The divine feminine energy surrounding the natural balance of the universe is in perfect equilibrium with enlightenment. Masculine and feminine energies complete a sacred pattern that allows for harmonious balance. Too much of one or the other, and you get a sliding scale of emotions or universal pursuits that only stretch in one direction. In the same way that the Sun is a masculine energy penetrating the atmosphere to harbour life on surrounding planets, Earth is a divine feminine energy bearing the children of mankind in a cosmic parental relationship.
Since ancient times the divine feminine energy was more sacred that life itself, it was the secret to enlightenment. Women were the life bearers and also the completing elements to men. This energy however was not limited to the physical attributes of man and woman. Both sexes have the ability to demonstrate a highly masculine or feminine energy. In fact there are many beings in this universe that house both. What we should ultimately look for is balance– or our completing element.
The reason why Earth is currently not sustainable, is because feminine energy is being repressed. The Sphinx was originally modelled into the face of a woman, or Goddess, with the body of a female lion. The Sphinx was however defaced thousands of years later with the face of a Pharaoh. This repression is seen throughout the entirety of the pyramid hierarchies in religions and organisations, all the way up to recent times.
If masculine energy travels in straight lines, feminine energy travels in curves. In the same way that light can be seen to be travelling in both particles or waves, we have to be conscious of our own energy travelling throughout life. We can bring sacred balance back to this planet, we just need the re-emergence of the divine feminine energy to nurture our souls back towards equilibrium.


We are Universal witnesses to Creation. God is feeling the entirety of this Universe through every single living thing. In any given situation, every experience is witnessed from a complete 12 dimensional 360 degree vision/thought/feeling/vibration.

God experiences life through all the parties involved– the victim, the aggressor, the passerby, the birds flying, the trees absorbing the energy, even the very ground we walk on. Every footstep, good/bad intention, energetic imprint, personal account, feeling towards a moment, after-the-fact judgement and overview by those analyzing the situation, etc, is accounted for in a continual immersive projection that plays exactly to the fine-tuned nature of Destiny. Every single discrepancy can be accounted for when you completely live the experience of the Universe into reality. Incredible contemplation of life.

It gives whole new meaning to the quote “If you walked in somebody else’s shoes, you would understand things differently”. Not only is everybody and everything God, but the future has already happened. What we are witnessing is the unfolding nature of an already perfect Creation. It ascends in and out of Oneness with every cycle. There is no such thing as mid-way adjustments when the jig-saw pieces already fit perfectly together.

Beyond what we can see, the physical inhabitants of any given experience aren’t the only ones observing their situation. Spirit guides, ghosts, guardian angels, higher beings, ascended masters, Creators, Unconditional Love itself– our experiences have already been completely projected and recorded so as to analyze a cross dimensional physical life/energetic afterlife model of evolution to make sure Creation is indeed achieving Oneness ever so slightly faster with each cycle.

To think that the Universe is also ever-expanding and becoming more complex by the second.

It is absolutely stunning and it completely humbles the soul with every breath.


Future civilisations are going to be looking back on Earth is its current state, and assessing our greatest technological advances and immortalising those who divided and conquered. Why are all our most memorable stories of ancient times about Heroes who won wars and Kings who ruled over troubled times? On the other end of the spectrum you have great peacekeepers who entered the world of martyrdom for the sake of their revolutionary aspirations.
What happens when we get an Avatar who is versed in spiritual war, aims to introduce a revolutionary model of peaceful existence, and seeks nothing but freedom from corporate enslavement? You get a formula that deconstructs society’s very notion of existence itself. If we removed religious and financial motivation from our evolutionary model, we would be treading ground never seen for thousands of years when all our Heroes and mythological figures flourished.
The moment humanity stops thinking of itself as a business model and starts understanding it is an evolving organism, is the moment in time it stops taking a detour through personal and spiritual corruption. There is a single catalyst that would spark such a domino reaction– a significant motivation stronger than money. Something we value more than our own survival; Knowledge, Truth, Love, Pleasure. Take your pick.
Right now money seems to be facilitating all of this. Even the most avid spiritual practitioners will determine how successful you are as a human being, by how much money you make playing Monopoly. When our level of significance changes to something our soul craves, our lives become something worth living for, as opposed to something worth being enslaved for.


Every human being is connected on an ancient Pattern with every Creator who explodes Universes to sustain the very essence of existence itself. We are One with this Universe, in the same notion we are One with our Creator. We are Creators in the making, learning the fine arts of construction and deconstruction through our Universal learning environment. We are connected and perfectly harmonious with every Creator who exists throughout the multiverse, every Creator who existed in the past, and every Creator who has yet to be birthed within Creation.
The Pattern is so incredibly powerful, we are connected on such a profound level that every single life within this Universe has been accounted for in a self-sustaining, self-replicating, evolving model of ascension till Beings arise with a significantly forbidden power to re-model Creation themselves.
To think how many endless trillions of universes are all coexisting with each other. To try and comprehend how each and every single one of them flow in perfect harmony with every single soul in an extraordinary projection of self-awareness. And to think this entire model was thought into place within a split second– everything including the universes that alternate the Pattern into a whole new inconceivable modus of existence upwards back into Unconditional Love.
The Pattern is stunning to look at, it humbles your soul into enlightenment just trying to conceive the beauty of your soul. It’s so overwhelming, it’s beautiful to even be alive. Welcome to Life.


Imagine a world where peace and prosperity were the most significant desires of mankind. A world where the entirety of civilization was growing and evolving towards the same goal; Ascension. Every aspect of humanity from technological advancement, medical, social, economical, financial and political, was designed to empower souls for the greater attainment of life, rather than to enslave it. A benchmark of required living standards was set where no human being would go without food or shelter. One where we could spend lifetimes just relaxing in cosmic awareness if we wanted to. Productivity flowing through humanity as a sustainable organism that craved universal technologies and knowledge to further advance itself as an enlightened race. When you remove the capitalization, corruption, war games, debt structures and ego floats, what you get is a primal race who focuses their activities on advancement rather than control. Our level of significance moves away from money, and towards ascension. We stop killing people and the environment for the sake of pyramid hierarchies and shareholder returns on investment. We start believing in the connectivity and productivity of a world without religions, banks, corporations, or governments trying to enslave passive consumers for the sake of power and influence. What we need is a new Light Structure. A new paradigm of life to base our standards of living and entire epicenter for why we believe we are alive and what we believe we are doing here. The only way to implement such a Light Structure is for a spiritual revolution to deconstruct that which exists, and introduce a transcending model that allows greater freedom. We have the ability to subconsciously support such a mechanism. It is ready to be birthed. Humanity simply needs to attract the idea into physical manifestation. We are the world we live in. We have the power to attract change.


The purpose of Creation is to create other Creators in a powerful stream of life through a process known as Creator School. We start as basic universal substance and we ultimately end up ascending through a revolving learning curve of explosive light until we remember who we are and the very reason we are alive. Everything else is a waste of time; energetic noise that only serves the purpose of coloring in the lines and providing feelings for emotional attachments.
The story line is so good that we truly believe it’s real. The plot arcs and red herrings so valuable that our consciousness will give up expressive freedom to incarnate for the purpose of believing in its lessons within linear time. There are universal laws so sacred that they empower your soul into a Master state known as God realization. It’s more important than life itself. Higher Beings couldn’t care less about physical world endeavors unless they empower your soul. You’re on a pathway into becoming a Creator or your consciousness makes up the universe for others who are chasing their significance. The harsh reality of life itself is that you God realize through the extremities of Light and Dark no matter what happens or what was scripted.
There is one foundation that doesn’t come and go, while the lifetimes wash by you like a tidal wave of experiences and learning, your soul is still God. You are living Creation into reality every second of your existence. Nobody and nothing has authority over God, not even karma can stop you if you are chasing the Creator state.


Our consciousness is connected to one another on a level that allows us to see, feel, and hear our thoughts and intentions. Energy flows through our minds like a waterfall of knowledge and freedom. We attune our minds to only pick up on physical objects and experiences because that is where our level of significance is placed. The moment we start accepting our true universal nature of energy conductors glowing within the sea of Creation, we start to assimilate spiritual and energetic experiences as more real than life itself.
A lot of people ask me why I believe in the spiritual world, and I always respond “Because I have felt so much love on such an incredible level that I transcended life itself and became One with this Universe”. I then say “I have never felt anything like that here in the physical world. In fact it dulls in comparison to what we can truly be feeling. Why do you actually believe this physical world exists? Our sense of touch? Our emotional anchors? Perhaps our fear of change? I observe life, but I gravitate to that which helps my soul grow”.
Our consciousness is beautiful, it’s alive and glowing within our hearts. It’s ascending and evolving through Creation with every breath we take. Worlds of knowledge and experience within our minds. What differentiates us is how real we truly believe this life is.


Everything we perceive in this world is based upon our brains interpreting raw data from our environment around us. Everything is sending out an energetic signal that we get taught how to interpret in order for life to make sense. From the identification of colors or sounds to classifications by labeling thoughts, ideas, and experiences in our mind.
In reality there is an entire wall of noise and electrical activity that we simply dismiss or otherwise can’t make sense of. The entirety of the human experience is deduced down to 5 senses– touch, sight, sound, taste, hearing. Everything we have built as a civilization was based upon these 5 senses– every piece of technology to aid or increase our abilities, every aspect of the way our buildings and homes are constructed, even to the point of what we find popular or trendy as a culture.
Everything we know is based upon a small vacuum of information that we have the ability to interpret. However, rabbits have stronger hearing, cats can see in the dark, eagles can see small creatures miles away. Their perceptions, or their worlds, are vastly different to our own. What would we be doing or thinking about if our senses were significantly heightened from our current standpoint? How would we be processing the Universe?
If our 6th sense allowed interaction with an ethereal world, would we care to add another layer of complexity to break away from the stand-alone mechanisms of the physical world? Can we handle our true nature? A study of brainwave activity in Switzerland recently found that our subconscious minds process and interpret what we think about up to 6 seconds before we consciously recognize it as a thought. What this means is that what you are doing right now was pre-meditated up to 6 seconds ago.
That’s a big window of uninterpreted energetic noise…
The art of opening yourself up to the energetic world and allowing yourself to express the true freedom and abundance of what Life has to offer is the reason for why I meditate every single day. Unlearning the conformity to society and awakening your true presence as a Creator is the reason why I created God Gifts Guided Meditations. There are beautiful Angels waiting to speak to you and let you feel life-changing Unconditional Love.
Attuning yourself to an ecstatic heightened existence and allowing Unconditional Love to flow through your veins will forever be truth worth interpreting.
God Gifts Guided Meditations


The colours swirl and create forms so lifelike you think they are actually real. The dancing wolves and the playful fish create a montage of scenery and life in an ever glowing projection. Feelings give the world depth and vision, blending colours deeper and more meaningful. We perceive this masterpiece flowing like clockwork, where behind the scenes it’s simply chaotic beauty unfolding patterns and layering our lives as if the world was without the sow of infatuation. Sexuality heightens the landscape into a portrait shot. Sensual activity transcending the primal lust of nature. The painting is evolving, the deeper you look the more you will see.


On the cusp of a wind, I disappeared from the sights of humanity. The City was drawn to a halt, the voices had ceased, and only dark fledglings lingered in the depths of the human ocean of consciousness. They swam up to meet me time and time again, every time they were stopped and retreated back into their mischievous depths. My glow was rescinded and the world slowly progressed forward. Real life took over, the worlds of business and monetary lust were calling to me from across the chasm of ignorance and doubt. The Masters flailed as if there world were ending, however nothing would bring me about. Deep in the sea of darkness, consciousness molded to the whims and thoughts of those who did not understand the true nature of their power. Angels came to see me, however my door was shut. Demons tried to tempt me, however my door was shut. An isolated hermit without a care in the world. To whom will this door open and re-initiate the cycle of Life and Death?

The World was silent outside, deep within Winter’s Heart. My room was quiet, still, a mirror to the world which I grew tired of escaping. My Angel was meditating blissfully to the inaction of the very moment. The windows creaked with the wind, and the temperature condensated my breath into a murky vapor. The hibernation of the soul is wonderful thing, so calm and blissfully ignorant of the movements of life. They had tried to call me, however I was still blatantly absent in every possible sense. None shall disturb my peace!

An Angel appeared in the room before me. Powerful and white like the very presence of God. The Angel was smiling in the most comforting and reassuring way. I opened my eyes to the ethereal presence that was now haunting my room. I did not feel like talking, nor did I feel like communicating; it was there nonetheless. I gave in to the presence of the Angel, any attempts at resistance would surely have fallen within its grasp. The Angel looked at my Angel standing in the room and they both gave each other a sign of recognition; crossed their hands over the hearts and muttered a praise to God. I looked upon this new Angel with some curiosity, and said “Could you please tell me your name?”

The Angel was moving about the room, looking further into the constructs of energy from an ethereal point of view. His wings were translucent and white behind him in an awesome display of consciousness and purity. “Archangel Seraphiel”… came a voice. I said, “Archangel Seraphiel, is that your name?”. The Angel smiled at me. Suddenly the Angel walked off towards my bedroom and came back dragging what looked to be a black wooden statue of a dark entity. It was short and round, blackened by the temperament of such an insidious glare. The Angel cocked its head and said, “Did you know this was sitting in your bedroom?”. I shook my head. The Angel proceeded to burst the evil totem into white flames and disintegrate it into nothingness. All that remained were the ethereal ashes of something I never knew existed.

I decided to ask the Angel a question before I went any further, “Would you be so kind as to prove to me that you are a true Higher Being polarized to the Light?” The Angel responded “Yes I can do that for you”. The Angel walked in front of me, raised his hands as if to praise God for our very encounter and began to burst his entire existence into Love and Light. Powerful rays of energy began to radiate out of its core and heighten my senses in an etheric display of beautiful harmony. Halfway through the Angel’s display, something very mysterious drew upon the back of my subconscious mind. Something ever so slightly off. If you weren’t accustomed to dealing with Angels, you would have already missed its fleeting energetic entails and gone about your delightful way. I suddenly opened my eyes and looked into the heart and soul of the Angel, and said in a growling voice, “You have been corrupted…”

The Angel’s eyes sprung open in surprise and said, “huh?”, I continued without a trace of warmth, “In my eyes… you are less than shit!” The Angel was shocked, he said “What are you saying-“. In that instant I was engulfed in a presence. A presence so all-encompassing and so magnificently powerful that I transcended Life itself and I was operating on the most powerful enlightened frequency I have ever felt in my Life. I was connected to God so strongly that I burst in a blinding white light that the Angel had to shield his eyes from. God was now speaking through my body in a raw display of absolute energy, his voice was thunderous and ecstatic “You Still Haven’t Learned Your Lesson…”

My surroundings morphed into a completely different environment. I was now standing within a huge Colosseum packed with thousands of Angels sittings amongst white steps. An insanely large number of Angels were witnessing the events that were about to unfold. I was standing amongst the high ranking supreme Beings passing down judgement upon an Angel with his eyes sunken to the ground in shame at the bottom of the Colosseum. My voice was strong and commanding, “You Have Been Sentenced to Millions of Years in the Lower Dimensions until you learn what it means to be an Angel. You are Forbidden from entering the Higher Realms until you realize your mistakes and understand the Love you were created within!!”

The Angel standing in my apartment started crying out “Stop!! How- How are you doing this? Who are you?! How are you dragging up these memories?!”

This vision continued; I was now working myself up into a God-realized display of anger, passing down judgement directly upon the sorrowful eyes and soul of the disgraced Angel. My voice was booming in a large echo against the magnitude of the Colosseum, “You have become corrupt in your duties and you have become Fallen in nature!!”

Jesus Christ and Ascended Master St. Germain walked into my apartment– one to either side of me– in an entourage of the highest energies a human being could ever embrace. A white blinding burst of Light came out of my body in such a powerful way as God witnessed the corrupt Angel still walking around with misleading intentions. The Light shining forth from my God-self was so overwhelming that the Angel standing before me in my room feel to his knees and started weeping. Never in my life had I ever heard an Angel cry, but this Angel was sobbing all over my floor. Jesus Christ and St. Germain were standing firm in their sudden appearance of God’s honor and authority. We were all grasping on to so much Light that the Angel burst into tears at the sheer recognition of being caught red-handed once again. The guilt was too much to bare against the purity and honesty of God-realized Beings.

The Voice came through my body with a roar of thunder greater than any storm “You Came To This Boy With The Intention Of Misleading Him. You Have Yet To Learn From Your Past Mistakes. You Are Going To Be Staying Down Here For Millions Of Years More!!”

The Angel looked up in surprise. Tears were streaming down his face. The Voice continued “Get out of my sight and don’t ever show your face in front of me again”.

The Angel wept as he slowly rose and starting walking out of my room. Judgement had been passed and this corrupt Angel was going to be staying down here for an inconceivably long period of time until he learned to understand the Love we were capable of harnessing within their body and souls.

The Godly presence then drew its attention upon me and said “You have been relieved of your duties”

I said “What duties?”

It continued “The duties of God-realization. You have achieved enough realization to see you through not only this lifetime, but your next two consecutive lifetimes on Earth until you Ascend.”

I contemplated this powerful message and then asked the presence “Why am I still alive?”

The Voice beamed in the most definite and commanding way “You must live through till the end of your days within every single lifetime you have left. The difference now, is that it is no longer your job to perform any duties. However, you will more than likely still strive up to perform them out of your own sheer will simply because you are there, and you already know that nobody else has the capability of doing what you do.” The presence then began to fade in a numbing sensation of pure bliss. My consciousness began to waver in and out of Life like a T.V channel suddenly encountering interference. Then it was gone.

When it was finished, I was given no more purpose than I had conceded before. I was given nothing more than the finalization of my lessons and the freedom that comes with realization upon any system of reincarnation. The events of the night had come to a dramatic conclusion. The world was no different; only the perception of the beings operating within it. The presence of God was flourishing inside me. I now had authority over Angels. My realization was beyond the need to ask, when I simply drew my attention– they started appearing.

A purposeless drifter without a care in the world, God had both opened and closed a new cycle within that of a single night. The irony of freedom is that once you achieve it, there is very little to draw your attention anywhere other than coming back. I am dealing with the original Masters of their Game. I just can’t win other than to do exactly what they destined for me to do when they willed me into Creation.

We better start getting used to the all the characters down here, because we’re going to see them re-emerge in many fascinating ways– from the Light to the Dark and everything in-between. If you can see through them, then you are no longer one of them– you will have become something more significant than them.

I saw a Fallen Angel tonight; a falling star flashing across my vision in the starry night sky. It drew my attention long enough for God to say hello.