Spirituality is a constantly evolving pattern that keeps layering more all-encompassing truths on top of each other, until you come full circle back to the beginning. We start from Unconditional Love; a purely ecstatic existence of golden-cream energy absolutely limitless in every possibly way. We enter the Universe as basic energy and through environmental conditioning become more complex with every atom and molecule. Eventually bodies of energy start moving to the greater consciousness it exists upon. Simple life forms turn into extraordinary life forms; replicating, multiplying, adapting, evolving. There is a single code that turns a marionette into a developing soul– the ability to learn and self-actualize by recognizing itself as an identity. The birth of the ego is what takes a universal substance of architectural design into that of intellectual capacity enough to discover its meaning or purpose in life. The confines of ascending energy is established by self-imposed beliefs and environmental conditioning. To transcend one’s own environment is to go against the very essence of creation up until that point in time, it is to develop motivation enough to evolve into a new place of learning. This pattern repeats until the collective energy pushes against the very nature of being, as opposed to existing in the most heightened form of energy limitless in every possible way. Consciousness moves back into a state of Unconditional Love as the most prevalent and true form of existence– introducing the notion of ego death and the acceptance of a multi-universal life stream for the simple anchor of thought in the first place. Energy never moves out of Unconditional Love. The perception of an identity is the most effective motivational pattern for consciousness to flow through Creation– the non-belief of which sets you free.


Animal spirits are amongst some of the most powerful beings in this Universe. There are a large number of creatures on this planet that are found all over the Universe. The Universe is like an ocean of consciousness with all kinds of beings; from schools of habitual coexisting races, to predators traveling through dimensions in search of Light, all the way to the most simple life forms that look like ethereal jellyfish floating in space more ascended than any Master you’ve ever heard of.
The beings who evolve through the aeons become ancients in their systems; colossal energies in perfect sustainability with Creation. Often these streams of energies travel like flower petals and seeds blowing through the wind, landing upon new planets in environments that can sustain life. In the same way that nature continues to grow and fertilize new lands continually spreading the rain forests and jungles into the vast reaches, the Universe is in perfect unison with a Pattern to keep evolving consciousness into the ethers.
There are a lot of creatures from myths that my soul remembers interacting with on other planets. The Collective Unconscious of humanity is connected to and drawing inspiration from the surrounding Universe. Humanity seems to anchor complexity with evolution. However; the higher up you go, complexity is refined down to its most basic Universal substance; Love.
Consciousness often mirrors that which is the most peaceful and sustainable; organic nature growing through the vines of Destiny creating the jungles of our mind. When you start finding colossal energy Beings bigger than galaxies and more enlightened than Sun– you start looking at the Universe very differently. We are simply just part of an ecosystem, and it is up to us to find our enlightening peace and connect with the organic Universe that surrounds us every day.
When we begin to Love ourselves and the world around us, we emit a frequency of beautiful attraction. Often Life has placed a great many blocks and flaws within our psychological minds to truly connect with who we are and what we are doing here. I was taught to meditate and concentrate on the pure golden existence to feel the intentions of the Creators that become Destiny. I started seeing powerful Beings in Universes of Unconditional Love.
I taught you the basics of the spiritual world in my book World of Archangels, and now it’s time to unfold your true spiritual awakening with God Gifts Guided Audio Meditations.
We are all ascending towards a very powerful shift in consciousness; the unconditional power of our souls expressing through us every single day. We will awaken and connect to the purity of the Light Structure we call our Universal home surrounded by nothing but enlightened beings wishing for you to exist in the heightened ecstasy of Unconditional Love.
God Gifts Guided Audio Meditations


Very few souls truly originated on Earth. To be considered an Earth spirit your soul would of had to progress through all the consciousness of basic universal substances– Rock, minerals, elements, and into the plant and animal kingdoms– here on this planet. Earth spirits flow through nature and become One with Mother Earth. It is very easy to identify them because they are so connected to nature; they form and join groups for environmental and animal protection, they are very passionate souls about their cause. Earth spirits in human bodies make up approximately 4% of the current population. So where do the rest of us come from? Pleiades, Sirius, Orion, Arcturus, you name it. Aliens have been here as long as humanity has existed– and we are them. Most souls came in during the major ancient civilizations of Lemuria, Atlantis, Egypt and Greece. Many came to ascend, some are just passing by, and fewer still incarnated in an already ascended role to guide humanity. Most soul mates met before they came to Earth, and are now just re-experiencing their first love in every role imaginable. Really there are no such things as aliens when you strip away the physical flesh; we are all the same love. Consciousness is a melting pot of universal life; love guiding us through dimensions in an ever-evolving perception of reality. One Big Happy Family.


Purity and silence. The pure white wolf walks upon the snow, blending into its environment as if the artist did not want to distinguish the heavenly purity of the two. The freshly laid snowfields contrast the rich growth of the trees, the wolf can smell the undergrowth and hear the slightest crawl. Everything has a familiar scent, everything feels alive, it is One with the great forest spirit. The wolf travels silently on a journey through the eternal energy of life. Heightened senses, and a bond with a lifelong brotherhood of familiar souls; the wolf pack roam the distant stretches never too far away. It’s large paws cushion every step, it walks freely upon the ice; silent and deadly. The wolf pack is getting closer, they are hunting something. Their intentions and thoughts can be felt; an extraordinary thrill compared to the hibernating trees and the ever watchful owls. They draw near, the wolf’s eyes sharpen upon the forest line, perfectly still in the white cover of snow. A dear slowly breaks the forest line in an unassuming meander searching for moss to nibble on. The wolf pack is invisible. In a heartbeat, the pack lunge through the trees! The deer jumps into a dead bolt across the ice! The hunt powers into a climax of bloodlust and the sweet taste of a kill burning with desire! The white wolf remains patient and stays low in a crawl along the ground. Suddenly the wolf lunges up towards the deer’s neck, biting down hard and throwing it onto the ice in a swift and deadly embrace! The deer ran straight towards the wolf in its panic; it was over before it started. Warm blood gushing down the wolf’s throat, ecstasy like addiction filling it’s mind; nothing is sweeter than a fresh kill. The pack is One. All play a part in the family. Feeding in the dead of Winter is just joyous treat. Perfected hunters, hearts pure and alive, the wolves awaken their inner most desires and let their natural instincts take over them for just a little bit.


That moment you realize you’re a ghost in the afterlife: “WTF!?”. Your body has become a white formless light in a world as white and as dreamlike as you are. People walk straight through you, they don’t even recognize you’re there. The buildings and roadways are a deserted energy matrix, where the simple act of being present takes an enormous amount of will. You feel lighter and airy like the wind blowing through the corridors of life. Passed over loved ones beckon you to move up into the Light. You reluctantly ascend upwards away from everything you had become attached to. Beautiful streams of golden existences create cities of peace and relaxation. You don’t feel hungry or any physical urges; you are free to roam wherever you please. Your soul family is there, loving and accepting of you, they guide you through the beautiful complexity of the afterlife. Sometimes you go back to the physical world to see how your loved ones are doing. You send them more love and tell them “Everything is going to be Ok”. The physical world feels heavy, so you come back to the loving existence of Unconditional Love in the higher planes. As the cycles continue to revolve, you eventually start to crave existence in the physical world once more. The draw to fall in love with your soul mate all over again, the taste of a big juicy hamburger, physical infatuation with that of a progressing soul. You want to become something more significant than what your soul is currently achieving. You want to embrace higher consciousness. Life beckons you to go back. You decide to continue your journey by reincarnating again. You enter the world clueless of your passing, and you begin your journey of 1,001 miles. Life and Death are in perfect balance. It is only our perceptions that keep changing; flowing in and out of physical reality as Destiny permits.


I spent the first half of my life believing Gaia was trying to kill me. I’ve been lost in the wild 3 times now, all of them resulting in health crises in some way. It is strange because I love nature, I love forests, I even understand that trees and plants are living organic spirits in perfect balance with Mother Earth.

I was once hiking in the mountains heading towards a creek at the bottom of a luscious gauge. The pathway was packed with rocks and tree roots, birds were chirping in a constant background serenade of the forest, the air was cool and fresh. As we hiked along, we suddenly came across a completely white tree. This thing was humongous. Towering above the rest of the forest, stark white trunk with white barren branches stretching out. It was awe inspiring in a grand posture stretching towards the heavens above. There was a full circular clearing around it; a full parting in the forest of massive green trees. A little while later after continuing on, I stepped on a jagged, rolling rock on the pathway and fractured my ankle. Pain shot up my leg to such a heavy degree I could barely walk. I was near the bottom of the gauge. I limped my way to the icy cool water, and let my ankle painfully soak. My ankle went blue, it swelled up twice the size. The sun was setting, I had to get out of there. I spent the next 4 hours limping up the mountain with a wooden staff. Mind over matter, I walked on a fractured ankle summoning every ounce of energy I could to continue. As the sun went down, I could see black figures walking through the trees around me. Every time I looked at them, they would disappear. Forest spirits were surrounding me. As I made my way out, I could see them lining the forest wall staring at me.

Till this day, this entire experience remains a mystery…


Dreams are subconscious projections of the mind in a completely immersive experience that truly looks and feels real. There are many types of dreams; symbolic and subconscious clearing being the most common, however when we start talking about prophetic or lucid dreams it starts entering a whole other ball game.

Prophetic dreams occur when you see glimpses or movie snapshots of the future in exact detail. I started prophetic dreaming when I was 6 years old, I have seen incredible scenes of the future in the most insane detail– standing in buildings that did not yet exist, talking to people I had yet to meet, wearing clothes I had yet to buy, all the way down to what I was thinking, the exact sentences of words coming out of my mouth, what other people responded back to me, and even third-parties walking past in exact sequence. How such level of attention to detail could be so precise 5 years before it was to ever happen. I spent years trying to figure out how the future already happened. We are effectively re-living Destiny into reality with an exact script that is followed to the finest detail.

Lucid dreams occur when you become conscious of your dreams and start manipulating your environment. When we dream we are entering an alternate dimension that our astral body starts interacting with. These dimensions are indeed lighter than physical reality; however to be able to consciously manifest your environment at will, opens the door to a very powerful Creator state.

Many believe life is a dream, a symbolic representation of an energy matrix we find ourselves believing in. Ironically, the more spiritually awakened we become, the less this world truly feels real. In a world where dreaming simulates enlightenment, life stalls your progress, and death wakes you up; it’s no wonder spirituality runs you in circles!


The love we feel for one another. Warm, beautiful love that reminds us why we are even alive. We could fall into each other’s arms, and just understand everything there is to know about one another from a big warm hug. Our energies playing around us, mingling and creating beautiful colours that swirl in our hearts. There is nothing I want more than to hold you and embrace you so close that I can feel your heart beating as I kiss you ever so softly. The world is moving around us, changing as time flies by. I just want to play with you under our soft white sheets and let the world pass. I don’t care about anything or anybody; only you and the way you look at me with your gorgeous bedroom eyes. No matter how cold Winter gets, I’ve got you all to myself. If you are really lucky, I will cook you pancakes in the morning. Then we can snooze on the couch with a cup of hot roasted coffee and let our bodies warm each other up. Your skin, soft like silk, so gentle and delicate to my touch. The way you fall asleep upon me. Floating in your own world, weightless and free. There is so much peace in your heart. I’m never going to let you go.


The divine feminine energy surrounding the natural balance of the universe is in perfect equilibrium with enlightenment. Masculine and feminine energies complete a sacred pattern that allows for harmonious balance. Too much of one or the other, and you get a sliding scale of emotions or universal pursuits that only stretch in one direction. In the same way that the Sun is a masculine energy penetrating the atmosphere to harbour life on surrounding planets, Earth is a divine feminine energy bearing the children of mankind in a cosmic parental relationship.
Since ancient times the divine feminine energy was more sacred that life itself, it was the secret to enlightenment. Women were the life bearers and also the completing elements to men. This energy however was not limited to the physical attributes of man and woman. Both sexes have the ability to demonstrate a highly masculine or feminine energy. In fact there are many beings in this universe that house both. What we should ultimately look for is balance– or our completing element.
The reason why Earth is currently not sustainable, is because feminine energy is being repressed. The Sphinx was originally modelled into the face of a woman, or Goddess, with the body of a female lion. The Sphinx was however defaced thousands of years later with the face of a Pharaoh. This repression is seen throughout the entirety of the pyramid hierarchies in religions and organisations, all the way up to recent times.
If masculine energy travels in straight lines, feminine energy travels in curves. In the same way that light can be seen to be travelling in both particles or waves, we have to be conscious of our own energy travelling throughout life. We can bring sacred balance back to this planet, we just need the re-emergence of the divine feminine energy to nurture our souls back towards equilibrium.


We are Universal witnesses to Creation. God is feeling the entirety of this Universe through every single living thing. In any given situation, every experience is witnessed from a complete 12 dimensional 360 degree vision/thought/feeling/vibration.

God experiences life through all the parties involved– the victim, the aggressor, the passerby, the birds flying, the trees absorbing the energy, even the very ground we walk on. Every footstep, good/bad intention, energetic imprint, personal account, feeling towards a moment, after-the-fact judgement and overview by those analyzing the situation, etc, is accounted for in a continual immersive projection that plays exactly to the fine-tuned nature of Destiny. Every single discrepancy can be accounted for when you completely live the experience of the Universe into reality. Incredible contemplation of life.

It gives whole new meaning to the quote “If you walked in somebody else’s shoes, you would understand things differently”. Not only is everybody and everything God, but the future has already happened. What we are witnessing is the unfolding nature of an already perfect Creation. It ascends in and out of Oneness with every cycle. There is no such thing as mid-way adjustments when the jig-saw pieces already fit perfectly together.

Beyond what we can see, the physical inhabitants of any given experience aren’t the only ones observing their situation. Spirit guides, ghosts, guardian angels, higher beings, ascended masters, Creators, Unconditional Love itself– our experiences have already been completely projected and recorded so as to analyze a cross dimensional physical life/energetic afterlife model of evolution to make sure Creation is indeed achieving Oneness ever so slightly faster with each cycle.

To think that the Universe is also ever-expanding and becoming more complex by the second.

It is absolutely stunning and it completely humbles the soul with every breath.