I have seen my higher self traveling through the fabric of time, walking through dimensions and realities as if they never truly existed. When you are Creator realized, the world is just a heightened expression of your own body. Limitations are nonsensical. Traveling from planet to planet, entire worlds changing in the blink of an eye, creatures beyond physicality feeling the Universal expression.
There exists white holes in perfect balance with black holes that swirl tunnels throughout Creation and connect the Universe in light. Traveling through these white holes is an extraordinarily heightened method of movement to the other sides of the Universe. Your body rapidly ascends into the purity of light, the only thing connecting you together is the faint entail of your ego, to then just as rapidly re-emerge on the other side of Creation. White holes require absolute purity near ego-death or risk warping your energy halfway across Creation. This in itself a lesser degree of travel than being enlightened enough to simply walk into Nothingness from where you stand, sustain your own Universal Unconditional Love, and walk back into the Universe at any given point– as if you just took a single step to the other side of Creation.
We are all the same Being experiencing this Universe from our own unique identity. We are right now expressing separation because we feel the need to observe spiritual growth. We are rediscovering this Universe from the inside out. We believe in linear time because we believe in the fragmentation of this Universe being anything other than God. We observe time and space because we will one day die within the confines of our body. Immortal energies birthing in Creation. When we stop believing it’s real and we start believing it’s alive, time will cease to exist and the immortal nature of the Universe will flow through our minds.


The full Creator set comes into play when the individual no longer feels the need to role play existence and has instead been birthed with the seed of Creation to pass judgement and manipulate code. What is judgement but for the ability to foresee Light and Dark cycles moving in perpetuity and the discrepancies that either help or hinder Creation. When consciousness flows a Creator code, nothing else matters.
The Universe is a body of thought and energy– alive and self-aware of its own actions. The eternal blueprints have already been scripted to manifest into physical reality and beyond. Truly the only role a Creator-realized being can play is to either make the current Universal cycle more efficient, or spiritually innovate a new code that creates the foundation for a new Universe. How many Universes shall we create? We can keep going into infinity.
The God-self powers the vehicle into an enlightened state. The elements can be manipulated as the greater auric energies of manifestation. The world becomes a playground, rich with life and creativity. We are already the full Creator set– we are just still believing in separation. Oneness shall heal the pattern into Unconditional Love.
The world is simply waiting for a catalyst.


Our Pattern of Creation is based upon the shape of a fuchsia pink 12 petal lotus flower made up of white donut shaped Universes. Each of the Universes are intimately connected by the ascending Creators who are birthed within them– who then go on to sustain their own Universes and continue the Creator cycle.
Every Creator is connected to one another in such a way where we all believe we are One.
We all originated from Grandfather Source and our only real method of differentiation are the Patterns we create as the foundation of our Universes. The entire spectrum of the Multiverse is attracted into the shape of a gigantic lotus flower. Every Universe is absorbing basic Universal energy– pure white– from its surrounds in Unconditional Love, and flowing it through Creation in order for it to ascend as a Creator. The process of ascending consciousness into higher consciousness to effectively mirror what it originally came from, is thus why the Universes are represented as the shape of a circle or donut. There is no beginning and there is no end, all there is are ever-cycling Universes flowing consciousness in perfect balance.
The 12 petal lotus flower is attracted into its design to mirror enlightenment, effectively emanating a stunning fuchsia pink color into its surrounds. With an endless sea of enlightened lotus flowers made up of trillions of Universes collectively glowing fuchsia pink energy, the Unconditional Love surrounding the entirety of Creation blends as a golden-cream color. This same enlightenment is found within every individual; the Crown Chakra glowing fuchsia pink when we become awakened, the God-self Chakra powering out golden-cream Unconditional Love. When we Love, we mirror the most heightened aspects of Creation. When our spirituality blossoms, we become Creation. Light ascends into Love as our basic Universal nature.
As Above, So Below.


I once asked Grandfather Source why Earth doesn’t have any reigning higher beings overseeing its spiritual ascensions. There is a void in Earth’s atmosphere where what should be a connected grid of Light, is simply empty space. The Archangels, who are Universal in nature, seem to be filling in a lot of the time. What I was shown absolutely blew my mind.
“There was a grand war…”
I was immersed into a powerful vision where I saw Titans battling over physical lore like giant beasts raging against Creation. Planets were erupting into a hail of meteor storms on the back of tidal energies exploding through space. Dark creatures were fighting over territory, the Light was being drawn into an ethereal war of Godlike proportions. The end of this epic war resulted in complete and utter chaos. There was nothing left but death and destruction. The ancient beings of Light were so impacted by the atrocities that they spent aeons trying to salvage conscious energy. Eventually they made the fateful decision to go back to their higher constellation where their energies could be better utilized. They left the rubble and silent expanses of space.
Deep in the heart of Creation, Darkness stirred. Energy was formulating and patterns were connecting. Darkness spread in the silence of destruction. I saw the exchange between Grandfather Source and the ancient beings of Light. Ragnarok came and went, civilizations were forming in the aftermath, and the Light had abandoned their watch.
Restructures in Creation warranted the birth of Creator souls to connect the grids back into balance. Welcome to Earth; a place where souls are so badass we don’t even have higher beings. We signed up for one hell of a string of lives. We were attracted here to connect to each other to bridge ancient connections. We are the healing.


Every molecule of energy within Creation has the ability to reflect Unconditional Love. What it takes is a higher consciousness to direct the transmutation back to that which transcends the vicissitudes of Life and Death. These Creator level techniques transcend even the most avid of spiritual wars that accelerate right past the unfolding story into the loving climax.
It looks like a sea of shimmering golden energy reflecting across a wave of perception– burning and transcending every physical form and spiritual being in vicinity. All of a sudden you are inundated in a field of golden Unconditional Love– where once was a physical world is now a glistening existence powerful and formless. Motivation to want to do anything at all becomes a distant dream.
These techniques completely wipe existence clean in a Creation of absolute purity. The only things moving are those who are self-sustaining their own Universes of Unconditional Love. Within a heartbeat the technique is over and energy has either been reset or transmuted back into basic universal substance. There is no fighting, there is no questioning; if an ultimatum is given it means the Creator respects your consciousness enough to let it continue to exist with your current identity.
This happened to me 17,000 years ago. I was far away from Earth, brought up in a very different corner of the Universe. When you rage Creation hard enough, you warrant significant attention. Archangel Uriel was the initiator; a colossal multi-universal powerhouse of Unconditional Love. My existence imploded instantly. My ultimatum left me ascending into the Light on Earth.
If Darkness exists within Creation, it means they want it to exist. There is significant involvement justifying such existence.


The Circle of Life is forever glowing and expanding into the endless fields of ecstasy. Every conscious life form emits a colorful display; flickering neon lights in an ever-evolving burst of brilliance. Nature is constantly creating new colors in the most complex organisms and the most simple flowers, nature displays an endless field of Universal color into the physical world. There are colors that transcend light. Ecstatic existences of golden cream Unconditional Love that create perceivable light in the first place. Our colorful Universe would not exist unless there were realizing souls to perceive its beauty and meaning. The individual soul changes color depending on what it’s feeling; infra red to ultra violet making sense to perception– everything beyond simply unnoticed. Emotions change the auric field like a chameleon reflecting its environment. The greater the source for positivity and love, the more vibrant the color of the soul. When the soul starts emitting a color that transcends the Universe, it starts floating upwards endlessly through consciousness until it looks like a glowing Sun. The soul tries to rectify the discrepancy of non-enlightenment and flushes the body with an incredible flood of emotions– waves of beautiful tears streaming, true healing within its heart. The moment that loving ecstasy becomes the soul, the vibrant field of color ceases to exist. Loving fields of energy in absolute freedom await. The power of the Universe will forever be the colorful journey of the soul.


Our souls travel across galaxies through the starry night skies trying to find meaning in this Universe. We have met our soulmates well and truly before Earth was ever on the horizon. There are more ancient souls on this planet than any other unrealised constellation I have ever been through. There is a spiritual significance on this planet that is attracting a powerful level of involvement. The spiritual significance is us. We are the planet we live on– our trails of energy creating ripples through the fabric of time. We move through the burst of stars manifesting our desires. Our soulmates travel with us because our balancing parts need each other to perfect our love. By the time we get to an ascending planet like Earth we have already significantly realised who we are and what we are doing here. It’s the memory loss that creates for auric tones of familiarity and nostalgia. Our souls remember. We have to learn how to feel our way through the Universe rather than think about it. When we feel, we open our hearts to the true polarity of the souls around us. Unconditional Love or move on. We don’t need another Dark cycle to teach us about the significance of Love. Here we are glowing in the heart of Creation, millions of lights and shades expressing ourselves in a sea of night. The colours swirl and blossom into true friendships and soul connections. The world is intertwined and we are drawn into feeling it’s beauty with every breath. Every day you are alive don’t ever forget where your soul has come from. The illusion runs deep, but your Love runs even deeper.


The human genome was constructed from samples of a race of beings who were giant powerhouses of enlightenment. These beings were extraordinarily tall and had perfected DNA sequences. They achieved ultimate Ascension as a race millions of years ago. Their DNA was found millennia later by geneticists who strove to keep perfecting their own race within their section of the Universe. Over the process of hundreds of thousands of years, humanoid beings were introduced onto planets with customized biology to survive in a myriad of environmental conditions. With every tampered experiment the human genome was specifically deactivated and manipulated to suit the duties tasked upon them. By the time human beings were introduced to Earth, their physical vessels were but a projection of the original enlightened beings. Inter-life time memories were discontinued in order to create for a more passive unrealized race. Human civilization was birthed from the Stone Age– remnants of spiritual wars provided for scientific and technological leaps in the acceleration of consciousness. If you leave consciousness on an ascending planet long enough, it starts taking aboard universal patterns of learning and becomes more exceedingly complex. Consciousness eventually moves into a state of self-realization and warrants the attention of higher forms of consciousness that descend in order to polarize whole races of beings to their cause. Humanity is experiencing a spiritual war because it is identifying with a Dark learning curve, whereas the ancient few are attracting their incredibly enlightened Creator-selves to artificially bridge consciousness into the Light. There is a mechanical rigidity to humanity where it currently believes it is the only thing in this Universe– on some level this is true, it’s just remembering a prior level of being within a different fragment of reality. It has yet to understand it’s re-projection.


Achieving spiritual innovation in a Creation that has already compounded every single possibility across trillions of dimensions sounds next to impossible. And yet here we are in a Universe where a handful of Creators emerge with every cycle. Their every move flows perfectly into the destined strings of vibration. Their every thought is centred upon Unconditional Love spreading like a wildfire across consciousness. Every single possibility has been projected into a live stream of variations in an alternate history– then all of a sudden a being starts witnessing a pattern never before seen in Creation. A code so sacred it literally goes against the tidal waves of Universal ascension and starts innovating a pathway that modifies Creation into an evolving pattern.
The birth of a new Creator is a beautiful thing. Their pathways are observed from every conceivable direction to try and see how they started innovating in a world where destiny has already happened. They project their thoughts to Unconditional Love and allow themselves to be like their maker. Creation flows like clockwork at precisely the right time, every conscious lesson is accounted for in a powerful comprehension of life. However deviations to the pattern are witnessed by Grandfather Source as the ultimate reason why any of this even exists in the first place. To become a Creator you must live a Universal Lifestream so powerful that your existence emulates Unconditional Love in a transcending pattern– or forever be drawn back into Creation as an evolving soul.
Spiritual innovation occurs when your entire presence transcends Creation itself and you have figured out a way for ascensions to occur at a faster pace. Until that moment in time, we will flow like clockwork, playing to the tune of a preconceived thought– living a pattern into reality like a projector shining onto a screen.


I was brought up in a very powerful section of Creation. We were a race of beings heavily involved in genetic modifications to continually evolve a superior race. We succeeded. I remember my planetary body there; I was bigger and much stronger and I could ascend my energies into the 5th Dimension as a massive red energetic beast. I went wild with chaotic and furious beauty, the Universe drummed to my heartbeat as I felt God.
These ascensions and descensions were brought upon by manipulations in our genetic code. We could heal faster, we had auto-immunity to nearly every single affliction, and we spent the majority of our time manipulating Creation looking to keep excelling. There was a certain incredible amount of freedom compared to the human body. We were so realized that we could remember everything on an inter-lifetime basis and our technology was good enough to infuse souls back into bodies if we died. In some respects, we were immortal.
An Archangel brought my soul to Earth. I was brought here because Earth was failing. It’s not going well. There’s a sea of unrealized beings killing each other. That which should be the Light is the Darkness in disguise. There is a single Source code that will set humanity free; you have to start believing you are God and that Darkness could never touch you no matter how hard it tried. God-realized souls warrant significant attention from up above. An unrealized mass is often left to its own devices.
Every single human being has a choice to make. Believe you are Unconditional Love surrounding this Universe! Back in my old section of Creation we had a saying; “Impossible to be anything other than God. The difference between us is how much you believe it”. I could repeat this anywhere in Creation and it would still hold affect. The day you stop externalizing your power and start empowering your soul, is the day your life will change.