ourselves in a sea of night. The colours swirl and blossom into true friendships and soul connections. The world is intertwined and we are drawn into feeling it’s beauty with every breath. Every day you are alive don’t ever forget where your soul has come from. The illusion runs deep, but your Love runs even deeper.


When I look into your eyes I can see true beauty. Incredible warmth and care in a bright gaze that made me fall in love unconditionally. The second I recognized your familiar smile, my soul took new meaning of life in a phoenix of energy so powerful I knew it was you. Everything fell away like ash save for your presence in my life. The world is chasing perfection when all I want is you. We are being told what beauty is when I already have it in your eyes. We are like butterflies spreading our wings and playfully floating in the summer atmosphere. We are landing upon flower after flower, different lifetimes in all shapes and sizes; the swirl of reincarnation taking us through the Universe. When I look into your eyes I see something I don’t normally see with other people; home. Home is where our love is. What I would go through just to be with you in Creation. There was a time in the purity of existence when we were both looking down at the Universe wondering if we should choose to incarnate here. I said “I would live a million lifetimes if all I could be with was you”. In the dark ocean of consciousness I will recognize you by your eyes. I will know home when I see it.


The love we feel for one another. Warm, beautiful love that reminds us why we are even alive. We could fall into each other’s arms, and just understand everything there is to know about one another from a big warm hug. Our energies playing around us, mingling and creating beautiful colours that swirl in our hearts. There is nothing I want more than to hold you and embrace you so close that I can feel your heart beating as I kiss you ever so softly. The world is moving around us, changing as time flies by. I just want to play with you under our soft white sheets and let the world pass. I don’t care about anything or anybody; only you and the way you look at me with your gorgeous bedroom eyes. No matter how cold Winter gets, I’ve got you all to myself. If you are really lucky, I will cook you pancakes in the morning. Then we can snooze on the couch with a cup of hot roasted coffee and let our bodies warm each other up. Your skin, soft like silk, so gentle and delicate to my touch. The way you fall asleep upon me. Floating in your own world, weightless and free. There is so much peace in your heart. I’m never going to let you go.


Sacred sexuality flows through our veins, it is a part of our existence– its origins stem back to the beginning of Creation itself. The moment of ecstatic release through orgasm is the exact vibration of energy Creators use to birth new Creations. Extraordinarily heightened ecstasy in a continual loving existence– Creators are the envy of the entirety of Creation and we don’t even know it. Our bodies are created to derive intimate pleasure through all our senses; touch, smell, taste, sound, sight. But it’s our 6th Sense that moves a regular orgasm into pure bliss. We are so addicted to sex as the very nature of our being, and there is nothing wrong with this.
The birth of a new Creation is the ultimate goal of any Creator. It deepens our senses until our entire body is a living, breathing organ of soft delicacy. We connect, we empower, we unleash the primal energies of our animalistic desires. There are Ascended Masters who stem back to times of Atlantis who believe it possible to achieve a very powerful state of enlightenment through mutual orgasm. They are not wrong. Immortal energies sky rocketing in the shape of an Egyptian ankh move the body into a holy temple of sacred sexuality.
Spirituality and sexuality go hand in hand. It is one of the strongest forces of the human body, do not deny it, do not believe for a single second there is sin involved through any form of impurity by feeling pleasure. Be comfortable with your primal nature. Explore the confines of who you are. When orgasmic energies connect in infinite loops, you mirror the very origins of Creation itself.
There is so much dormant power in your body. Release it. Become One with it. Evolve with it like a raging beast dulled by the passivity of social acceptability. When you are chasing enlightenment, find the most pleasurable pathway; God only knows if it should simply be a subtraction of addicting elements that leaves you lifeless and beyond.


I want you to stop hurting. I want to feel the beat of your heart on my chest as I embrace your warm, soft body. I want to smell your hair when you lean onto me and never forget your essence in the back of my mind. Life may give me a million and once sensations and a million and one scents, but yours is the only one I want to remember. Life can throw us into the darkest of storms, the deepest of waters, the most turbulent of winds, however one thing will remain fixed; my love for you in every possible way. I know your deepest secrets and I’m Ok with it. I know how much pain you have and I want to make it better. There is nothing I can do to make it go away, but there is everything I can do to make you smile. I’m a glowing, radiating Sun patiently waiting for you. I want to brighten up your day until I can feel your beautiful soul. You are the light so full of warmth and colour I didn’t know I could feel existence until now. Thank you for coming into my life and making me feel the beauty of Creation.


The beauty we may feel when one God-self helps another in this stunning Creation. The smallest acts of kindness can impact another life in such a warming way. The soul of this universe truly comes alive when those within it demonstrate the same love it was created from. Sometimes the most profound pathway is to put aside our differences and come together as realizing Creators on the same journey. There is no such thing as race. There is no such thing as color. There are no such things as borders. Love is all there is. Momentous world’s of experiences and learning found within Creation. Love or the lack of love creating for a dual universe with trillions of opportunities to express the pathway you most desire.
What pathway do you most desire?
Creation is answering your question with every decision you make.


We find our soulmate in a world blinded by lights and illusions with the power of our love alone. Our true internal guidance is one of raw emotion and spiritual integrity enough to feel our way through Creation, and ultimately into the arms of the One who loves you just as much as you adore their very presence. Home is where we feel our love. The physical facades may come and go like the shifting sands of the swirling deserts, but our love; our love stays true as if we want to keep expressing our beauty in every way we can. Time stands still, rationality goes out the window, we lose track of everything else but for the single most powerful glowing light in our soulmate’s heart. We can feel it’s warmth across the planet, it burns for our desire. We follow each other through Creation, two golden lights playing across the ages like butterflies in the summer wind. No money can buy that second you recognize your soulmate’s heart. We experience this second with every lifetime we come here. Creation expresses a beauty undefinable and poetic; a never ending love story that keeps painting our feelings on a canvass of life. We love them no matter what happens.


Channeling | Channeling Darkness | Channeling Heaven


The Channeling Chronicles PART III


I have been asked the question time and time again. “Why do you believe in the ethereal world?”

Every single time somebody asks me this question my soul stops in its tracks and begins to process a level of information far beyond my understanding. I have almost always responded in the exact same way, “Why do you actually believe in the physical world?”

Their eyes flutter in surprise, they are taken aback.

I continue, “Is it because you are sitting in a physical body, interacting with a seemingly physical world? Perhaps because you truly feel what you see here is actually real.”

They respond, “Is it not real?”

My soul has now completely overwhelmed me to a point where my mind is processing energy in an incredibly heightened level. I look upon them, but I do not see them. I only recognize another realizing God-self curious about the nature of their current form. I smile at the ironic situation that God has placed me within. I begin my story not knowing how they will respond to what I am about to tell them.

It all starts with a simple statement, “You believe this world is real because everything in your Life has been set up to confirm to you that it is real.”

I was once just a simple observer of the human psychology. I discovered that every single person’s perception of reality is slightly different from each other, that we all place significant value on slightly differing aspects of the same stream of energy. I was confused at how Life operates when we all want different things. What we perceive as value is nothing more than a psychological flaw tailored to our own misgivings and perfectly accentuated to our own eccentricities. There are more definitions to the Meaning of Life than there are Stars in Heaven. Reality is nothing more than a veil of perception and Life is nothing more than a collage of thoughts and dreams chasing the simple idea of perceived value.



“What if I told you that I once felt something that felt more real than Life itself? Would you believe me?”

They shuffle on their feet with a puzzled look on their face, and then finally ask “What did you feel?”

I throw myself to the mercy of God by suggesting such an outrageous thing to their face, “I once met an Archangel. I was sitting there one night and he came to me to pass on a message. He burst me in so much Unconditional Love that I found myself feeling the Universe through my veins. His Love was so powerful that it warmed my body up and melted me into the fabric of time.”

I pause to reflect on the warm Love circulating my body, I can still feel it within me. I continue, “It was the first time in my Life that I was awoken to the fact that we are all still within that field of Unconditional Love. It gives us Life, it surrounds us from the moment we are born till the second we die. Even then, some still find Unconditional Love in their Death. What I was shown, the small eternal glimpse the Archangel allowed me to feel, felt more real than anything else I have ever experienced. You ask me why I believe in the ethereal world, and my response to you is because it feels more real than the physical world…”

They stare at me amazed, “Sufian that is incredible… May I ask what was the message?”

I look back at them silently, lost within contemplation.

They repeat it again, “What was the message the Archangel came down to pass on to you?”

My eyes snap back to physical reality and I can feel my soul talking though me, “God. The Archangel simply wanted me to believe in God.

Channeling is nothing more than the ability to communicate with things that have been around us our entire Life. We simply learn to accept that the human veil of perception is very limiting and we begin to enhance our lives by delving into that which truly makes us feel incredible. We were all given the gift of Life, some of us just surrendered to the fact that we can’t control it. When we surrender to Life, we can begin to feel God around us. A miraculous feeling that we are somehow part of a Divine plan. We are all just souls passing through a notion of existence. This particular existence requires us to forget who we are from the moment of our inception into the physical world. We take on lives and dance through the consciousness of our society till it is time to leave once again.

Some find true Love, a mirror of God’s heart in the physical world. We become attached to the physical world because we have nothing else to truly grasp a hold to. To venture into the ethereal world is to pull up our anchors and discover another meaning to our existence. It is to gently begin to leave the physical world behind and warm ourselves up to the fact that we may not be here one day. Death may wisp us away faster than the speed of light. All that will remain is the nostalgia we feel for the long forgotten physical world and a glimmering hope that we can now express ourselves in a much more heightened way.  We fear Death, whereas what we should be doing is expressing Love for the fact that our journey is now taking on a new form. A form that will one day bring us back to Life, when we can become incredibly attached once again.



Channeling | Channeling Darkness | Channeling Heaven


This is the story of how I met Heaven’s Gatekeeper. If you have seen my youtube video then you will have heard that the front cover of my book World of Archangels is actually an illustration of one of the most powerful inter-life Gatekeepers known to mankind. It was of no coincidence that I managed to stumble across Heaven’s Gatekeeper whilst creating my image; I don’t believe in chance encounters, but I have yet to figure out why I was made to meet him whilst still in a human body. If anything, it was just an extremely interesting encounter.

You may be interested in hearing exactly what happened when I got up there. This story is going to make you want to believe in Heaven, I certainly did by the time I had finished, not because it presents undeniable evidence of the ethereal world; more so because when we pass over we end up “somewhere”. That somewhere could be nothingness, that somewhere could be Hell. It is just a smart decision to support something that has a uniquely beneficial impact upon the afterlife.

I had just finalized my front cover with my illustrator, my eyes were sore and red from staring at my computer screen for hours on end trying to get the image right. If I wanted my book to be a success I knew I needed to absolutely nail the look of the front cover. My intuition would either agree or completely disagree with a certain change made to the image. It was such a relief when I finally looked at the final product and thought to myself, “This image is something worthy of being on the front cover of the spiritual world”.

My mind was slipping into a state of mediation as I sat there on my couch contemplating what I had to do next for my book, when something said to me out of nowhere “Mediate on the book cover.” My eyes snapped open at the sudden voice sounding out in my living room, it suddenly repeated the exact same phrase once again, “Mediate on the book cover.”

I got up and walked over to where I had a print-out of my book cover and sat in front of it. The Angel’s hollow white eyes were staring back at me. Shivers were rippling up my arms and legs and I knew this was going to be good.

As my mind delved heavily into the image, I thought to myself that this must have been the first time I have ever worked backwards from an image to the Being. I almost always find the Being first, and only then start formulating mental constructs afterwards. I suddenly felt a rush of energy, my body was raising in vibration in order to take me to the source of the image. Golden energies were swirling past my mind faster and faster, until just as suddenly it stopped. I was standing amongst a crowd of souls next to white wall of energy over to my right, I could hear people talking and chatting away and I could hear somebody with a definitively raised voice clearly louder than the rest of the crowd.

I started walking through the crowd towards the powerful voice, people were standing everywhere. I then looked upwards and witnessed an Angel larger than any one of the giant statues of Pharaohs in Egypt. This powerful Angel was a colossal beast compared to the souls standing around me. His large muscular body was adorned with a tunic and statuesque Angel wings curled around him. He sounded like one of those preachers shouting above the crowd on the street trying to convince the passerbys of the apparent glory of God.

Souls were drifting into a white tunnel of energy behind the Angel, entering what looked to be another Dimension of existence. As I stood there witnessing what was happening, I realized these souls were entering the doorway into Heaven. I was standing at Heaven’s Gate. My eyes caught a particular black soul with long straggly black hair suddenly running towards the doorway. What looked to be an insidious old woman with a dark past was trying to hide amongst the more purer souls for a chance of gaining entrance. The Angel suddenly cut off talking as he noticed the insidious black energy trying to sneak its way in. His eyes glowing powerful golden-cream energy as he contemplated every single thing about this woman’s life. He pulled a bright golden whip out from behind him, swung it out and cracked down on the woman’s soul with such lightning force that it sounded like thunder had just erupted on the spot. Her soul was furiously cracked downwards towards a fiery Hellish realm. In that incredible moment, I knew the Angel standing before me was Heaven’s Gatekeeper. Nobody was about to sneak into Heaven on his watch. He would sooner sentence them to Hell than allow his realm a brief impurity.

Just as if nothing had happened, Heaven’s Gatekeeper put his whip away and started calling out above the crowds once more. He was quoting verses of the Bible, talking about forgiving sins, something about Jesus Christ, when I walked up to him and said “Excuse me” as I tried to get his attention. It was so surreal looking at this spitting image of the Being I had illustrated, actually talking and interacting with people up there.

He stopped talking and looked down upon me, and said “Hello!”

I replied back to him, “Hi”

He said to me “It’s not every day I see a human boy walking around up here. More surprising is your ability to actually commune with me. That is quite rare indeed. How is it that you were able to see me, let alone even talk to me?”

I couldn’t help but just smile at his presence; I was interacting with Heaven’s Gatekeeper! I said to him, “Do you know I have an image of you?”

The powerful Angel’s eyes concentrated down into me, his mind moving over my entire Life. The last time I felt that happen it was the first time I met Archangel Raphael. Finally he said to me in his powerful voice, “How exactly did you come into possession of this image?”

I was just beaming with amusement by this point, “I created it! I got an illustrator to basically create exactly what was in my mind. I used my intuition to naturally guide me to something I was truly happy with. When I tuned into it, I found out it was you. The reason why I came up here was to get your permission to actually use it.”

Heaven’s Gatekeeper looked at me very inquisitively and then said, “Can you show me the image?”

I said, “Sure, it’s on the table in front of my body.”

The Angel fragmented himself to create an ethereal double who could walk into my 3rd Dimensional living room. His body-double decreased its energy until I noticed it entering my apartment. A big smile spread upon his face as he said, “This is actually pretty good!”

As I stood there and compared the Heaven’s Gatekeeper with my illustrated image, I noted that the only difference between the two would be the fact that the real Heaven’s Gatekeeper had golden-cream colored skin and energy against a sea of pure white, while my illustration portrayed a white Angel with multiple bright colors on a black background. Relatively minor differences; it’s just amazing how I managed to get all the other things right.

After a while he said, “You have my permission to use this image.”

Those were the very words I came for, and I knew I could now safely use the image without running into too much trouble. This Angel was not somebody I wanted to fall on the wrong side of the fence with. I thanked him for the privilege of meeting him and said “I hope to see you again one day.”

The Angel started laughing as he said, “Hopefully not anytime soon!” Only those who had passed on to the other side generally found themselves in his presence. As his departing words, he said to me “It was a pleasure meeting you young Master.” Something that would take me months later to fully realize, at this point in time I was not yet initiated by the other Masters.

As the fleeting energy began to swirl me out of my ethereal encounter, I could hear the Angel starting to preach the word of God once again. His voice thundering in the background of Heaven as I opened my eyes to my living room. My mind was still wrapping itself around what just happened. I had just met the Angel who controlled our entrance into Heaven, more importantly; I actually had an image of him sitting on the front cover of my book!  World of Archangels is a doorway to the spiritual world; it needed an powerful Gatekeeper on its front with a face that people with extraordinary spiritual backgrounds could recognize straight away.  In the same way that I knew when the image had been finished, the base nature of your intuition will either recognize his face or not. A true spiritual appeal directly to our souls, the more I thought about it the more I loved having Heaven’s Gatekeeper on the front cover of my book.

This is the type of planning that went into my book World of Archangels.